Racing Circuits

These are week-long tasks that allow characters with differing skillsets to make some extra cash on the side.

Racing Circuits

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by Tony May 31st, 2015, 3:58 pm
As proud of their creations as they are, it's only natural for anyone with an investment into the machines that sentient creatures create to pit them against one another in competition. That's where races come in. Dating back to the advent of the wheel, almost every sentient race has competed against one another in their man-made machines, whether it's on the ground, in the water, through the skies, or out in space. It's in these competitions -- legal or otherwise -- that legends are born and word spreads of the creations of either a single man, a team, or a corporation.

Sanctioned races are popular throughout the galaxy in all possible forms. Street racing, off-roading, obstacle courses, stunt flying, water-riding, and space-faring. They're everywhere, at all different levels of competition, each with their own sets of rules. Competing in one is as easy as having a ride, some skill, and the time to dedicate to the events.

There's never a shortage of races to compete in.

  • Racing circuits are week-long affairs. You can only compete in one circuit a week, and no other gil-generation avenue may be attempted in this time (Artisan work, Covert Ops, tournaments, etc.).
  • Any Vehicle-based skilll can be used, including creatures, mecha, space, and ground, but ONLY one may be used.
    The roll for Circuits is: (Endurance bonus) + (Skill level) + (Skill bonuses). The Endurance bonus is affected by Statistic Improvement Feats.
    No luck points can be used throughout this process. A Divine Relationship can only be used once for the week.
    Vehicle modifications do not change this roll.
  • Circuits will continue to be participated in until the cup is awarded. A racer cannot be "eliminated" from it, but a poor performance on any given race will make chances slim of netting the big prize.
  • To participate:
    • Choose a circuit.
    • Each Circuit is comprised of 7 races. During each race, you'll be faced with a myriad of different styles of race and competition that will push you harder and harder, introducing obstacles and ruthless drivers.
    • Competing in one race a day, roll each day and continue adding these together to achieve your final DC. This final DC is used to determine which award -- if any -- you come away with.
    • If the lowest DC is not met, you're disqualified from any winnings. Sucks to suck.
    • When you claim a trophy, you are awarded that value and receive the cup in a ceremony at the end of the Circuit. Congratulations!
The Apeiron System 350 (Level 10)
Honorable Mention: 285 (367 gil)
Bronze Cup: 333 (735 gil)
Silver Cup: 380 (1102 gil)
Gold Cup: 430 (1470 gil)
Platinum Cup: 476 (1837 gil)

The Misriah Armories Sol System Challenge (Level 20)
Honorable Mention: 313 (1837 gil)
Bronze Cup: 365 (3675 gil)
Silver Cup: 418 (5512 gil)
Gold Cup: 470 (7350 gil)
Platinum Cup: 522 (9187 gil)

The Miltian System 500 (Level 30)
Honorable Mention: 366 (6125 gil)
Bronze Cup: 427 (12250 gil)
Silver Cup: 488 (18375 gil)
Gold Cup: 549 (24500 gil)
Platinum Cup: 610 (30625 gil)

The Staryn Systems Championship Run (Level 40)
Honorable Mention: 420 (12250 gil)
Bronze Cup: 490 (24500 gil)
Silver Cup: 560 (36750 gil)
Gold Cup: 630 (49000 gil)
Platinum Cup: 701 (61250 gil)

The Kuat Drive Yards Kessel Series (Level 50)
Honorable Mention: 506 (24500 gil)
Bronze Cup: 590 (49000 gil)
Silver Cup: 675 (73500 gil)
Gold Cup: 760 (98000 gil)
Platinum Cup: 844 (122500 gil)


When you're competing in a Circuit, keep an eye out for Criticals and Divines. If you clench the Gold Trophy for a Circuit, roll a 1d100. For every Critical you scored during the tournament, you receive a +5 bonus; for every Divine, you gain a +10 bonus. For instance, if you roll one of each, you get a 1d100+15.

The target number is 100. If your result passes 100, you qualify for a one-time sponsorship/advertisement from a galactic corporation or business... and a one-time payment from them in addition to your tournament winnings.

If you pass 100, roll 1d7+3. The following results net you the following rewards:
  • 4 - Ares Macrotechnology, Lanzard III
  • 5 - DataDyne Industries, Earth
  • 6 - Shinra Electric Power Company, Lanzard III.
  • 7 - Xanatos Enterprises, Earth
  • 8 - Arcadian Royal Marine Recruitment Office, Lanzard III
  • 9 - The Interstellar Alliance, "Babylon 5" Orbital Platform
  • 10 - The Galactic Merchants Union, "Jewel of the Heavens" Deep Space Station
The roll result also determines the amount of payout from your sponsor. Ares Macrotech will pay out four times the Platinum Cup award, while getting a sponsorship from the Galactic Merchants' Union will net you ten times the Cup's payout.

Your sponsorship lasts for a brief time, but naturally a copy of the finished ad or commercial is sent to the contestant as a keepsake. It'll sit nicely next to your trophies and medals.

They'll also likely want to paint up your vehicle with their logos and colors for the next race-- but they won't hold it against you if you don't perform as well as before or end up getting another sponsor. Odds are they'll have already picked someone else too.
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