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Chocobo Mining

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by Hal_Emmerich June 9th, 2015, 9:09 pm
Chocobo Mining

Chocobo Mining works slightly differently from regular mining. Instead of having a drone with upgradable parts that you send across a map, you ride a chocobo in search of treasure. At least one person in the party must have the 'Light Ground' skill to be able to ride a chocobo . Chocobo's can move freely across the grid for no cost, but can only dig a finite number of times before they 'get tired', bucking you off and returning to the rest of their pack. Every time you dig, the chocobo will sniff out how close it is to nearby treasure. The more excited it's response, the closer you are to treasure.

Capturing a chocobo requires getting it alone by using greens to distract it while you pick off any monsters nearby. The moment a chocobo gets a turn where it's not distracted, it will immediately turn and run. It may do that anyway, but it's your best chance. Although it is possible to train chocobos for other tasks, trained chocobo's are considered very poor miners - only a freshly caught wild chocobo can be used for mining. Oh, and don't ever attack them. It won't end well. A chocobo that is hit for any kind of damage will automatically respond with Chocobo Kick for 5000 x (riding level) damage, and is rolled at a bonus of +40*(riding level). Don't ask how bars get Chocobo Wings, you're happier not knowing.

The following are known types of chocobo.


Initiative: 1d50
Riding Level: 1
EP Available: 4

It's Ok...
Initiative: 1d100
Riding Level: 5
EP Available: 6

Pretty Good
Initiative: 1d200
Riding Level: 10
EP Available: 8


Starting off

To start, type
!drone_deploy ground x y
Where x y are the coordinates for any square on the outer edge of the grid.

Moving your chocobo:

To move your chocobo anywhere on the grid, type
!drone_move x y
where X and Y are the square you want to move to


To dig in a square, type
!drone_dig x y
where X and Y are the square you want to dig in. The chocobo will either find treasure, or let you know how close you are if any are near by! Each dig costs 1 EP.
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