Radiata Stories

News briefs, headlines, after-action reports, intelligence documents, and other "hot sheets" from across the different worlds the DW's visited.

Radiata Stories

by Doxyc May 25th, 2018, 11:55 pm
Early one evening, the Dimensional Warriors were notified of another rift...traveling to it..it was found the touch of someone elementally charged could disable a barrier formed around it...stepping within, the Warriors were transported to the world of Tottaus. A wild, broken world, ruled over by six elemental forces under the guise of dragons, defending an eternal cycle...

Chapter One
The warriors first trial upon entering this new world was facing off against a fearsome Archdemon. A being of pure darkness, it commanded four elementally charged crystals that posed a fearsome threat, though the Warriors held strong, dispatching this foe, returning it to the darkness from whence it came. With the great beast banished back to the nether world, the ancient, ruined castle seems to have fallen silent. Exploring the rooms, they found the walls -covered- in tattered, ancient tapestries, though the wall behind them seemed to be covered in some ancient paintings.
Examining the wall paintings they found a grand mural, showing six serpentine beasts with elemental markings swirling around a planet….with the light at the top, and the dark at the bottom. It shows the dragons breathing, and creatures springing up. Fire - Goblins, Water -Orcs, Earth - Dwarves Wind - Elves, and the Gold and Silver Dragons - Humans.
It shows, for each race
Fire - A firey mountain, with an obvious cave..showing goblins building contraptions, and playing music and dancing
Water - The Orcs are shown, big and strong, testing their strength, lifting weights, headbutting each other and sitting around a grand fire drinking
Earth - The dwarves are buried in a mountain, mining, drinking, smoking and making merry.
Air - The elves are shown, light, airy, winged things, tending flowers, writing poetry, dancing in the trees.
The humans are shown building homes, then a town, then a castle, then a tower, reaching to the sky. Then, knights are shown walking out of the castle, and attacking the other creatures...the dragons reappear, destroying the tower...then the sun disappears over the ruined tower, replaced by a moon.
The mural repeats over and over and over around the whole castle’s walls....Finding a hidden chamber behind the throne, The murals in here are the only place different..the back wall shows an elf and a human woman holding hands, with a light on her stomach through the ceiling. It shows the elves split at the bottom, some going to the left wall, some to the right...the left hand ones appear in the same flowers as the others but their eyes turn cold, fewer smiles to be seen.. The right hand wall shows their skin darken, wings vanishing, but they seem to be happier, living among towering trees. The elf and woman hold each other….then the winged elves appear to send an assassin to kill the woman..the elf lord seems to turn green, as if being covered with leaves...he turns into leaves and vanishes, leaving a golden orb behind...which is shown fading away..leaving a darkness behind, which turns into stylized skulls...the skulls, upon closer inspection, will show the faces of the gold and silver dragons with leering fangy smiles...the skulls appear over the heads of the humans...who begin to march armies out of their castle, toward the other creatures.

Upon leaving the fortress, they met Elwen, Captain of Theater Vancoor, the Radiata City Warrior's Guild. Inducting her into their member, they were dispatched to escort a message from the King of Radiata to the Light Elves...an adventure that quickly went awry...the team were forced to travel to the Forest Metropolis, to seek the help of the Dark Elves to get the message, after being turned away at the gate. This would lead to the messengers being attacked by a group of Blood Orcs, massive, crimson skinned beasts. The battle was won, but one of the young knights, Ridley Silverlake, was struck with a cursed arrow..only the intervention of Edward was able to stop the curse from spreading long enough for the Dark Elven Lord, Nogueira, to perfom a Transpiritation Ritual..healing Ridley's soul at the cost of the mortally wounded Light Elf Messenger..After this, the party would find a destroyed carriage...obviouslly used to pull the Blood Orcs to the ambush site!

Side Quests Available! The Side Quests will Bolster the Party's Reputation with the other Factions in this World, enabling more quests, allies, and equipment.
Theater Vancoor (20/100) “Known”
Vareth Institute (0/100)
Olacion Order (0/100)
Void Community (0/100)
Radiata (0/100)
Light Elves (-50/100) “Untrustworthy)
Dark Elves (0/100)
Dwarves (0/100)
Goblins (0/50)
Green Orcs (0/100)
Blood Orcs (-50/50) “Hated” (Killing Orcs will not affect the Rep.)

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