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by crystalmancer July 30th, 2019, 1:11 am
<<> Player Info <>>

IRC Nick: Crystalmancer
Real Name (Optional): Pascal
Time Zone:
Sheet Approved by: (leave blank)

<<> Character Description <>>

Name: Isabelle
Race: Human
Age: 16
Height: 5’8
Weight: (optional)
Appearance: Young teenager with long blonde hair and a very pale complexion. She wears intricate robes apparently woven out of very fine silks and laced with metallic threads.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Notable Features: A tear-drop shaped sapphire embeded into her forehead.

<<> Character Personality <>>

Favorite Food: Rice!
Likes: Making new friends
Dislikes: People who bear no respect for life in general.
Favorite Color: Green!
Fears: Being helpless in a cage like an animal.
<<>Character Logs<>>

Summoning(Grimoire): 60 (MA) + 10 (Class) + 25 (Skill) + 48 (Grimoire) = 1d290+143
Summoning(Pure): 60 (MA) + 10 (Class) + 25 (Skill) + 48 (Grimoire) = 1d200+95
Arcana: 60 (MA) + 10 (Class) + 25 (Skill) + 48 (Grimoire) = 1d290+143
Arcane Fist Damage: 1500*5=7500
Dodge Roll: 40 (Dex) + 10 (AdvSkill) + 25 (Skill) +20 (Armor) = 1d200+95
Knowledge-Mythology: 50 (Int) + 20 (Skill) +5 (Class) = 1d160+75
Arcane Science:
Spell Resist: 10 (Willpower) + 25 (Skill) + 48 (Grimoire) = 1d170+83
Speechcraft: 10 (Willpower) + 20 (Skill) = 1d70+30

Class Bonuses:
+10 Summoning
+5 Mythology
+5 Monster Lore
+5 Monster Training
+10 Speechcraft
+10 Arcana
+5 Artisan: Arcane Science
+5 Perform
+5 Sleight of Hand
<<>Character Background<>>

History: Isabelle is a young human woman. As a child, she had been abducted by spirits, and taken to their world. Back then, she coudln't have been much older then an infant. Raised by spirits, she's had no choice but to develop a very keen affinity to them, and she was taught about the war against destruction itself. She was taught how to befriend many beings that would help her fight the battle, how to fuel their powers so they can remain present in the world, she was taught about human culture, tongues... How much does she know about the destroyer? Probably not much all in all, but she does have a fair bit of knowledge of myths and the creatures thereof, she's lived with them after all! At age 16, when she was deemed as ready as a child could be, she departed on her mission to help bring the world back into balance... The spirits deposite her back into the world, where she has to quickly adapt and learn ... and find her way to those warriors she is destined to fight with.



Total Experience Points: 1600

Health: 100
Health Roll: +10 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Health)
HP: 6000 / 6000 hp (Health * 60)

Dexterity: 200
Flat Foot Dodge: (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + (reaction skill/2))
Dodge Roll: 40 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + Skill)
Physical Attack Roll: (+1 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + skill)
Style Points: StP (Dexterity * 4)

Strength: 50
Inventory Slots/Comfortable Carry: 5 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength)
Base Damage: 25 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 5)
Max Carry Weight: 200 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 40) lbs
Weapon Damage: (Base Damage * Weapon mod.)

Endurance: 50
Defense (Damage Absorb): Base: 200 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance *40)
Survival Roll: +5 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance)

Intelligence: 500
MP: 3500 MP (Intelligence * (5+2))
MP Regen: 70/round up to 350
Skill Points: 2000 SkP (Int * 4)

Magic Affinity: 300
Spell Points: SpP 1200 (Magic Affinity * 4)
Magic Attack Roll: 60(base) (+2 Bonus for every 10 Magic + Magic Level of Skill used.)
Mage Level: (Skill Level / 5)
Psionic Level: (Skill Level / 5)

Spirit: 250
Base Magic Damage: [( (+1 per 10 Spirit) + (Skill Level) ) * (5+1)) * Mage Level]
Summoning: 300*5:1500
Arcana: 300*5:1500

Willpower: 100
Mental/Magic Defense Roll: +10(base) / (+1 Bonus for every 10 Willpower + Skill Level)
Magic Damage Soak:400 (base) (+1 Bonus for every 10 Willpower * 40)

Luck: 50
Luck Roll: 5(+1 Bonus for every 10 Luck)
Luck Points: 5(+1 for every 10 Luck)
Critical Modifier: 1d4+0.5 (+0.1 for every 10 Luck)

(Used) / 2000 Skill Points

0: Untrained | 5: Hobbyist | 10: Novice/Beginner | 15: Dedicated Student | 20: Educated/Trained | 25: Professional | 30: Advanced | 35: Specialist | 40: Expert | 45: Adept/Prodigy | 50: Master

Movement Skills
(Dexterity: +0 / Strength: +0)

Utility Skills
(Health: +0 / Intelligence: +0(intel/2) / Willpower: +0)

Speechcraft: 20 (220)
--Seduction: 15
--Lie Detector: 15

Combat Skills
(Dexerity: +0)
Roll: 25 (335)
--Dodge Leap (10)

Magic Skills
(Magic: +0 / Spirit: +0)
Arcana: 25 (335)
--Arcane Intuition: 10
--Arcane Defense: 10

Summoning: 25 (335)
--Creation Summoning: 15
--Summon Compatibility I: 15
--Sustainable Summoning: 55

Artisan / Knowledge Skills
(Intellligence: +0)
Arcane Science: 20 (220)
--Golem: 60

Mythology: 20 (220)

Field Training Skills
(Intelligence: +0(intel/2))


<<> Abilities <>>

-= Physical (Style Points) =-
Current Style Points: (Used) / (Max) StP

-= Magical/Psionic (Spell Points) =-
Current Spell Points: (Used) / (Max) SpP

((See spell sheet. Other post))


<<> Traits and Feats <>>

-= Race Traits =-

Race: Human (Blessed)
Traits: Racial Attributes:
Improved Magic I
Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: Some of a mage's talent is natural, bearing a deeper mental expanse than most, having a greater quantity of mana to expend.
Effect: Increases the character's Magic Points (MP), changing the modifier from *5 to *6.
Example: The character has an Intelligence of 70. 70*5=350. With the modifier adjusted by this Feat, the change is 70*6=420 so the character has 420 MP.

Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: A character's spiritual 'battery' naturally restores itself over time, but only to a certain level.
Effect: Every round in combat, restore 2% maximum MP to a total of 10%. Outside of combat, MP gradually restores itself to 10% MP. This feat only activates when a character is reduced below 10% max MP, and will only restore up to 10% max MP (that is, a 1500 MP character will not regen past 150 MP).

Extra Training
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Most humans spend their entire lives in preparation for bigger and better things, whether in formal education or training, or simply self improvement and study of the arts they wish to make their worth in. This manifests in additional SP to a particular skill they spent a lot of time honing.
+65 SP towards Monster Lore.
+130 SP towards Summoning Magic

Junior Hero
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: With a natural proclivity for adventure, many humans spend their lives in search of it in one form or another, from the world traveler to the humble gamer nerd. The character's prior adventures have prepared them for the one they are thrust into now, granting a greater pool of starting Experience.
Effect: +100 EXP. Feat subject to enhancement with inflation.

Feature: Spirit Vision
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The ability to perceive the imperceptible and see the unseen. Supernatural entities tend to possess this second sight by nature, as they naturally exist within the same spectrums.

-= Character Traits =-

-= Feats =-

(* denotes feats taken at character creation.)

*Feat 1 (Free) -Hammer Space
Associated Statistic: Strength
Description: The character is able to, without really much explanation, stash a small amount of items into "hammer space," whether it's on their person, in some sort of bag they carry, or just out of the spiritual void.
Effect: The character can keep six slots worth of items in a pocket dimension, which can be removed at any point by reaching into a bag, opening a small portal, etc. This can be done as a free action. Items containing other items (a backpack) will be emptied by gnomes. The gnomes will also refuse to allow living things or items unwillingly taken from other people.

*Feat 2 (100 XP) -Environmental Resistance
Associated Statistic: Endurance
Description: The character comes from a particularly harsh or unique climate; as a result the character has a naturally built up resistance to the conditions of that climate, and to other conditions similar to it.
Effect: The character suffers no penalties from these conditions such as heat, cold, wind, humidity, subterra, low-oxygen, high gravity, etc.

*Feat 3 (200 XP) -SIF Enhanced Magic Affinity I

*Feat 4 (300 XP) -Force Field
Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: The character is able to project a monodirectional shield of spiritual energy in front of him/herself.
Effect: Create a force field that will absorb (Spirit * 5) hp in damage. This field is 1 directional and for 1 person only. This field regenerates (Spirit/4) hp every round until broken, then requires sleep to repair.

*Feat 5 (400 XP) -Conjurer
Associated Statistic:
Description: Conjurers are unique magicians who specialize in making physical or metaphysical objects out of nothing but spiritual energy. They're able to bring forth creatures from the Aether, blasts of spiritual energy, or form illusions that appear real to all five senses.
Effect: +10 Arcana, +5 Artisan: Arcane Science, Speechcraft, Perform, Sleight of Hand

*Feat 6 (500 XP) -SIF Enhanced Dodge

*Feat 7 (600 XP) -Summoner
Associated Statistic:
Description: Summoners are a type of magician that use spiritual connections to conjure forth creatures from the Aether -- the spiritual realm -- or from great distances. They operate in a number of different styles, but all share common roots, whether it's subjugation- or pact-based.
Effect: +10 to Summoning, +5 Mythology, Monster Lore, Monster Training, Speechcraft

*Feat 8 (700 XP) -The Aeon Effect
Associated Class: Summoner
Description: Grand Summons almost universally lack the time, inclination, or ability to answer any call for more than a few seconds, to deliver a devastating attack and fade back into the aether. The taker of this feat pushes the art of Summoning to its absolute limits, putting their own bodies on the line to facilitate the emergence of the greatest of all espers into this world for as long as they please.
Effect: Allows the Summoner to call forth a Grand Summon for extended combat. The Tranced Summon takes over the Summoner's turn, while the Summoner is sent to wherever the beast was before in a state of intensive meditation. The summon can use any ability it has unlocked, at Level 1, uses the Summoner's Summon roll for all actions, the Summoner's Magic Soak for both soaks, and can cast any of its Draw List spells, usually at Affinity level 5 of its own element. It uses its HP for MP, and can use its Level 1 attack at Level .1 (not a typo, every effect is 10% normal) for no MP cost.

*Feat 9 (800 XP) -SIF Improved Magic II

*Feat 10 (900XP) -Mana Fist
Associated Class: Conjurer
Description: A trained conjurer is able to wield raw spiritual energy at his/her fingertips. Whether in the form of energy around the hands, beam-like blasts, or exploding balls of magic, the conjurer can create and use magical energy at a whim like no other.
Effect: The Conjurer can perform single magic-damage attacks without expending MP. These attacks are performed at spell level damage (Level 5 Arcana = *5 "spell" damage), only deal a single full-power "hit" (can be described however), and are counted as normal, non-elemental magic damage, even if the character possesses an elemental affinity.

*Feat 11(1000XP) -Portal Movement
Associated Statistic: Magic Affinity
Description: This allows a character to open portal to any marked location through use of a portal stone marker. A portal stone once set can not be tampered with, failing arcane intervention or physical removal by the user.
Effect: The user can open a portal at any location, however the point of exit must be a set portal stone. Setting a portal stone does not require a roll; however, it does take 3 combat rounds. In order for something to pass through, it must be actively moved (molten rock, air, water that would flow through will not pass).

Feat 12(1200XP) -SIF Improved Hit Points I
Feat 13(1400XP) - Protective Guardian
Associated Class: Summoner
Prerequisite: Applies only to GFs with at least 3 Compatability.
Description: Your relationship with your summons is deeper than a simple contract, a mutual respect that brings the wrath of the divine to your aid in dire times. Guardian Forces come to the rescue unbidden, needing nothing in the return but the safety of their charge.
Effect: When the Summoner is brought below 50% HP, the highest Compatibility GF they have with them has a 10% chance per level to immediately preform a random attack. In the case of a tie, a the summon that answers the call is GMs choice.

Feat 14(1500XP) -Creature Charisma
Associated Class: Conjurer
Description: Spirits and summon beasts flock to the uncommon shine of your will, rallying under the banner so to speak with no additional effort on your part.
Effect: When calling upon lesser Summon Beasts, two of such creatures will arrive instead of one. If multiple creatures would already come, the total number is increased by half the maximum (round down).

Feat 15(1600XP) -SIF Improved Magic Damage I
Feat 16(1800XP) -
Feat 17(2000XP) -
Feat 18(2200XP) -
Feat 19(2400XP) -
Feat 20(2500XP) -
Feat 21(2600XP) -
Feat 22(2800XP) -
Feat 23(3000XP) -
Feat 24(3200XP) -
Feat 25(3400XP) -
Feat 26(3500XP) -
Feat 27(3600XP) -
Feat 28(3800XP) -
Feat 29(4000XP) -
Feat 30(4200XP) -

<<> Equipment Slots <>>

Note: Dual-Wielded items occupy 1 Equipment Slot (not Inventory Slot).

Name: Runes A to Z
Cost: 142650 gil
DC: 3080
Level/Material: 25/Denzium
Augment Slots: 5/7
Bonus: 48
Physical/Block Penalty: -15
Nature: Summoning 3 (5 points)

Side Arm:
Denzium-Lined Robe
Physical Soak: 1300
Mental Soak: 3150

Dodge Bonus: +20

Ring 1:
Ring 2:

Credits: 500,000 (+1,000,000 after 3 months)

<<> Inventory <>>


<<> Special Notes <>>

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Re: Isabelle

by crystalmancer July 30th, 2019, 1:11 am
Summoning Magic

Level: 1
Name: Animated Dagger

The way she wielded her dagger at her cheating husband made us think she would keep stabbing long after the poor man was dead. Truthfully, it even kept stabbing long after she was dead too.

Description: A tritanium dagger that floats as though wielded by a phantom or something from the great beyond. Its hilt is ornately designed with gold, and it’s flawless blade is marred only by hints of stained blood upon it. Its movements however have a paranormal finness. It will bob, roll, summersault and merrily float around, sometimes teasing it’s victims.
Initiative: 55 * Rank
Element: Neutral
HP: 1
Attack: Stab (with itself) +5 * rank, 500 * rank, 1d3 hits
Dodge: +4 * Rank
Special: Animated daggers have a +10 * rank intimidation bonus against weak willed characters unfamiliar with the supernatural.
Rank 1: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d4 times per round.
Rank 2: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d5 times per round
Rank 3: The animated Dagger now deals 1000 * Rank
Rank 4: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d6 times per round
Rank 5: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d8 times per round

Name: Forest Wolf

The forest glades have their own ways of keeping natures population in check.

Description: This spell summons a fiercely loyal white wolf to the aid of the summoner. The wolf has a thick white fur, and is docile and well behaved unless approached by an enemy – they know.
Initiative: 40 * Rank
Element: Earth
HP: 1500 * rank
Attack: Bite, +6 * Rank, 800 * Rank
Dodge: +5 * rank.
Special: The wolf will automatically counter attack anyone who physically attacks the summoner.
Rank 1: The wolf’s bite becomes more potent, dealing 1500 damage * Rank
Rank 2: On a counter attack, the wolf’s roll to hit and damage are doubled.
Rank 3: The wolf’s bite causes Bleed effect for 1d5 rounds
Rank 4: 1d3 Wolves may be summoned to create a wolf pack.
Rank 5: The wolf’s bite causes 2000 * Rank damage

Level: 2
Name: Mighty Owl (Wind)

The unassuming would think that someone who sleeps all day is lazy. The other birds know better.

Description: An over-sized, white- and black-feathered, thick bird with a pointed beak and enormous eyes. The Mighty Owl is able to rotate its head in 360 degrees without effort, and its wingspan is easily over six feet.
Init: 50 * Rank
Element: Wind
Hp: 1200 * Rank
Attack: Divebomb - +15 * Rank, 1,200 * Rank
Dodge: +12 * Rank
Special: The owl has uncanny senses, and can roll for Spot and Search checks at +20 * Rank.
Rank 1: The Mighty Owl trusts its summoner enough to hunt for him or her, providing enough meat for Rank*1 people to have a decent meal.
Rank 2: On a critical hit against a foe not terribly larger than a human, drags the enemy into the sky. They are held helpless, if untargettable, for one round and then dropped for an instant repeat to the damage caused by the initial hit.
Rank 3: On activation of the Rank 2 pick up, the owl can optionally carry its unwilling passenger at a flight speed equal to Rank*10, dropping them a round later far from combat. There is no guarantee that the enemy won't eventually find the party, though.
Rank 4: The Owl gains vision even in perfect or magical darkness, and shares this with its Summoner.
Rank 5: The Owl can no longer be blinded and can roll its Spot checks to see through illusions. The Rank 2/3 carrying abilities are expanded to anything below Giant 2.

Level: 3
Name: Tide Viper (Water)

Those who live on the shores of Aquas know some dangers of the high tide are what it leaves behind.

Description: A several-meters-long serpent with a triangular-shaped head and a pair of fins that flare up around the head-end of its body when summoned. The viper is a myriad of blue and green hues, slithers across the ground and through the water at an incredible pace, and its bite is quicker than some eyes can see.
Init: 60 * Rank
Element: Water
Hp: 1,800 * Rank
Attack: Bite - +20 * Rank, 1,800 * Rank + 25% chance of Mild "Poison" status.
Dodge: +20 * Rank
Special: Underwater, the Tide Viper gains the constant benefit of [Translucent]. It is still a valid target, and gives this up on any round it makes an attack against a foe that isn't near the water.
Rank 1: The Viper's critical dodge chance is multiplied by Rank.
Rank 2: Spiteful Poison - On a successful counter attack, Poison chance is increased by 10%*Rank
Rank 3: Successfully Poisoning an already poisoned target increases the Severity of the poison by 1. This occurs to a maximum of 1*Rank Severity.
Rank 4: Mocking Viper - The frightening speed of the viper swiftly punishes the stupid and slow that attempt to harm it. On a successful counter of a combo attack, the combo is rolled and the Viper lashes out with that number of attacks at 700*Rank damage each. Each hit has a separate chance of poisoning, as a standard attack.
Rank 5: Successfully hitting a target that is already poisoned causes the poison damage to occur immediately. This only works twice per round.

Arcana Magic

Level 3:

Phantom Steed - This spell creates a shimmering, corporeal ghost of a horse that can be used for quick traveling. This horse is considered in prime condition at all times, and lasts for (Mage Level) hours per cast.
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