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Currency Converter

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by Daedalus November 2nd, 2018, 8:49 am
I have created a currency converter. While we already have a page dedicated to this task, if anyone else wants to create currencies for their worlds, this will at least assist there.

The bbcode is pretty self-explanatory, but if an explanation is needed, I will add one.
Currency Converter
The above was generated with:
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[currencies] [currency=crowns] [converts-to=zollar from=40 to=3][/converts-to] [converts-to=gil from=20 to=3][/converts-to] [/currency] [currency=gil] [converts-to=zollar from=8 to=3][/converts-to] [converts-to=crowns from=4 to=15][/converts-to] [/currency] [currency=zollar] [converts-to=gil from=2 to=3][/converts-to] [converts-to=crowns from=2 to=15][/converts-to] [/currency] [/currencies]
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Dragon Coder
October 9th, 2008, 5:15 am

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