Xarah: Contuniation of analsysis of the war.

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Xarah: Contuniation of analsysis of the war.

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by Tellos December 16th, 2017, 11:14 am
Within this data I now find myself strangely taking up the path of my predecessor once more it seems. The T-800 unit known as Jericho seemed to have begun deep analysis of the conflict, with the war changing and shifting drastically I felt it useful to update his research. I’ll begin with a simple outline of the main changes then a follow up to his listings on allies enemies and lost causes. I leave this analysis open to all DW members only. I do however leave certain members or allies restricted including General Edge for reasons I shall outline below.

First the war no longer is just a fight vs Giygas but these new “machine gods” and Frahma’s forces. It’s become a multi front conflict it seems and nobody yet has a clear advantage. This however is speculation as we have incomplete data on the entire picture. For now we need an army, one we can rely upon. I intend to try to obtain the resources to build small automated factories that I can control and while they wont be able to produce thousands of machines a day they could give us forces to tuck away for emergencies. Exploration and better knowledge of the laylines and worlds will be necessary to succeed in this conflict. I’ll have further analysis later.

On to updates on allies, for the most part littles changed except the following.

King Nelson Rathbone/General Isaac Edge: they will back stab us, they did once already when they returned our members I detected medical signs of torture and mistreatment. Rathbones military is if it survives under him now Frahma’s and of no help to us. General Edge plays with things he thinks himself an experts on with only a few articles. So thus he is utterly worthless in this regard. I will remove his shackles he placed, Iden was under orders and so I do not seek to blame him. The General has however proven he is loyal to his government not us. The others will consider him an ally I will not. King Rathbone is to be terminated on sigh for the torture of our members. I no longer have time for governments run by idiotic humans. Jericho may have had tolerance for this I do not however. This also will require the destruction of installation 15.

Earth: it appears I will have to settle things with my old home and I will have to end this all finally.

Carltron: he must be terminated, if all life is to be saved he cannot survive.

Figaro: with King Edgar now officially in as a leader of a country I’ll need to see what he can bring if anything to this war. He is a decent engineer if apparently having been playing catch up for over a year.

Strangreal states: some I trust others I don’t, Belka seems about as trustworthy as a thief and is hiding information.
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December 13th, 2008, 3:26 am

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