DW 7.0: Fractured Skies - Mission Log

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DW 7.0: Fractured Skies - Mission Log

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by Hal_Emmerich May 20th, 2017, 3:21 pm
Fractured Skies Mission Log

The Osean-Leasathian Conflict
Location: Strangereal

The new allies of the Dimensional Warriors - the Osean Federation, have found themselves under attack by a new and powerful aggressor. With minimal other places to turn, the Dimensional Warriors have joined the fray against the attackers.

Sortie 1: Fallen Aces
- Mission 1: First Flight: Accomplished
Rewards: 10 XP
Despite the belief that Sand Island would be too far west to encounter resistance, a squadron of LS-10 drone fighters were detected off the coast of Cape Landers. Domino Squadron was deployed, but quickly overwhelmed by a second squadron that pushed on to attack the airbase itself. The Dimensional Warriors took to the skies to defend Sand Island against enemy invasion, successfully shooting down 11 of the drone fighters and landing a twelfth. During the battle, Domino 7's aircraft was forced out of the sky and had an incident while landing, however Lost was able to save the pilot.
- Mission 2: Chain Reaction
With Sand Island secured, the attackers objective becomes known...

The War Against Giygas

With Giygas weakened, the chance has arisen to strike a decisive blow against the enemy. Kane has revealed the identities of 9 beings of power that supply the dark force with it's destructive power. Slaying it's lieutenants will continue to weaken it's power base until it can be challenged by mortals.

Disrupting the Daemons

Location: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Jenova: Destroyed
Location: Gaia
During the events of 6.0, actions by Genesis forced the Dimensional Warriors to engage in a siege of the North Crater. The operation was a success - with great difficulty the Dimensional Warriors eked out a victory against Jenova, bringing an end to several millennia of her scourge and weakening Giygas's strength.

Location: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Location: Unknown

Location: Unknown

The Midnight Castle
Location: Dark Gaia

Melbu Frahma has constructed an immense fortress to his dark deeds, setting it upon the grave of the Arcadian Kingdom. His dark citadel is guarded by legions of dark minions and advanced technology. Penetrate the dark lords castle and bring an end to his reign once and for all.
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