Monster Training Items

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Monster Training Items

by Oceanblaze July 21st, 2019, 5:24 am
Capture Devices

Created in the wake of the yestermite prison outbreak when a miniturized version of the technology leaked online. They have quickly become the capture and hunting standard for tamers across the globe.

Each devices can only be used once unless a target is captured by it. In which case it is used as housing for the creature. If released the pokeball in question is still viable to use. Currently these can only be purchased on gaia but using a pokeball as a basis

Pokeballs are currently only obtainable on gaia but may be obtained in other regions with research information on the device. Research Engineer - DC: 250,000, with each new ball type recquring an additional 50k toward the research total.

Pokeball: 15% Capture Chance
Description: Standard creature capture device, The pokeball is capable of capturing a creature once thrown and housing them in a confined space withuot any danger to the creature.
Cost: 5,000 Gil per Ball

Greatball: 25% Capture Chance
Description: Mid grade performance pokeballs. If your unsure of your ability or the verocity of a pokemon a great ball may be your best way to go.
Cost: 15,000 Gil per Ball

Ultraball: 35% Capture Chance with two roll chances with the highest being the result.
Description: High end performance pokeballs fine tuned for best results in any standard hunters aresonal.
Cost: 35,000 Gil per ball

Legend Ball: 40% Capture Chance with two roll chances, 45% Chance when used on legendary creatures
Description: Developed by researches to better combat the more unexplained and powerful. The Legend ball is guranteed to give a hunter a better chance against creatures of myth and legend should they survive the encounter long enough to try.
Cost: 85,000 Gil per ball

Master Ball:
Description: A legendary ball possesing the ultimate in capture technology it is both awe inspiring and sinister, in that it will capture any creature it encounters without fail.
Cost: N/A

Capture Bait
Note: Capture baits bonus is added 'After' initial capture chance calculations.

RazzBerry: Can be used at any point during a battle. Increases capture rate by 5%
Description: A light purple fruit with a sweet scent. Its pleasent aroma alleviates some of a creatures tension.
Gil: 5000

Golden RazzBerry: Can be used at any point during a battle. Increases capture rate by 10%
Description: A orange and yellow fruit with a sweet scent and a delectable taste. I creature cant help but begin to calm down when introduced to one.
Gil: 10,000

Platinum RazzBerry: Can be used at any point during a battle. Increases capture rate by 15%
Decription: An artifically created fruit made by researchers in a lab. Its said no creature can resist trying to at the very least pleasently nibble when presented with one.
Gil: 20,000

Creature Mutation
Using these special items a hunter can induce evolution in a creature giving it an elemental bond, beast trait, or special attack.

Stones that have inherited the nature of nature itself. When applied to a creature evolution takes place creating a creature with elemental traits. Once used the creature can no longer learn techniques or spells of the opposite school. And all techniques have a native 150% bonus against its opposing element. A creature can only have up to two elemental traits. The traits CANNOT be opposed
Elemental Stone - Once used no longer has any power.
Price: 100k Gil

Technical Machines
Technical machines are digital media to teach creatures new moves in interactive ways allowing them to achieve abilities they natively would not be able to. All techniques based on damage use the creatures native weapon of choice when calculated in battle. A trainer may not use a TM beyond their own trainer level. These are for physical customs only. TMs can be find in the world, as well as created by others.

TM Alpha: Create a custom move with level 10 attributes
Cost: 5000 Gil
TM Beta: Create a custom move with level 20 attributes
Cost: 25000 Gil
TM Gamma: Create a custom move with level 30 attributes
Cost: 125000 Gil
TM Delta: Create a custom move with level 40 attributes
Cost: 625000
TM Zeta: Create a custom move with level 50 attributes
Cost: ???

Please Note: Creatures can be taught spells using the trainer's monster training level. Even if the user cannot learn the ability themselves, any creature with MP may be taught this way. Monster training/5 determines the spell level you are capable of teaching your creature.
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