Destiny's Ascension combat controls

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Destiny's Ascension combat controls

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by Tellos April 11th, 2011, 12:18 am
The Bridge designates the maneuvers of the ship and crew actions. It also gives access to special abilities by station.

Captain: The Captain coordinates the fight, and can instruct a specific section to coordinate their efforts, giving an entire section a +10 to their rolls. An example might be 'Focus fire on the enemy fighters, Torpedoes aim at the capital ships', or 'Engineers, focus on bringing the engines up to speed"

Helm: The helm officer is the one responsible for setting the course and speed of the craft. The gunners suffer an attack penalty if the ship is moving faster than 50% speed, but you gain a bonus to dodging attacks. If the ship is moving slower than 50%, your gunners have a good chance to hit things, but at the cost of being more likely to be hit

Science: The Science station can provide information on the enemy, including sensing an opponent (doing a sensor sweep), indicating their PROBABLE next action (Scanning the enemy, giving a higher bonus to dodge if you are right), Checking for a weakness (Next attack deals extra damage)

Tactical: Tactical possesses a bit more control over the weapons systems, not so much directly, but indirectly. They can choose to focus power to one weapons set or the other (more on that later), and can also coordinate NPC efforts for security, repair, etc.

Offense (Weapons Stations)
The offense stations are what deal damage. The ship has a variety of weapons to choose from, both for short range intercepting (Gun turrets to shoot down incoming aircraft) and high yield runic cannons and torpedoes (designed for damaging heavy vessels, but fire less frequently).

Quad-Cannon: Four guns that fire in sequence, creating a blitz of energy blasts designed to shoot down incoming missiles or fighters. Has the highest roll to attack, but the lowest damage comparatively. Grants a +30 to hit on your 'Mounted Weapons' or 'Vehicle Combat' skill, and deals 4000 damage.

Runic Cannons: Magic powered artillery designed to fire spheres of energy at a target. Deals massive damage, but is difficult to aim. Can't be intercepted however. +10 to hit, deals 60,000 damage.

Phase Torpedoes: Large homing missiles designed to track a target and lock on. Generally useless against fighters, these provide a slightly different advantage in that they can be adjusted for maximum damage mid flight. So if you roll a 30 on your first roll, next round you can re-roll to try to beat the 30. It takes 3 rounds for a torpedo to reach the enemy ship, and it can be shot down before it gets there. Provides a +20 to hit, and deals 100,000 damage.


The primary weapons on the fighters appear to be two slower firing runic cannons and a single small pulse Vulcan While the Gunship contains six runic cannons, the pulse vulcan, a drone launcher, and some form of bomb you aren't familliar with.

Fighter Attack Bonus: +10 Cannons, +15 Vulcan
Fighter Defense Bonus: +25
Gunship Attack Bonus: 1d6 +20 Cannons, +30 Vulcan, +50 Drone, +10 bomb
Gunship Defense Bonus: +10
PJ Attack Bonus: +30 Drone (3 in stock)
PJ Defense Bonus: +20 (uncloaked) +40 (cloaked)

Defense (Engineering Station)

Engineering is the white mage of the ship combat system. Engineers can hop around freely between tasks and work to repair or improve systems. They can provide large bonuses to flying, specific weapons, improve damage, repair damage, or try to deal with more serious damage as it arises (hull breaches for instance)

Repair: Repairs a certain amount of the ship's hp based on a repair roll.

Damage Funneling: Double damage on one weapons system. Again, can't be stacked more than once on a weapon.

Improve Performance: When the Captain gives the bonus to Engineering, an Engineers may then opt to roll their engineering skill to create a large bonus to one specific person for one round. (For example, Edge gives a bonus to Gadget. Gadget does this and rolls a 130 to improve Ta`lons flying, and Ta`lon gets a +26)
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December 13th, 2008, 3:26 am

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