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Loc Lac

by Miralana May 25th, 2018, 3:18 am
The city of Loc Lac, one of the greatest hubs in the Monster Hunting world, a large desert town made mostly of adobe and other . Between regular caravans, and ports that offer both ships, and sand ships, Loc Lac is the central location of most hunter's dreams.

The city itself houses tens of thousands of people, including merchants, hunters, and those that support the two, Many of the buildings are made of adobe, sandstone and other materials that are easily attainable in the relatively dry environment. Intricate banners and awnings made of exotic cloths regularly hang from buildings, to provide a spectacle of color-- assuming there isn't currently a sandstorm. There are a few notable areas:
The residential district, where the majority of the non-hunters live. Generally simpler than most of the rest of town, the buildings are more utilitarian. There are inns here, though they aren't as lavish as the ones near the market, and housing can be purchased by someone with enough gil, regardless of their Hunter Rank.
The Grand Market, where hunters can buy supplies to prepare for their hunts, or visit the massive forge complex where the materials they get on their hunts can be processed into equipment. The buildings here are fairly grand, colorful, with intricate designs meant to catch the eye, a sprawling bazaar stretches down the entirety of the main corridor towards the Hunter's Guild and competition to own real estate here is fierce. High class inns cater to rich merchants, primarily. Its possible to find <List of sale stuff: See Economy>, sold by various merchants, though some are quite exclusive about their clientelle. Furniture and knick knacks made of parts of monsters that are non viable for equipment are a current trend, who doesn't want a couch made of supple Rathalos belly scales? Housing here is expensive, and competitive, though perhaps useful for a merchant with goods to peddle...
The Hunters District, is the pride of Loc Lac, centered around the Guild Hall for the Hunter's Guild. The building itself is rounded, and sticks up above the rest of the city covered in banners with iconography based on the various creatures that keep the hunter's employed. The Guild Hall itself has its own personal sandship dock out to the desert, and is otherwise ringed by support structures, including an arena, and housing available for hunters of various ranks. Some housing is provided by default as a hunter gains rank-- though for the right price, they can get upgrades.

Currently available:
Healing items up to current level, though of a rustic bent. Don't ask what's in the potions.
Denzium level weapons and armor.
Monster Parts: Once per diem, choose a monster, roll luck, divide by 10. If the result is higher than or equal to the drop number, you can buy a monster part from a merchant for... Rarity 1-40: 5000 gil, Rarity 41-70: 10,000 gil, Rarity 71-95: 15,000 gil. Rarity 96+ unavailable at current.
Furniture: Made from real monsters! Spend 50 gil per maximum rarity to make a furniture item out of monster drops. Have fun with it, 'cause its mostly for show/flavor

Guild Hall: The Hunter Guild Hall is a large structure that sticks out over Loc Lac, hundreds of hunters congregate in the location to peruse and accept missions, or arrange for travel to different places in the world. Hunters are ranked one of nine tiers, annd are only able to accept missions of that tier or lower. After accomplishing a certain number of missions, the guild arranges for a, hopefully, challenging hunt, to prove the hunter is capable of the next rank. Higher ranks unlock official hunting in more locations and against stronger monsters, or against stronger versions of monsters.

Anyone of sufficient strength can join the Hunter's Guild, putting them immediately at Hunter Rank 1, and they are assigned a suitable rating 2 home so they have a place to stay. As of current, the mission board is fairly empty, but hunters interested in testing their mettle can still go out on free hunts.

Arena: Currently closed for maintenance, someone left the Deviljho cage open again.

Housing: Houses of various sizes are available in the Residential and Market districts for non-hunters, the housing in the Market generally comes with greater opportunity to sell things, generally to hunters.(To be discussed with GMs when this gets off the ground) Hunters are assigned certain home sizes, based on their rank, but can upgrade either by raising their rank, or by purchasing an upgrade.

Homes are rated by various traits, added together to get their overal quality.

* Residential: The cheapest but least central place to live, at least it's quiet.
* Market: All properties have double the cost of housing in the other districts.
* Hunter: Only Registered Hunters may live here, Hunters are given homes with a rating of 2x their hunter level by default, but may purchase homes up to 3x their hunter rating.

Rating 1: A studio, or small crash pad of a house. (25,000 gil)
Rating 2: 1-2 rooms, enough room to store things and personalize.(75,000 gil)
Rating 3: 3-5 rooms, Not bad if you want a family, or just a lot of space to hoard.(150,000 gil
Rating 4: 6-10 rooms, Opulent, and you could fit a rathalos in the livingroom.(300,000 gil)
Rating 5: 10+ Why? Are you trying to start an Inn or something?(750,000 gil)

Rating 0: Your home is part of a complex.. upside, Amenities are 50% cheaper! You just have to share.
Rating 1: Your home is a duplex, attached to another building, or close enough to others privacy may be an issue. (25,000 gil)
Rating 2: Your home is free standing, and you have either enough space, or thick enough walls Neighbors are a thing of the past. (50,000 gil)

Felyne Servants: Rating +2, Small cat people are kept on staff to wait on your every need. Want something fetched from the meowrket? They're right pawn it. (50,000 gil)
Food Service: Rating +1, Your own personal Felyne chef to prepare food for you, you deserve it. (25,000 gil)
Large Rooms: Rating +1, Get more out of your individual spaces by making them larger. (25,000 gil)
Huge Rooms: Rating +2, In case you want Daedalus to be able to hang around in his true form. (50,000 gil)
Yard: Rating cost 1-3, From a respectable little back yard, to room for a small ranch-- Availability depends on location, Hunter District homes max at 1, Merchant District at 2.
Rating 1: A back or front yard with enough space to call it a yard. (25,000 gil)
Rating 2: Large enough you could call it Grounds, rather than a simple 'yard', enough to form a natural moat around a home. (50,000 gil)
Rating 3: Enough room to graze aptonoth, if you were so inclined. (100,000 gil)
Water: Rating cost 1-3.
Rating 1: Your home has indoor plumbing in a low tech fantasy desert. (25,000 gil)
Rating 2: Your home can have anything from a small pool, to actually keeping a lawn watered. (50,000 gil)
Rating 3:, You used money to forget you were in a desert, didn't you? If you want water for it, you have it. (100,000 gil)
Rating 0: You only have a bed and whatever you yourself add to the home. (Free!)
Rating 1: You can give basic functions to your rooms, and assume they have the means to accomplish those functions (25,000 gil
Rating 2: Saunas, pampering supplies, a wine basement? These sorts of things are waiting for you on Level 2 (50,000 gil)
Rating 3: Its really hard to go from this, to any other kind of life it's so comfortable. (100,000 gil)

Special Features
Extremely Private: Rating +1, Whether its just the lay of the land, or neighbors who Don't Care, you can get up to basically anything short of riding an untamed Deviljho through their walls.(25,000 gil)
Well Decorated: Rating +1: The exterior of your home, whether the walls or the fence have a certain regal look to them, whether through stonework, painting or other means. (25,000 gil)
Is this a shop?: Rating +1, Allows production/trade plying. +5% bonus to Cooking/tailoring if in Residential, k+5% to Blacksmithing/Gunsmithing if Market. (50,000 gil)
Is this an Inn?: Rating +2 Allows Diplomacy to be used like a crafting skill to make money. Limited by size.(1/2 rating x5 for maximum skill allowance) (50,000 gil)
Lookout tower: Rating +1 You didn't need this, unless you did. (25,000 gil)
Herds: Herds are a collection of creatures one can keep on their property. A size 2 Yard can have one herd, or a size 3 can have three herds.
Herbivores: Rating +1: Requires Yard 2, Water 1, you have a herd of herbivores, and can regularly harvest them for meat, milk, or other consumable, allows a hunter to start Hunting missions with 3 Well Done Steaks.(25,000 gil)
Aquatics: Rating +1 Requires Yard 2, Water 2, You have a herd of aquatic herbivores that live in some kind of open non Sea-Worldian habitat. They require more care, but hey, nothing says opulence like having pet fish monsters in a desert. (50,000 Gil)
Predators: Rating +2, Requires yard 2, Water 1, You have a herd of predators that roam your yard in some fashion. They provide security at the cost of needing to be fed some other creature periodically. (50,000 gil)

Walls: Rating +1: Much better than any normal fence, it would take an angry wyvern to punch through these. (25,000 gil)
Fortifications: Rating +2: In case you planned on making some wyverns angry and hiding behind a wall. (50,000 gil)
Rating 1: A facility with all the requirements to take care of mounts and other animals too important to be lumped into a herd. Comes with some generic dedicated land animals for the purposes of overland travel.(25,000 gil)
Rating 2: An upgrade to the normal stables, includes room for aquatic or amphibians. If the house also includes a dock or connection to the sea, they can be deployed directly from there. Requires Water 2, (50,000 gil)
Personal Dock: Rating +2: A Dock either in the ocean, or the desert section of town, fit for a small boat or sandboat. Can only have one or the other.(50,000 gil) Small boats cost roughly 25,000 gil each
Industrial Dock: Rating +3: A full sized dock on either the ocean or the sand sea, suitable for larger ships. (100,000 gil), a regular ship costs roughly 100,000, while a Large costs 200,000 gil.
Airship Moore: Rating +3, It is what it says, an elevated dock suitable for the purposes of airships, rare as they are. (100,000 gil)

Cheap Amenities: Rating +1 per Amenity: Your location is particularly close to a source for an amenity(A spring for water, open space for land), reducing the cost by 50%. When combined with Rating 0 neighbors, changes price reductiong to 75% (25,000 gil for 1, 75000 for 2, 100,000 for 3)
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