"Hot Sheets" 4/29/2018

News briefs, headlines, after-action reports, intelligence documents, and other "hot sheets" from across the different worlds the DW's visited.

"Hot Sheets" 4/29/2018

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by Tony April 30th, 2018, 1:50 am
[A collection of newspaper clippings, bulletins, after-action reports, news wires, and redacted intelligence documents tacked onto a bulletin board in the Dragon's Lair briefing room.]


Starlight Cove to hold annual Pet Walk for charity
The City of Starlight Cove will close down its main thoroughfare and encourages pet owners of all kinds to register and participate in the walk for Ulysses Syndrome survivors. Registration is 20Z and is open all day. Live music will go through the afternoon and evening.

Cape Landers AAR-0420180206
Bear Squadron reports heavy casualties to demons from direction of Sand Island. Bear Squadron assigned to typical combat air patrol duties engaged multiple hostile airborne units, crediting force multipliers from ground-based surface-to-air missile emplacements for mission success. Bear Squadron will be taken from the front for rehabilitation and reserve training. Viper Squadron will serve in its place, en route from Elmyra.

Carranzan forces hold fast against Leasath siege at border
CARRANZA CITY, UCS -- ISAF forces held a stalemate at the UCS border, where Leasathian forces attempted to cross at strategic points north of Ponte Quadrenzo inside Brasalium. The civilian evacuation of Southern Carranza is nearly complete, setting the stage for an all-out battle on the plains north of the Four Points. Sources inside the ISAF suggest Leasathian forces are fielding advanced bipedal tanks that are bypassing the ISAF's normal blockade tactics, including minefields and barricades.

Harling: 'Now more than ever' is unity necessary on world stage
NOVEMBER CITY, OSEA -- Osean President Harling is pleading with Leasathian leadership to accept the ISAF's truce offering, now months without a signature. In a speech in November City, the President said the extraterrestrial threats facing the world should come before territorial squabbles or old grudges.
"Our fight shouldn't be against each other," he said to a crowd outside the regional federal office. "It should be with each other, against an enemy that seeks to subjugate or destroy us. Leasathian aggression is a waste of lives, resources, and time that could be better spent against an enemy we still know very little about. Unifying our martial strength and our intellectual bases would provide the edge we need to stall and defeat these invaders."
Harling's approval rating has dropped in recent weeks, according to recent polling. Likely voters said his decision to reinstate mercenary forces in the Osean military and his focus on international affairs is taking away from his work at home.

Belkan star Idyllis extends contract amid cheating allegations
WITTLEBURG, BELKA -- Musical icon Idyllis will stay with Cyclone Records for another five years, her spokesman announced ahead of the pop star's album release party this week. Idyllis has been staying out of the spotlight for months after paparazzi photographs showed her kissing a bouncer at a popular Dinsmark nightclub, sparking tension between her and long-time partner and former Belkan officer Sidney Klum. A spokesman for Klum said the couple was "working out their differences" over the holidays, but there's been no word of an actual split or a reconciling since then. Idyllis's seventh album, "Odyssius," is due out next week.

Mayor: Dragon Squadron 'good for business' in Starlight Cove
STARLIGHT COVE, OSEA -- At Starlight Cove's city council meeting last week, the mayor acknowledged the growth and activity at the reinstated air force base nearby and its new denizens, the so-called 'Dragon Squadron' of mercenary forces personally approved by President Harling. The mayor cites the economic growth in the city, the tourism boost brought by curious onlookers, and Dragon Squadron's willingness to do business in Starlight Cove's shops as reasons he's personally happy to have the guns-for-hire stationed on his doorstep.
"While we may not have the AMRAAMs or tankbusters the Dragons may need," he said during the public comment period of the meeting, "we have the food, fuel, and natural resources they need to protect our shores and our people -- and we'll keep providing it as long as we can."
The spokesman for Starlight Cove Air Base did not return a comment.


Aletap Rumors: The Sandsea
"Oi, d'you hear 'bout the return o' them heroes what kicked out that Dynast-King? I hear they're the ones what shoved out those army types from the south, but they didn't finish the job. Y'ask the troops, they'll say Dame Magister Meridian did it all by herself, she and that fleet'o'hers, but y'ask me -- and I seen the maps meself -- y'can't go droppin' shells into the Ozmone Plain from outside'a Jagd. Someone had to'a been on the ground there, aye. I seen 'em 'bout town as of late, hear they're on some righteous mission from the Kiltias. Dunno what fer, no, but I hope it idn't to upset the natural order'a things again, I say."

A Decree on Behalf of HRM Queen Ashelia Dalmasca:
LET IT BE KNOWN henceforth that sightings of any representative, soldier, staffer, citizen, or otherwise associate of the GLOBAL DEFENSE INITIATIVE are to be reported to the Royal KNIGHTS of Dalmasca. Her Royal Majesty the QUEEN urges all her subjects to avoid any and all contact with these potentially dangerous people. HARBORING or ABETTING these UNLAWFUL COMBATANTS will be subject to punishment at the behest of the CROWN, and could result in imprisonment. Her Majesty the QUEEN asks for your cooperation in finding and stopping these INVADERS from performing dubious acts or hostilities inside the Land.

Hunters' Manifesto: Advertise with us!
The Hunters' Manifesto is seeking sponsors and donors to continue its mission of uniting all hunters -- clan or amateur -- with the tools and tactics needed to keep up the fight! If you or your business would like to get involved, see Amogi the Moogle in Bhujerba! Join the likes of TARGE'S ARMS, MIGELO'S SUNDRIES, and CHARLOTTE'S MAGICKRY, and buy your ad today!

Sage Knowledge: Sky Pirates
"A name for the freefolk who ply the open skies in airships. Though they are collectively called "pirates", their actual occupations vary by individual. Some search for legendary treasures, some merely travel the world, while others are indeed ruthless villains who attack trade ships and plunder goods for profit. In recent years, the Archadian Empire has stepped up patrols, bringing in the worst of the lot, all but consigning the more flamboyant feats of piracy to history. Of late, many are pirates who have given up the thief's life for that of the headhunter, bringing their former comrades-in-arms to justice... for a bounty. Those few who remain pirates have struggled hard to retain the title, and are duly proud of it."

Guardia, 600 AD

Transcript of a Town Crier in Dorino
"Hear ye, hear ye! The Kings' Guard is seeking volunteers to join the armed forces! There wilt be handsome pay for thine service! Bring honor to thy family's name, and defeat the enemies of the crown! They are numerous! Thine arm should not go to waste in the fields -- take up arms, join thy brethren, and take steel to the monsters that plague thy neighbors!"

A hand-written notice from the church door in Truce
BY ORDER OF THE KING: The LEENE BELLE will be hung in new Leene Square by year's end. There will be a CENTENNIAL FAIRE to commemorate its unveiling. Renowned LOCAL SMITH BANTA is in month six of toil on the work of art commemorating HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN.

Excerpt from a handwritten letter left at Zenan Bridge
[...] I hold fear this Doorway may yet lead to some unknown and forsaken place. I tremble as I near it, feeling the Cold Wind break from it and clutching my Heart. I spoke to other travelers of it, and they say the same, yet one Brave Soul didst say he tried to open it without success. Apparently it is Sealed. Perhaps that is for the best. Please see this to my Father in Truce, for he is Known of such things as a wise man. [...]

A transcript from a Town Crier in Dorino
"Thou shalt be hard pressed to find better quality items than the Dorino smithy! Thine armor shalt shine, monsters shalt quake at thine steel, and thy arrows shalt pierce even the toughest hide! An armoror for soldiers, hunters, and men alike! The Dorino smith is fair and just; he shalt see thy wares and not lift from thine pocket! Trust in thine senses, heed my voice! The Dorino smith, just across from the turnip field!"

Excerpt from a handwritten letter left on the ground in Truce
He didst touch me and I tremble as a leaf in the Breeze.
My breath left, my hands possessed, I clutch at him with ease;
'Say no more,' I urge, beckoning his touch's return.
'I must go,' he insist, though I could yet feel him yearn.
Try as I might, his duty and honor are like that of a knight;
Away he whisked, turning from me, leaving only an echoing depart.
I fear he walks into the night, intending truly to leave us apart.
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