X's cyberspace intel

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X's cyberspace intel

by Oceanblaze November 30th, 2018, 6:01 am
X infiltrated robotnik's battlenet to uncover

<@Hal_Emmerich> It cuts to a video feed that flashes up onto the monitor. Robotnik and Snivley seem to be standing with an assortment of Swatbots investigating what appears to be a meteorite that has landed in the middle of a volcano. The area ripples with heat as Robotnik's boots crunch along the ashen trail. Snively follows behind slowly, bald save for a few hairs, wearing a green overcoat.
<@Hal_Emmerich> "Sir. If I may ask..." "Shut up...Snively."
<@Hal_Emmerich> http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=EEE10LhbF70&p=n
<@Hal_Emmerich> The bald, rotund Robotnik makes his way to the still flaming hot meteorite ... and slowly reaches his robotic left arm out to pick it up. It sizzles in his hand. "Our sensors detected Dimensional Energy. I had thought it might have been the Warriors." He peers at the rock slowly and the crater surrounding it. "... but it is this stone." A simple gesture of his hand crushed the
<@Hal_Emmerich> stone, revealing a purple gemstone cut into a cross shape that flickers with the colors of null energy. "... ... ... and what have we here...?"
<@Hal_Emmerich> "I don't understand it, sir. Our sensors only picked up the impact of the meteorite, but the Death Egg didn't report any objects entering the atmosphere." Robotnik doesn't dismiss his comment as easily this time, instead his black eyes with red pupils slowly studied it. "... And with the energy we detected, it should have. It stands to reason that this is not a meteorite...
<@Hal_Emmerich> and this gem formation is far too deliberate to be natural."
<@Hal_Emmerich> Robotnik gazes upwards slightly, rubbing his chin in his free hand. "... There must be another nexus here. I want this region scoured. If there is more of this material on the other side of this nexus, I want it found."
<@Hal_Emmerich> Overhead, you watch as a few hoverpods circle the area... and sure enough... one of the pods disappears into a leyline portal. Robotnik smiles slowly and just speaks. "Prepare an incursion force Snively."
<@Hal_Emmerich> The feed cuts. You see images of shackles.. .and Snively and Robotnik facing something, but the perspective is taken from a SwatBot that wasn't watching whatever or whoever was captured. Robotnik leers in the direction of the captive. "Tell me... about... the phantom... ruby."
<@Hal_Emmerich> "Only if you agree to leave my world and my friends alone." speaks a lone soprano female voice. Robotnik smiles. "You aren't in any position to make deals, my dear. But... if it will make this easier. So be it."
<@Hal_Emmerich> "You... you promise?" The voice speaks with a degree of uncertainty. "Of course. If you tell me what I want to know, I have no interest in your world."
<@Hal_Emmerich> ".. I.. I was asked to study it. It was sent to me. It converts energy of any kind into raw magical energy... enough to rewrite reality if used properly. It can create materials out of thin air... plants... alter gravity... it just depends on how it is invoked."
<@Hal_Emmerich> "And how would one invoke it?"
<@Hal_Emmerich> "I...I..." "Speak. Or I will eradicate your world."
<@Hal_Emmerich> ".. It's.. hard to describe. It's powered by will.. and the heart. That's.. I can't really describe it any better than that. Not until further study is performed." Robotnik seems to scoff at this answer. "... Power of the heart? Nonsense. There must be a scientific explanation." "Not everything can be described by science, you know."
<@Hal_Emmerich> "I suppose on some vague level I can appreciate your crude attempt at an explanation. There are some things that can't be described by science. The warm feeling of waking up and knowing your empire has expanded. The tingle in the back of my neck as I watch the last vestiges of freedom slip away from someone being roboticized... and the fear they experience. I'm sure your
<@Hal_Emmerich> friends will be happy to describe that sensation to you shortly."
<@Hal_Emmerich> http://www.infinitelooper.com/?v=euEEU0udWKI&p=n
<@Hal_Emmerich> "W-What?! N-No you can't! You promised!" "I lied. Snively... this one is valuable. I--" Suddenly, there is a brief glow as the SwatBot giving the view is plowed over by a purple glowing computer monitor that's been telekinetically thrown at it. The sound of stun weapons firing can be heard. "... Snively. Take this one to the Death Egg detention center. I don't want the freedom
<@Hal_Emmerich> fighters anywhere near her... I want to know what she knows." "Yes your duplicitousness."
<@Hal_Emmerich> End footage!
October 13th, 2008, 7:47 pm

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