"Hot Sheets" 5/9/2018

News briefs, headlines, after-action reports, intelligence documents, and other "hot sheets" from across the different worlds the DW's visited.

"Hot Sheets" 5/9/2018

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by Tony May 9th, 2018, 5:42 pm
An assortment of postings and files pinned and taped to the bulletin boards inside the Dragon Squadron's briefing room at Dragon's Lair airbase.


Defense simulations underway in Bassett Space Center region
BASSETT SPACE CENTER, OSEA -- The 403rd Armored Cavalry battalion and 92nd Strike Wing squadrons will be playing "war games" over the next several weeks in Central Osea, the government announced this week. The simulated combat scenarios are intended to prepare trainees, refresh veterans, and provide useful data for analysts ahead of further engagements with the Leasathian military. The People's Republic of Leasath has still refused to answer the ISAF's calls for a ceasefire in the wake of alien forces off the Osean coast.

Study: Irradiated Belkan yams may help reduce obesity risk
DINSMARK, BELKA -- Researchers at Dinsmark University suggest a certain kind of sweet potato grown in Southern Belka are tied to higher metabolism and increased weight loss if included in a balanced diet. Researchers said the finding isn't just for dieticians, but instead alludes to changes to Belkan soil nationwide following the nuclear bombing at the end of the Belkan War. Researchers say this type of mutation isn't natural, and advise against mass consumption of suspected vegetation.

Carranzan refugees flock to South Osea to avoid conflict
PASO DEL NORTE, CARRANZA -- Fierce fighting in south and east Carranza has forced thousands of residents to flee their homes, and ISAF forces are attempting to corral them across the Forester Bay and through Paso del Norte to seek refuge in Southern Osea. Refugee processing facilities have been established on the Osean side of the border, but advocates warn about a potential humanitarian crisis in the holding and processing facilities if supplies aren't funneled there soon.

Energy production spike boosts market futures
CENTRAL PACIFIC OCEAN -- Crews aboard the "Zweihander" oil production rig celebrated a jump in profit-sharing this week, as increased demand from the Osean and ISAF governments spurred a jump in energy stocks. A spokesman from "Zweihander" owner company Clover International said investors are lukewarm about the change; they're pleased their returns on investment are rising, but are tempered by the outbreak of "yet another" international crisis that's fueling the surge in government contracts. Clover International is also the owner of the "Hyperion" rig destroyed by Leasathian forces several months ago.

ISAF Secretary-General: 'Alien invaders' to blame for increased presence of dangerous entities at night
OURED, OSEA -- A spike in creature or "monster" sightings in southern Osea is due to the alien incursion at Sand Island Air Force Base, according to the office of the secretary-general of the transnational Independent State Allied Forces organization. In memos acquired by OBC through a public information request, the Secretary-General informs intelligence agencies worldwide to treat all unknown creatures as hostile, regardless of how much they may or may not resemble Strangerealian wildlife. He advises caution when dealing with humanoids: "The ISAF will not tolerate incidents of 'friendly fire' nor dangers to civilians of any nationality." Analysts note this places military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies into a balancing act between an unknown enemy and civilian populations.

Officials: Localized brownouts 'routine' during Stonehenge tests
SHARQUA, USEA -- A spokeswoman for the Usean Ministry of Energy attributed rolling brownouts across Western Usea to the Usean military performing "routine operations to ensure rapid deployment" of the Spaceguard Turret Network, or Stonehenge complex. Entire regions have gone dark under recent strain and overload to the electric grid in several provinces over the past week, prompting hospitals, telecommunications infrastructure, and other priority-use facilities to switch to auxiliary reserves during the outages. The Energy Ministry denied the need for additional fuel supplies, instead assuring residents the nation's energy production facilities are just as much a part of the test as the STN complex itself, and they will respond appropriately to ensure further tests -- or activation of the network -- will not hinder other priority facilities in the future.


Aletap Rumors: Cloudborne Tavern, Bhujerba
"I made a report to the pariviri of what I saw, but he did not believe nor understand me, bhadra. I am fully convinced there are raksas walking among us... spirits trying to entice travelers and soldiers alike to descend into the Lhusu Mines. Two young boys wearing hats, playing in the street, approached me, and kastam, encouraged me to take my spear and go hunting in the Mines for a raksas there. They must take me for a murkha, but haa, I know the secret, bhadra: children haven't worn hats in Bhujerba for decades. They won't succeed in taking me."

Sage Knowledge: Vercingetorix
A Heroic Figure in Raithwallian legend, the Doomherald Vercingetorix was an Assassin of such Repute that even rumors of his presence in a region would send its leaders into a frenzy. At the Dynast-King's side since before his Mission from the Gods, Vercingetorix would oft fight the battles the Dynast-King could or would not. A terrifying Nightblade, the Doomherald was capable of laying low even the mightiest of foe, Man or Beast alike. Vercingetorix's death could not be confirmed, as his body was never found, and it is unlikely he fell in battle; instead, Dalmascan sages suggest he was given one final task by the Dynast-King in regards to the wishes of the Gran Kiltias; theorists suggest he may be Undying, a soul forever Bound to the land until his Final Mission is complete, though it is unclear what that may be.

A bulletin found in the Sandsea tavern, Rabanastre
TO ALL CITIZENS: Her Majesty's Royal Knights of Dalmasca warn RESIDENTS, TRAVELERS, and HUNTERS alike that there are increased reports of BEASTS, FIENDS, and MONSTERS during the NIGHT. As the Sun sets, the chances of encountering mysterious and powerful FIENDS increases. ALL TRAVEL is discouraged during the Night. Remain inside the City of Rabanastre, for your own protection.

A moogle crier in Rabanastre, Dalmasca
"Rumors of an all-out war between pirates in the Nalodan Sea, kupo! Is the general public in danger?! What's leading to the fight, kupo? Is it a scorned lover?! Money owed?! A territorial dispute, kupo?! Find out in the Rabanastre Register! Mog news from around the world, kupo!"
A copy of the Rabanastre Register's front page indicates an increase in ship-to-ship combat deep in the Naldoan Sea, far from the Archadian or Dalmascan coasts. It doesn't seem to answer any of the questions the moogle was announcing.

Aletap Rumors: Sandsea Tavern, Rabanastre, Dalmasca
"Oi, y'ear 'bout the dame what killed a man visiting from Archades? From what I 'eard, she ain't a bounty hunter, but an assassin. One of my guys in the Royal Knights -- a right upstanding fellow, at that -- he say he was a visitin' dignitary from one'a the House families in Archades what tryin' to make a comeback with young Emperor Solidor. He makin' a right mistake, if y'ask me, bringin' back them snakes what tried t'kill 'is family 'n' all over the past generations. Y'ask me, the Imperial Senate's better without 'em. I 'eard, an' ya' can take it or leav eit, but I 'eard from another mate'a mine he considerin' abolishin' 'House Solidor' once he's done an' endin' the whole family politickin' at the top of the Empire. Wonder what he's thinkin'. House politics've been tradition there since the Dynast King."


Transcription from a town crier in Truce
"Hearye, hearye! By royal decree of His Majesty the King, all subjects of the crown take heed! Fiends amass at night! Take thy sightings of any fiend or monster to the nearest guardsman, that he may dispatch it swiftly and with great prejudice! Thine eyes and thine ears are called upon to serve the Crown and thy kinsman in these perilous times!"

Excerpt from a letter found in Dorino
"... I didst see them with mine own eyes, Eurella. More than a dozen brave souls crossing the sea to which leads to the Isle of the Damned. I know not what their goal is, but I witnessed fire in their eyes, that which I hadst only beholden in the fiercest man. The whispers of Evil on that island hadst grown the past fortnight, and I surmise these souls yet intend to wrest them silent. I do not envy them their task. ..."

A posting left on the door to the Guardia Cathedral
BEWARE, all ye who enter. By ORDER of the Church, thou shalt not descend past the SANCTUARY. A fell DOORWAY lies beneath, from which unknown visitors and travelers hadst come and gone. FOR THINE OWN SAFETY, heed this warning. Thy safety cannot be guaranteed in the Realm Beyond.
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