Vector HQ

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Vector HQ

by Oceanblaze January 28th, 2014, 6:01 pm
Vector HQ Ruins
The ziggurat construct of the headquarters building for Vector Industries lays in smouldering ruin in the Second Miltian capital displaced on Lanzard III. Destroyed long ago in the ardent battles against the crazed Yomi, Wilhelm, the Vector building is known to be a hive of advanced technology, powerful relics, and unsolved mysteries of the past, present, and future.
Primary Objectives
Investigate the Vector HQ building in Second Miltia, Lanzard III.

Storyteller(amoung others): Aziel Owens
Relevent Information: Wilhelm was the former head of vector industries. And also a yomi of the cetran race like Jason Evermore. With incredible intellect on his own as well as the guide of the compass of order Wilhelm observed the "Upper Domain" of existence. In his own attempt to halt giygas advance he used a system in which to continuously reset the universe. However the universes 'Will' ultimately overturned him and with his infection via Jenova cells was unable to continue to use such a system. He was driven mad after his bodies destruction and posessed the body of Slazyer Rastelia (Another yomi) and one of the universes greatest swordsmen. Ultimately however during the battle of Installation 15 wilhelm was defeated. The exact specifics arent known but its assume he died fighting the other remaining Yomi. Frederich(a clone of wilhelm), Jason Evermore and Queen Schala one of the newest yomi during the weapons initial triggering.

Back to the story: Executive Level

"Yo, so this this is just a journel ...bit of a datafile to keep us all up to date. Today we are searching threw the ruins of the vector building. It got a bit scary ..this place has no power and its a hunk of junk at this point. I'm not really to sure we are gonna find what we are looking for. We got attacked by a snake.....but all things said it wasn't the worst thing in the world. We found our way into Wilhelm old office and in there a strange file with coded words in it. "Protect the one world" and that activated a hologram.

»°Wilhelm°« Protect the one world, as I have done. It is more critical than you know. Should the cycle end before my attempts succeed, it will fall to you. Do not let darkness claim the one world.
»°Wilhelm°« The darkness has already fallen. He continues in his monotone voice But they have not yet taken the one world. It exists because it is permitted, a candle to be snuffed at the moment light is needed.

"After that the hologram was it couldn't play anymore. With nothing else left we decided to keep it moving. We need to find the generator....we cant keep walking around in the dark."

Floor 100
Making our way back after an extended leave ...we landed on a ...sturdier platform than last time. You can still see the puddle jumper that fell. Anyway we progressed past the previous rooms and after a long stair-master exercise we arrived at floor 100.

A path leading to Facility Management and Employee Plaza lay before us. It seemed obvious that the management area would be the next place we go. regret saying that. I just didn't know it yet. We got to the engineering room and I noticed a locked door. I went to hack it and ..wouldn't you know it ...a latch lock. Who the hell uses a latch lock ..the hell am I suppose to do to bust into that? Seriously -_-, But axel and kisu got on the job and popped that open.

But my hunch about it was right inside was a gun that had the ability to repair machinery doesnt seem to have another purpose fighting wise. Im sure in an broken down place like this itll find use. And a engineers log, book was dusty as hell man ...I dont know if they ever even needed it. It gave us some simple instructions to go by, those being go to 4 reactors and use the Chief Engineers passcode to turn them back on.

Chief Engineer's Office & The Main Reactor
It sounded simple enough................sounded.........simple...enough. We moved into the main engineering area and it was friggen massive our flash lights didn't even work. So i pulled out my new glasses which worked epicly by the way. Though Kisu was our eyes , i think she might have a low light modification directly on her eyes. We both noticed something was off but it was Kisu that noticed claw marks. I went searching threw the engineers room and I found a note written in blood simply saying "Dont let it hear you" ...probably from the chief engineer. I hope his souls found peace.

At about this time all our senses where yelling at us that something was there in one way or another. In the dark with no real way of fighting without coordination I made myself bait, a target point for my friends and planned a coordinated hit. With any luck will take it out before it can even cause a problem...strong tactics, powerful team, prepared for anything. At least, that's what I would have said about 8 seconds in I was instantly regretting my decision when everything from precognition to common sense said get the hell away from it as it lunged at me...after two attempts of that I realized the creatures ears where so defined it could hear noise. ...The engineers demise and his letter written in blood are making a lot more sense now.

Dynamis was able to mix high speed scanning and arcane information together to give me some info.

-Boss Battle/Event-
Abyssal Horrors: Legendary Monsters of great power ...power worshipped by many.
Omenlurk the Devourer
A monster from another plane of existence, likely drawn here by the amount of latent magic and energy present in the building. The gargantuan monsters teeth are each individually functioning muscles, enabling it to shred through metal and armor with enough pressure that defense is nigh useless. It does not appear able to see in the dark, however it's hearing is phenomenal. Judging from artillery round impact residue, it appears concentrated A.G.W.S. artillery fire was unable to dent its scaled armor.

Realizing the situation I used telepathy to keep us all linked up and communicating. We decided to go for turning on all the reactors...we could have chosen a few but ..what can I say we are legit ........stupid when it comes to things like this. So this turned into a sneaking mission. 4 Reactors....that we had to reach ...tiptoeing threw the darkness. Upon activation of the first reactor levels of alpha radiation started to spill hindering our vision. Instead of activating them one by one after the initial one we decided to coordinate given the time constraints and the radiation during the course of it all Ghenna took a pretty big hit from the creatures saliva ..highly poisonous to him. Hes managing but we need to get him cured up fast. We manged to get them all on and teleported out of the room. While....horrible to confront we finished it off with the turning on of the reactors it just couldn't survive in that hostile of an environment.

-Back in the engineers office-
We all took a moment to breathe the area around us started to glow with black energy forming at our feet leaving three 'Call Beads' (small orbs with the ability to call forth summoned creatures for a single time) and a sigil pact for the grand spirit pandemona which selphie made a ....contract..mind meld...with. I don't exactly get guardian forces but worked.

It then acknowledged our efforts: "You have defeated Omenlurk the Devourer, mortals. This amuses me greatly enough that I have rewarded you for your efforts. Perhaps some day you shall meet it's brethren. I'll be watching." as it spoke in demonic tongue yet we knew it's words."

We first believed we where speaking to the beast in which the sigil had appeared but the quicker of us in mind was easily able to discern we most likely had been speaking with the patriarch of whatever that thing was. Asking aloud...who it was and what was that it simply said......

"You crudely refer to them as Abyssal Horrors, and consider them monsters. They lurk in the darkest corners of your worlds and the deepest recesses of your hearts, I greatest of all."

It didn't claim to be evil it simply claimed "I am not evil, nor do I side with Giygas. We simply are." so it must be a very old force from a darker place ...normal minds just shouldn't try to tred to close to."

I pressed the question again and it simply said cryptically...
"I am that which is to be revealed when I am prepared to reveal. For now... Patriarch would be a fitting title. Continue to amuse me mortals." and it faded away It didn't seem to have any dark intent....but I guess I should add another thing to the list omnipotent eyes watching the group.

Boss Battle Boons: x3 Call Beads & Summon Pact: Pandemona

-Moving on-
We shook that off and took our prizes and moved on. With the power back online we could use the main elevator. Scaling back up to the executive area we examined it once more but nothing new could be found so we headed back down with a list of options we choose a research area. It needed to have a key-card swiped which helped us get threw but there was even more security here with a fingerprint scanner. I decided if we where gonna get threw id try hacking it. With new tools, skills, and dynamis at my side we cracked the system and Dynamis assumed control....which was good as the doors opened we where welcomed to a face full of machine gun previously ready to fire at us had we forced our way in.

We explored and made it to a room....Axel approached and attempted to sterilize himself with the option available but soon discovered it was for the rooms contents not his own. Detecting lifeforms inside the process was asked to be halted but not before a few of the lifeforms inside 3 of 6 did not survive. Actually walking in the group discovered several clones of a cetran soldier and a clone body of Wilhelm.

With 6 labs before them the group splintered off to check out each.
E.S Development Lab
Cybernetics Research Bay
Weapons Development
Private Library
Unus Mundus Monitering (Upper Platform)
Selphie found a pair of double doors leading to another area with an order to wait parties advanced into there particular findings. Edward heading into the cybernetics bay was confronted with a in development possibly early ..or later model of Kos-Mos simply dubed 'Gynoid' that deemed him not one cleared for the area and attacked. The party rushed to his aid and despite its strange armor, mode changes, and use of ether it was quickly felled. Though during its hammer mode Selphie suffered a grave blow. With the android defeated the group had the choice of taking it apart of holding onto its materials and ether subroutines. The group choose to keep it to re purpose it and possibly find answers to the mysterious 'One World' mystery.

The party investigated each area facing its many dangers. Due to choosing to use the Gynoid declaring its name as 'Hymn' they where led to another area where Axel and me where attacked by lizard like creatures. But they where quickly dispatched. The group advanced and found that there path would not be a direct one. We had a few ways to go but i figured it be a good idea to get back up generators online as the area was dark..and there where already to many things going bump in the night.

The noise however attracted some kind of bio - creature ...heavily mutated with muscle mass strong enough to warrant anti-vehicle weaponry. We distracted it while I fixed the turbine and got power up and we eluded it and moved on. We got to the medical room and I had kuja set up portal we retrieved Frederic. Placing him in the machine we where given a startling discovery. Frederich's damage was not just physical it was infact a heraldic curse. Thats a new mystery in itself ...could Frederich's attacker have been a Nedian?

The machine however was able to come up with a countermeasure and curse Frederic though some of his memories would be missing. We are gonna have to help him in recovering them. After being unsure of what might happen ...I took it upon myself to tell the computer to activate after all...this was all my fault. After a few moments frederic emerged .............

»°Frederich°« "It is as the compass foresaw."
»°Frederich°« ... apologies. Perhaps that was a misplaced attempt at humor >.>

That ass! I literally almost shot him, given who it is i honestly could have. SIGH, relieved he is ok. Frederich was able to give Hymn new orders as well and now is apart of the team. A mysterious note was also found by Axel but its torn in so many places its hard to tell anything. Also ...this is like seriously the most calculated page tears in history.

____________ Denotes a tear in the paper
Order from __________________________________ all ________ proceed via S_____ to Hangar 14. A waiting transport will provide transportation to ___`met___a where allied _______is forces will rendezvous and escort to Secondary facility. Top priority is research person____. Save Hymn if possible. This order countermands any orders Wilhelm has given. This ____'s hit the fan and he's abandoned his people.

With Frederich saved and Jameson only needing to step inside our mission is almost complete. We plan on taking the ES units and more importantly visiting Wilhelm's private library. More information about the one world mystery might be there. But id also like to do another thing. Hanger 14 ....I wonder if they made it out and would any more information be there. Hymn seemed important for them to take ...but why?

We returned again this time investigating the armory. We came across a ton of tuned up A.M.W.S units ..powerful mass produced mechs. After that we moved on and we removed the curse on frog...I mean Glenn! It was a great moment. The machines power seems to be fading...without more power in the area we probably can only help one more person.

We proceeded to Wilhelm's study ..finally Im here ....will we find secrets about the one world...will we learn anything more about ...anything. As we entered we where confronted by a radiant angel named Celestia. It claimed itself the last will and testaments of wilhelm's guardian and deemed us unworthy to proceed. A battle waged out...this chick was wild and the battle was fierce. Teaming up with Ghenna with the rings we found in the black omen we took a moment of opportunity and and seized it severely wounding Celestia. With some careful planning and coordinated attacks while Jameson somehow kept her attention we took her down.

We then searched the room and I found Wilhelm's journal I guess. Looking around the place and the heavy security I assume this to be the equivalent of Alkaisers hidden library on the ascension. The contents of it have been added to another report.

The war however had reached arcadia, we need to create a pause somewhere before we can continue on. Im a little disappointing nothing in the room referenced the one world or Hymn. We ...will see what else vector has in store for us.
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