Purchase Levels

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Purchase Levels

by Strato December 3rd, 2014, 1:09 am
The following items may be purchased in shops. Please be sure to run your purchases by a GM.

Note: Melchior is the only NPC shopkeeper capable of crafting equipment from materials.

Conventional weapons/armor/shields: Up to Amber
Crossbows: Up to Misriah Armory MC3A Crossbow
Battle Rifles: Up to Carrington Institute G-17DMR
Sniper Rifles: Up to Elkoss Combine Reaper
Assault Rifles: Up to Ariake Technologies Tsunami
Shotguns: Up to Hamilton Dragoon
SMGs: Up to Beretta PM-12S
Pistols: Up to Colt Cobra
Explosives: Up to ALAC Anti-Armor Rocket
LMGs: Up to FN Herstel M249 SAW
Restorative Items: Up to Cryo-Ration/Delta Ether/Elixir Alpha
Curative Items: All except Phoenix Pinion & Remedies above Alpha
Conventional Magic Spellbooks: Up to Level 6
Materia: All Basic Magic Materia, Basic 'Stat Bonus' Independent Materia(HP+, Dex+, etc)
Tech Armor Augmentations: All except Internal Shielding V
Omnitools: Up to Nexus
Assist-Softs: Up to Deltaware
IGLs: Up to GP-25 IGL
MGLs: Up to RAG-30
Grenade Launcher Specialized Ammo: Up to 40mm Panzerfaust Grenade
December 31st, 2008, 10:08 pm

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