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by Daedalus July 15th, 2010, 5:51 am
My poetry is rare, and rarely worth posting, but I have a few I believe are of decent work, the following is called Puppet Master.
It was written with the inspiration of a girl who could essentially pull the strings of every character in the game with her two... Which turned the entire game into one big cluster**** at the end, but hey... Still a good poem...

The Puppet Master.

I shall sit and watch, Marking off another notch, As I wait for the sun to come up, Tomorrow is now today,

It's red, orange and yellow, Beautiful, yet mellow it’s a drive away of sorrow, and it shall come again at the start of tomorrow, Oh yeah, and at the end of today...
Once again, hurray...

I play with peoples feelings like they are a puppet, I pull the strings, and laugh at what it brings, but mostly I pull to annoy, But that's really just me, oi! But it happens; I am the bringer of emotion, to the wood of the world. I pull the strings and watch you dance, for the world to escape my control, not a chance. I shall rule, at least till tomorrow... Another day just passed today...
Once more, hurray...

Yet oh yet, the puppet master cannot live alone, so another he grabs to invite to his home, fun oh fun does the future look to be, and now there is, a little me, My husband/wife and me, we sit and watch, while our child never fails to put another notch, into the puppets, but we don't care, to once again control that world... I do not dare...

So the world faces a new hand, as one shall rule wood and metal band, fight or flight these puppets shall, till they fall, believing to answer to the call, but really it's just the strings, now look at what destruction this hand brings.

Is this how there came to be, god and devil? Heaven and evil? That puppets changed hands, and now there is, nothing that would resemble either, but now we chose to tremble. To risk, to lose it all, at the chance there is nothing at all.

Can you see the power of the puppet master? Bow to it, or there shalt be disaster, it's true that evil has come, but it shall pass, as another grows, Just like grass...

So once again, once again, the world changes, this world of wood and metal shall now bend, as it is to be destroy as interest is lost, now this world shalt be forever lost, too bad too bad, the loss of such art is sad, but still the true puppet master lives, and that gift to more the puppet master gives, more worlds are made, But now, actual people dance under the shade...

My puppets are dead, oh well, oh well; they still live in my head....
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Dragon Coder
October 9th, 2008, 5:15 am

Re: Kalem's Poetry

by Kalem September 9th, 2013, 8:59 am
This post is the collections of those writings that I do thinking on the characters from my own original setting.

Written on the subject of hunting witches.

Travel do they in twos or fours,
always in pairs, these horrid whores.
Compare them thus, however you wish,
Against man, woman, child or beast, for none more foul then the witch,
But only by moonlight, bare they such a fright,
But by bright day's sun, they posses neither fight nor bite.
Arm me thus brothers, my spear and shield,
Armor me thus, in brotherhood, do not yield.
For find this ilk by light of day,
First must we this night, serve them as prey.
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July 4th, 2009, 4:46 am

Re: Kalem's Poetry

by Kalem February 26th, 2014, 3:46 am
Romulas' work within his book. Figured I should put it somewhere to keep a track of it and easy linkage.


A thousand colours of green,
A million shades of brown,
The rapturing shift of trees,
Beauty only now found,
Breezed by the mind of the past,
Openned to my gaze by new eyes,
Radiant greens,
Mesmerizing pools,
Gift of clarity,
Offered to a fool.


Death's Price,

Sword swings, hammer blows,
Shields shatter, time slows,
Wounds bleed, death sings,
"I have come," the voice rings.

"I claim thy soul, thy burdens, thy happiness,
I take of you from this gory mess.
I am the end to pleasures, an end to sin,
Tell me what you place before me, conquered kin."

"My soul is carried in my arm, my sword and shield,
It is this which drives me never to yield.
In battles not easily won,
does my soul see victory done.
But this is but one part of three,
Pause a moment longer Wraith, to hear me."

Thy soul, thy burdens, thy happiness,
These are the price, for any man's rest.
Explain all these to me,
So that I might take my fee.

"My soul is born within my head,
As sorely without it, any warrior is head.
It seeks to end my comrade's plight,
Forever such, has been reason to fight.
But this is but one more step, and this step the least,
Only one more verse, must their reap be ceased."

Thy soul, thy burdens, thy happiness,
These are the toll, for thy passing, death to bless.
Give to me these three things,
Peace, serenity, rest, in return death does bring.

"My soul is born also within my heart,
It is the love for that which I cannot part.
Emerald glow and silver shine,
Pale flesh, a being devine.
My love, my desire, my one true wish,
With this part do I place my happiness within thy dish."


On Chocobo Mounts

Golden feathers,
shining beaks,
Leather teathers,
Companionship seeks,

Strutting proud,
Head high,
Squawking loud,
Passers by,

Lengthened hours,
Time goes on,
Hope yet flowers,
At the start of a new song,

Another's squawk,
A paired stride,
Companions walk,
Inseperable in pride.

The Judge

Mischief, madness.
evil, saddness.
Freedom, pain.
justice, must sustain.

Come forth, sinner. Meet thy Judge,
Guilt, or innocence, no bias, no grudge.
Speak of your reasons,
Justify your treasons,
I know of your plights,
Justice will blanced right.

Here I have the scales,
Here I weigh your fate,
I am not deaf to sorrow's whails,
they are weighed against your hate,
You stole to feed your family,
Here I see no lie,
Back to them hastily,
Today you do not die.

Mischief, madness.
Evil, saddness.
Freedom, pain.
Justice, must sustain.

Come forth, guilty one,
Here innocence must be won,
But do not cry to me, your false plees,
Poverty is no excuse for murderers and thieves,
You demand mercy, you had none for your brother,
The scales find your wanting, death. SEND IN THE OTHER!

Come forth, the next to sentence,
Come forth, come forth, pay your pennence.
You are innocent, do you have proof?
No, so the discord you breed, cannot be sooth'd.
Again, again, the guilty come,
Again, again, justice done.

Mischief, madness.
Evil, saddness.
Freedom, pain.
Justice, must sustain.
July 4th, 2009, 4:46 am

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