The Worlds as we Know Them

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The Worlds as we Know Them

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by Tony April 29th, 2018, 4:19 am
[A bulletin posted in the Dragon's Lair briefing room]

From: K. Phanex
To: Dimensional Warriors
Date: [ ]
Subject: The New War


We survived. Let me start with that. We survived. That's the important takeaway from the confrontation inside Merkava. It may seem like one of our darkest moments now, looking back, but at least it wasn't our collective last. That means something. Hold onto that. We survived.

Second: Everything's changed. We've been thrown into an unprecedented situation, and we have to make the most of it. Don't take anything you see or anyone you meet for granted; don't go into a place with a preconceived notion that you know anything about it. We now face analogues of familiar places with different circumstances, and using anything you know from our previous travels could compromise you or our work. Friends can be enemies, opponents could be allies, and anyone can be everything inbetween. Approach each new situation like you've never seen it before -- odds are you haven't.

If you're new to the Dimensional Warriors, understand you've caught us at a difficult time in our organization's history. We've been down-and-out before, but this time we've lost not just manpower and munitions, but our support staff that made our work easy and accessible. We're doing our best to compensate for that loss. We will continue working, and we want you to be a part of it.

Here's a breakdown of what we're looking at right now:
  • The universe as we knew it has been broken apart into countless "bubbles" (for lack of a better term) that can encompass anything from a room to a sector of space. These bubbles contain people, places, and things that are both strange and familiar: in some places, time or our position in a timeline has been altered; in others, the place and time may be the same, but the people may not. In order to understand our task, you must understand these "analogues" could be the same or vastly different as we remember them. You may see Sol III (Earth), but it may not be one anyone's familiar with. Bear that in mind at all times; this is paramount for you to understand the rest of what I'm about to tell you.
  • These bubbles are separated by what we call "null space," the interdimensional fabric that separates iterations of reality from one another. In some unique locations, null space is thinner allowing for "rifts" or "leylines" to form between them, where the two areas connect and allow free exchange between them. These leylines allow us -- and anyone or anything else -- to travel freely from bubble to bubble. This is how we are forced to navigate the multiverse now.
  • Our current "home base" of operations is the Dragon's Lair airbase. This is located at the southwestern coast of the Osean nation, generously donated and maintained by its government in full support of our work. Be courteous when dealing with Oseans; they were the first to eagerly stand with us in our current situation. This world is named "Strangereal," apparently an analogue of Sol III (Earth) in some way. Since this is our home base now, all directions through leylines should originate from Strangereal.
  • Our primary, overarching goal is to unseat the entity known as Melbu Frahma from his throne in the Midnight Castle. Frahma is an all-powerful -- in every sense of the word -- and powermad entity that seeks to conquer and subjugate everything he finds. He commands a literal army of powerful creatures called Winglies and countless other footsoldiers enlisted in his service. The Midnight Castle is a transdimensional fortress that extends through multiple leylines, exerting its power and influence through many of these "bubbles" and allowing his forces to run roughshod over the worlds it reaches.
  • There are two other factions vying for control of the multiverse:
    • the "Machine Gods" are a sentient form of machine beings that seek to assimilate and destroy other civilizations to maintain their own. Giygas, the creature we once thought to be the pinnacle of our fight, is apparently only one of many weapons the Machine Gods use to achieve their goals. The Machine Gods are led by Carltron, a powerful machine, and Smithy, the Demon Blacksmith of Souls, who created the Starmen armies that they share command of.
    • the "Champions of Destruction" intend to quite simply destroy everything they can. They are led by a being known as Count Bleck, an insidious creature that, if successful, will force the creation force of Soa to undo all of its work and blink out existence as we know it.
  • Our tasks, then, are threefold:
    • weaken Melbu Frahma by defeating its lieutenants. As his base of power is reduced, Frahma itself is reduced.
    • reduce Carltron and Smithy's forces until we can determine a way to defeat them.
    • use Keyblades and other similar magic or technology to prevent the Champions of Destruction from destroying the Hearts of worlds.
  • To accomplish these missions, we are searching for the remnants of an ancient race called the Nedians; they will provide us with the tools and tactics we need to defeat our enemies. They do not want to be found. Bear that in mind as you travel. Their material aid and knowledge is paramount to defeat our enemies.
  • Be aware that we are missing many colleagues and support staff. They did not reach Strangereal with us for one reason or another. We will not stop looking for them.

Be aware that this bulletin is not all-encompassing. There are many, many other tasks ahead of us, varying in scope and nature. My staff and I will be trying to update the postings on this board and the others to facilitate as much intelligence-sharing as possible.

Please leave similar notices and bulletins here as you see fit. The more we know, the better off we all are.

Good luck,
- Kaijo
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October 10th, 2008, 9:41 pm
Lubbock, Texas

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