The Dam'At

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The Dam'At

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by ZR388 September 28th, 2016, 6:33 pm

Tribal Name: Dam'At (Nemu tribe)
Plumadra (English)
Weight: 2 Tons
Height: 9'
Wingspan: 36'

The Dam'At is a most rare species of wyvern. It is assumed that not many exist... if they even exist at all. It is often confused with a bird as its plumage grows in when the beast is very young, and stays soft much like a bird until later in life, when it will begin to lose its feathers and grow small, hard scales instead. The simplest way to identify the creature is the stinger located at the end of the tail cavity which is poisonous. While boasting a very impressive wingspan, even more impressive is its retractable talons that may be coated with a powerful neurotoxin at will.

From what we have been able to ascertain, the Dam'At is a very violent creature, and has been noted to be responsible for many deaths due to its jealous and headstrong nature. Add the fact that it is greedy to the list, and you will find that any instance where someone decided to make it a pet ended badly for the attention thief. Like most wyverns, the Plumadra is excessively territorial, and will attack mindlessly to protect its nest.

The wyvern may migrate twice to three times a year, depending on weather during the winter months. Typically the Dam'at will stay for the wet season to eat, and migrate at the start of the winter season to a warmer locale. Its behavior in this regard has been likened to that of a tropical bird.

It is assumed that the creature is cannibalistic, as no remains have been found of the creature after death, which is typically from another bird of the same species.

The Plumadra is completely genderless. There are no males, or females. It is widely accepted that they can have a clutch of eggs without fertilization, as they are too territorial to allow another dragon or wyvern near their nesting site. This is one of the reasons the Dam'at was hunted to near extinction, as the natives believed the creature harbored magical powers.

The wyvern will stay with its newly hatched eggs for six months. Once the babies learn how to fly, the parent moves on to a new territory. If the Plumadra has more than one egg in a clutch, the children will fight to the death as soon as it is time to take over the new territory. Some survive, however it is rare. The wyvern will lay their eggs in March thru May, and sit on them for a year.

The most well known trait of the Plumadra is the gold tipped feathers, which contrast starkly on black feathers. Once a year, these feathers will be preened and new ones will grow in. It is not unheard of for these feathers to be closer to orange or plurple however, rather than gold. The wyvern will molt in the summer season. Its feathers can be used in multiple applications such as medical items, or crafting, as it is the same chemical compound as a dragon scale.

Scientific Analysis:
It is not certain how much the Nemu understand and know of the creature. Our own research points to intelligence far beyond that of a typical wyvern. It is understood that with proper language, the Plumadra may be capable of rational thought and understanding, but may be hindered by its own envious traits long enough to de-rationalize.

Nemu Legends:
The highland natives, or Nemu people are a tribe based around animal husbandry and trapping. They rarely eat meat, and are more known for their excellent tracking, hunting, and skinning skills that spans across all types of wildlife in the Arcadian Highlands. Because of this the Plumadra has always been hunted when it can be proven that there is one nearby.

The magical ability of their feathers allows a normal person with no knowledge of magic to tap in to the lifestream and utilize it. This is very dangerous, as it is not clear what will happen when a wyvern feather is used this way. This practice is called Wild Magic.

The Nemu people use these birds not only for magical ability, but as fierce pets that watch over their villages. This has almost always ended in death, especially if the bird is owned by someone with a spouse due to jealousy. This spurred legends into being crafted in order to eradicate the animal out of fear and revenge. Due to the age of the legend, it is likely to be embellished, and not fully true.

Come with me lovely, come dance in the sky. For it is now and only, you and I.
Come with me lovely, I do not bite. My teeth are strong, my wings are might.
Dance with me lovely, take a feather from my back. Do not fear, lovely I will not attack.

In the morning lovely, we will sleep and regen. If you look closely, you lost one of your men.
In the morning lovely, we will eat til' we're fat. Oh your brother? He was a rat.
In the morning lovely, we will sing until blue. For now and forever, it is only me and you.

Oh lovely family, I'm all you have left. Do you miss your lovers, friends, and pet?
Oh lovely family, we will be together for all. Why do you run? Together we'll fall.
Oh lovely family, you're broken and red. When I dropped them too, it was on their head.

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