Adaptation Statistic Feats

Special, unique abilities or characteristics that truly set characters apart from one another -- or unite them together.

Adaptation Statistic Feats

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Adaptation Statistic Feats

The following are feats that describe a character's base performance. These are things that add to a base statistic itself rather than modifying statistic mathematics or adding to a specific skill bonus. These directly affect the statistics themselves and will cover more than one skill or roll.

*The bonuses granted by the Adaptation Statistic Feats are not doubled via the use of Statistic Improvement Feats such as Enhanced Attack Maneuver, Improved Luck, et cetera.

**The Adaptation Statistic Feats that grant you +50 to a Statistic may be taken more than once. Each duplicate requires its own Feat slot.

Damn Healthy
Associated Statistic: Health
Description: The character exhibits stronger-than-average human senses and a body well-resistant to toxins and foreign particles.
Effect: +50 Health (Put in temporary). This grants +5 to the Health Roll. This does not grant more HP.

Super Speed
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: The character exhibits an unusually dextrous and quick nature, able to move their bodies in unusually quick ways, as well as able to negotiate the world around them in strange ways, such as clearing terrain.
Effect: +50 to Dexterity. This does not affect Style Points.

Super Strength
Associated Statistic: Strength
Description: The character exhibits stronger-than-average human strength.
Effect: +50 to Strength. This grants the character bonuses of +5 to Inventory Slots and Maximum Carrying Weight, as well as Base Damage. The Base Damage boost also goes to weapon damage.

Associated Statistic: Endurance
Description: Represents natural skin/body armor
Effect: +50 Endurance (Put in temporary). This affects natural damage soak.

Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: Represents a natural brainyness and enhanced logical reasoning skills.
Effect: +50 Intelligence (put in temporary). This does not affect Magic Points or Skill Points.

Aethereal Conduit
Associated Statistic: Magic Affinity
Description: A character exhibits a stronger connection to spirit energy or psionic power.
Effect: +50 Magic Affinity (put in temporary). This does not affect Spell Points.

Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: The character is naturally more inclined to the world around them, whether it's considered "airheaded", abstractly creative, or more in tune with the beyond.
Effect: +50 Spirit (put in temporary)

Mind Shield
Associated Statistic: Willpower
Description: The character exhibits stronger-than-average human resistance to mental and spiritual influence.
Effect: +50 to Will (Temporary). This grants +5 to the Mental Defense roll, as well as improves magical damage soak.

Damn Lucky
Associated Statistic: Luck
Description: The character exhibits behavior that is strongly smiled upon by fate.
Effect: +50 to Luck. This does not affect luck points.

Below are Feats that affect specific rolls. These may not be taken more than once.

Associated Statistic: Endurance
Description: The character is able to adjust easily to any environment, and is able to use different pieces of it to their advantage. Example: using pieces of the environment for makeshift shelters, tools, or food.
Effect: +10 to Survival Skill checks.

Animal Friendship
Associated Statistic: Willpower
Description: The character exhibits a natural empathy with other creatures, and is able to communicate with them (not verbally or telepathically) and understand or influence their behavior.
Effect: +10 to Monster Trainer checks or dealing with Animals.

Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: The character is a master at thinking 'outside the box', and has a lot of quirky ideas that they may scribble on napkins, doodle in class, or dream about in board meetings. They are able to use this to build elaborate machines, modify existing ones, or figure out special ways to repair existing ones.
Effect: +10 to Craft and Repair Skill Checks

Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: You little liar...most of the time not a nice thing to say about someone, but it's the the truth about any character who has this feat. The character is good at tricking people in multiple ways.
Effect: The character Recieves a +10 to Disguise, Bluff, and Diplomacy checks.

Green Thumb
Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: When it comes to cultivating plants either for food or for aesthetics you have a natural knack for it either by chance or by rearing; be this in the form of the best blossoms or a larger harvest yield.
Effect: You have a +10 to farming, gardening, and other plant raising checks; and should you roll 50% or more of your maximum possible roll you will have a ¼ increase in harvest from what you have grown.

Heightened Senses (Specify Sense)
Associated Statistic: Health
Description: The character exhibits a natural advantage in one of the five senses. If multiple senses deserve this, a feat must be bought for each sense.
Effect: +10 to sight, listen, touch, taste, or smell (Choose one). The character can use this with the Skills under Honed Perception Skills.

Improved Flight
Associated Statistic: Strength/Dexterity/Endurance
Prerequisite: Flight Feat
Description: You are experienced in flying without the aid of machinery and it shows. You can fly longer, farther, and faster than others who share the skies with you.
Effect: You fly at 5x running speed, and receive a +10 bonus to flight checks. While in the air, +5 bonus is granted to Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance rolls.

Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: Your character is a master at gathering information through various means be it for good or for bad, and as such s/he has is good at a few choice things in this sometimes murky field.
Effect: The character recieves a +10 to gather info and search checks; and a +5 to spot and listen checks.

Jack of All Trades
Associated Statistic: Variable
Description: Over the course of your experiences you have acquired a variety of unrelated skills all of which you are decent at if not good, though you are a master of none of them. In short, you are something of a Jack of All Trades.
Effect: The character recieves a bonus of +5 to four different and unrelated skills; these skills cannot be related to combat, dodging, magic, or psionics. The four chosen skills must be listed in the feat when it is taken.

Natural Predator
Associated Statistic: Intelligence/Endurance
Description: You are a predator complete with the instincts of one, finding and obtaining your prey presents no difficulty to you.
Effect: The character recieves a +10 to any hunting/tracking check made in any environment.

Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: You love knowing things and it shows. Whether it be from being a bookworm, a webcrawler, a devoted student, you have a great deal of knowledge about a few subjects.
Effect: The character receives a +10 bonus to three knowledge skills of choice and these skills must be listed when the feat is taken.

Object of My Desire
Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: The character actively pursues and studies one specific piece of knowledge. This can be a historical event, a person, a group, an art movement, etc. However, the character must actively pursue and talk about the knowledge.
Effect: The character gains a +15 bonus to knowledge checks regarding this one very specific piece of knowledge as well as a lower DC when it comes to the obscure about this subject. This knowledge must be specified when the feat is taken.

Roundabout Performer
Associated Statistic: Willpower/Endurance
Description: The performance arts are your forte, you know how to sing, play an instrument, dance, and/or act; in other words you are a multi-talented performer.
Effect: The character gains a +10 to all performance checks.

Associated Statistic: Intelligence/Dexterity
Description: Most people are born on land or a planet and spend a good chunk of their lives there, you however are different; you were either raised on a ship of some sort or spent a good chunk of your life on one. You also do not suffer any penalties from not having sea/air/space legs.
Effect: +10 to Navigation, Rope, and Piloting checks for either ships (sea, air, space, or land). Must choose type at taking of the feat.

Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: The character is a natural to taking to the shadows and hiding themselves from sight as well as moving inconspicuously.
Effect: +10 to Sneak Attack, Hide, and Move Slowly skills.

Super Jumping
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: The character is definitely one you don't want to play basketball with, and has the ability to get great air almost worthy of a hang-time meter when jumping.
Effect: +10 to 'Jump' skill checks, and represents an additional distance in the ballpark of five feet.

Swimming Speed
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: The character takes to the water like a fish, and is able to move their body through water regardless of depth or current at an above-average pace.
Effect: +10 to swimming checks. The character also receives a +5 bonus to Strength, Dexterity, and Endurance rolls while in the water.
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