A few problems I have and possible suggestions.

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A few problems I have and possible suggestions.

by Oceanblaze November 9th, 2008, 7:03 am
Iv given it alot of thought. Several skills in the martial arts system need to change or at least be renamed. First and foremest us Drunken Master. While its named that way due to bar fights no one using it is ever 'drunk' or billigerent in any manor. It being named in this manor also does not make it a skill one can teach to another person.

Change 1 - Change the name to 'Improvised Fighting'

Change 2
The 'to-hit' of that item should be chosen by the GM on the fly. They should also be able to say what that roll will fall under as 'melee-sharp', 'melee-blunt', etc.

Next up is tae kwon do
Currently Tae Kwon do STATES that it adds *1 damage to hits. But in actuality it only adds *1 to the first hit. This should be changed to the entirety of the combo.

While the martial arts stat has many benefits offensivly it offers nothing on the side of defense. Dodging is handled and for many body armor is key. But just to mix it up there should be some body defense bonuses on the lines of the fist bonuses. +*2 up to +*6 showing off how well ones body is also raised. Its not a significant defense increase but its moderately effective. *who would complain about more
My next problem is with the current disadvantage of putting alot of points into INT. We need to for skill points but this is often reflected as unnecessary skill advantage this tends to give players. We have toiled over ways to get around it and we cant due to how much of an effect it will have on several small yet overly wrist sliting aspects of the system. (spells/skills) so I propose a simple solution. As GMs show more love to the skills. When a check is asked to me made ask that the players start to put in there rolls there skill level. It wont reflect there real roll but it will give the GM some idea how much skill the person has at the subject. An example I can give is of the following.
Lindsey is a researcher very smart bright gifted young girl. As of a second ago a killer is after her. She uses her intilligence to best him by hiding looking for places to hide away from him to allude capture. However she makes many mistakes picking obvious choices, not controlling her breathing or hiding herself poorly even though she is able to choose the proper places. In comparison someone like solid snake is trained to hide from the enemy, do so properly , and effectively and wouldnt have any problem at all avoiding such a killer at all. These are the kind of differences I think we should start to incorporate into having a skill with intelligence vs not having any.
October 13th, 2008, 7:47 pm

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