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Strangereal is a world with technology levels similar to modern-day earth, bearing a variety of factions at periodic war, split into six continents that include Antarctica, Anea, Usea, Verusa, and Osea. The world itself is oft embroiled in war, ever-struggling to find respite from its rage.

Currency - Zollar(1 Zollar = 2 Gil)

Crafting sell items via any form of 'art' (Performance, Painting, Sculpting, etc) gain a 5% value bonus.


The central continent to Strangereal is predominantly occupied and governed by the Osean Federation, led by President Vincent Harling. Its borders have seen the bulk of conflict in recent years with its eastern neighbors such as Belka, the well-developed nation possessing something of an expansionist ideology.

Sand Island

An Osean airbase once out of commission, it served as the arrival point for the Dimensional Warriors upon their departure from Arcadia, where they met with Osean officials for the first time through the old veteran known simply as Pops. Since then, it has been overrun and overtaken by the forces of Melbu Frahma.

Dragon's Lair

This once-abandoned civilian airbase now houses the war efforts of the Dimensional Warriors, replete with the essentials as well as aircraft and related supplies per contract with the Osean Federation.

Starlight Cove

This bustling port city, a stone's throw away from Dragon's Lair, is a metropolis and a large tourist magnet, with plenty of amenities one might be looking for. Performers line the streets, livening them with music and the arts.

Hyperion Rig

A massive, submersible off-shore oil rig that once provided Osea with 27% of its gas reserves, it was destroyed in a massive attack, now a huge oily mess at sea. Within its wreckage lies a zenith portal leading to the land of Columbia.


A country to the east of the Osean Federation, mired in the depths of nuclear winter after the detonation of such devices within their own soil. Belka is swift and straightforward in times of war, and has called a truce with Osea in the midst of the current crisis at hand. A Zenith Portal has been discovered in the city of Dinsmark, leading to the kingdom of Guardia.
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