Dimensional Analogue - Rygar

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Dimensional Analogue - Rygar

by Strato April 29th, 2018, 4:39 am
The currency of choice in this particular world is the Crown. For value conversions, 1 gil = 5 crowns.


A kingdom in the northeast, Guardia stands as a land of proud knights and olde english, the lone land entrance across the heavily fortified Zenan Bridge. Many generations have endured upon the throne, with the current being King Guardia XXI and Queen Leene, the country a medieval monarchy. Its citizens remain strangers to magic.

Guardia Cathedral

A Zealian cathedral that once served as a nesting place for monsters and Mystics, the cathedral hides many secrets, but otherwise appears as a well-kept church with proper pews and stained glass. A portal to the world of Termina has been discovered in its depths.

Guardia Forest

This peaceful woodland houses many monsters, though they will leave you be as long as you do the same, often foraging or playing in the fields. This forest lies east of the cathedral, surrounding the southern end of a mountain range. Where they join lies the heights of Guardia Castle.

Guardia Castle

Guardia's seat of power, nestled in the bosom of Guardia Forest. Here reside King Guardia XXI and Queen Leene, along with many of the knights, matters of court oft handled by the chancellor...a single chef frantically keeping them all fed.


A small village to the southeast of Guardia Castle, Truce recently saw a significant dip in food prices after the Gestahl Empire's chokehold on supply lines finally slackened.

Truce Canyon

North of Truce lies a vast canyon and mountain range, often left untouched by footsteps. At its crest, the party has discovered a stairway to the Underworld, where Hades prepares a brand new arena, seeking entertainment to distract him from the endless paperwork resulting from the influx of dead from Melbu Frahma's expansion.

Zenan Bridge

South of Guardia Forest lies a single massive, wooden bridge connecting Guardia to the southern region housing Dorino and Porre. Several battles have been fought here, and Guardia's encampments fortify the northern end, the kingdom's last line of defense.


A small town that often serves as a pit stop for passing adventurers who sometimes venture to the Denadoro Mountains, Dorino often sees treasures change hands, creating a jewelry market. A neighboring forest houses a portal leading to the Paramina Rift in Ivalice.


A port town nestled upon the southern edge of the continent, Porre is an active trade center and has a strong market for food. It was once said the hero destined to defeat the Fiendlord hailed from here, but he was proven a fraud.

El Nido Triangle

This land lies far west of Guardia, across the sea, a collection of islands nestled in its midst, housing several towns and cities.


A small island nation walled off, Termina is led by General Viper, head of the Acacia Dragoons. The walls and ramparts stand tall as its soldiers fend off hordes of demons by night.

Isle of the Damned

A treacherous island that bears craggy, rough, and ragged rocks, and now bears the ominous sight of Dracula's Castle at its peak.

Dracula's Castle

Referred to by Lynx also as Castlevania, this monument to evil is vast as a city itself, if not more so. Its spires run high and far, littered with the husks of fallen Reapers and the impaled corpses of Winglies, the castle run by the daemon Dracule. Its gate is never locked. It never had to be.

Dead Sea

A massive hurricane blocks the way to this desolate land, where it is said not a single thing can truly survive.
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