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Creature Summons


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Creature Summons

A strange magic indeed, many spirits of great races, animals, primal forces, and beings who have achieved great accolades in life...existing long after death. This is the power to call those beings forth and command there abilities for your own thrall. It is said that this power truly can only be brought forth by a summoner but many a magic have learned how to temporarily tap into this great force.

Creature Summons can only be called forth continuously by Summoning Magic Skill. But can be summoned temporarily by any Magic School.
Monsters summoned in groups act on the same initiative, however must roll separately. The GM controls these monsters, and they may not always follow the exact directions of the summoner.
MP Maintenance: 100 MP Per Round, Per Summon. (After casting a summon the mp cost to summon is only applied once. This maintenance cost will exist so during the summons duration via Summon Monster & Summon Nature's Ally)
Note: Drinking an ether breaks concentration and dismisses all summons.

Rank Explaination: For every 2 levels of your summon skill, you gain +1 rank which advances the power of your summons considerably. For levels 0 and 1, you still have Level 1 'Rank' for the purpose of the statistics, but you do not get the special bonus for Rank 1.

Summoner's Bonus:
1. A summoner's base Awareness is added to the 'to hit' of the lessor summons.
2. A summoner's base magic damage is added to any damage a summon uses.

There are no rolls for forging summoning pacts. Creature summons, however, do incur increased spell costs.
Spell Costs (for summoners to learn)
Level 1: 15
Level 2: 25
Level 3: 35
Level 4: 45
Level 5: 60
Level 6: 80
Level 7: 95
Level 8: 105
Level 9: 130
Level 10: 160
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Re: Creature Summons


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Level 1 Creature Summons

Name: Cultist of D'ran

The Cult of D'ran were small, but devout, mostly harmless, but scared the natives anyway.

Description: A human with frail grey skin wearing a dark hood. Upon their chest sits a gold pendant of a red eye. Closer inspection reveals that this pendant has been fused to their chest.
Initiative: 30 * Rank
Element: Dark Affinity II
HP: 2000*Rank
Attack Roll: Dark Fireball (1d3+(2*Rank)), +200 damage
Defense Roll: 1s2+(2*Rank)
Special: The terrible black fire of D'ran shakes the confidence of those it burns, making it possible to attempt an Intimidation check after they have already steeled their resolve against such things once.
Rank 1: A Cultist of D'ran summoned outside of combat will add a (+1*Rank) bonus to an intimidation check.
Rank 2: The dark fireball becomes 1s3+(3*rank) to hit, and becomes +250 damage.
Rank 3: You may summon 1d2 Cultists of D'Ran with one cast. You may opt to summon any number less than this roll.
Rank 4: The dark fireball becomes 1s3+(5*rank) to hit, and becomes +400 damage.
Rank 5: You may summon 1d4 Cultists of D'Ran with one cast. You may opt to summon any number less than this roll.

Name: Swamp Dweller

A mindless shadow of a once human being who thought they saw something shining in the dark depths. It was their future.

Description: The creature resembles a human that has soaked in a tub of water for 40000 years. Any identifying features have been left eroded, simply leaving a hulk of flesh. Any genitalia or sign of gender have also eroded away, so this is PG safe.
Initiative: 20 * Rank
Element: Dark Affinity I
HP: 1500*Rank
Attack Roll: Bite 1s3+(2*Rank), +200 damage, 25% chance of Mild Poison
Defense Roll: 1s2+(1*Rank)
Special: The overwhelming WRONGNESS of a Swamp Dweller makes it difficult to stomach getting close to one. Beasts and weak stomached sentients that attack one at melee range won't do so again without very good reason, switching to ranged attacks if possible when they target one again, or redirecting their attack if they can't.
Rank 1: You can summon 1d2+1 swamp dwellers from the mire.
Rank 2: You may summon 1d3+1 swamp dwellers. You may opt to summon any number less than this roll.
Rank 3: Swamp dweller bites carry a 50% chance of poison.
Rank 4: Swamp dweller bites now deal +400 damage, and Moderate Poison.
Rank 5: You may now summon 1d5+1 swamp dwellers.

Name: Initiate of the Holy Order

The initiates were bright eyed and excited, ready to confront every evil of the world except the sunrise seminar.

Description: Before you stands a monk in a plain white robe, brown haired, blue eyed and clean complexion. He is youthful but knowing, and has a polite discipline about him.
Initiative: 40*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity I
HP: 2,000 * Rank
Attack Roll: Staff Attack, 1s3+(3*rank), +200 damage
Defense Roll: +3 * Rank
Special: Despite zealous avoidance of sunrise seminar, the Initiate is quite knowledgeable in demonology, and can make Knowledge checks equal to its attack roll regarding such things.
Rank 1: The initiate’s staff attack becomes +250 damage, 1d2 hits.
Rank 2: The initiate becomes capable of casting a weak shield that reduces damage by 25%. Treat as Mild 'Defense' (Protect); cannot stack with Protect.
Rank 3: The initiate’s staff attack becomes +300 damage, 2d2 hits.
Rank 4: The initiate's shield spell reduces magical damage as well as physical.
Rank 5: Finally having attended sunrise seminar, the initiate may take a free action to give his life for another.

Name: Acolyte of Lumina (Holy)

The clerics of Lumina handed her secrets down carefully to those who showed promise. Those who handled their power well were chosen by Lumina to become acolytes.

Description: A woman wearing a veiled priestess robe that lacked the designs of a fully ordained priestess. This was because it was felt that the light of the cleric could only be shown with discipline and training, lest it blind.
Initiative: 35*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
HP: 500*rank
Attack: The acolyte will never attack, even if assaulted.
Dodge: 1s2+(1*rank). The attacker will automatically take +200 holy damage.
Special: The acolyte can bless a person for (+2*rank) to non combat rolls.
Rank 1: The acolyte will cast a healing spell for +250 healing and affects 2 targets.
Rank 2: The acolyte can bless a person for (+3*rank) to non combat rolls.
Rank 3: The acolyte will cast a healing spell for +300 healing and affects 3 targets.
Rank 4: The acolytes healing will also remove low level status effects
Rank 5: The acolyte can bless a person for (+5*rank) to non combat rolls.

Name: Desert Hunter

The deserts forced harsh choices upon those who lived in it, and gifted strength to those who thrive in it.

Description: Before you stands a Middle Eastern man, though his face is obscured by a cloth mask to keep the sand out. A scimitar is holstered at his side. His muscles appear strong and healthy, and the man has an air of agility.
Initiative: 45 * Rank
Element: Earth Affinity I
HP: 2500*rank
Attack: Scimitar Strike, 1s3+(2*rank), +200 damage, 1d2 hits
Dodge: 1s3+(2*rank).
Special: The Desert Hunter is a master of desert survival, and will grant a (+5*Rank) to desert survival checks while summoned. His rolls are increased by (+2*rank) if fighting in a desert environment.
Rank 1: The desert hunter can attack more swiftly, and can hit 1d3 times per round.
Rank 2: The desert hunter deals an additional +200 damage versus beasts and monsters.
Rank 3: The desert hunter can split his attacks across 3 targets in a cleave rather than a combo strike.
Rank 4: The desert hunter deals an additional +200 damage versus beasts and monsters.
Rank 5: The desert hunter deals an additional +400 damage versus beasts and monsters and an additional +300 versus all other opponents. He hits 1d5 times regardless.

Name: Forest Wolf

The forest glades have their own ways of keeping natures population in check.

Description: This spell summons a fiercely loyal white wolf to the aid of the summoner. The wolf has a thick white fur, and is docile and well behaved unless approached by an enemy – they know.
Initiative: 40 * Rank
Element: Earth Affinity I
HP: 1500*rank
Attack: Bite, 1s3+(3*Rank), +200 damage
Dodge: 1s3+(2*rank)
Special: The wolf will automatically counter attack anyone who physically attacks the summoner.
Rank 1: The wolf’s bite becomes more potent, becoming +250 damage.
Rank 2: On a counter attack, the wolf’s roll to hit is +10 and damage is +300.
Rank 3: The wolf’s bite causes the Mild Bleed effect for 1d5 rounds.
Rank 4: 1d3 Wolves may be summoned to create a wolf pack.
Rank 5: The wolf’s bite becomes +500 damage.

Name: Dwarven Engineer

The dwarves were once known for their mighty feats of engineering. While humans built towers in the empty air, they conquered the mighty and sacred Earth.

Description: Almost confusable for a munchkin rather than a mighty warrior, before you stands a short stubby bearded man, no taller than 3 feet, with a large smithing hammer in both hands. He wears padded armor, which is more likely to protect him while working than in combat.
Initiative: 30*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity I
HP: 1500*rank
Attack: Smithing Hammer, 1s3+(1*Rank), Damage (200*Rank)
Dodge: 1s2+(2*rank)
Special: A dwarven engineer will not attack unless attacked first or the summoner is in combat. They will aid builders by adding (+2*rank) to any craft check, and can themselves build structures with a +5 (per dwarf) roll.
Rank 1: You may summon 1d2 dwarves to aid builders. Each dwarf grants its bonus to the group of dwarves.
Rank 2: The bonus granted to craft checks rises to (+3*rank).
Rank 3: The dwarven craft roll rises to +10 per dwarf.
Rank 4: The bonus granted to craft checks rises to (+5*rank).
Rank 5: You may summon 1d5 dwarves to aid in building.

Name: Orcish Raider

Translated, we thought “Beat`n bash” was the name of its weapon. It was the name of the Orc

Description: Standing 10 feet tall and wielding a club the size of a human, an Orc is something to be feared. It smells, it’s green with pointed ears, and wears bone armor. It has an intelligence on par with your average dumptruck, and hits as hard.
Initiative: 15*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity I
HP: 3000*rank
Attack: Wooden Club, 1s3+(2*rank), +200 damage, 25% chance of knockdown
Dodge: 1s2+(1*rank)
Special: The first attack by the Raider is made from the back of a wild boar of great size, considered a Surprise Attack if the target doesn't know what the summoner is calling or react quickly to it. The poor creature immediately dies of exhaustion, dumping the rider on its feet unceremoniously.
Naturally, this won't work twice on the same group of enemies.
Rank 1: The Orc’s attack now has a 50% chance of knockdown.
Rank 2: The damage of the Orc’s attack becomes +300.
Rank 3: The Orc’s swing has a 25% chance of Vit 0 for 1d5 rounds. Choose the status to inflict upon swinging; the orc cannot inflict both in one attack.
Rank 4: The Orc’s swing may hit 2 enemies in one swipe
Rank 5: The damage of the orcs' attack becomes +500.

Name: Merfolk Legionnaire

When we think of peaceful rippling of the water, we do not think of those who enforce it.

Description: The creature that you summon is blue scaled, wielding a sharp trident in one hand. It has gills, but seems to have little difficulty breathing surface air as well. Its eyes are slender like a fish.
Initiative: 40*Rank
Element: Water Affiity II
HP: 2500*rank
Attack: Trident, 1s3+(3*rank), +200 damage
Dodge: 1s3+(2*rank)
Special: Near water, Merfolk Legionnaire gain a (+2*rank) to all rolls.
Rank 1: The Merfolk Legionnaire’s trident has a 10% chance of causing Vit 0 for 1d5 rounds.
Rank 2: The Merfolk Legionnaire’s trident is laced with a blowfish venom which has a 25% chance of paralysis for 1d5 rounds.
Rank 3: The Merfolk Legionnaire’s chance of causing Vit 0 rises to 30%.
Rank 4: The Merfolk Legionnaire’s chance of causing Paralysis is increased to 50%.
Rank 5: The Merfolk Legionnaire’s chance of causing Vit 0 rises to 50%.

Name: Arcadian Buccaneer

They sailed, drank and fought for their country, for themselves, for their honor, or for any other reason that warranted sailing, drinking, and fighting.

Description: You have called to your whim a sailor of the open seas from the days when naval combat was decided by cannons and swords. He wears a red officers uniform ornately decorated with brass buttons, a cutlass at his side, and his hands are gloved in white. A slight shadow of stubble sits upon his face. He wears white officers pants, but looks like he’d enjoy a party or bar brawl just as easily.
Initiative: 40*Rank
Element: Water Affinity II
HP: 2500*rank
Attack: Cutlass, 1s3+(2*rank), +200 damage
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank)
Special: If the Buccaneer is attacked in melee and dodges by more than 20, it will automatically counterattack. If aiding in a navigation roll or piloting an ocean vessel, it gives (+3*rank) bonus. It rolls 1s4+50 in those tasks by itself.
Rank 1: The Buccaneer’s counterattack will occur on a difference of 15 or greater.
Rank 2: The Buccaneer may land 1d2 blows while attacking.
Rank 3: The Buccaneer gains a musket to attack at range: 1s3+(2*rank), +300 damage.
Rank 4: The Buccaneer’s dodge rises to 1s3+(4*rank).
Rank 5: The Buccaneer may land 1d3 blows while attacking.

Name: Quintian Snow Raven

The snow white raven was a trickster, but on the Quintian surface, it was considered a good omen; you were still alive.

Description: Unlike most ravens which are black as night, this bird has a snow white skin and red feet like a dove, but the larger body of a raven.
Initiative: 40*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity I
HP: 1
Attack: Peck, Automatic Hit, 1 HP
Dodge: 1s4+(5*Rank)
Special: The Snow Raven may make spot checks at 1s4+(3*rank), provided there is enough room to fly at a reasonable height. It’s intelligence is surprising, but it must be given exact commands that could be answered in a yes or no.
Rank 1: The Snow Raven’s spot bonus climbs to (+4*rank).
Rank 2: The Snow Raven’s peck has a 20% chance of blindness for 1d5 rounds.
Rank 3: The Snow Raven’s peck has a 40% chance of blindness for 1d5 rounds.
Rank 4: The Snow Raven’s peck may carry a touch attack from the caster.
Rank 5: The Snow Raven may relay its seen images to the summoner.

Name: Warrior Penguin

While at Exodus Station, we always wondered why we would find patrolling Black Arms soldiers dead in the frozen water. We never suspected the penguins were pushing them in.

Description: It’s a penguin.
Initiative: 25*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity I
HP: 1500*rank
Attack: Snowball / Rock, 1s3+(2*rank), +200 damage(Non Lethal/Non soakable)
Dodge: 1s2+(2*Rank)
Special: The Warrior Penguin, if summoned in a snowy environment, is automatically summoned in a pack of 1d10 for no extra cost. The Penguins receive swarm bonus (+2 to all rolls for each pengiun in the swarm above 3), and any more than 3 is enough for suppressing fire. It’s also cute!
Rank 1: The Warrior Penguin’s snowballs reduce the enemies rolls by -2.
Rank 2: The Warrior Penguin’s snowballs reduce the enemies rolls by -5.
Rank 3: The Warrior Penguin’s snowballs become +300 damage.
Rank 4: 1d4 Warrior Penguins may be summoned outside of an arctic environment.
Rank 5: 1d100 Warrior Penguins may be summoned in an arctic environment.

Name: Animated Dagger

The way she wielded her dagger at her cheating husband made us think she would keep stabbing long after the poor man was dead. Truthfully, it even kept stabbing long after she was dead too.

Description: A tritanium dagger that floats as though wielded by a phantom or something from the great beyond. Its hilt is ornately designed with gold, and it’s flawless blade is marred only by hints of stained blood upon it. Its movements however have a paranormal finness. It will bob, roll, summersault and merrily float around, sometimes teasing it’s victims.
Initiative: 50*Rank
Element: Neutral
HP: 1
Attack: Stab (with itself) 1s3+(2*rank), +200 damage, 1d3 hits
Dodge: 1s3+(2*rank)
Special: Animated daggers have a (+3*rank) intimidation bonus against weak willed characters unfamiliar with the supernatural.
Rank 1: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d4 times per round.
Rank 2: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d5 times per round.
Rank 3: The Animated Dagger now deals +300 damage.
Rank 4: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d6 times per round.
Rank 5: The Animated Dagger may stab 1d8 times per round.

Name: Clockwork Drone
The Ara`methian inventor always wanted to know what his contemporaries were up to. And thus, the voyeur was born.

Description: The Clockwork drone is an immensely complicated handheld machine operated entirely by spring mechanics. It is shaped like a bronze scarab, and flies through flapping it’s wings. It comes pre-wound.
Initiative: 1*Rank
Element: Neutral
HP: 1000*Rank
Attack: None
Dodge: 1s1+(1*Rank)
Special: Its defensive functions are non existant, however it uses a rudimentary generator to power a transmitter which can route the video feed to a U.m.N. pad before returning. Its spring only lasts 2 rounds before needing winding. It is not capable of navigating complex directions to find a target.
Rank 1: The Clockwork Drone’s spring will last 4 rounds before needing winding.
Rank 2: The Clockwork Drone’s video feed now includes audio.
Rank 3: The Clockwork Drone’s video feed now includes scan data on one target individual.
Rank 4: The Clockwork Drone is now capable of tracking through complex directions.
Rank 5: The Clockwork Drone no longer requires winding.
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Re: Creature Summons


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Level 2

Name: Skeletal Soldier (Dark)

The king always commanded his armies to fight to the death until one day the necromancer in his court asked why he was being so kind.

Description: A thick-boned skeleton of a man, covered in scoured and ancient leathered armor, with a broken helmet placed over its skull. Ratty, thin, white hair sticks out from the cracks of its helmet and along the base of its skull.
Init: 50*Rank
Element: Darkness Affinity II
Hp: 3,000 * Rank
Attack: Sword - 1s4+(3*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank)
Special: In a grim mockery of their former life, a Skeleton Warrior can "train" lesser animated undead, converting them into more of itself with a full round action from it and all its students. These thralls are always considered Rank 1, and must be loyal to the Summoner already. Their duration is not changed by the conversion, and they remain even if their 'teacher' vanishes.

Rank 1: Power Strike - The soldier forfeits its attack bonus to double its damage.
Rank 2: Shieldbearer - The soldier picks up a small buckler, granting it a 1s4+(3*rank) block roll that allows it to counterattack on a successful guard.
Rank 3: Combo - The skeleton gains the ability to strike in succession, 1d3 hits.
Rank 4: Parry - The soldier's block roll bonus is raised to (+4*Rank) and a successful counterattack deals double damage.
Rank 5: Flash Strike - The skeleton's combo attack is raised to 1d4 hits and it gains a counterattack of 1d2 hits.

Name: Plague Rat (Dark)

The rats of New York have always been accused of being rather large. That’s only because nobody lives to mention the even larger ones.

Description: A three-foot tall rat from head to claw on all fours, this massive rodent's fur has grown patchwork, revealing pustules and aged flesh beneath. Its eyes are glossy and absent, and its chipped, rotted teeth drip with saliva.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity I
HP: 800*Rank
Attack: Bite - 1s3+(4*rank), Damage +400, (+20%*Rank) chance to inflict Mild Disease. Severity +1 if target already has Disease status.
Dodge: 1s4+(3*rank)
Special: The combination of Dark aligned impulses and lingering nesting urges proves sickeningly effective. A Plague Rat left to its own devices out of combat will hastily ruin...everything. Within an hour, the room will be a barely livable, literal rat's nest, all food and drink fouled, potions and machines alike ruined by scrabbling claws and impossibly placed droppings, and the walls packed with brooding litters of mundane, but still thoroughly disgusting, spawn. This occurs even faster with multiple rats.
Rank 1: Summons 1d2 rats simultaneously.
Rank 2: Acidic - The rat's bite now begins to wear away the protection of different armors. Each bite now inflicts Mild "Melt" status, +1 severity if target already suffers from Melt.
Rank 3: Summons 1d3 rats simultaneously.
Rank 4: Poisonous - The rat's bite now begins to circulate more virulently throughout the body, granting a 50% chance of inflicting Mild Poison that lasts until cured...which will be difficult with Disease status.
Rank 5: Summons 1d5 rats simultaneously.

Name: Knight of the Realm (Holy)

The kingdom long dust, it’s residents passed on, the honor of the knight stands true.

Description: A tall, well-built soldier wearing shining platemail armor from head to toe with a tower shield and a large sword. Tufts of long brunette hair stick out from under the helmet, but otherwise no discernible traits remain.
Init: 50*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity I
Hp: 4000*Rank
Attack: Sword - 1s4+(3*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank) dodge; 1s4+(3*rank) (block)
Special: The Knight may Cover a single target during combat with its tower shield. That target is considered immune from damage until the Knight is defeated or moves; otherwise, the Knight will absorb all damage if its block fails.
Rank 1: Shield Bash - The Knight can strike with its shield instead of its sword, dealing +500 damage and Mild "Off-Guard" status.
Rank 2: Cleave - The Knight can strike up to 2 targets at once with a single attack.
Rank 3: Purge - The Knight is able to eviscerate lesser Dark/Devil/Demon-type monsters (GM-subjective) when they are at 25% opf their max HP or lower, regardless of the amount or its damage done.
Rank 4: Wall - The Knight can effectively Cover 2 targets.
Rank 5: Templar - The Knight's sword doubles in size, raising its damage to +1000.

Name: Sage of the Great Library (Holy)

As a divine reward for spending life in pursuit of knowledge, the Sages of the Great Library were allowed immortality to continue their journey.

Description: A cloaked and hooded member of a monastic order with empty pools of cerulean energy rather than eyes that glow from underneath its hood. It carries a thick grimoire in one arm.
Init: 30*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
Hp: 1000*Rank
Attack: Bash - 1s3+(3*rank), +400 damage.
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank)
Special: When an enemy is defeated while the Sage is active, information about it is stored inside of the Sage's grimoire, giving a GM-determined bonus to battling identical enemies for a certain amount of time.
Rank 1: Incantatum Alpha - Scribes a copy of a written spell or rune into the Grimoire, allowing the Summoner to cast it as long as the same Sage remains active. And costs must be paid.
Rank 2: Transcribe - By uttering the magic word 'Ctrlcctrlv', creates a copy of a target page in the Sage's grimoire. This can be applied to a weapon or armor in a a single Augment slot to grant the bonus permanently. This can be done with spell/rune pages, but only if the Sage is kept active long enough to Scribe Scroll it as a character would.
Rank 3: Incatatum Omega - Purging spell used to remove tainted grimoires. May destroy magical artifacts or books held by the target at the GM's whim, or more reliably, Enchantments placed on equipment.
Rank 4: Erasaga - Blasts at the very existence of a target that is in the Sage's Grimoire, dealing (600*Rank) damage with (+5*Rank) attack bonus, ignoring all defenses.
Rank 5: Incantatum Zeta - Sacrifices the Sage to grant their spark of immortality to another. The target gains a barrier with HP equal to the Sage's current HP and Soaks equal to those of the Summoner, all damage then as if by Wall. Overflow damage to the barrier is soaked.

Name: Stone Golem (Earth)

The druid asked us not to insult his pet rock. We should have listened.

Description: A disconnected arrangement of thick, heavy stones that form a vague resemblance of a bipedal creature, with bashing rocks for limbs.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity II
Hp: 5000*Rank
Attack: Bash - 1s3+(3*rank), +400 damage, +1 Severity * Rank of Knockback.
Dodge: N/A
Special: The Golem does not even attempt to dodge attacks, a blessing and a curse.
Rank 1: The Golem is reinforced, gaining physical soak equal to (200*Rank).
Rank 2: The Golem's victims are flung with such shattering force that a successful Wall Rush sets off a shockwave, striking enemies near the wall for the Bash's base damage.
Rank 3: The Golem learns to lob bits of itself for a ranged attack, each such throw costing 700 HP and dealing the same amount as bonus damage to flying characters. Knockback still occurs normally.
Rank 4: The Golem is magically reinforced with the spirit of gaia, gaining magical soak equal to (300*Rank).
Rank 5: Both Soak scores are enhanced to (400*Rank). Base damage is enhanced to +1000.

Name: Elven Archer (Earth)

Noble and proud, the Elves do not look kindly upon those who intrude their lands with hostile intent. The intruders do not look upon the elves at all.

Description: An ancient, fair-skinned elf with a circlet over her forehead, long, pointed ears, a flawless complexion, and a tall, lanky stature. She wears green and brown clothing and carries a bow as large as she is along with a bodkin behind her back.
Init: 60*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity I
Hp: 2000*Rank
Attack: Shoot - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s4+(3*rank)
Special: The Elven Archer is a master at long-distance attacking. Each rank increases its shooting range by 2 Areas, up to a maximum of 10 Areas at Level 5.
Rank 1: Elemental Arrow - As a free action, the Summoner can cast a Fire, Ice, or Electric spell they know on the archer's quiver, causing the Archer's next attack to mimic that element.
Rank 2: Power Shot - Fires an unusually heavy arrow on a high arc. For every Area away from the target, Hit is reduced by -2. Damage is increased to +600.
Rank 3: Wisdom Shot - Fires an arrow, teleporting instantly to where it lands. Dodge is enhanced by (+1*Rank) per area traveled this way, for one round.
Rank 4: Courage Shot - Teleports to melee range of a target to shoot at point blank, increasing damage to +800 and Hit Bonus to (+5*rank), with a double crit chance.
Rank 5: Patriot Arrow - The Archer is granted the ability to reroll a non-botch attack roll. This can be applied to any of the above abilities.

Name: Dwarven Brawler (Fire)

The Dwarves could always be counted on for a good fight. When an enemy wasn’t available, alcohol solved that.

Description: A short, stubby thing at barely 3'6", this dwarf is chunky and built like the stout kegs they enjoy emptying. It has a thick, dark beard and wears heavy, thick clothing and a pair of impromptu knuckles over its chubby hands.
Init: 50*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity I
Hp: 2500*Rank
Attack: Fisticuffs - 1s4+(3*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank)
Special: The Brawler carries around a jug of sharp dwemer brew. This concoction inflicts Mild "Berserk" status on anyone who consumes it, which takes a standard action. The brew is concentrated enough to get (1*Rank) characters good and hammered before the urn is emptied.
Rank 1: Another Round! - Refreshes the amount of ale in the urn. How? Best not be askin questions ya dinnae want the answers to, laddy. ... Okay, it's magic. The Summoner must spend 1000 gil per rank.
Rank 2: Scottish Handshake - Cracks a foe over the head with the urn, spilling the lot of it over the unfortunate foe. Deals standard damage, and converts each 'charge' left into a mark. Hitting the marked target with a Fire attack increases the damage by 500 by detonating one of the marks.
Rank 3: The Brawler will now counter when struck at melee range.
Rank 4: Hair of the Dog - Expends one charge of the ale urn to heal the target by damage +800 and negate certain status effects for one round, which counts toward their duration. (Confuse, Sadness, Fury, Sleep, Fatigue, Poison, Disease)
Rank 5: The Brawler brilliantly lights his arm on fire on any round in which he drinks, throwing blazing haymakers that deal +2000 fire damage as long as he remains Berserk from it (This is taking into account the 200% damage from Berserk).

Name: Goblin War Party (Fire)

Goblins didn’t have strength, intelligence, or fortitude, but they certainly had numbers.

Description: A group of short, lanky, barely-clothed, deformed creatures that hobble around on two legs. Their olive-green skin reveals the various sinews and bones in their malnourished frames, but the wild way they wield their primitive weapons are still to be feared.
Init: 45*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity I
HP: Each Goblin - (500*Rank) per goblin
Attack: Bash - 1s3+((Goblin Number*+2)*Rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s4+(3*(rank + goblin number - 1)
Special: The Goblin War Party benefits from and suffers from "Swarm Bonus." The party is treated as 1 target, so as the party is damaged, its numbers dwindle until the party is disbanded. 1d4 are summoned by a single cast. A maximum of 10 can be in a party.
Rank 1: Scatter!! - Splits the War Party into as many Goblins as are in it, each counting as a one-man party. Upkeep mana cost is still shared by all former party-mates.
Rank 2: Friends!! - If another Goblin War Party is summoned at Rank 2 or higher, the two will merge and the upkeep MP cost for each band will be shared.
Rank 3: 1d6 Goblins are summoned per casting.
Rank 4: CHARGE!! - The party charges with foolish bravery, attacking with doubled attack bonus for double damage. Roll the number of Goblins in the party. Half that many are killed by friendly fire and general stupidity.
Rank 5: 1d10 Goblins are summoned per casting.

Name: Piranha Swarm (Water)

The natives warned our expedition not to go on the river. Fortunately for us, the fish enforced this by eating our boat.

Description: A school of dangerous, flesh-eating fish with carnivorous fangs and razor-sharp, serrated teeth. These fish are brightly colored and much larger than normal pirahnas and fish, each one about the size of a football.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Water
HP: Each Pirahna - 400*Rank
Attack: Bite - 1s3+(3*(Rank + Pirahna Number - 1), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s4+(3*(Rank + Pirahna Number - 1)
Special: The Pirahna Swarm benefits from and suffers from "Swarm Bonus." The party is treated as 1 target, so as the party is damaged, its numbers dwindle until the swarm is disbanded. 1d4 are summoned by a single cast and a maximum of 10 can be in a swarm.
Rank 1: Devour - Viciously swarms a fallen enemy, stripping anything smaller than a cow to bones in moments. Makes resurrection difficult, and spawns 1d4 new piranha. Any beyond 10 split off to form a new swarm equal in rank to the devourers.
Rank 2: As long as at least 3 Piranha are in the swarm, they can Suppress at melee range, dealing half damage with certainty to a single target.
Rank 3: 1d6 Piranha are spawned in a single cast, or a use of Devour.
Rank 4: The hypnotic and frantic motion of the swarm makes it difficult to strike solidly. Physical, single-target attacks deal half damage.
Rank 5: 1d8 Piranha are spawned in a single cast, or a use of Devour.

Name: Water Sprite (Water)

Water sprites are playful and peaceful, but can be dangerous if angered.

Description: A playfully bubbling cloud of water, out of which rises a slinky humanoid form from the torso up, its entire body flowing upward at all times to give the form shape, before pouring back down its 'hair' to rejoin the cloud below. This featureless shape is normally feminine, but rarely masculine, and prone to change back and forth at the sprite's whim.
Init: 35*Rank
Element: Water Affinity II
Hp: 3500*Rank
Attack: Watergun - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s4+(3*rank)
Special: If a person-sized body of water is nearby, the Sprite gains Invisibility at (Severity*Rank) and regains (250*Rank) HP per round.
Rank 1: The Sprite banters and dances playfully with enemies that fail to strike it. On a successful dodge, the attacker is enraged and very likely to try again the next round.
Rank 2: The Sprite passively makes itself at home, slowly forming a small body of water to reside in. This takes (5-Rank) rounds, and the pool is only good for battles in that area. An already existing pool is instead enchanted during the same time, doubling the HP regen.
Rank 3: Lost Patience - The Sprite can tap into deep inner malice to literally boil. Its attack that round deals an additional +800 damage at 1s4+(5*rank), but deals 250 damage to itself in the process.
Rank 4: Whimsical Embrace - Hugs an ally playfully, reducing one status's duration by 1 every round and sharing its invisibility and Regen as long as the hug goes on.
Rank 5: A normal attack that crits causes Drown status on the target until they pass a check to escape at DC 150.

Name: Mighty Owl (Wind)

The unassuming would think that someone who sleeps all day is lazy. The other birds know better.

Description: An over-sized, white- and black-feathered, thick bird with a pointed beak and enormous eyes. The Mighty Owl is able to rotate its head in 360 degrees without effort, and its wingspan is easily over six feet.
Init: 50*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity I
HP: 1200*Rank
Attack: Divebomb - 1s4+(3*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1d3+(3*rank)
Special: The owl has uncanny senses, and can roll for Spot and Search checks at 1s4+(4*rank).
Rank 1: The Mighty Owl trusts its summoner enough to hunt for him or her, providing enough meat for (Rank) people to have a decent meal.
Rank 2: On a critical hit against a foe not terribly larger than a human, drags the enemy into the sky. They are held helpless, if untargettable, for one round and then dropped for an instant repeat to the damage caused by the initial hit.
Rank 3: On activation of the Rank 2 pick up, the owl can optionally carry its unwilling passenger at a flight speed equal to Rank*10, dropping them a round later far from combat. There is no guarantee that the enemy won't eventually find the party, though.
Rank 4: The Owl gains vision even in perfect or magical darkness, and shares this with its Summoner.
Rank 5: The Owl can no longer be blinded and can roll its Spot checks to see through illusions. The Rank 2/3 carrying abilities are expanded to anything below Giant 2.

Name: Cloud Rider (Wind)

When the mist left the battlefield, the invaders had been all but destroyed. A lone spear sat in the body of one as a reminder of why we are tense in the fog.

Description: The upper body of a humanoid-like creature jutting out of a dense bank of fog it floats in, the Cloud Rider is never seen away from its mount. It carries a large winged spear that it uses to attack both at range and up close.
Init: 60*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity II
Hp: 1500*Rank
Attack: Spear - 1s4+(3*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s4+(3*rank)
Special: The Cloud Rider may carry (2*rank) characters on its cloud for transportation purposes, and it is considered a flying creature, giving it Flight benefits.
Rank 1: On a Critical Dodge, the Cloud Rider can become Invisible at +1 Severity*Rank. This occurs in place of a counter, if there is one. On a Divine Dodge, the Rider becomes invisible mid-attack.
Rank 2: Paranoia: Spreads the cloud over the battlefield. It is too wispy to cause any sort of blinding, but the fear of surprise attacks from the Cloud Rider causes it to be 4 targets, or a priority target if enemies are not rolling for that. This works even if the Rider is invisible.
Rank 3: Justify Paranoia: The Cloud Rider removes Invisible from itself to make an attack at 1200*Rank, with Crit Chance multiplied by Rank.
Rank 4: Death All Around: Attacks (Rank) enemies with a single roll. This is a Surprise Attack to anyone who hasn't tried to attack the Cloud Rider recently.
Rank 5: Cloud Rider becomes [Translucent] on the top 50% of its dodge roll, and Critical Dodge chance is tripled.

Name: Clockwork Harvester (Neutral)

The farmer spent more of his time building a machine to tend to his fields than he did in the fields. When the village complained of his poor harvest, it tended just as well to them.

Description: A mess of gears, levers, machines, wheels, pistons, and joints has created a couple meters-wide arrangement of spinning contraptions based on a gyroscope. This bewildering contraption wields farming tools and utensils in a deadly, frightening manner...
Init: 40 * Rank
Element: N/A
Hp: 2000 * Rank
Attack: Sickle - 1s3+(3*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank)
Special: The Harvester is a machine and thus weak to lightning/electricity. However, despite being considered weak to its damage, being electrified gives the Harvester +1 step to its dodge/attack. The Harvester can only be charged once, and the effect is not cumulative.
Rank 1: The Harvester's sickle is sharpened to a wicked edge. On a killing blow, it immediately attacks another target with the same roll, dealing damage equal to the overkill (The negative HP of the slain target).
Rank 2: A disturbing adaption of the Harvester's initial purpose allows it to deal +20%*Rank damage to plantoid or fungal enemies.
Rank 3: Shoulder mounted lightning rods and a framework of copper wiring reduce Lightning damage by 20%*Rank.
Rank 4: A disturbing, sudden hatred of farmyard pests allows the Harvest to deal +20%*Rank damage to avians, insects, and herbivoric beasts like rodents.
Rank 5: The Harvester... Harvests those it strikes, allowing its Summoner an extra roll for item pickup, and granting its damage in gil per strike. A non-critical killing blow triple this amount.

Name: Steam Knight (Neutral)

When the King could no longer trust his men, he turned to the inventors for defense.

Description: A machine if wrought metal and hydraulic joints, the Steam Knight is a seven-foot-tall creature with two arms, two legs, and a heavily armored torso. Its dense frame and construction makes it extremely difficult to harm, and it carries no discernable weapons save for its own body.
Init: 45*Rank
Element: N/A
HpP: Exterior - 2000 * Rank; Interior - 1000 * Rank
Attack: Arm Swing - 1s4+(3*rank), Damage +400
Dodge: 1s3+(3*rank)
Special: The Steam Knight is a unique creature in that it is a "two-stage" summon. Its dense outer shell protects its interior from damage, and thus must be weakened before it can be effectively harmed. Once the "Exterior" has been brought to 0 HP, the creature's exterior separates into two distinct pieces, revealing its dense machinery and internal power core used to create the steam necessary to power it. The creature is unable to dodge, but "heals" itself for 500 * Rank HP each round its interior is exposed. If the creature restores its own "External" HP before its "Internal" HP is reduced to zero, the creature is considered repaired, it's body closes, and the process must be repeated until the "Internal" HP is zero.
Rank 1: Gains permanent Cover at +1 Severity*Rank. This can be shifted to Counter of equal rank.
Rank 2: The Exterior gains 200*Rank Physical Soak by a unique form of tempering utilizing steam.
Rank 3: The Exterior gains 200*Rank Magical Soak with the addition of carved runic protections.
Rank 4: The Steam Knight now negates both Fire and Water damage.
Rank 5: In a last ditch effort to protect its Summoner, the Steam Knight self destructs when its internal HP is reduced to 0, blasting an area with high pressure steam and shrapnel. This is dodged at a DC 150, 200 for the one striking the final blow (if at melee range) and deals +1000 damage to anyone nearby. The Knight can hold off this explosion for up to one round to let allies clear the blast radius, or divert it toward a single enemy to deal +2000 damage instead.
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Level 3

Name: Bone Shaman (Dark)

Those in his own tribe could not speak his name, for he removed their tongues.

Description: A tan-skinned middle-aged man with a lean, wretched-looking physique marked by scars and warpaint. He wears a hide sarong and a wooden mask with several plumes of feathers jutting out of the top of it, with slits for eyes and a box cut for the mouth. Around his throat, wrists, and legs he wears jewelry made out of the smaller bones of various creatures. It carries a large femur bone to use as a club.
Init: 70*Rank
Element: Darkness Affinity III
Hp: 2,000*Rank
Attack: Club - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: War Dance - The shaman can perform a 'war dance' for a single round, which will grant Chronic "Defense" status on up to (2*Rank) characters.
Rank 1: Cursed Dance - Preforms an attack that deals +700 Dark damage, with a 25% chance of causing Silence at Severity*Rank.
Rank 2: Scavenge: By targetting a dead enemy, the Shaman replaces its bone with a better one. Club damage is set to the enemy's Physical Soak. This, naturally, only works on targets with...bones. And only applies to the currently summoned Shaman.
Rank 3: War Dance can instead grant [Faith], [Bravery], [Battlemind], or [Focus].
Rank 4: War Dance can instead grant [Reflect].
Rank 5: War Dance effect persists for one round after the Shaman dances.

Name: Avatar of the Dead Forest (Dark)

They say the forest walks amongst the living, looking for pawns to lead to war over her as they did when she lived.

Description: A haggard, staggering creature wearing a thick burlap hood and robe, with withered, grey limbs hanging out of the ends of the sleeves. This old crone's fingers are long and spindly, and her hunched walk looks like she may collapse after each step, yet she never does. No one ever wants to look under that hood.
Init: 55 * Rank
Element: Darkness Affinity II
Hp: 1,800 * Rank
Attack: Vine Lash - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: An oddball among wraiths, the Avatar seeks vengeance on those that despoil nature as well as those that protect it zealously. Against Necromancers and Druids alike, as well as undead and elves, the Avatar attacks at +1 step.
Rank 1: Bloody Seeds - Critical Hits of Vine Lash cause [Infest] to undead/demonic targets or [Zombie] to living ones at Severity*Rank. This caps at Chronic and lasts (Rank) rounds.
Rank 2: Despoil/Beautify - Reverses the 'polarity' of druidic and necromantic magic, turning Undead constructs into Plants and Plant constructs into Undead.
Rank 3: By spending 1000 HP, the Avatar can 'force' Bloody Seeds to cause its status effect, once per Rank per summoning. This is spent before rolling the attack, which can still miss.
Rank 4: Doubles crit rate against targets affected by the Avatar's Special. Rises to triple at Rank 5.
Rank 5: Bloody Seeds applies both Infest and Zombie if both are applicable.

Name: Cleric of Theron (Holy)

A devout monk trained in the healing arts.

Description: A white-robed, bald-headed man with thick-soled boots and a well-trained, heavily muscled body. He is mute, but communicates in hand gestures and by mouthing words; however, his trained fists speak much louder than any word ever would.
Init: 60 * Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
Hp: 2500 * Rank
Attack: Fists - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: The Monk is able to restore the health of an ally by +600 damage with an action.
Rank 1: A healing action can instead draw one Severity per Rank of bad status into the Monk. This persists for the full duration of the status, even if the Monk is dismissed and resummoned.
Rank 2: The Monk attacks 1d3 times with a standard strike (Can't Mercy).
Rank 3: Mercy - A "killing" blow leaves the target at 1 HP. If the target surrenders, the Monk recovers (damage +1000) HP.
Rank 4: The Monk attacks 2d3 times with a standard strike (Can't Mercy).
Rank 5: Every successful Mercy, the target either surrendering or being reduced to 1, adds +1 to the maximum rolled hits (The 3 part of 2d3) in a standard strike and the +3% to the Monk's healing action. This persists between summonings, but is reset if a Monk is killed or strikes a killing blow against anything but a Dark, Undead, or Demon enemy. Maximum 6 hits per combo regardless of Mercy bonus. Attempts to 'farm' this by actively seeking fights against weak enemies will fail mysteriously and dishonor the Monk.

Name: Paladin of Theron (Holy)

Acolytes of Theron who show promise with the blade are asked to defend her holy name.

Description: A fair-haired woman with long, pointed ears wearing a mix of plate armor and white, clerical robes, the Paladin of Theron is a tall creature carrying a sword and shield.
Init: 70 * Rank
Element: Holy Affinity III
Hp: 3000 * Rank
Attack: Sword - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank) dodge; 1s5+(5*rank) block
Special: The Paladin of Theron is able to cast Mild "Enholy" on a single target with an action.
Rank 1: The gift of a relic shield grants the Paladin +(2*rank) Block versus Dark, Shadow, Demonic, Dragonic, and Undead attacks.
Rank 2: The gift of a relic sword grants the Paladin +(2*rank) Hit versus Dark, Shadow, Demonic, Dragonic, and Undead enemies.
Rank 3: The first round of the Paladin's Enholy effect bestows +(3*Rank) to either Hit or Block rolled against Dark, Shadow, Demonic, Dragonic, and Undead.
Rank 4: The Paladin can temporarily 'promote' another character as her gracious goddess has been known to do. This grants Enholy effect even to the target's abilities and spells (as long as they don't already deal Holy damage), and negates Holy damage for (Rank) rounds.
Rank 5: Once per round, the Paladin can 'detonate' an Enholy placed on an attacking ally or herself. This ends the effect, but calculates the damage at +5 bonus points in he elemental weakness calculation, rather than +1. This must be called before the attack is rolled. This affects only the last hit of a combo and ends the Rank 3 passive if detonated.

Name: Creeper Vine (Earth)

The adventurers thought the plant was beautiful; the plant thought the adventurers were delicious.

Description: A long, winding, thick, green prickly vine that breaks out of the ground and stretches out across the ground in front of the summoner. The vine's blooms come in various, prismatic colors and conceal natural "spitters" in the very center of the bloom, which have the ability to project thick, arrow-like spikes from within, coated in poison.
Init: 50 * Rank
Element: Earth Affinity III
HP: Each bloom - 400 * Rank
Attack: Barb - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: Each iteration of a Creeper Vine has 1d6 blooms on it. These blooms all act on the Vine's initiative.
Note: The Bloom transformations below do not stack. A Spearflower turning into a Shieldleaf loses its attack bonuses, and vice versa.
Rank 1: Bloodfruit - Bloom converts itself into an unnervingly red fruit. Eating one is a standard action, and heals the Bloom's current HP worth of damage.
Rank 2: Shieldleaf - Bloom converts itself into a thick, unnaturally hard leaf. Shieldleaves double their current HP and lose the ability to attack, but are always struck first. A Shieldleaf converting into any other bloom loses half of its current HP.
Rank 3: Spearflower - Bloom converts itself into a nasty spike, with much stronger thrust but limited range. It can only attack those kept at melee range of the plant, which cannot move, but becomes +1000 damage and +1*Rank accuracy.
Rank 4: Tanglevine - Bloom converts itself into a single long vine, which can make a standard attack to grab enemies. The tangled target can still act, but can't move until the Vines are destroyed. A Tanglevine converting into any other bloom lets go of its prey.
Rank 5: Great Bloom - Two Blooms combine into one, creating a single bloom with the buffs listed below, relative to the basic Bloom. A Great Bloom can only transform into two Basic Blooms.
Bloodfruit - Edible as normal. Damage the plant does is added to the final healing once eaten.
Shieldleaf - Doubles HP. Two Shieldleaves combined have quadrupled HP and must be attacked first.
Spearflower - +1500 damage, +(2*Rank) accuracy.
Tanglevine - Can grab as normal. Grabbed targets roll at halved defense against the bloom's attacks, or to attack it if the other half is a Shieldleaf. If the other half is a Bloodfruit, it can immediately feed itself to an ally without taking that ally's turn.

Name: African Lion (Earth)

Humans only rule the lands which the lions have no desire to own.

Description: An oversized, massive, tan- and golden-furred lion with a thick red mane and black spots scattered throughout its body. The lion's paws are easily the size of human heads or bigger, and its shoulders are nearly six feet high alone.
Init: 80 * Rank
Element: Earth Affinity I
Hp: 2,400 * Rank
Attack: Claws - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: When summoned, and once on every killing blow or Crit, the Lion gives a terrifying roar, causing [Fear] to (Rank) targets for one round. This may fail at the GMs discretion against particularly fearless, stupid, or huge enemies.
Rank 1: The 'king of beasts' is appropriately regal to mundane creatures. This allows the Summoner's party to make Speechcraft checks against nonsentient creatures. The lion effectively translates back and forth. If there is already some means to do this, the lion instead grants +(2*Rank) to all such checks.
Rank 2: Pounce - Attack normally, dealing no damage at first. After this, the Lion will deal full attack damage every turn for (Rank) turns. While a foe is so pinned, they cannot be attacked by others, and if its turn comes up while being mauled, they can spend an action to throw the lion off automatically.
Rank 3: The Rank 1 ability is expanded, affecting magical, nonsentient creatures as well.
Rank 4: Summoned, animated, or conjured creatures of lesser Rank (Or spell level) than the lion's Rank will fall inert in place of the roar's Fear effect until the enemy controlling them reestablishes control. This works especially well on 'natural' summons and poorly on 'unnatural' summons.
Rank 5: The lion is so majestically terrifying that even mindless creatures such as plants and undead respond to the chance to speak instead of getting eaten.

Name: Goblin Engineer (Fire)

Goblins are not the wisest of creatures. After all, only the dumbest of those put their faith in their builders.

Description: A single, hip-high green creature with a handmade hard-hat, a harness wrapped around its torso with several primitive tools, and wielding a hammer, the Goblin Engineer chatters in mostly unintelligible garbage, but communicates easily enough through hand gestures and hitting the things it indicates with its hammer, for better or worse.
Init: 60 * Rank
Element: Fire Affinity I
Hp: 1,600 * Rank
Attack: Hammer - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: A Goblin Engineer can add +(2*Rank) to assisting another in building something, and can build himself at 1s4+40. Other Goblins under an Engineer's guidance can add +(Rank) per goblin. This competence comes with a price however, as anything goblin-built has a 5% per use cumulative chance of breaking down. If the d100 to determine this comes out below 5, the building explodes, killing the Engineer at the very least.
Rank 1: The Goblin can 'attack' allied synthetics to heal damage done to them, by rolling attack normally. A botch deals damage instead, and the ally must decide whether or not to dodge before the Goblin rolls. This heals, or damages, by 1000*Rank, affected by physical Soak.
Rank 2: The Goblin can spend its turn granting [Overclock] at Rank*Severity to an allied Synthetic. This lasts one round.
Rank 3: Conscript - The Engineer can browbeat other Goblins into helping it use its Special, even enemy Goblinoids unable to refuse the allure. Each additional goblin increases the Botch chance by 1% and the healing by +200.
Rank 4: BOOMBOOM!! - Makes an attack dealing (Rank) counts of 1d1000 damage each. Final damage against machines is doubled.
Rank 5: This Will Totally Work!! - The Goblin can build just about any machine it has seen before at a speed multiplied by 5 plus the number of Goblins working on it, with only the bare minimal resources required. Held together by bubble gum and prayer, the creation will serve admirably, identical to the original. Once. Then it will explode, killing the Engineer so completely that he can't be resummoned for the rest of the mission this occurs on, and one after.

Name: Dwarven Artillery (Fire)

Ingenuity, battle, fire and alcohol do not mix. Usually.

Description: A stumpy thing with a dense, red beard, wrinkled and gnarled features, a low-fitting hat with a handmade telescopic sight on the front of it over one eye, and a thickly padded armor suit around its body. At its side is a wide-mouthed, wrought-iron cannon propped on four wooden, creaky wheels. When it fires, it creates a thick cloud of smoke both at the source and the target.
Init: 40 * Rank
Element: Fire Affinity II
Hp: 1,500 * Rank
Attack: Cannon - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +1000 (must reload every other turn)
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: The Dwarven Artillery is able to break down many barriers, including walls, doors, and people. It deals +(20%*Rank) extra damage to structures as long as it is using normal attacks or a Bunker Buster shot. The advice of a Dwarven Engineer adds its Ranks to that of the Artillery for this purpose.
Synergy: Using a shot from a Dwarven Brawler's Urn, an Artillery's shot can cause Burning status equal to lower Rank of the two. This lasts only one round and requires both to use their turns.
Rank 1: Packed Tight - The artillery rounds now damage up to 3 enemies or an entire "group".
Rank 2: Bombardment - The artillery's rounds now gain +(Rank) Areas to their attack range.
Rank 3: Bunker Buster - The Artillery ignores cover by shooting a high density, high velocity ordinance straight through it, striking a single enemy. If the Artillery has no way of knowing the exact location of a hiding enemy, he still has only a 10% chance of hitting by pure luck.
Rank 4: Grapeshot - By firing a special form of Dwarven buckshot, the Artillery blazes the entire enemy formation. Those who 'dodge' still take half damage unless they have cover or the party is being attacked from both sides. This cannot benefit from Bombardment.
Rank 5: Artillery gains a 50% chance every round of succeeding a quick reload and being able to fire a normal attack benefiting only from Bombardment. This forces it to reload again on the next round, assuming it doesn't succeed another quick reload.

Name: Tide Viper (Water)

Those who live on the shores of Aquas know some dangers of the high tide are what it leaves behind.

Description: A several-meters-long serpent with a triangular-shaped head and a pair of fins that flare up around the head-end of its body when summoned. The viper is a myriad of blue and green hues, slithers across the ground and through the water at an incredible pace, and its bite is quicker than some eyes can see.
Init: 60 * Rank
Element: Water Affinity II
Hp: 1,800 * Rank
Attack: Bite - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600 + 25% chance of Mild "Poison" status.
Dodge: 1s5+(4*rank)
Special: Underwater, the Tide Viper gains the constant benefit of [Translucent]. It is still a valid target, and gives this up on any round it makes an attack against a foe that isn't near the water.
Rank 1: The Viper's critical dodge chance is multiplied by (Rank).
Rank 2: Spiteful Poison - On a successful counter attack, Poison chance is increased by 10%*Rank
Rank 3: Successfully Poisoning an already poisoned target increases the Severity of the poison by 1. This occurs to a maximum of (Rank) Severity.
Rank 4: Mocking Viper - The frightening speed of the viper swiftly punishes the stupid and slow that attempt to harm it. On a successful counter of a combo attack, the combo is rolled and the Viper lashes out with that number of attacks at +1200 damage each. Each hit has a separate chance of poisoning, as a standard attack.
Rank 5: Successfully hitting a target that is already poisoned causes the poison damage to occur immediately. This only works twice per round.

Name: Sea Witch (Water)

O', Those who listen to her empty promises. Those poor unfortunate souls.

Description: A slender, pale blue creature that carries a lance in one hand and keeps the other empty. She has deep, inky black eyes and the upper body of a woman with the lower body of an octopus, conservatively covered in seaweed and with her black hair free.
Init: 55 * Rank
Element: Water Affinity III
Hp: 2,000 * Rank
Attack: Lance - 1s4+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: The Sea Witch can cast a Water spell. 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +600.
Rank 1: The Witch adds +(2*Rank) to Diplomacy checks, and allows a second Speechcraft check to be made to hide caveats and nastiness in contracts, which must succeed to go undetected. This also grants the ability to check such a deal and see if the other half is trying the same thing.
Rank 2: Broken Vow - The witch offers to heal an enemy, restoring (damage+800) HP. If the enemy accepts, they will lose twice that in HP on the next turn, as the healing energies turn to acrid water within them.
Rank 3: A successful Water attack forms a magic bubble around the target. This does not drown or impede the target in any way, but a Lance attack from the witch on a bubbled target pops it, adding +(2*Rank) to the accuracy of the attack and causing (damage+1200) Water damage on a hit.
Rank 4: Broken Vow II - The Witch offers power, doubling for one round the target's Damage or Soak. If this is accepted, whatever was doubled is then halved for (Rank) rounds, as the target realizes the sudden increases has damaged their body in the long term.
Rank 5: The Witch can make a Speechcraft check at 1s5+(4*rank) to convince a target that previous broken vows were an unfortunate accident, clearing the slate between them.
On a more direct note, the Witch's Water spell is turned into a 1d3 hit combo with the help of a magic trident. The Bubble effect can now stack up to three times, as well.

Name: Motavian Osprey (Wind)

It does not nest upon your roof. It tears the roof down and nests inside.

Description: An enormous bird-of-prey, the Motavian Osprey dwarfs most people it comes across. Nearly eight feet tall from claw to beak, with a wingspan almost three times that, the Motavian Osprey is known to prey on and divebomb very large animals ... or vehicles ... that come wandering across its territory.
Init: 80 * Rank
Element: Wind Affinity II
Hp: 2,200 * Rank
Attack: Beak - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s5+(4*rank)
Special: Against Water-affinity targets, the Osprey's attack strikes the weakness despite not dealing Fire damage. Any water-bound enemy is considered to have Water Affinity I for this purpose.
Rank 1: The Osprey develops an affection for its master, providing enough meat for (2*Rank) people per day to have a nice meal as long as there is water nearby to fish in. This may also turn up rare and valuable fish or even treasures of the deep.
Rank 2: The Osprey preforms its hunting divebomb on command, dealing +800 Wind damage with an attack bonus of +(Rank).
Rank 3: With a 5%*Rank chance, against a foe no larger than Giant 2, drags the enemy into the sky with either attack. They are held helpless, if untargettable, for one round and then dropped for an instant repeat to the damage caused by the initial hit. The Osprey is clever enough to drop aquatic enemies on dry land if possible.
Rank 4: The Osprey develops an amusing love of shiny objects and the intelligence to know others carry them. On a successful divebomb or pickup attack, the enemy is shaken viciously, dropping money or items they might be carrying.
Rank 5: On a successful Pickup that deals 1/4 of the target's current HP, the Osprey skips the drop attack and instead simply takes the foe home to eat. One round later, the Osprey returns, carrying anything valuable the unfortunate victim had to dutifully give it to her Summoner.

Name: Thunder Drake (Wind)

A powerful monster which uses air friction to generate electric blasts.

Description: A long-necked, triangle-headed creature much like a lizard but with a set of four wings that it flaps alternatingly to keep itself afloat, and a long, spined tail. The Thunder Drake flies majestically, and uses two of its wings to prey with air friction while staying afloat with the others.
Init: 60 * Rank
Element: Wind Affinity III
Hp: 2,000 * Rank
Attack: Beak - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: The Thunder Drake can send a blast of electricity from its wings. 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +600, +1 Severity "Shock" Status capped at (Rank).
Rank 1: The Drake becomes curiously aware of the effect it has on metal enemies and learns to capitalize. Its Beak attack now increases a machine's vulnerability to electric damage, enhancing the multiplier by 10%*Rank, but only once. The beak attack must do damage for this to work, and repair before the electric attack prevents the multiplier from working.
Rank 2: On a successful dodge, the Drake "counters" quite accidentally as the attacker bumbles into the residual field of electricity left behind. The attacker must pass a Dodge check against his own Attack that just missed, or take +800 Electric damage.
Rank 3: The Drake becomes cleverer still, its Rank 1 ability now working against any Electric weakness.
Rank 4: On a successful dodge, the Drake now counters for +1000 Electric damage to the opponent, and 1d2 hits.
Rank 5: The Drake develops a special structure on the beak that chips off on a successful peck attack, creating an imbedded lightning rod. This gives the target a +50% weakness to Electricity until until it pulls the shard out, dealing the original peck damage again if not done with medical caution.

Name: Gemstone Soldier (Neutral)

The last thought of many thieves of the Ara`methian vaults was questioning who would leave such riches unguarded.

Description: What was once a statue has been animated with life, a pure-limestone carving of a soldier with a tower shield, a javelin, a full-coverage helmet, and hoplite-styled armor. Inlaid across its entire body, even where its likeness would have "skin", are scattered different types of flawless gemstones of various shapes and sizes, twinkling slightly when under light.
Init: 60 * Rank
Element: N/A
Hp: 2,200 * Rank
Attack: Javelin - 1s5+(4*rank), Damage +600
Dodge: 1s4+(4*rank) dodge; 1d5+(4*rank) block
Special: The Gemstone Soldier takes half damage from magical attacks.
Rank 1: Diffusion - Allows the soldier to Block single-target magic attacks. On a successful Block, heals half the amount of damage that would have been done.
Rank 2: Refraction - Allows the soldier to Block multi-target Magic attacks that it is at least one target of. On a successful Block, damage to all others is reduced by 20%*Rank.
Rank 3: Reflection - A Javelin attack made after being struck by a magic attack can optionally channel the amount of damage prevented. This deals the same damage of the same element. An attack that is Diffused or Refracted cannot be Reflected.
Rank 4: Filtration - 15%*Rank chance of ignoring any magically induced status effect. An ignored status can be placed in the soldier's next Reflection in place of magic damage. This has the same chance of working as the original if it is 'ignored' on a failure, but works instantly if ignored on a success.
Rank 5: Polarization - Allows Reflection to mirror the element of its javelin attack by filtering the magic through special crystals in its body. Fire <> Water, Wind <> Earth, Holy <> Dark, etc. Doing this halves the damage of the Reflection.

Name: Redstone Noisemaker (Neutral)

The builders felt compelled to craft something of the dust in their mines. If only they remembered the off circuit.

Description: A deceptively simple construct, a perfect 5'by5'by5' cube that crashes to the ground where it is summoned. On every side is a speaker taking up most of each face, ringed by crude wiring of glowing red powder. It makes a terrible, terrible noise. Like, always.
Init: 1
Element: N/A
Hp: 6000*HP
Attack: NA(Counters are 1s4+(4*rank))
Dodge: NA
Special: The constant, hellish RACKET put off by the infernal device demands an almost comedic vigor in destroying it forever. The Noisemaker counts as 2*Rank targets, and a higher and higher priority target if attacks aren't being determined at random.
Rank 1: Striking the box at melee range causes a sudden jump in the noise, countering the attempt with a [Stun] at 1 Severity*Rank.
Rank 2: Striking the box with magic causes a distortive feedback, like holding a microphone up to it. The resulting sound counters the magic with [Confusion] at 1 Severity*Rank.
Rank 3: The racket is now so terrible that even allies take a deep, cathartic satisfaction in giving it a swift kick. Spending a turn hitting the box cures [Pain], [Berserk], or [Fury] of any Severity below the summon's Rank. A genuine attempt to destroy the damn thing also recovers 50 MP per Rank, or 100*Rank on a successful 'kill".
Rank 4: The soundwaves put off by the box interfere with all manner of attack, granting bonus Soak to all allies equal to Rank*250.
Rank 5: The Noisemaker becomes louder as it is damaged, increasing its Rank by 1 for every 25% of HP is lost. Further, its sound will supernaturally persist for one round after it has been destroyed.
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Re: Creature Summons


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Level 4

Name: Cult Disciple (Dark)

Some say the cult gained supernatural power from a dark god by sacrificing the dead, which is an unfair half-truth. They weren’t always dead.

Description: Robes dark as pitch contrast sharply with skin as pale as bone, with a face hidden in shadow so that only a malevolent and cynically humored smirk can be seen. Any morbid curiosity to see more than that is tempered by a jarringly cold instinct marking this as a terrible idea.
Init: 50*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity III
Hp: 2100*Rank
Attack: Sacrificial Knife - 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank)
Special: Knife Attack damage and bonus are doubled against foes below 50% HP, or those that are rendered helpless somehow.
Rank 1: On a killing blow which either Crits or has the Cultist's Special applied, allows the Summoner, on his/her next turn, to call forth a Dark aligned Summon at 0 initial cost and half Upkeep. This monster can be no higher Level than the Rank of the Cultist, and the MP discount lasts as long as that particular monster exists.
Rank 2: Dead Slumber - Blesses the dead with strange dreams. Dead allies regain 150 of their MP per Rank. This can only be used once per death.
Rank 3: The Cultist's knife attack becomes a combo of 1dX, X being 1 for each dead person, ally or enemy, on the field. X caps at Rank.
Rank 4: Dead Slumber now regains 300 of the target's MP per Rank.
Rank 5: In place of the Rank 1 benefit of calling a Lesser Summon, one Summoner in the same round can instead call a Dark aligned Greater Summon for half the MP cost at one greater Level than the summon is at, or a Dark aligned Creature Summon for absolutely free. A summon at level 5 affinity is summoned for free.
For purposes of this benefit only, Cerberus, Mateus, Catoplebas, Tonberry, and Doomtrain are considered 'Dark aligned'.

Name: Zombie Horde (Dark)

Modern technology had turned them into gluttonous, brain dead, shambling husks long before the necromancer did. (1d5)

Description: An array of well preserved dead that might be mistaken for a bunch of random humans if not for all those subtle things that together become the 'uncanny valley'. Blank eyes, thin, messy hair, jaw agape, fingers clawed moreso than nailed. And always the stench of death...
Init: 30*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity II
Hp: 750*Rank
Attack: Bite - 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800. 5%*Rank cumulative per successful bite per round chance of Mild [Zombie] effect.
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank)
Special: Summoned in sets of 1d5. Zombified enemies killed join the mob at the same rank as the highest level Zombie, to a maximum of Rank.
Rank 1: Against a foe that is already Zombified or immune to Zombie, successful bites cause Mild [Poison] instead. Enemies that die while Poisoned join the horde.
Rank 2: [Rank] Zombies can attack en masse, combining damage and rolling a single attack at 1s5+((5*rank)+(Zombie number).
Rank 3: At least [Rank] zombies will be summoned, even if the 1d5 comes up short.
Rank 4: Rank 2 attack can be preformed against multiple targets, spreading the damage evenly among them. Maximum (Rank).
Rank 5: Every Poison inflicting bite on an already poisoned enemy increases the Severity of the poison by 1. Once this has reached Terminal, further bites inflict Bleeding, which likewise gains +1 severity every time it procs.

Name: Seraph (Holy)

An angelic being descends from the heavens with a holy sword and shield. Any darkness not burned away by the love of the shield is torn asunder by the wrath of the sword..

Description: An impossibly beautiful humanoid with traits that seem to dance on the cusp of many races without actually landing on one. Likewise, they are neither feminine nor masculine, yet both. What seems like golden armor is actually a silvery grey, shone upon by the light of purity that shines from behind the white-eyed, white-haired head of the angel. Sword and shield alike are too large to be used as easily as the creature uses them.
Init: 75*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity III
Hp: 3500*Rank
Attack: Greatsword - 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank) dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) block
Special: The very presence of such purity is painful to demonic creatures. They must pass a Spirit or Health check VS DC 25*Rank or suffer [Pain] of Severity*Rank for that round. Success prevents this from affecting them again on the same Seraph.
Rank 1: The Seraph can go on the defensive, trading its attack action for ((Rank/2)+1) cover-blocks (round down) at any time during the round. Seraph takes full damage of the attack on a failed block.
Rank 2: Damage the Seraph takes from demons is divided by Rank.
Rank 3: The Seraph can 'stand and deliver' once per diem. This removes the immunity to the Seraph's Special that comes with succeeding the check, and they must again start checking every round to avoid Pain.
Rank 4: The Seraph's Greatsword gains Demon Killer, doubling damage to demons. At Rank 5 this upgrades to Demon Slayer, tripling damage to demons.
Rank 5: DC to avoid the Seraph's Pain status is set to 200. Seraph's greatsword reverses the Soak of targets afflicted by it.

Name: Wizard of the Asturian Court (Holy)

Asturia, one of the few nations to welcome wizards to their court, benefitted well of their wisdom

Description: A wizened old figure, clad in finery even greater than the average mage. The richest silks and jewelry, adorned in the heraldry of a far off kingdom give the thaumaturge a larger than life appearance, with a matching hat shading its shrewd eyes and confident smile.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
Hp: 2800*Rank
Attack: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank) Physical, 1s6*(6*rank) Magical
Special: The Wizard is well respected by clergy and wizards alike, bridging the gap between the two by its very presence. Diplomacy checks against practically any kind of magic user gain a +(3*Rank) bonus. This also applies when convincing the superstitious that one isn't a threat simply for knowing magic.
Rank 1: The Wizard's attacks are considered Holy element.
Rank 2: Fire, Ice, or Water element can be added to the Wizard's attack, on top of its innate Holy affinity.
Rank 3: Earth, Plant, Wind, or Thunder element can be added to the Wizard's attack, on top of its innate Holy affinity.
Rank 4: On a Critical Hit, a miracle occurs. Roll 2 crit cards, OR force a standard Critical Hit against a target who would have otherwise dodged.
Rank 5: On a Divine, a greater miracle occurs. Even if the attack misses, a status effect is caused depending on the element added, at the highest Severity permissible. If the target is fully immune, instead roll 2 crit cards.(Holy Only: Reverse, Fire: Burning, Water: Soak, Ice: Freeze, Plant: Infest, Wind: Knockback, Earth: Clod, Thunder: Shock)

Name: Great Mammoth (Earth)

Either a mammoth just crushed your car, or your mother in law got a hair cut.

Description: A massive creature, dwarfing the elephants that eventually evolved from their ancient line and even larger than the mundane Wooly Mammoths that lost their connection to Gaia.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity II
Hp: 4000*Rank
Attack: Mighty Tusk - 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +800. Can strike two targets.
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank)
Special: A Great Mammoth's amazing bulk renders it immune to light ranged weapons (pistols, bows, crossbows) and allows it to be used as cover.
Rank 1: The Mammoth is summoned with riding and packing gear, allowing it to carry 10+(Rank*2) units of stuff. A 'unit' is one person or 500 pounds.
Rank 2: The mammoth can make a charging attack, which has a one-round cooldown after being used. This strikes up to Rank targets for normal Tusk damage and has a Suppress style effect; If the initial dodge doesn't physically move the target out of the area, they will be struck for half damage anyway by tremors, flying rocks, and blubber.
Rank 3: The Mammoth gains 300*Rank Soak versus melee and Ranged damage that its Special doesn't protect it from.
Rank 4: The sheer size, weight, and toughness of the Mammoth's feet allows it to cross most dangerous terrain without trouble, and renders it immune to any physically-induced status effect of Rank Severity or lower.
Rank 5: No non-magical ranged attack short of an anti-vehicle weapon will harm the Great Mammoth's yards of leather skin and muscle.

Name: Motavian Sand Worm (Earth)

The farmers carry out their duties, ignoring that they could be eaten just as easily as their crops.

Description: A creature of impossible length and not too shabby thickness, its cylindrical form at least 10 feet in diameter and of unmeasurable length. It is extremely rare to see it's great, toothy maw and its almost identical tail end at the same time, and its hide is thick and rubbery, in what few spots one can see through the coating of cracked earth and mucus.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity II
Hp: 2000*Rank
Attack: Chomp - 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank)+. Can only dodge while underground.
Special: At the start of each round, the Sand Worm is considered to be underground and can't be easily attacked until it emerges to strike.
Rank 1: Instead of attacking, the Sand Worm can spend its turn lacing the ground below with unstable tunnels, creating sinkholes above. On a critically failed dodge, an enemy will accidentally trigger one, giving itself [Off-Guard] of Severity * Rank. In sandy terrain, this can be preformed as a direct Sneak Attack that does no damage, but causes the status if it works. The Trap version persists until triggered, and only one can exist at a time.
Rank 2: The worm gains the agility of mind and body to snake around the battlefield, striking up to Rank separate targets with its basic Chomp.
Rank 3: Engulf - Rolls twice at 1s6+(5*rank). If both succeed, 1d(Rank) hits of normal damage are calculated, and the target is removed from the field until the end of the round, when it pops out the other end of the worm and can take its actions. Every second hit is Earth type, Magical damage, and the rest are unsoakable Acid. A single success causes a single count of regular damage.
Rank 4: The Worm grows wider, able to use its Engulf attack on Rank/2 targets. Round up to 3 at rank 5 but down otherwise.
Rank 5: The worm's already acute tremor sense is refined to frightening levels. An earthbound target that moves from its spot, even unwillingly, or a flying target knocked to the ground, rolls Flatfooted to avoid the Worm's attacks.

Name: Dwarven Bard (Fire)

“I dunnae usually do this sober, but let me sing you the 458 verses of Olad the Brave.” – Famous Last Words.

Description: An unusually presentable Dwarf, standing the usual three foot six, with a gut that extends nearly as far outward. His blazing red hair, head and beard alike, are gathered in complicated, ancestral braids with the occasional band of jewel and precious stone. Its clothes are practical yet showy, and the small drum he carries keeps tempo with an uncannily deep thrum.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity II
Hp: 4000*Rank
Attack: 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800. A Dwarven Bard will be coaxed to attack if his music is insulted, his summoner is attacked. It will never use its special abilities on a turn where either of these things happen.
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank)
Special: The Dwarven Bard's baseline provides a +(3*Rank) bonus to Perform checks for dwarves, dwarflikes, and sentient creatures strongly tied to Earth or Fire.
Synergy: Instead of going Berserk, a Dwarven Bard who drinks dwarven ale will ignore everything and continue playing.
The steady beat of a Dwarven Bard's song adds a flat +5 to all Dwarven Engineers' efforts.
Rank 1: The steady beat of a Dwarven Bard's song adds Rank/2 to a target's combo roll (round up; 1d6 becomes 1d6+1, etc). This cannot push a combo past its max hits, and will not activate a Mystic Arte.
Rank 2: The Bard affects Rank allied targets at a time.
Rank 3: Removes the restriction of the Rank 1 ability to push a combo past its max hits.
Rank 4: The infectious beat of the Bard's song will have one singing along whether they like it or not. This steady cadence lowers the charge time of spells by 1 Round.
Rank 5: The primal beat of the Bard's song inspires even single-hit attacks to roll a combo of 1d2. This applies to normal attacks, cleave/sweep attacks, or Power Attacks. This doesn't stack with the Rank 1 ability.

Name: Magma Elemental (Fire)

When the fire spirits went to war, they donned their armor as would any other being.

Description: An unnerving figure of fire and molten rock peers out of obsidian armor at least a foot thick, the inside of which is still trying valiantly to melt where it floats in contact with the incredibly heat of the Elemental's liquid body. The plates of pitch black stone are run with glowing red cracks, and float in odd chunks that don't seem connected to anything. It's hard to tell if the liquid is keeping the armor in place or vice versa.
Init: 70*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity III
Hp: 3000*Rank
Attack: 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The bottom Rank*5% roll of any attack aimed at the Elemental will miss automatically.
Rank 1: On a successful application of the Elemental's special ability, the attacking weapon comes into contact with the creature's molten body and is damaged as if by a Called Shot to that weapon using its full attack power. In the case of Martial Arts or natural weapon usage, this also damages the attacker.
Rank 2: The Elemental can shoot off a piece of its armor for an attack at 1s6+(6*rank). The creature's Physical and Magical Soak are added to the damage. This costs 500 HP.
Rank 3: When hit by a Fire attack, the Elemental will null the damage and gain double attack power for one round. When hit by an explicitly Lava or Earth attack, the elemental is healed.
Rank 4: When hit by an Ice attack, the Elemental takes half damage and gains 1000 Physical and Magical Soak per Rank until hit with Fire. This slows its Dodge to 1s5+(3*rank). Its rank 3 ability now lasts until it is hit with Ice.
Rank 5: The Elemental can be fed a piece of armor, and henceforth will be wearing it when summoned. The armor is reduced to useless scrap if unequipped, but can be replaced by another armor. Enhancements to Strength or Spirit provided by the armor are fed directly to the Elemental's base attack of Damage +1500.
The Golem now absorbs any physical ranged attack that is dodged by its Special.

Name: Dread Pirate (Water)

Not all who follow the ways of the water dwell beneath its surface.

Description: A ragged specimen of humanity that has no business being as tough or strong as his barely-fed form implies. The cords of muscle and leather-tanned flesh however have been brined by the sea and scarred by his prey in great, equal measure. His ragged clothes were probably the very height of Victorian fashion and quality before he wore them for a year straight without bathing. It is said that the Dread Pirate is not even really alive, and his visage a mask hiding even greater horror... But surely this is just the paranoid superstition of frightened merchants, right?
Depending on the Summoner, the Dread Pirate will sometimes appear as a dashingly handsome man all in black, with a leather domino mask and a black bandana covering his head. This version is more eloquent, but no less terrifying. Instead of using a Flintlock, it gains an obscenely fast lunging thrust that completely cancels out Capo Ferro. It is identical in every other way to the Flintlock, and cannot be Blocked unless the target can Block bullets.
Init: 70*Rank
Element: Water Affinity II
Hp: 2500*Rank
Attack: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s6+(6*rank) Block, 1s5+(5*rank) Dodge
Special: The Dread Pirate grants a +(3*Rank) bonus to Intimidation checks VS naval officers, merchants, and pirates.
Rank 1: The Pirate gains the use of a very large flintlock pistol, making a single attack at +800 damage at range. This can only be used every other round.
Rank 2: The Pirate's swordplay grants 1d(Rank) hits on a non-gun attack.
Rank 3: On a successful Block, the Pirate can counter with a half combo (round up) or a Flintlock shot, if it isn't on cooldown.
Rank 4: The Pirate's swordplay is so masterful that a Block cannot even be attempted unless the target's Reaction/Shield skill is 6 or higher. Gun attacks become Unsoakable.
Rank 5: On full Combo hits, the Pirate can make a Gun attack that stands outside the 'every other round' rule.

Name: Penguin Legion (Water)

We assumed they were cute animals and we were Her Majesties superior navy. That was our mistake.

Description: A mob of adorable penguins, each of which wears a single accoutrement of proper naval wear, seemingly a single full uniform that they all share. It's stupidly cute.
Init: 25*Rank
Element: Water Affinity III
Hp: 1000*Rank
Attack: Slushball/Rock - 1s5+((5*rank) + Penguin Number), Damage +800. (Nonlethal, nonsoakable)
Dodge: 1s5+((5*rank) + Penguin Number)
Special: 1d5 are summoned if in a watery or snowy environment. Can absorb Warrior Penguins into its swarm, each contributing its Attack, Dodge, and HP to the Legion. Warrior Penguin HP is 'lost' first, as are the Warriors themselves. More than 3 Penguins is enough to Suppress.
Rank 1: On spawn, one of the penguins is promoted to Captain! Good show. The Captain can only be targetted with a Called Shot, increases the Dodge of the troop by +2*Rank, and counts as two Legionairres.
Rank 2: Special training enhances the Severity of the Legion's Suppressing Fire to (Rank).
Rank 3: The penguins are equipped with snowball-shooting muskets carved from ice. This is both adorable, and increases the Legion's attack to Damage +1000 per Legionaire. This does not apply to Warriors absorbed by the Legion.
Rank 4: Snow Fortress - In a snowy or watery environment, can build a wall with HP equal to that of the Legion, Warriors included. The wall takes triple damage from fire, and while its durability is spotty at best, it still counts as Cover. Ranged normal attacks and Water or Ice spells can be slung from this cover at no penalty by firing through cute little archer slits.
Rank 5: The maximum number of Legionaires is always summoned. If Penguin Warriors are summoned, the number of them called is doubled, though the total number of them cannot go past 100.

Name: Zuu (Wind)

"Its shadow devoured us all. A shape of impossible size, a hundred men long, all feathers and wind and fury. And then, we saw the other wing..."

Description: A terrifyingly large bird, with wings that blot out the sun in a fair area below it. Its plumage varies by the will of the summoner, but it sports a vaguely crow-like body shape, with a great hooked beak and razor sharp claws twice the size of a man's arm. Every flap of its wings threatens to brew a storm.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity II
Hp: 3500*Rank
Attack: 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank)
Special: At the start of each round, the Zuu makes an Attack check. The result becomes a DC that any ranged attack must pass to go through. Bullets and projectile magic are simply knocked off course, while thrown weapons, arrows, and other slower moving attacks will be thrown back at the user.
Rank 1: On command, the Zuu can buffet all foes with a 1s6+(5*rank) Wind attack dealing +800 damage and causing Knockback at a severity equal to Rank.
Rank 2: The Zuu can carry Rank allies. Any ally carried by the Zuu is immune to its Special, able to use ranged attacks with impunity.
Rank 3: With a 5%*Rank chance, against a foe no larger than Giant 3, drags the enemy into the sky with either attack. They are held helpless, if untargettable, for one round and then dropped for an instant repeat to the damage caused by the initial hit. Allies on the Zuu's back can still target the captured enemy.
Rank 4: Instead of simply dropping foes when it picks them up, the Zuu preforms a divebombing bird-suplex that targets all enemies for its base damage.
Rank 5: On a successful Pickup that deals one fifth of the target's current HP, the Zuu skips the drop attack and instead simply takes the foe home to eat. One round later, the Zuu returns, carrying anything valuable the unfortunate victim had to dutifully give it to her Summoner.

Name: Sylph (Wind)

The spring breeze is in her smile. Summer squalls in her passion. Autumn leaves in her dance. But that laugh, at the sight of a new toy... That is the howl of Winter.

Description: A creature so lithe and slight that without the glow of magic and the dancing cloak of air it would be hard to tell she was there. Its mischief-laden smile is all that can usually be seen through the tornadic green wind and her own green hair being carried on it.
Init: 100*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity III
Hp: 1500*Rank
Attack: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +500
Dodge: 1s6+(6*rank)
Special: The attacks of the Sylph frustrate and confuse their targets, dealing little damage but causing a lot of irritation. A target struck by the Sylph must target it on its next attack.
Rank 1: The Sylph gains one reroll of an attack.
Rank 2: The Sylph gains one reroll of a dodge. These carry over even between summonings of different Sylph, and are renewed only at the end of the mission.
Rank 3: A target that misses an attack against a Sylph is inflicted with [Fury] at Severity*Rank. This lasts until the target manages to hit the Sylph.
Rank 4: The wily Sylph can dodge literally anything, taking only a -2*Rank penalty when it would otherwise not be allowed a dodge at all.
Rank 5: The Sylph can sacrifice itself to imbue an ally with +1000 Dexterity for 10 rounds. If the Sylph was taunting or Angering someone at the time, they must attack the 'blessed' ally now instead of the Sylph.

Name: Stone Sentinel (Neutral)

When we said the very rocks of this fortress would defend us to the last, we weren’t being metaphoric.

Description: A creature much like a golem, but rather than unworked stones floating in a semi-humanoid mass, the Stone Stone sentinel is composed of carefully chosen chunks of prime limestone and granite, built together with mortar, bricks, and chains. Standing easily 10 feet tall, it resembles a headless, empty suit of armor in motion, but at rest takes the shape of a battlement, rather resembling a giant stone rook when it isn't attached to a castle.
Init: 40*Rank
Element: Nonelemental
Hp: 8000*Rank
Attack: Can't Attack innately
Dodge: Can't Dodge
Special: Rank/2 (Round Up) allies can take shelter inside the Sentinel as long as it stands in one place. They can only be targeted with a Called Shot, and attacks will otherwise default to hitting the Sentinel itself. They can likewise only attack with psionics, magic, and ranged attacks as if by Called Shots. If the Sentinel moves, they must take another action to clamper back inside it.
Rank 1: The Sentinel, if inflicted with any buff, innately passes that buff along to those inside it. This won't function for Buffs with Severity greater than the Sentinel's Rank, and this won't allow buffs to stack if they wouldn't normally.
Rank 2: The sentinel gains Soak and Magical Soak equal to 500*Rank. If these values are higher than those of the 'protected' allies, they will magically overwrite them even on a successful Called Shot.
Rank 3: The Sentinel gains a cannon attack, dealing +1250 damage with a roll of 1s5+(5*rank). This cannon can instead by operated by anyone with Heavy Weapon proficiency.
Rank 4: The Sentinel's Physical Soak doubles.
Rank 5: Allies inside the Sentinel can attack normally as long as the target is in range, as the tower's magical arrow slits open and close at the moment of attack.

Name: Metalloid Soul Hound (Neutral)

Telling a machine it can’t have a soul is like telling an errant child it can’t have a cookie. It doesn’t stop them from taking one when you aren’t looking.

Description: A sleek construct of silvery-green metal, with four legs and a pair of thin arms jutting from its 'neck'. At the end are two clawed hands, which twine their fingers at times to resemble the face of a dog. While it is called a 'hound' and bears roughly the face of one, its body is more like that of a hunting cat, and the visible wires of its mechanical body pulse with green energy, while numerous tubes pump something through it that one can only hope isn't blood.
Init: 60*Rank
Element: Nonelemental
Hp: 3000*Rank
Attack: 1s5+(5*rank), Damage +800
Dodge: 1s5+(5*rank)
Special: The Soulhound can choose to damage a target's MP instead of HP by halving its damage. A target reduced to 0 MP, or hit with this attack while at 0 MP, is 'marked' to have its soul collected by the Soulhound on death.
Rank 1: The Soulhound gains a +2*Rank bonus to attacking any foe it has 'marked'.
Rank 2: The Soulhound can harvest [Rank] Souls at once on its turn.
Rank 3: The Soulhound can 'dodge' single-target magic aimed at it, or by taking a Cover action with its turn. On a success, it gathers the attack into its mouth, adding 1/5th the damage of the spell, its full MP cost, or the Severity of its status *250, whichever applies. At any time, the Soulhound can create an Ether that recovers MP equal to its current 'cache'.
Rank 4: On a Critical Hit to the target's MP, they are Marked instantly regardless of MP total after the fact. Critical Hit rate is multiplied by [Rank] after the Hound has gotten a taste of the target.
Rank 5: The Soulhound innately damage HP and MP at the same time when attacking.
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Re: Creature Summons


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Level 5

Name: Dark Elemental (Dark)
A creature of destruction, wrought and wrapped in it.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. Dark elementals tend to take the form of a sheet of darkness, within which one can see leering faces that don't last long enough to be sure they were really there.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity III
HP: 2500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: Half the damage done by a Dark Elemental or any of its abilities is subtracted from the target's Max HP. It cannot be healed without proper medical attention or high level Clerical spells.
Rank 1: On a Critical hit, the Dark Elemental deals Rank% of the target's remaining HP as bonus damage, instead of a crit card.
Rank 2: On a Divine hit, the Dark Elemental deals Rank% of the target's max HP as bonus damage, instead of a crit card.
Rank 3: The Elemental heals by the amount it saps from the target's Max HP.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Dark and Shadow aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: The Elemental's full damage is subtracted from the target's Max HP, and not even medical attention and rest will recover it. The target is literally scarred for life, with only the most powerful of Clerical spells recovering the damage. If the Elemental strikes an already dead target, it crystallizes, negating its Upkeep Cost; The first attack it makes will deal double damage at the cost of its life.
All crystallized Dark Elementals remaining at the end of a mission will transform into a single Dark Barrier or Voidstrike Accessory of Phazite quality, for 1 or 2 Crystals.

Name: Hellhound (Dark)
Not all dogs go to Heaven...

Description: A dog with fur blacker than black and eyes that peer out of it like embers in a bed of coals. Along its spine is a vividly red crest of hair that stands tall and spiky, glowing just like its eyes and giving the impression of a flame. Its teeth and claws resemble rotted bone, but are stronger than any steel and red hot to the touch.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity III
HP: 3000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank)
Special: The Hellhound's attack can be freely considered Dark aligned, Fire aligned, both, or neither at the behest of the Summoner.
Rank 1: The hound awakens to its nature as a shepherd of Hell, developing a taste for those who have escaped death. This grants a +4*Rank bonus To Hit Undead targets or those who have been Revived, with a +500 damage boost.
Rank 2: [Rank] hounds are summoned at a time, though all but the 'Alpha' are considered Rank 1.
Rank 3: The hound's herding instincts expand to chasing down wandering demons. The Rank 1 boost now applies when attacking Demons.
Rank 4: The hound can sacrifice itself to drag another Dark type summon back whence it came. This is done as a standard attack, followed by a Magic attack check by the summoner. The Level of the summon must be lower than the Rank of the hound, plus 1 per additional hound sacrificed.
Rank 5: The hound reaches its hunting apex, becoming... Proactive in its pursuits. Its Rank 1 and 3 bonuses now applies to anyone or anything with Dark affinity.

Name: Holy Elemental (Holy)
We thought it was the light at the end of the dark cave tunnel -- we were wrong.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to take the form of pearly spheres, from the center of which radiates a chaotic flow of prismatic beams of light.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity III
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank)
Maximum 'Shine': 1000*Rank*Rank
Special: Half the damage done by a Holy Elemental is added to its 'Shine' stat, which it uses for various abilities.
Rank 1: For 500 Shine, the Elemental can cure one target by (damage+1000) HP. This can be done multiple times in one action of the elemental has enough Shine. IF this is cast on another Holy Elemental, the first will wink out and transfer its collected Shine to the other.
Rank 2: For 1000 Shine, the Elemental can perform an extra attack this round at half Accuracy. The Elemental does not gain Shine in any round it does this.
Rank 3: For 5000 Shine, the Elemental can use its turn to burn away any status below Terminal on one target. This can be done multiple times in one action if the elemental has enough Shine.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Holy and Light aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: When it hits maximum Shine, the Elemental can crystallize, negating its Upkeep cost but disallowing its Normal Attack. The Elemental can spend 25,000 Shine to completely recover a single target even from death, destroying itself in the process.
All crystallized Holy Elementals remaining at the end of a mission will transform into a single Holy Barrier/Luminastrike/Augmented Casting Accessory of Phazite quality, for 1, 2, or 3 Crystals.

Name: Feral Archon (Holy)
The king of kings of beasts. The lord of lords of the jungle.

Description: Creatures that come in many shapes and sizes, said to dwell on the celestial plane as a sort of template for worldly animals. Easily twice the size of even the largest of their counterparts, they are angelic in appearance, with purest white fur and features of gold and silver depending on species; A stag's horns, or a lion's mane.
Initiative: 65*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity II
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The Feral Archon adds +5*rank to Intimidate checks VS evil beast-like creatures, and a +5*rank to Beast Training or Diplomacy checks VS good beast-like creatures. Either will function on nonsentient, nonmagical beasts.
Rank 1: The Feral Archon gains access to 1 'Beast Power' trait of the Animal race. At level 3, the Archon can have 2 such Feats, and at 5 the Archon can have 3 such Feats. All damage dealing traits apply their multiplier to the Feral Archon's base attack. Movement speed traits grant the Archon an innate 'Athletics' level equal to the Summoner's magic skill level, while 'Trailblazer' grants the Archon a Tracking skill of the Summoner's magic skill level. 'Tough Hide' grants natural, physical armor equal to half the Archon's base damage.
Rank 2: The Feral Archon can be summoned at Giant 1. At Rank 4, the Feral Archon can be summoned at Giant 2.
Rank 3: The Summoner gains 1 'Favorite' archon form per Rank. The Archon's Diplomacy/Beast Training bonus is doubled against creatures of the same species, while its Intimidate check is doubled against creatures that species would naturally prey on.
Rank 4: The Feral Archon stokes a primitive, forgotten fear in those of beastkin. The Archon's special now applies even to sentient beastmorphs, creatures that only have beastlike qualities, or mutant creatures formed by arcane or scientific tinkering, as if they were fully a lowly fourlegged animal. In short, if it so much as has antlers, it's considered a deer.
Rank 5: The Feral Archon can 'bless' mundane and lesser versions of their own species, bringing them to the pinnacle of health and beastly strength. This ability is granted to any number of creatures matching the current species of the Feral Archon, either willingly or by a Diplomacy/Beast Training check, and can only be granted to 'Favorite' species. Blessed beasts function as a Feral Archon under the Summoner's command, of Rank 3 but without the Rank Bonuses (The 3 applies only to base stats). Once converted, these deputy archons fight to the death, costing no MP to maintain.

Name: Fire Elemental (Fire)
When we stared down into the pit of lava, we didn't expect something to look back up at us.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to take the form of drippy figures, humanoid only in the roughest sense of the word, with glowing embers for eyes. As chaotic as flame, they can also appear as simply disembodied sparks, called 'will o wisps', or if they're feeling good humored, as jack-o-lanterns.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity III
HP: 4000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: 1/10 of the Fire Elemental's damage is done to the target's Physical Armor, not counting natural soak. Robots can be pushed into the negatives by this.
Rank 1: A Critical hit causes Mild Burn.
Rank 2: A Divine hit causes Moderate Burn, which also triggers the Elemental's Melt on every tic.
Rank 3: The Elemental heals by the amount it saps from the target's Soak.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Fire aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If a Fire Elemental strikes the 'final blow' on a target's Armor, it crystallizes, negating its Upkeep cost until it attacks, which will strike all targets for normal damage, Acute Burning, and a charge of Melt. This destroys the Elemental.
Each crystallized Fire Elemental remaining at the end of combat will transform into a fire-damage Semtex Grenade Mk 1.

Name: Bomb Prince (Fire)
The prince glumly dreamed of ascension
From his humble place, eight in succession
When from dear brothers room, came an earthshaking boom
and he cheered “Now I'm just number seven!”
- A popular limerick among Bomb enthusiasts

Description: A Bomb of royal pedigree, smaller than most but making up for it with ridiculous, overblown garb. It wears a conical hat as tall as itself, with a vivid red puff at the tip, and a princely robe adorned with carefully fireproofed filigree.
Initiative: 1
Element: Fire Affinity II
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
---Self Destruct: Basic Attack + (1000 * Rage Counters) damage. Reaction DC to avoid is Rank*40, plus half of the Summoner's Awareness bonus.
Defense Roll: The Bomb Prince always Braces.
Special: For every hit the Bomb Prince takes, it gains one Rage Counter. When it attacks, there is a 10% chance per Rage that the prince will explode, multiplying its damage and number of targets by the number of Counters it had at the time.
Rank 1: Marry In - The Bomb Prince can absorb the spirit of a defeated or willing Fire Elemental enemy of up to Fire Affinity [Rank] or conjured by a magic of up to Spell Level Rank. A creature, so absorbed, grants half it's Affinity level in Rage Counters (Round Up). This is a full round action by the Bomb.
Rank 2: Cease Fire - The Bomb absorbs Fire attacks, healing by 10% per Rank of the spell's full damage.
Rank 3: Mutually Assured Destruction - The Bomb Prince can now be deployed as a timebomb, gaining 1 Rage Counter per round but not gaining any from being struck. It has no actual turn, but rolls its self destruct chance every time it's hit. In this form, its inevitable explosion has doubled area of effect and may severely damage structures and vehicles. The Prince cannot move when summoned this way, but can be picked up and moved... Though the slightest jostle provokes a Rage counter check.
Rank 4: The Bomb Prince, once it reaches 10 Rage Counters or more, can continue to exist without the Summoner spending MP by instead spending one of them per round. He can also 'Endure' death by spending one to remain at 1 HP, this doable twice at Rank 4 and three times at Rank 5. This is not an option on a Self Destruct.
Rank 5: If slain before it naturally explodes, the Prince will now roll its Rage chance automatically on death. On a success, it will counter the attack that killed it by exploding, even if the final blow was made at range.

Name: Water Elemental (Water)
To some, it is a holy thing, blessed and ephemeral as the passing of seasons; to others, it is the harbinger of hard times.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to appear as prisms of floating ice, giving off a cold mist. Curious as the deep, they may also appear as beautiful women made of endlessly flowing water.
Initiative: 60*Rank
Element: Water Affinity III
HP: 3500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1d6+(5*rank)
Special: The Elemental's 'purifying' waters scrub even magic out of objects, dealing 1/10th of the elemental's damage to the target's Magical Soak from armor or accessories. If it reaches zero, it may at the GMs discretion start destroying enchantments placed on those things.
Rank 1: On a Critical Hit, the elemental cancels all buffs on the target.
Rank 2: On a Divine hit, the Elemental cancels all buffs on the enemy party, and inflicts Terminal Soak.
Rank 3: Enhances the Elemental's armor-scrubbing effect to 1/8th per hit.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Water/Ice aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: Enhances the Elemental's armor-scrubbing effect to 1/6th per hit. If a Water Elemental strikes the 'final blow' on a target's Armor, it crystallizes, negating its Upkeep cost until it attacks, which will strike all targets for normal damage, Mild Freeze and Mild Soak. This destroys the Elemental.
Each crystallized Water Elemental remaining at the end of combat will transform into a Remedy Beta.

Name: Rusalka (Water)
And the winds would cry, and many men would die
And all the waves would bow down to the Loreley...

Description: A questionably wicked spirit of the river, the Rusalka is said to be the ghost of a drowned woman, but may also be a Fae. Rusalka's take the form of incredibly beautiful women, generally naked or close to it, perhaps draped in seaweed or a stubbornly clinging starfish. Like a Dryad, this beauty is potent enough to hide the quiet 'wrongness' of her appearance... Pale, cold flesh, waterlogged hair, and those unmoving, unseeing eyes...
Initiative: 60*Rank
Element: Water Affinity III
HP: 3000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The Rusalka can make Seduction checks using her base attack roll, with a bonus +4 per Rank. As long as the target has a healthy libido and appreciates the female form, this is usable even if common sense says otherwise, such as against openly hostile enemies. Once it fails, however, it cannot be retried. A success Charms the target, though the greedy Rusalka will demand her new thrall spend half its turns indulging her affections; She will likewise spend half of her actions giving them. The target can recheck its Speechcraft any time he wastes a turn in this way.
Particularly 'odd' looking races may be immune to this effect. Elves for example are close enough to human, dwarves may not be, and Orcs are right out.
Rank 1: The Rusalka can 'attack' Charmed targets with a kiss, which deals half damage, recovers the amount of damage it does as HP, and doesn't 'shake off' the Charm status.
Rank 2: If the Rusalka's attack leaves the target with 5%*Rank of the HP it had before said attack (Or kills them), she will instantly drag him into the depths of the Elemental Plane of Water, never to be seen again. This desummons the Rusalka, and the Summoner can instruct her not to do it. (She will pout.) A target 'taken' this way is not truly dead and thus cannot be revived.
A Summoner can hold one person defeated this way essentially hostage per Rank, by resummoning the Rusalka that took them; Targets taken over this limit are lost.
Rank 3: The Rusalka's attack damage becomes +1500 against foes that her Charm effect has failed against.
Rank 4: The Rusalka can, begrudgingly, take more ... Exotic forms. On Summoning, the Rusalka's race is decided by the caller, and her Special ability can be used on that race. Only sentient species are eligible, and of no more than twice the size of a human.
Rank 5: A target 'taken' by the Rusalka is essentially brainwashed, afflicted permanently with Charm even if they passed the check against her Special. If they were already Charmed, the status is upgraded to permanent Manipulate. The maximum capacity of the Summoner's Rusalka Harem is still enforced.

Name: Earth Elemental (Earth)
Certain sects worship these elementals as the sacred force that ties men to the land, and they give thanks to the elementals for rich soil and good harvests.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They can appear as golems with uncannily flowing joints of solid rock, or as simply a single 'main' stone orbitted by belts of smaller rocks and dust.
Initiative: 40*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity III
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank) dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) block(physical, Melee)
Special: The Earth Elemental has 400*Rank Physical Soak. On a successful Block of a physical, melee attack, the weapon is degraded by 50*Rank damage, blunted on the unforgiving stone of the elemental's impervious hide.
Rank 1: On a Critical Defense, the Elemental's weapon degrading effect is doubled, in addition to the counter.
Rank 2: Critical Defense rate is multiplied by [Rank].
Rank 3: The Earth Elemental can, (Rank-2) times per round, Cover an ally by beating the attack with a Block check.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Earth/Plant aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If the Earth Elemental reduces a weapon to 0 damage, it absorbs the pieces and crystallizes, cancelling its Upkeep. Its Soak becomes both physical and Magical while crystallized, and it can take no action except Blocking.. At the end of combat it transforms into a chunk of the same material used in the weapon it absorbed.

Name: Ochu (Earth)
On the other hand, no one in their right mind worships an Ochu.

Description: A patently bizarre creature from head to toe, with a huge, onion-shaped body of layered green leaves. A flower more beautiful than it deserves sits atop its head, while what can only be called a tutu of pink petals surround its middle. It has stubby leglike extensions sprouting from below, and a long tentacle from the left and right, each ending in a large red club covered in barbs. Its 'torso' is almost entirely mouth.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity II
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The Ochu can preform a less... Volatile version of its bizarre pollen dance, as a Perform check of 1s4+(5*rank). This draws income as normal, and stirs unusually potent emotions in onlookers, leading them to joy, calm, or frenzy. The dance's effects are especially potent against an Earth aligned audience.
Rank 1: The Ochu preforms a strange dance which scatters pollen everywhere. This deals half damage to [Rank] targets, and the Summoner rolls [Rank]d6. On a 1, struck targets are inflicted with Mild Blind for 3 Rounds. This is rolled for 'special' dances as well.
Rank 2: The Ochu's Dance, on a 2, inflicts Moderate Confusion for 3 Rounds. The Ochu's basic attack now strikes Rank/2 targets (Round Up).
Rank 3: The Ochu's Dance, on a 3, inflicts Acute Slow for 3 Rounds. The Ochu can preform a focused dance. Instead of striking [Rank] targets, it hits 1d[Rank] times. Any status rolled lasts 5 rounds instead of 3.
Rank 4: The Ochu's Dance, on a 4, inflicts Chronic Silence for 3 Rounds. The Ochu can preform a wild dance, doubling the number of targets but dealing no damage.
Rank 5: The Ochu's Dance, on a 5, inflicts Terminal Sleep for 3 Rounds. The Ochu can do a healing dance, recovering 40% of all target's HP while any status inflicted is Reversed (Blind penalty becomes a positive, Confusion becomes Moderate Anger, Acute Slow becomes Acute Haste, Silence becomes Triple, and Sleep becomes Mild Sleep + Chronic Regen)

Name: Air Elemental (Wind)
Being an elemental of the air, and the pure breezes that blow through the world. The wind carries fragrance, the seeds of flowers and trees, yet it can also spread fire, and pestilence.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to appear as a small, greenish whirlwind with an open end on both sides instead of just the top, or as a half-formed fairy.
Initiative: 90*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity III
HP: 2500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank) dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) Deflect (Ranged, Physical)
Special: On a successful Deflection of a ranged, Physical attack, the projectile is hurled back toward the attacker using the Air Elemental's To-Hit roll.
Rank 1: On a Critical Deflection, add +500 damage to the weapon thrown back.
Rank 2: On a Divine Deflection, add +1000 damage to the weapon thrown back.
Rank 3: Deflection now applies to Wind magic, Lightning magic at Rank 4, and Fire/Water Magic at Rank 5.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Wind/Lightning aligned spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If the Elemental successfully Deflects magic, it crystallizes, doubling its Deflection bonus but preventing it from acting. It can sacrifice itself to test its Deflection score against a ranged physical, wind, lightning, fire, or ice attack that would otherwise strike the entire party, preventing the damage and hurling it back at the caster.
Any crystallized Wind Elementals remaining at the end of combat transform into a Fog Grenade Mk 1.

Name: Thunder Elemental (Wind)
A wind elemental that travels too swiftly may find itself transmogrified into this curious new form. They rarely mind, and are often eager to try out their new abilities. Then other people mind.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. It tends to appear as a spikey-headed yellow creature riding atop a pitch black cloud that ripples with lightning, peering over the side of it.
Initiative: 50*Rank
Element: Wind Afinity III
HP: 3000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: The Thunder Elemental's attacks cause sharp pulses of electromagnetic energy, wreaking havoc on electronics. This deals half the Elemental's damage to the "MP" of a mechanical being or Transhuman. Once it hits zero, Mechanical Augments or passive abilities may start failing at the GMs discretion.
Rank 1: On a Crit, the Elemental heals by the amount of MP it drains. Excess MP is passed on to the Summoner.
Rank 2: On a Divine, the Elemental's attack completely shuts down a mechanical being or a transhuman's augments for one round.
Rank 3: 1/50 the Elemental's MP damage is fed to the Summoner or an allied machine. This ability takes a turn to activate.
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Ether/Technomancy spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If the Elemental reduces a target's MP to 0, it crystallizes, rooting it in place and cancelling its Upkeep cost. It can still make normal attacks on random enemy targets, but cannot use its Rank 1-3 Abilities. Instead, it constantly puts off an aura of EMP.
Any crystallized Thunder Elementals at the end of combat will transform into a battery which acts as a Gamma Ether for any machine.

Name: Nova Elemental (Neutral)
A flickering wisp of everything and nothing which exudes pure power. The living paradox of a nonelemental Elemental is as fascinating as any to sage and scientist alike.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, the Elemental is, like its kin, simply a floating apparition of pure energy. They tend to appear as a blank sphere of energy with an indescribably bland color, not quite white, off-white, or gray, but somewhere in there. It constantly gives off short puffs of ring-shaped energy that emanate from its core.
Initiative: 72*Rank
Element: Nonelemental
HP: 3700*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(5*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank)
Special: When struck with an elemental attack, the Nova Elemental's next [Rank] attacks will mirror that element. Elements cannot be 'stored', and will be instantly overwritten if hit by another attack.
Rank 1: The Elemental takes (1/Rank) damage of the same element it currently is.
Rank 2: On a Critical hit, the Elemental deals Moderate Burning (If Fire), Soak (If Water), Freeze (If Ice), Shock (If Lightning), Confusion (If Wind), Petrify (If Earth), Infest (If Plant), Blind (If Shadow/Light), Zombie (If Dark), or Reverse. All last 1d5 Rounds.
Rank 3: When struck with an elemental attack, the Elemental's next attack will be the opposite of that element. Fire<->Ice/Water, Wind/Lightning<->Earth/Plant, Shadow<->Light, Time<->Force, Holy<->Dark
Rank 4: The Elemental can serve as a focus for the Summoner's spells. By using the turns of both the creature and the summoner, Nonelemental spells can be cast as if at Affinity Level equal to Rank.
Rank 5: If struck by a nonelemental, magic attack, the Nova Elemental crystallizes, gaining permanent Reflect Its rank 3 ability still triggers, but it loses its Rank 1 and 2 skills, relying only on normal attacks. By sacrificing itself, it can shift any Nonelemental spell cast by the Summoner to any element.
At the end of the mission, any remaining crystallized Nova Elementals transform into a single Phazite quality accessory, enchanted with ___ Ward if one or SOS Reflect if two. Roll for the element of the Ward.

Name: Ghost Fencer (Neutral)
'Ghost Fencer', in name only, for it is neither.

Description: The weapon of a consummate duelist or gladiator, given life by the need to continue fighting and winning long after its death. A fitting weapon for such a person, usually a rapier or epee, hovering in midair at an upward tilt fitting a proper fencing stance. It may be held by a ghastly or floating gauntlet, but the sword itself is the true entity.
Initiative: The Ghost Fencer takes the first turn of the round, always.
Element: Nonelemental
HP: 2500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1000
Defense Roll: 1s6+(5*rank) Dodge, 1s6+(6*rank) Block
Special: The Fencer can be "equipped" with a Short Sword, applying half of its damage bonus & to-hit bonus to its attacks.
Rank 1: The Ghost Fencer can choose to forgo its action and focus on riposting attacks. While in this mode, the Fencer counts as [Rank] targets, and instantly counters any successful Block with a single-hit attack.
Rank 2: The Ghost Fencer gains a Combo attack, with 1d(Rank) hits. This is used only on its own turn, not as a counter.
Rank 3: The Ghost Fencer can Block ranged attacks and counter normally, except Shotguns, Assault Weapons, and Rocket/Grenade Launchers.
Rank 4: The Ghost Fencer can Block magic attacks and counter normally.
Rank 5: On a Critical Block or against a Botched attack, the Ghost Fencer will automatically disarm melee attackers with non-natural weapons, or add the damage of a projectile/magic attack to its counter attack damage.
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Re: Creature Summons


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Level 6:

Name: Necrofiend(Dark)
While lichdom is not exactly an honorable or 'pretty' affair, the result of a failed ritual is that much more abominable.

Description: A form of greater undead that hovers in the gray area between the intelligence of vampires and liches, and the mindless destructive impulse of ghouls and zombies. Flickers of thought cross what one can only assume is its face, before burning away into pure hatred. The creature resembles a desiccated human torso wrought of a rust colored metal, with a shawl about the shoulders leading to sleeves that seem to pass for arms. It's high, sloping head comes to a flat top, around which floats a black ring. From the bottom of the torso, a ghostly tail instead of legs, and at the end of its arms, matching hands that seem to project from large, ornate bracers ringed with two more metal rings.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity IV
HP: 4000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), 1s7+(7*rank) Counterspell
Special: While in many ways a failure, the Necrofiend's botched reach for immortality was entirely successful in the arena of not dying. A dead Necrofiend remains on the field as long as it wasn't Banished, killed with Holy damage, or destroyed using techniques designed explicitly to slay undead. The fiend's corpse can be brought back to life as a free action, costing 600 MP. This cost is decreased by 100 MP per Rank, and it returns at 20% HP per Rank. The Upkeep cost of the Necrofiend is divided by Rank while it is in this state.
Rank 1: The Necrofiend's corpse gains a creepy tendency to remain standing, and you'd swear occasionally moving, even when 'dead'. The Fiend's corpse is still a valid target, and even life sensing spells will report that the creature is still alive and a terrible threat. It can take up to twice its HP in damage this way before being obviously damaged enough to no longer pass as a danger.
Rank 2: The Necrofiend's hatred of life comes to a boil. Any enemy that uses Divine, curative, or Druidic magic will incur the creature's wrath, granting it a +1 to Rank per such spell cast. This stacks to a maximum of doubling the Necrofiend's base Rank (or 5, whichever is smaller).
Rank 3: The Necrofiend becomes, even in death, highly volatile with necrotic energy. A Necrofiend's corpse can be detonated by its Summoner by casting any Necromancy, granting +2000 damage to the spell, which bursts from the corpse towards its target. This destroys the corpse.
Rank 4: The Necrofiend regains enough thought process to hate the living even more proactively. Any enemy that uses Divine, curative, or Druidic magic incurs an automatic counter from the Necrofiend. If the spell used healed the one who used it, half of the HP recovered is lost in addition to the Necrofiend's damage, if the counter lands.
Rank 5: The Necrofiend gains an abominable new trick, eagerly taking hold of departing souls. While horrific to endure, this technically prevents 'true' death for a precious round before the soul struggles free, giving allies time to assist.

Name: Master Cultist (Dark)
A dark shepherd at the head of some unusually violent sheep. The Master Cultist holds his initiates in thrall, using words and psychology more ironclad than actual mind control.

Description: Looking much like his underlings, the Master's robes are somewhat more grand, including a muffler of pitch black fur held in place by a broach of purest onyx, set with a ruby. Vivid shades of blood red edge his robes, and his face is hidden entirely by the hood. A golden star floats over his head, slowly spinning.
Initiative: 1
Element: Dark Affinity III
HP: 2000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s4+(4*rank)
Special: The Master can direct 'Cultists of D'ran', up to (Rank) of them. This combines their action into a single attack, using the Master's attack roll and the combined effect of the entire 'Cult' performing the same action. This doesn't take the Master's turn unless the Master's attack is added to it. The newly formed cult becomes a single entity for purposes of MP Upkeep.
Rank 1: When attacked, the total Defense Bonus of all Cultists present is added up and rolled in place of the Master's. At Rank 3, a dying Master will automatically absorb the life of any lesser cultists to restore himself, as long as there is enough HP among them to get out of the negatives.
Rank 2: The Master can spend its turn to have his band of Cultists create an anti-magic wall. The total Defense Bonus of all Cultists, for the round the wall is in place, is rolled against any attempt at casting, negating the spell entirely on a success. The Master's Rank 1 ability doesn't function while a Wall is up.
Rank 3: When 'Cultist of D'ran' is summoned in the presence of a Master, at least 2 will always come. This upgrades to at least 5 at rank 5.
Rank 4: The anti-magic wall is augmented. On a successful dispel, the spell is stolen and redirected however the Master Cultist wishes.
Rank 5: The Master, when the Cultists perform a combined strike, can choose to sacrifice one of them to give the first attack roll an automatic crit. Rate. Sacrificed Cultists cannot be replaced until the end of the mission, enforcing a limit of 4/3/2/1/0 Cultists at a time.

Name: Saint Gestalt (Holy)
A holy apparition created by the faith of many, a Saint can form naturally as the guardian spirit of the specific church that has been around long enough to accumulate that much spiritual pressure. Pulled from the aether by a summoner, it is more likely just a scattering of ghosts that weren't quite holy enough to become Saints alone.

Description: A figure of plain white cloth floating on the breeze. While there doesn't seem to be anything within, the fluttery cloth conforms to a humanoid shape when jostled by the wind or hanging at rest. In rare cases that the cloth crosses the 'head' of the figure, the outline of a nondescript human face can be seen beneath. The sleeves of the robe are always pressed tightly together, and the hood lowered in humble prayer. If summoned by the pious, the creature may take on traits similar to an actual saint of their religion. The Saint smites his or her foes using weapons formed from billowing cloth, which harden to steel when violent intent is necessary.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity III
HP: 3500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s7+(6*rank)
Special: When the Summoner makes a contract with the Gestalt, he picks one other skill that the Saint becomes a 'patron' of. The Summoning skill of the Summoner can be added as an assist bonus to attempts others make that use it, using Spirit. This counts as one of the Summoner's three projects a day, even if the summoner 'helps' themselves this way. If they do so, the assist applies to both of the other two projects they have in that day, and only the Skill bonus is applied.
Rank 1: The Saint can remove a bit of the cloth that makes up its corporeal form, and rest it over the face of a fallen one. This grants the effect of Gentle Repose, preventing the body from decaying, but also prevents the fallen from being revived, as well as having its soul stolen, destroyed, or subverted in any way. This has no effect on damage the target's soul has already taken. One Shroud can exist at a time per Rank of the summon.
Rank 2: Raphael's Love - The Saint becomes the Patron of an Artisan skill; If it is a skill that can create equipment, an Element is chosen as well. Items the Saint helps create can be freely considered Reliquaries of the Summoner's religion, granting 'Strike' or 'Ward' of the chosen element as a natural property if they are equipment, or +500/+100 HP/MP*Rank to healing if they are consumable.
Rank 3: Gabriel's Wisdom - The Saint becomes the Patron of a Magic or Knowledge skill. Spell Learning attempts can be assisted without any bonus to roll, but the Saint's Rank is added to the Levels worth of spells the assisted Mage can learn that week. The Saint passively Assists Knowledge checks made by the Summoner, and can apply itself to Gather Information checks.
Rank 4: Michael's Oath - The Saint becomes the Patron of a Weapon skill. As long as the Saint is called forth, the Summoner adds his or her Summon skill to all attacks made using the chosen weapon.
Rank 5: Saint Gestalts can be combined into a single powerful archon, each additional Saint requiring its full Summoning and Upkeep cost be paid as if it were a seperate entity; The Rank of the Gestalt is increased by one for every additional Saint added, to a maximum of 10.
In addition, choose a Skill supported by the Rank 2, 3, or 4 ability of the Saint. It gains the following enhancement that matches the skill;
OUI Craft - Positive statuses caused or negative statuses cured by the item are increased by +1 Severity.
Equipment Craft - 'Strike' and 'Ward' improved to 'Rend' and 'Barrier'.
Spellcasting - By spending the Saint's turn, The Summoner's Summoning skill is added to the roll result or DC-to-resist of a spell cast in the patron'd school of magic. This effect applies constantly to the Summoner him/herself.
Knowledge - The Crit chance of a Knowledge/Gather Information check made with the Saint's help is enhanced to 20%.
Weapon - The Saint's attacks take on the innate attributes of the Weapon it is the patron of (Notably, a Patron of Knives or Swallows will roll twice when making a normal attack, and a Patron of Fists will roll a 1d3 attack). The Summoner's attacks meanwhile receive a constant -Killer effect as long as they are using the Saint's patron weapon. The type of Killer effect is chosen on hitting Rank 5 and can never be changed.

Name: Abbot of Theron (Holy)
There are three things the wisest fear; A sea in storm. A moonless night. And the anger of a gentle man...
Description: A little old man with a peaceful smile and skin turned to leather by decades training in the hot sun, dressed in practically the same white robe as his initiates with only a small, wooden necklace of Theron's symbol to show his blessed status. Despite his advanced age, the Abbot's frame is hunched not by time but by humility... When he decides to move, it is with just as much speed and strength as any of his younger ken. A golden star floats over his head, spinning slowly.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity IV
HP: 2500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), 1s7+(7*rank) VS Martial Arts and Dark Magic
Special: The attack of the Abbot has a Combo rate equal to the number of 'Initiates of the Holy Order' present. If three are present, he rolls 1d3. This caps at 1d(Rank+2).
Rank 1: The HP of an Abbot and any number of Initiates is added together. They die together or not at all. The HP of an Initiate who sacrifices him/herself for another remains in the 'pool' unless this would put it above its max. If the Abbot leaves play, remaining HP after his is removed is spread evenly among all Initiates.
Rank 2: When 'Initiates of the Holy Order' are summoned, 1d[Rank] of them will arrive. They still cost their full Upkeep cost.
Rank 3: On a full combo of at least three hits, the Abbot performs a Mystic Arte, an open palm strike dealing a single hit at +2500 damage with a 20*Rank% chance of Knockdown.
Rank 4: Paladins and Clerics of Theron count as 1.5 Initiates each for purposes of all above abilities. When summoned, they will also arrive alongside 1d2 'Initiates of the Holy Order'. This enhances to 1d3 at Rank 5.
Rank 5: An 'Initiate of the Holy Order' that strikes a Critical Hit in the presence of the Abbot will be transformed into a Paladin or Cleric of Theron. This effect takes up the Abbot's turn, but affects any number of Initiates.

Name: Firemane (Fire)
An ancient and divine spirit of fire, emphasizing the sacred, lifegiving properties of the element. Driven to rage by mankind's use of flames as weaponry, it appears as an avenger.

Description: A powerful elemental spirit with a regal bearing, taking the form of a great stallion of bright red flames. It's easily twice the size of a mortal warhorse, its already imposing appearance is made to seem even larger by the flames jutting off its head in the shape of horns, and rising from its neck as a high spiked mane.
Initiative: 85*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity IV
HP: 4000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank)
Special: The Firemane can move, at its Athletics level or that of the Summoner's Summoning skill, whichever is higher, in speed. A rider with Fire Affinity of at least (5 - Rank) can sit on the creature's back safely, and it will move unimpeded through anything flammable. Its speed doubles of moving along exceptionally flammable terrain, like an oilslick or a draught-wracked field.
Rank 1: There is a Rank*10% chance per Firemane's normal attack against a gun-wielding enemy of igniting the powder in the weapon. When the enemy tries to fire it, it will instead backfire, dealing its full damage to the wielder. This effect doesn't work on weapons firing on a gauss or otherwise non-powder system, and multiple successes won't stack.
Rank 2: If the Firemane's Special activates, its fury will be briefly sated. Its next action can be used to heal a single target for the amount of damage the backfire caused.
Rank 3: The Firemane can use its turn to turn a 'Burning' effect into a Regen effect of equal Severity. Duration is not affected, and the Firemane takes one count of damage equal to what the Burning would have done per round.
Rank 4: By foregoing the damage of a successful attack, the Firemane can instead roll its 'backfire' chance once for every grenade or fire-type OUI the target has with them. Each success causes one such weapon to detonate.
Rank 5: The Firemane's Rank 1 ability now affects Heavy Weapons, including Flamethrowers and vehicle-mounted weapons. Its Rank 4 ability can now target a land vehicle's supply of missiles or artillery. Standard restrictions apply.

Name: Thermadon (Fire)
A lesser breed of armadillon which has had its natural features optimized by science and magitech. While the temperature near its main body is just short of a molten hell, the area just around its impossibly thermodynamic plating is just slightly chilly. It absorbs up to 50% of all heat, concentrating it into its core for use.

Description: An imposing specimen of Armadon, with a broad, flat body that gives it excellent field presence in a fight. Its rounded, eyeless face resembles a very large, very nasty earthworm of rusty crimson, while its body is covered in coppery armor. Its twin layers of plated carapace are carefully arranged by science rather than happenstance, providing greater coverage with fewer individual plates without sacrificing maneuverability. The outside of the inner row is coated with electrum, while the outer row features a thicker, rusty red metal for greater hardness. The underside of each plate features a three-segment glow of white hot energy.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity III
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6+rank)
Special: Every round the Thermadon doesn't attack, its Rank is increased by 1. This can no more than double its 'actual' Rank. This ability works twice as quickly in extremely hot areas and not at all in extreme cold. Every round it DOES attack, it loses one of these counters.
The boost in Rank does not unlock the special abilities of that Rank; It only alters formulas involving it. Rank 10 is the sole exception to this rule, as it would otherwise be unobtainable.
Rank 1: The Thermadon's shell grows stronger, granting it +250*Rank damage reduction on any Soakable damage source.
Rank 2: The Thermadon recovers 1000*Rank HP per round in any area that isn't exceptionally cold, and 2000*Rank HP per round if in a very hot one.
Rank 3: On any round the Thermadon doesn't attack, it is surrounded by an aura of intense heat. Any who attack it at melee range take half its attack damage automatically.
Rank 4: Any time the Thermadon spends a charged Rank to attack, that attack gains Moderate Burn.
Rank 5: The Thermadon becomes wholly immune to Electric attacks, even if Unsoakable. If struck by one, it gains one counter on its Special trait.
Rank 10: Vulcan Burst – An incredibly powerful attack only performable at full charge. A single unfortunate target is struck for double damage, inflicting Chronic Burn status for 5 rounds.

Name: Piscodaemon (Water)
Very few know where the term 'Piscodaemon' came from. Very few that have fallen victim to one know anything at all.

Description: A water-lurking demon taking the shape of a creepily slender humanoid with an octopus-like creature for a head. Its malevolent eyes peer out from its rounded temple over the four long, suckered tentacles that form its mouth. It generally dresses in extravagant robes befitting an archmage, which cover its body aside from its long, bony fingers that match the rubbery blue of its head. The Piscodaemon is a relative of the Mindflayer, with similar abilities and tendencies, but they are wholly magical creatures rather than psions. It is said that a Mindflayer becomes a Piscodaemon when its mind, by accident or intention, touches that of an elder god that slumbers endlessly beneath the waves.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Water Affinity IV
HP: 3000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank) dodge, 1s7+(7*rank) VS Psionics/Magic
Special: The Piscodaemon's attacks function at +1 Rank for every tentacle latched onto the target. This caps at +4.
Rank 1: The Piscodaemon can make a Tentacle attack at half normal damage on a human-sized, sentient, humanoid target, with Merfolk being the sole exception. On a success, the target rolls Strength against the original Hit Check, and the Daemon rolls 1dRank to determine how many tentacles it latches on with. If the roll puts the number of tentacles higher than 4, the Piscodaemon can immediately take another action targetting the captured foe. Targetting another foe instantly releases the current from all tentacles. A single target cannot be held by more than one Piscodaemon.
Rank 2: Ink - Rolled as a normal attack at half damage, causes Blind for [Rank] rounds, at Acute severity.
Rank 3: Discord - Rolled as a normal attack at 1/10th damage to MP, removes [Rank] Severities' worth of positive status from the target.
Rank 4: Mind Blast - Rolled as a normal attack, dealing no damage. For one round, the target suffers from Berserk and Confusion of [Rank/2] Severity.
Rank 5: Devour - Make an attack against both the target's physical and mental defenses. If both are successful, the target's brain is eaten automatically on the Daemon's next turn, and it learns everything the target brain knew. If the target knew any Standard spells, a random one is chosen from the list, and can be taught by the Piscodaemon or scribed into a Scroll by the Summoner.
The target must be beset by all four of the Piscodaemon's tentacles to use this attack, and it is a heinous thing to do to someone, incurring karmatic backlash on the Summoner if they weren't completely deserving of such a gruesome fate.

Name: Navidon (Water)
A greater species of Armadillon. While naturally occurring, scholars are still trying to figure out how and why such a chilly species would choose to hunt in the cheery fields it calls home. While most armadillon plates absorb or create energy, the Navidon's instead repel and radiate it, keeping the creature practically frozen. It likes to relax in shady areas in a reversed version of a typical lizard's sunbathing tendancies.

Description: A great lizard with a more rounded, froglike face than other Armadons. Its dark purple coloration extends to the outer shells of its triple layers of flanged carapace, curved rectangles of independent armoring that form a phalanx of protection. A cyan crystal sweeps back along the curve of its head and snout, with its eyes matching the color on either side of it.
Initiative: 67*Rank
Element: Water Affinity III
HP: 4750*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank)
Special: Every round the Navidon doesn't attack, its Rank is increased by 1. This can no more than double its 'actual' Rank. This ability works twice as quickly in extremely dark areas and not at all I if it's too bright. Every round it DOES attack, it loses one of these counters.
The boost in Rank does not unlock the special abilities of that Rank; It only alters formulas involving it. Rank 10 is the sole exception to this rule, as it would otherwise be unobtainable.
Rank 1: The Navidon's shell grows stronger, granting it +500 damage reduction on any Soakable damage source.
Rank 2: The Navidon recovers 1000*Rank HP in any climate that isn't exceptionally hot, and 2000*Rank HP in any climate that is exceptionally cold.
Rank 3: Any round the Navidon doesn't attack, its body temperature drastically lowers. If attacked at melee range with a solid weapon, it rolls an attack check against the attacker's roll. On a success, the weapon is frozen to the beast's shell and must be retrieved with a Strength check that beats the initial attack that disarmed it.
Rank 4: Any time the Navidon spends a charged counter to attack, it emits a cool breeze. [Rank] allies recover HP equal to half the damage the attack threatens. If in a very cold climate, this can affect itself, replacing the healing from its Rank 2 ability.
Rank 5: The Navidon becomes wholly immune to Dark or Shadow attacks, even if Unsoakable. If struck by one, it gains one counter on its Special trait.
Rank 10: Frozen Reign – An incredibly powerful attack only performable at full charge. Strikes up to 5 random targets for normal damage, inflicting Mild [Freeze] status. Add 1 to the number of targets to represent a 'whiff' that hits no one. For every additional hit, the Freeze status increases by 1 Severity.

Name: Gigas (Earth)
A Golem or earth spirit that has been touched by Gaia herself evolves into a Gigas, a being much like the Titan that is closest to her heart. Their humble beginnings make them more pliant to human control than their 'older brother', the Titan.

Description: A bulky, humanoid creature with mud-colored flesh stretched tight over rocky crags of muscle. It has an honest, simple face, generally either hairless or sporting a single ponytail or braid of stiff black hair, and gentle white eyes. Those that awaken to vanity wear tribal loincloths and headdresses, but they otherwise go naked, generally in the same way a Ken doll is naked. While usually male in appearance, those that come especially close to Gaia's love have been known to take on a feminine appearance no less monstrously powerful than their male counterparts.
Initiative: 65*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity IV
HP: 5000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank)
Special: On a Critical Hit, the foe is struck with such vicious force that they are afflicted with [Rank] severity of the Clod status.
Rank 1: The Gigas can, instead of punching a foe, strike the ground to produce a shockwave. This only works on earthen terrain, and deals half the Gigas' damage to Rank*3 targets. Only firmly grounded foes can be hit by this shockwave.
Rank 2: When striking a Clodded enemy with a normal attack, the Crit Chance is enhanced by 5% per severity of the Clod status. A successful Crit 'cures' the status, however.
Rank 3: The Gigas can 'charge' for one round, gripping the floor and wrenching a great boulder out of it. On the next turn, it is hurled at a single target, dealing double damage, or triple if the target is flying.
Rank 4: The Gigas can use a Clodded enemy of at least Chronic severity in place of the boulder its Rank 3 ability utilizes. This deals the damage to both targets, ends the Clod status, and skips the charge time.
Rank 5: The Gigas can 'charge' for two rounds, gripping the floor and wrenching an even larger boulder out of it, before smashing it into the ground to create both a shockwave and a hailstorm of shards. All grounded targets take the Gigas' normal damage, and all aerial targets take twice the Gigas' normal damage.
Either 'charged' attack can be halted if the boulder is struck with force equal to or greater than the Gigas' normal attack damage.

Name: Lucidon (Earth)
A breed of Armadillon tinkered and mechanized to take on a more offensive role. Its flanged carapace carries a double role of protection and gathering light, like a solar panel, to fuel its powerful photon attacks.

Description: A monstrous, hulking quadruped that vaguely resembles a turtle in its build. Its silver flesh is streaked with dark spots following the contours of its muscles and striping its large, squarish head. While its top row of fangs are metallic in appearance, its bottom row as well as its claws are formed of a green, crystalline substance. Its carapace is made of innumerable large, rectangular pieces that extend on a curve from its back, forming a protective phalanx from the outside, lined with blue patches of charging energy on the inside. The blue lines glow brighter the more light the Lucidon absorbs.
Initiative: 60*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity III
HP: 5500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), 1s7+(6*rank) VS Ranged+Physical attacks
Special: Every round the Lucidon doesn't attack, its Rank is increased by 1. This can no more than double its 'actual' Rank. This ability works twice as quickly in extremely bright sunlight and not at all in total darkness. Every round it DOES attack, it loses one of these counters.
The boost in Rank does not unlock the special abilities of that Rank; It only alters formulas involving it. Rank 10 is the sole exception to this rule, as it would otherwise be unobtainable.
Rank 1: The Lucidon's shell grows stronger, granting it +500 damage reduction on any Soakable damage source.
Rank 2: The Lucidon's shell is so thick and so well insulated that it gains a +500 damage reduction from even Unsoakable damage sources.
Rank 3: On any round that the Lucidon doesn't attack, it automatically refracts Laser/Plasma weapons fired at it, using its full Rank 1 damage reduction and returning whatever this prevents to the attacker.
Rank 4: The Lucidon's shell has become so hard, and its crystal capacitors so efficient, that small arms no longer have a chance of piercing it. Any weapon of less than 4 Slots can har the Lucidon, even laser and plasma weapons.
Rank 5: The Lucidon becomes wholly immune to Light or Holy attacks, even if Unsoakable. If struck by either, it gains one counter on its Special trait. If the Lucidon doesn't take action that round, this affects its Rank 3 ability, causing a total reflection of any such weapon.
Rank 10: Photon Burst – An incredibly powerful attack only performable at full charge. The Lucidon dashes the ground in a wide swathe with a highly focused laser, dealing +3000 damage to up to 20 targets. This spends all the Lucidon's charged counters.

Name: Garuda (Wind)
A living avatar of the goddess Garuda, a Sleeping God of wind. While the true Garuda is, as the name implies, 'sleeping', lesser incarnations can be called forth by infusing air elementals or birds with a spark of her essence.

Description: A beautiful humanoid clad in nothing but its own feathers, with large talons on hands as well as feet, and vividly green tufts of down at the ankles and wrists. Matching crests sweet back from its head, while matching wings beat behind, putting off far more wind than their slight appearance would suggest. As the initial spark that creates a Garuda comes from a sleeping goddess, they are often female, but rare male specimens have been summoned by those who tap the more Yang aspects of wind.
Initiative: 85*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity IV
HP: 2750*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s7+(6*rank)
Special: On a Critical Dodge, the Garuda can counter with any ability she has, not just a normal attack.
Rank 1: Healing Wind - Cuts the Garuda's Max HP in half, and restores that amount to all allies. Any Garudas summoned after this has been used will enter the frey with the same amount of Max HP lost.
Rank 2: Bladewind - The Garuda strikes a single target with a barrage of razor sharp feathers, dealing 1d(Rank*2) hits of 1 damage each. If the target is Bleeding, each hit has twice the usual chance to proc Bleed damage. If they aren't, each hit has a 10% chance of causing Bleed, with each success increasing the Severity by 1. Bleed damage caused by this attack is still Wind type.
Rank 3: Ill Wind - Extends the duration of any Infest or Poison effect by [Rank/2] rounds, rounded up. At Rank 5, this also affects [Burning], but in all cases only works on status of Severity equal to or lower than Rank. Damage taken due to Ill Wind is absorbed into the Garuda's HP, and restores the summon's Max HP after Healing Wind has lowered it. Ill Wind only works once per status.
Rank 4: Whispering Wind - Transfers up to [Rank]*2 Severities worth of status from allies to the Garuda. Any Garudas summoned after this has been used, and any others on the field, will enter the frey with/gain the statuses on the one that used it, though the durations will be spread out. If the Garuda dies or is desummoned, the remaining durations will transfer to the Summoner.
Rank 5: Silverwind - Allows the Garuda to perform any two Wind attacks simultanously, but not as a Counter.

Name: Scalebeast (Wind)
A greater breed of Armadillon that occurs naturally. Every move it makes causes its rough plates to scrape together, generating immense amounts of static electricity which are internalized to a core much like a dragon's breath sac. While one would think water would ease this friction, it is instead quite helpful in conducting the gathered electricity, and thus these creatures are most active in rainy weather, especially during thunderstorms.

Description: A monstrous specimen of the Armadillon genus, slightly smaller than its peers, but only because its body is more compact with less wasted space and more armor. It features twin layers of the flanged carapace typical to the species, one sweeping back from its neck and the other sweeping forward from its hindquarters. The creature is gunmetal grey, with energy sparking from under each of the layers of scaling, and a short, crocodilian face peeking out from below the protection. Its surprisingly thin legs allow it to move faster than one would think, and make for a difficult target when avoiding its armor.
Initiative: 90*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity III
HP: 3500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), 1s7+(6*rank) vs any Metal based attack
Special: Every round the Scalebeast doesn't attack, its Rank is increased by 1. This can no more than double its 'actual' Rank. This ability works twice as quickly in especially damp areas and not at all in extremely arid ones. Every round it DOES attack, it loses one of these counters.
The boost in Rank does not unlock the special abilities of that Rank; It only alters formulas involving it. Rank 10 is the sole exception to this rule, as it would otherwise be unobtainable.
Rank 1: The Scalebeast's shell grows stronger, granting it +400*Rank damage reduction on any Soakable damage source, and +200*Rank from any Soakable Energy/Magic attack.
Rank 2: While in very damp or high-energy areas, the Scalebeast has a 10%*Rank chance per round of gaining one additional counter on its Special trait.
Rank 3: Ony any round the Scalebeast doesn't attack or activate Rolling Thunder, its Defense roll against Metal based attacks gains an additional +2*rank. On a successful defense, projectiles are randomly retargetted toward the enemy team, with (5-Rank) extra spaces on the die that represent the attack hitting no one. The Defense roll that causes this is used as the DC to dodge a deflected bullet.
Rank 4: Rolling Thunder - Costs 1 charged Rank to activate, but doesn't count as 'attacking'. The Scalebeast rolls rapidly around on a self-generated magrail, counting as [Rank] targets and gaining an additional +2*Rank to all defense checks.
Rank 5: The Lucidon becomes wholly immune to Water attacks, even if Unsoakable. If struck by one, it gains one counter on its Special trait.
Rank 10: Thunder Cry – An incredibly powerful attack only performable at full charge. Thunder Cry is rolled and deals damage as a normal attack, but on each successful hit, it 'bounces' to another target, who rolls against the initial attack check. It can 'bounce' this way 5 times, and can hit the same target more than once. Using this attack spends all of the Scalebeast's Charged Ranks.

Name: Zaghnol (Neutral)
”If you break its horn just right and goad it into attacking, the thing practically cooks itself. It's like doing battle with bacon. And I never lose against bacon!” - Eikcap the Monster Hunter

Description: A metric ton of angry pork, resembling an oversized boar with thick, leathery skin and massive black hooves more befitting a buffalo. A mohawked spike of cyan hair runs from the base of its neck to the tip of its hindquarters, before spiking outward in a same colored tail. Its beady yellow eyes peer out from a long bulldozer of a face above stripes of tribal white paint. No less than eight black horns stretch from various points around its face, two long and thin from the top, two long and THICK from the bottom, and four short and spiky on each cheek, with a pair of equally vicious white tusks extending from its tiny, squashed mouth that is nonetheless full of nasty teeth.
The Zaghnol sits on the line between mundane and magical, a creature much like the 'white stag' featured in many cultures. Hunting one is seen as the height of the craft, giving it the dubious honor of 'the ultimate prey'.
Initiative: 75*Rank
Element: Non-elemental
HP: 4250*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s6+(6*rank), Damage +1500
Defense Roll: 1s6+(6*rank)
Special: When struck by an Electric attack, the Zaghnol voids all damage and 'remembers' it, gaining [Rank] counters. When struck physically, the Zaghnol spends a counter and casts the spell on a wide area around itself, avoidable on a DC equal to the the original to-hit of the spell. A counter is also spent at the end of each action.
If hit with another electric attack, the number of counters refreshes and the new spell replaces the old.
Rank 1: The Zaghnol can Electrocute itself at its own base damage of Magical, Lightning damage. To-Hit is rolled, but it obviously makes no attempt to dodge.
Rank 2: The Zaghnol can spend 2 Counters of the spell to cast it in a wide area around itself without needing to be hit.
Rank 3:The Zaghnol can spend 3 Counters of a spell to cast it twice, targetting whoever it likes.
Rank 4: The Zaghnol can 'steal' support magic from an enemy by spending its turn and waiting for some to be cast. This forces the target to roll the cast as if it were offensive, and if the Zaghnol beats the roll with its Defense, the spell is absorbed as if it were a Lightning attack on itself.
Rank 5: The Zaghnol's ability to absorb and redirect magic evolves, allowing it to store Fire, Ice, and Earth spells in addition to Lightning. It takes half damage from these sources.

Name: Pulsework Centurion (Neutral)
”Hey, I think it's coming online...” - Famous Last Words

Description: An ancient but sophisticated bit of golemcraft, the Pulsework Centurion features an unapologetically stark build that makes no attempt to hide its nature as a machine. Its inhuman proportions are boxy but streamlined well enough for easy maneuvering, gunmetal gray and heavy looking. The only sense of adornment comes from a wide collar ringed with spiked diodes, and from that extends a book-shaped head with an ornate mask and a single slit of a visor. Its clunky arms and hands provide enough dexterity for fighting, but it obviously isn't designed for fine manipulation beyond self-maintenance of its six-barreled spike cannon.
Initiative: 83*Rank
Element: Non-elemental
HP: 4750*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), damage +1500. The Centurion has 5+(Rank) shots before it has to Reload, and some attacks use up multiple shots.
Defense Roll: Can't Dodge. Status effects have twice the normal chance of working.
Special: The Centurion can't dodge but takes 1/(Rank) damage from all sources if it isn't Grappled or under a status effect, including Knockdown.
Rank 1: The Centurion gains the ability to perform Called Shots, rolling at -15.
Rank 2: By taking a -10 per extra bullet, up to a maximum of [Rank] or the current number of bullets, the Centurion can attack a single target multiple times. Each shot is rolled seperately, against a single Defense.
Rank 3: Spread Bunker - Rolls 1d(current number of bullets), and strikes that many targets once each. If there aren't enough targets, all enemies are struck and the 'extra' bullets are saved.
Rank 4: Pilebunker - Attacks a single target, rolling 1d(current number of bullets). This empties the Centurion's clip regardless of hit count and Knocks Down the Centurion for one turn.
Rank 5: Pulsebunker - By overloading its power core and pilebunker simultanously, the Centurion sacrifices itself, rolling 2d(current number of bullets) and making a single attack check. These bullets are distributed randomly among the enemy party and the Centurion's Summoner if they are nearby. This attack can fire more bullets than the Centurion currently has loaded, and utterly destroys it when used.
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Re: Creature Summons


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Level 7:

Name: Darkmare (Dark)
There are some nightmares you can't just wake from...

Description: A massive, frightfully powerful evolution of the standard Nightmare breed of fiends. An oversized stallion formed of deep purple fog with a crimson mane of crystalline blades. Its hooves and tail are ablaze with Mist, and will-o-wisps of it flutter about its form as if in adoration.
Initiative: 77*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity IV
HP: 4500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Darkmare can be ridden, a powerful but uncomfortable warhorse. Its Athletics and Acrobatics for purposes of running speed and jumping distance are set equal to that of the Summoner's Summon skill if that is higher than the Darkmare's own. The Darkmare can move safely across any terrain but cannot enter hallowed ground or cross through moving water except by jumping it. While riding, the rider can only Block, Brace, or dodge using the Darkmare's defense roll.
Rank 1: Spells cast while riding the Darkmare have their damage increased by [+200*Rank], but the caster takes the extra damage this creates in Dark damage due to the backlash of energized Mist.
Rank 2: [Rank*2] of the rider's Riding skill is added to the Darkmare's attack rolls.
Rank 3: The Darkmare leaves behind a choking miasma of dark Mist when it runs, discouraging pursuers. They can either avoid it, taking a -2*Rank penalty to their pursuit check, or run through it, taking half of the Darkmare's attack damage automatically for every round of chase.
Rank 4: The Darkmare can spend its turn performing cavalry manuevers, to apply its full attack damage to the first hit of any attack the Rider performs. This effect can even be applied to magic, if the MP cost is doubled.
Rank 5: The Darkmare can breathe concentrated Mist into its rider, afflicting them with Mist poisoning, which is equivilant to Mild Phazon poisoning and grows at the same rate. The Mist poisoning persists until 5 rounds after the Darkmare is dismissed or killed. If the Rider dismounts, the 'benefits' of Phazon status fade away, but the dangerous growth toward Corruption continues unchecked until the Darkmare is dismissed.

Name: Gravelord (Dark)
A greater Dark Lord whose hatred flows from its body like a miasma, bringing to life entire graveyards of undead once this rage is awakened in it. Even without Summoning spells, it can sometimes be called from its lair via rituals of sustained violence.

Description: Deceptively simple in appearance, this hateful apparition consists of a pitch black skeleton with glowing red eyes like live coals, wearing a bladed headdress and armor tipped with countless needles. The armor is perpetually caked with ancient blood that a drop in your stomach instinctively tells you isn't all from one source.
Initiative: 75*Rank
Element: Dark Affinity IV
HP: 4250*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: On command, the Gravelord can shift the dried blood on its armor to fresh, dripping blood. While 'dried', it takes 500 less damage from physical attacks. While dripping, it deals half damage with all attacks, but recovers (damage+2000) HP per hit. The shift is instantaneous and a free action, but can only be done once per round on the Gravelord's turn.
Rank 1: If struck while 'dried', the next attack has the prevented damage added to its strength. Only one such hit is 'remembered', and if the Gravelord is struck again, the new value overwrites the old.
Rank 2: If an attack made while 'dripping' is fatal or deals a Critical Hit, the target emits a fine mist of blood from every pore on its body. On its next turn, the Gravelord can either absorb this mist to recover 2000*Rank HP, or use it to attack [Rank] enemies at the same time.
Rank 3: If the Gravelord shifts to 'Dried' while a ball of blood mist exists on the field, it will be automatically absorbed, granting the Gravelord 1 round of doubled damage prevention per absorbed ball.
Rank 4: This ability, unlike the vast majority of others, functions even when the Gravelord hasn't been called forth. At this rank, the Gravelord can be summoned with zero MP cost, and no Upkeep for [Rank] rounds, once the death toll of the current mission reaches [20 - Rank*2]. Deaths on either side count, but not the deaths of other Summons. Certain very powerful creatures may count as multiple deaths.
Once the 'free' Gravelord is summoned, this counter resets.
Rank 5: With a simple gesture, the Gravelord can convert up to 10 corpses or bloodmists on the field. Corpses become Skeletal Soldiers, while Bloodmists can become any Dark element creature below Level 4 that the Summoner has a contract with. Summons created this way have no cost or Upkeep until five rounds have passed, after which the Summoner must let them dissolve or start paying the standard Upkeep.

Name: Pegasus (Holy)
Second only to the Unicorn of lore, Pegasii are noble mounts created by the gods as gifts for their chosen heroes. Crafted by breathing life into a cloud, even young pegasii are as swift as a sunbeam and as strong as the wind. A Summoner can artificially create these, lesser Pegasii through similar means.

Description: A beautiful horse as soft and white as a cloud, with the build and speed of a purebred runner but the strength of a warhorse despite its slender apperance. Two massive white wings sproud from its shoulders, carefully formed so that they can flap without disturbing the rider.
Initiative: 87*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity IV
HP: 4250*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s8+(7*rank)
Special: The Pegasus can be ridden, a speedy and quite frankly very comfortable ride. It boasts standard Flight as the feat, and an Athletics skill equal to the Summoner's Summon skill for purposes of speed. The Pegasus can move safely across any terrain, but will not be too frightened to take any action if the area is strongly unhallowed, devoid of life, or poisonous. It will only fly at full speed toward the nearest 'exit' to the terrible place it has been summoned into. While riding, the rider can only Block, Brace, or dodge using the Pegasus' defense roll.
Rank 1: Spells cast while riding the Pegasus have their cost reduced by 50*Rank. This doesn't apply to Summoning upkeep costs and can't cut a spell's cost by more than half.
Rank 2: The rider's Riding skill is added to the Pegasus's defense rolls.
Rank 3: When the rider makes an attack from the Pegasus' back, it leaves a trail of feathers with a slight headwind. By running through the headwind, any ally for the rest of the turn can add a +3*Rank bonus to hit and +500 to damage.
Rank 4: The Pegasus' chance for a Critical Defense is increased by (Rider's Riding skill)%. On a critical or Divine defense, it can defer its counter attack to the rider, at full benefit in the case of a Divine.
Rank 5: If the rider is slain, the Pegasus will immediately land and sacrifice its life to bring them back to full health. If this is done, the Pegasus spell is un-learned and the spell points refunded. It must be relearned for another Pegasus to be called forth.

Name: Asturian Spellblade (Holy)
They said no normal human could perfectly balance so much knowledge and skill on the head of the pin that is a mortal lifetime. They were right.

Description: While learning clerical arts and sorcery at the same time will strain most minds, some grow bored even with this. These noble few take up the blade as well, honing mind and body into the ultimate weapon for good. While just as old, if older, than their more sagely counterparts, the Asturian Spellblade's body has been honed and fortified by magic of all types, and his chi centered so perfectly that a state of neoteny is achieved. They wear the same ornate robes as the Asturian Court, but over it is a vest of platemail, just heavy enough to protect the vitals. Their eyes glow with purity and wisdom, and while their weapons are as varied as any warrior caste, the heavily enchanted arms are wielded with incredible grace.
Initiative: 82*Rank
Element: Holy Affinity IV
HP: 3500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Spellblade can freely switch between magical and physical on its own turn. While Physical, its attacks deal physical damage, and it enjoys a +3*Rank against physical attacks. While 'Magical', its attacks deal magical damage, and it enjoys a +3*Rank defense against magical attacks.
Rank 1: The Spellblade's physical & magical attacks are 1d3 hit combos.
Rank 2: The Spellblade can shift their Element. For each Rank, the Spellblade can learn to shift his element to one of the following; Heat, Cold, Earth, Wind, Light, Shadow, Holy, Force, Time, Nonelemental. The Spellblade takes 50% damage from the element it shifts to, and half of the damage it does becomes the new element.
By 'learning' Holy, the Spellblade gains immunity to Holy and loses its weakness to Darkness when in that form.
By learning 'Nonelemental', the Spellblade takes half damage from Physical attacks, and its own Magic attacks are halved in damage, becoming Unsoakable.
A second version of the Asturian Spellblade contract can be bought at half cost, and can learn different elements than the other. These lists can't cross, however, so be sure to keep them straight.
Rank 3: The Spellblade's weapon gains 6 slots with which to place Enchantments. These apply only to the first Spellblade called for, but are 'remembered' if the creature is dismissed and resummoned. If the Spellblade has an elemental-based Enchantment, it will shift with the use of their Rank 2 ability.
Rank 4: The Spellblade can switch between Magical and Physical instantly at any time. It is effectively considered 'whichever is better' at all times.
Rank 5: If the Spellblade rolls a full magical/physical combo, it immediately performs a physical/magical attack as a Mystic Arte(same damage). This ability can set itself off, chaining back and forth between slashes and blasts up to 5 times.

Name: Marilith (Fire)
While the true Marilith sleeps the ages away in the Temple of Fire, there are certain members of the Lamia race who become aware of and worship her. Those who get close enough are proudly burned, taking her name as a title and dedicating every kill to her glory.

Description: An obviously female figure similar to a Lamia, with six arms each carrying a scimitar, and wild hair barely held out of her face by an ornate tiara. Wearing golden bracers and a plated tube top as her only armor, with less useful jewelry adorning her snake half and the point of connection between them.
Initiative: 75*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity IV
HP: 4250*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s8+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Marilith can roll up to 1d[Rank+1] when performing a normal attack, at the cost of reducing the attack roll by [10-Rank] for each extra. (IE; Marilith can roll up to a 1d4 hit combo at Rank 3, at a -21 penalty, or simply a 1d2 hit combo for a -14 penalty).
Rank 1: The Marilith can perform a vicious Power Attack, stabbing with multiple weapons. This multiplies a normal attack's damage by [Rank/2], carries a penalty of [5-Rank], and on a Critical Hit, adds [5%*Rank] to the chance of a second crit card.
Rank 2: While the Marilith is on the field, the Summoner will feel a loose connection to the great fiend of flame the creature worships. For every round the Marilith stays out, [5%*Rank] is added to the Summoner's resistance to Fire, even if it is currently zero. This stacks up to [Rank] times, isn't affected by multiple Mariliths, and for every percent above 100, that much of any Fire attack is converted into healing.
Rank 3: When Defending against a melee, physical attack, the Marlith can attempt to block up to [Rank] times, at a -5 Penalty per extra attempt.
Rank 4: The Marilith can drive her swords into the ground and kneel in prayer, cutting her Rank 2 ability's effect in half and spreading it to [Rank*2] allies. This resistance replaces their current resistance to fire instead of adding to it, and is based on the Summoner's reaction to the rank 2 ability, which continues to function. (If the Summoner has 200% resistance to Fire once the ability is applied, the allies affected gain 100% resistance, unmodified by their previous). The Marilith cannot attack or defend herself while in prayer.
Rank 5: The Marilith can perform its Rank 1 attack as a Mystic Arte, if striking with a full combo of at least 3 hits, or as a Counter, if she rolls at least 3 successful Block attempts in a row.

Name: Gobbodwarf Furnace (Fire)
The war between Dwarven and Goblinoid races claims innumerable lives on both sides. Cooperation between Dwarven and Goblinoid races... Claims innumerable lives on both sides.

Description: Once in a great while, the greatest minds of Dwarf and Goblinkind will come together in the spirit of cooperation. The plan is usually to create something simple like a furnace, as a testament to the love of engineering that serves as the sole point of similiarity between the two. The result, is usually... This. The combination of Dwarven drunkenness and Goblinoid “ingenuity”, barely held together by Dwarven workmanship and Goblinoid dumb luck. The metal monstrosity spits white hot flames from seemingly random points, and rolls about on large, sturdy wheels, largely of its own accord. Other than these two key points, its construction is completely random. These 'masterpieces' are inexorably, eventually banished to the Plane of Fire, where they are prone to accidental summoning.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Fire Affinity IV
HP: 5750*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000. The Furnace performs a normal attack against a random enemy on a roll of 1-33. It is considered Magic damage.
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Furnace can "assist" with Blacksmithing, increasing the Crit chance by 3%*Rank, but also the Botch chance by 2%*Rank. As well, on a botch, the artisan doesn't gain the additional +5 the next day. This second roll cannot crit or botch.

Note: The Furnace cannot be controlled. On its turn, roll 1d100 and it will take the action corresponding with the rolled number. If it hasn't learned the related ability yet, it wastes its turn belching smoke in a vaguely worrisome manner.

Rank 1: The Furnace can 'eat' weapons and armor, converting them into Slag of the same quality (Denzium slag, Phazite slag, ect). The amount gained is half the material cost(1/4 the listed value) of the broken down item. The Furnace can only handle a tier of material equal to its Rank/2, round up (Rank 1 or 2 = Radiant Metal, Rank 3-4 = Radiant Gem, Rank 5 = Prime Material).
Rank 2: On a roll of 34-66: The Furnace belches an unusual amount of steam and fire, striking [Rank]*2 enemies at full damage and roll of a normal attack.
Rank 3: On a roll of 67-90: The Furnace spits 5 slots' worth of molten Slag at a random enemy, multiplying its damage by the material tier emitted (Gem = x2, Radient Metal = x3, Radient Gem = x4, Prime Material = x5).
Rank 4: When breaking down equipment, there is a 10*Rank% chance that a random enchantment on it will be converted into an Orb, usable to transfer it. If the enhancement is a Natural Factor, this Orb replaces the Natural Factor of the equipment it is used on. The summoner can forego the roll for extra Slag in order to double the chance of an Orb manifesting.
Rank 5: On a roll of 91-100: A random ally is struck on the hindquarters with a magic spark of purest flame. They take 10% of their current HP in damage, but gain 1 charge of Mild [Evoke], assuring the next attack they land is a Critical Hit.
If an Orb manifests while breaking down an equip, a 25% chance is rolled for each other factor on it, with success creating an Orb of that trait as well.

Name: Mer-Kraken (Water)
A tragic figure who came too close to the slumbering Kraken while exploring the Sunken Shrine and was twisted by its poisonous influence. Too ashamed to return home in such ugliness, they leave the ocean and seek new lives on the surface, often resorting to becoming mercenaries or familiars.

Description: The creature resembles a beautiful, if usually sad looking, mermaid with the lower body of a monstrous, oversized blue squid instead of the traditional fish tail. The human half of the body is just as varied as the human race itself, but are consistently beautiful, with the physique of an olympic swimmer.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Water Affinity IV
HP: 5000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s8+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Mer-Kraken's normal attack naturally strikes [Rank] enemies at a time, and it can Grapple an enemy as if it were wielding a Whip. It can hold up to [Rank] enemies at a time this way, but each held reduces the number of enemies it can attack at once. This is equivilant to [Whip Coil], upgrades to [Improved Whip Coil] at Rank 4, and [Advanced Whip Coil] at Rank 5.
Rank 1: The Mer-Kraken can spit a wad of venomous ink into the eyes of a target, inflicting [Rank] rounds of Mild Poison and Moderate Blind.
Rank 2: While the Mer-Kraken is on the field, the Summoner will feel a loose connection to the great fiend of water whose mote of acrid water has twisted the mer into this sorry shape. For every round the Merkraken stays out, [5%*Rank] is added to the Summoner's resistance to Water, even if it is currently zero. This stacks up to [Rank] times, isn't affected by multiple Mers, and for every percent about 100, that much of any Water attack is converted into healing.
Rank 3: The Mer-Kraken can hide itself or an ally in a layer of venomous ink, increasing their Defense checks by +3*Rank. This comes at a cost however, dealing 5% of the target's max HP per round until they are 'Cured' with anything that would remove an Oil or Poison status.
Rank 4: The Mer-Kraken can fall to her knees and sob pitifully, cutting her Rank 2 ability's effect in half and spreading it to [Rank*2] allies. This resistance replaces their current resistance to water instead of adding to it, and is based on the Summoner's reaction to the rank 2 ability, which continues to function. (If the Summoner has 200% resistance to Water once the ability is applied, the allies affected gain 100% resistance, unmodified by their previous). The Mer-Kraken cannot attack or defend herself while thus inconsolable.
Rank 5: The Mer-Kraken can convert 1/4th of its Max HP into a decoy, which takes up a slot on the turn order but can't attack. If struck, it clings to the attacker like a plastic bag, inflicting the unfortunate attacker with Acute Blindness, Moderate Poison, and the equivilant of a whip grapple, until the escape check is made.

Name: Ghost Ship (Water)
The enemy vessel brought a whole new meaning to the term 'Skeleton Crew'.

Description: A large, creaky boat that somewhat miraculously stays afloat despite several large holes in the hull. Craggy barnacles cling to practically the entire underside of the vessel, while seaweed ominously clings and hangs from the mast and sail. Ghostly or skeletal sailors go through the motions of their daily duties in life, seemingly unaware of the ship's actual state, or even its actions. Some Ghost Ships feature a single, large skeleton emerging from the waist up where the maidenhead would be, carrying a similarly oversized oar.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Water Affinity III
HP: 5500*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), 5000*Rank Damage
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Summoner can use his or her Summoning skill as if it were Artisan: Vehicle to convert the Ghost Ship into any class of vehicle he can get the blueprints for and match the DC of this way. The Ghost Ship can then transform into this vehicle any time, still fully sentient and able to run its own stations by the whim of the Summoner, using their base spellcasting level as the bonus to the vehicle's actions.
Rank 1: Saint Elmo's Fire - A Magic attack that requires a dead body on the field, as the fire is emitted from the corpse. This 'spends' the targets spirit, preventing them from being necrotized or revived, and deals Fire, Lightning, Water, or Dark based damage.
Rank 2: The Ghost Ship can be mounted with up to [Rank] Light Machine Guns, which the skeleton crew fires like cannons using half their standard attack roll bonus. All guns can be fired in the same action, taking up the ship's turn, but can't attack the same target. Half the damage of any mounted gun becomes Water type, as the cannonball emerges soaked in mystical brine.
Rank 3: Goannai - An attack at half damage, performed by striking or even hefting the target on an oar and hurling them away. Only works on relatively human sized enemies, no larger than Giant 1. This inflicts [Rank] Severity Knockback, and the unfortunate target can be aimed in any direction, including straight up.
Rank 4: The Ghost Ship can now be mounted with Heavy Machine Guns, which count as two Light ones for sake of how many the ship can carry.
Rank 5: When unleashing Saint Elmo's Fire, all corpses on the field emit the blaze simultanously. Roll 1d(number of corpses) to determine hits and divvy them among the targets as desired; If more than 10 are ignited at once however, it creates a hellish inferno that simply hits all enemies once for double damage.
Goannai, normal attacks, and gun attacks now inflict Mild Soak.

Name: Graverot Lich (Earth)
A simple ghoul that wandered by chance deep enough into the Terra Cavern where a legendary lich slumbers. Touched by the power of this lich, it was awakened to the power to feed on the raw lifeforce of the earth itself, not simply otherworldly unlife or the sparks of vitae present in living flesh.

Description: Awakened to a spark of intellect, the Graverot Lich looks much like any necromancer that might become the more standard sort of Lich via ritual, dressed in dark but fashionable robes and an ornate, horned hat. They have usually torn off the rotted ghoul-flesh that served them questionable purpose before they were turned, if nothing else because it is slightly more unsightly than a skeleton.
Initiative: 65*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity IV
HP: 5750*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Lich's terrifying ability to devour the Lifestream itself manifests in a drain effect, healing half the damage it does to any Earth or Holy aligned target it successfully attacks. If at full health, a successful attack instead recovers [50*Rank MP] for the Summoner.
Rank 1: The Lich deals +2000 extra damage to Plant type enemies and Druids.
Rank 2: While the Lich is on the field, the Summoner will feel a loose connection to the great fiend of earth whose viral unlife has awakened this wretch. For every round the Lich stays out, [5%*Rank] is added to the Summoner's resistance to Earth, even if it is currently zero. This stacks up to [Rank] times, isn't affected by multiple Lichen, and for every percent about 100, that much of any Earth attack is converted into healing.
Rank 3: The Lich can inject its willpower into the local Lifestream. For the next [Rank] rounds, anyone attempting to use Druidic magic, as well as Earth/Plant elemental spells or affinity effects, burns twice as much MP casting the spell and takes half the effect themselves as Unsoakable, Nonelemental damage.
Rank 4: The Lich can sit cross legged and brood intently on the nature of its existance, cutting his Rank 2 ability's effect in half and spreading it to [Rank*2] allies. This resistance replaces their current resistance to earth instead of adding to it, and is based on the Summoner's reaction to the rank 2 ability, which continues to function. (If the Summoner has 200% resistance to Earth once the ability is applied, the allies affected gain 100% resistance, unmodified by their previous). The Lich cannot attack or defend himself while in brooding.
Rank 5: The Lich can take an action to suck the life of out the Area it is in, recovering 50% of its max HP. This can only be done in areas of nature, and creates a dark blot on the countryside where nothing will grow for a year. Plant, Earth-type, Druidic, and strongly life-aligned will feel queasy in an area so drained, exibiting symptoms equal to Mild [Weak] and moderate [Feeble] until they leave or restore the area.
If the lich's HP is filled either before or after the initial recovery, each target affected by the areas decline restores the Summoner's MP by 250.

Name: Elfborn Ent (Earth)
After millennia of protecting the forests, a clever Elven sage finally taught the forests to protect the Elves.

Description: An Ent, with the form of a pinnacle of Elven beauty, either male or female, carved into the 'front' of the trunk. The creature is immaculately grown, lacking the 'roughness' of a naturally occurring Ent and instead looking much like an oversized bonsai. While the sculpture of the elf has arms, the true limbs of the creature are stout branches that spring from the sides, and a pair of heavier ones that hang from its canopy. Any of its stout limbs can be bent by the connection of a vine to form a bow.
Initiative: 70*Rank
Element: Earth Affinity IV
HP: 5000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s8+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Ent can form a Longbow or a Shortbow to attack with. A Longbow increases its Damage by one rank and reduces its Hit Rate by one rank, while a Shortbow does the opposite. Longbows double their roll Crit Multiplier on a crit, while Shortbows have doubled Crit range (10%).
Rank 1: Solarcry Arrow - Applies a one round Charge time to the enhanced shot. Up to [Rank] targets near the one struck, which can include the initial target if desired, take splashing Light damage equal to the attack's damage.
Rank 2: Roughbark Arrow - An arrow clad in extremely rough but brittle bark. Deals half normal damage, but if it does even a single point of damage, it drills into the target and sticks. While lodged, any action the target takes incurs Unsoakable damage equal to the original damage done. If ripped out without a medical check (DC 20*Rank), the bark sheds off and becomes lodged in the wound, inflicting Moderate [Pain] until it is removed.
Rank 3: Razorroot Arrow - Fires a special arrow with a triangular array of gripping branches, with a flower-like organ in the center. Deals no damage, but connects the Ent to the target via a vine while the flower sucks out their lifeforce. The vine is easily destroyed by Fire or cutting damage, and there's too much slack for it to impede the target's motion. Every round, the Ent drains half its total damage's worth of HP from a rooted target.
Rank 4: The Ent gains the ability to form both a long and short bow, each of which can fire independently. Both cannot however target the same enemy.
Rank 5: The Ent can form three of the same bow, with the same restriction as Rank 4, or a single, master bow. This massive construction can apply two 'arrow' abilities at the same time, fires at normal Hit and Damage, and has Mild Sharpen. A Solarcry Arrow's splash damage will carry the effect of the other arrow paired with it, but won't double up the same effect on the same target.

Name: Dragoon of Tiamat (Wind)
A Lufenian warrior either turned to traitorous worship of the archfiend Tiamat, or forcefully twisted into 'a more pleasant shape' to be kept as a mocking pet by the same.

Description: Clad in the dragon-shaped helmet and heavy breastplate of a Dragoon, the wrongness of the creature becomes apparent in short order upon seeing its arms, or even more swiftly if that helmet is removed. While vaguely elven ears are all that poke out form under it, beneath the mask is a face that looks exactly like it, twisted by dark magic and scaled to resemble the face of a dragon. Likewise, its arms have been transformed into long, ropey necks like that of a hydra, on the end of which is the sneering face of a dragon. Two more just like it extend from the creatures shoulder blades, which can transmute themselves into bat-like wings for flight.
Initiative: 80*Rank
Element: Wind Affinity IV
HP: 4000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s8+(7*rank), Damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s8+(7*rank)
Special: The Dragoon deals 20%*Rank extra damage to Dragon type enemies.
Rank 1: The Dragoon can viciously bite a foe with its many heads, dealing [1dRank] counts of half damage, targetted as the Summoner wishes across grouped enemies.
Rank 2: While the Dragoon is on the field, the Summoner will feel a loose connection to the great fiend of air the dark dragonknight serves. For every round the Dragoon stays out, [5*Rank] is added to the Summoner's resistance to Air, even if it is currently zero. This stacks up to [Rank] times, isn't affected by multiple Dragoons, and for every percent about 100, that much of any Air attack is converted into healing.
Rank 3: Barbariccia's Blessing - The Dragoon can conjure a magical wind around one ally, which grants [Float] and increases their dodge rate by +4*Rank but prevents them from taking any action except casting spells. Attacks from directly above void this protection and deal double damage.
Rank 4: The Dragoon can perform a dramatic martial dance in reverence to Tiamat, cutting his Rank 2 ability's effect in half and spreading it to [Rank*2] allies. This resistance replaces their current resistance to air instead of adding to it, and is based on the Summoner's reaction to the rank 2 ability, which continues to function. (If the Summoner has 200% resistance to Air once the ability is applied, the allies affected gain 100% resistance, unmodified by their previous). The Dragoon cannot attack or defend himself while dancing.
Rank 5: The Dragoon's Rank 1 ability can be converted into a pelting of small Negaflares, dealing Unsoakable, Magic-based Wind damage. This costs 25% of the Dragoon's Max HP, and either strikes a single target 1d10 times, or invokes Suppressing Fire.

Name: Penguin Cloudtank (Wind)
With the cooperation of the Cloud Riders, the Penguins finally put to rest that 'flightless bird' issue that had always plagued their war efforts.

Description: A frozen cloud, with its bottom darkened and constantly sparking with the electricity the bizarre vehicle builds up as it hovers along. The top has been carefully scraped flat, and from the front hangs a … terrifying... Maidenhead in the form of a double sized penguin holding up a saber as if to signal a charge.
Initiative: 0. The Cloudtank does not itself act, instead it augments the actions of the Penguins riding.
Element: Wind Affinity III
HP: 7000*Rank
Attack Roll: NA
Defense Roll: The Cloudtank can only Brace, unless a rider has a Vehicle score for Medium or Large Aircraft. If so, it uses their Vehicle roll.
Special: Up to Rank*20 penguins can ride atop the Cloud Tank, which hovers high enough that only guns and magic can strike it. The cloud can also support a Snow Fortress built by a Penguin Legion, at the cost of 20 Penguins' worth of space. The tank itself counts as 'An Icy Area'. A normal sized person can also ride the tank, taking up 5 Penguins' worth of space, +5 per level of Giant and -2 per level of Tiny.

Note: The Cloudtank is Giant 3 and can only be summoned outside. A much smaller version can be called forth indoors, but only 5*Rank Penguins can ride it.

Rank 1: That's No Moon..! - The Cloud Tank makes for a surprisingly threatening, high priority target. It is considered [Rank] targets if they are being rolled randomly.
Rank 2: It's a Trap! - Rank*10 Penguins aboard the Cloudtank can deploy themselves directly behind the enemy, resulting in a Sneak Attack for their combined action. The penguins involved flee afterward... Unless of course they are the proud and fearless Penguin Legionnaires.
Rank 3: The Penguins are fine. They're all fine up there. How are you? The Penguins aboard a Cloud Tank are quite safe, and cannot be targetted until it has lost 15%*Rank of its HP.
Rank 4: When firing from a Snow Fortress aboard a Cloudtank, Legionaires can engage the Carbon Knight System to inject their ammunition with powdered dry ice. Their attacks cause Freeze, with each successive hit raising the Severity.
Rank 5: You face the firepower of a fully armed and operational battlestation. The attacks of any number of penguins can be combined into one, adding up their damage and using the attack roll of the most accurate penguin on deck. Use of this snowball howitzer results in collateral damage akin to an air strike if it misses, or strikes a small target that can't 'eat' the full force.

Name: Geryon (Neutral)
A fragment of power from each of the four Great Fiends of the elements, combined in harmony by a deft Summoner, crafts these unique golem-like creatures.

Description: A daunting creature with a simple design with an obvious singularity of mind; To destroy. It boasts a frankensteinian division of parts, a torso of one color, sporting giant horns of a second which emerge from its shoulders, muscular arms of a third, and a dangling tail of a fourth, each representing one of the four elements that gave birth to it. Its torso hosts a “brain” composed of crystal of the same color. While most of its intelligence is put toward hating everything the four Fiends hated (Ie: Everything), it boasts a surprisingly rich array of other negative personality traits as well; The ego of Kraken, the greed of Lich, the vengefulness of Marilith, and the tyranny of Tiamat.
Initiative: 83*Rank
Element: Non-elemental
HP: 4750*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Geryon naturally reduces damage from Fire, Water (including Ice), Air (Including Lightning), and Earth (Including Plant) by 10%*Rank.
Rank 1: The Geryon can shift its makeup, enhancing one of its elemental resistances to 20%*Rank, but losing the resistance to the opposite.
Rank 2: The Geryon can shift its makeup, changing 10%*Rank of its attack damage to Fire, Water, Wind, or Earth, at the cost of losing one of the others. This can't be done if the Geryon currently has heightened resistance to what it would lose, or if it has already lost it.
Rank 3: The Geryon can emit a prismatic light, taking a turn to begin and lasting 5 rounds. For [Rank] allies, spells of any element the Geryon currently has a resistance to have their MP cost decreased by 10%*Rank. The Geryon loses one elemental resistance while this effect is up.
Rank 4: The Geryon can internalize a prismatic light, taking a turn to begin and lasting 5 rounds. Spells of any element the Geryone currently has a resistance to, cast through it, deal their damage to the Geryon but have it enhanced by +500*Rank on the way out.
Rank 5: The Geryon can fire a powerful laser of prismatic energy, dealing 1 count of damage of each element it currently has a resistance to. If the Geryon has only one resistance when the laser is used, it instead deals double damage and inflicts the following statuses at Acute severity;
Fire - Burning
Water - Soak
Earth - Clod
Wind - Knockback

Name: Dullahan (Neutral)
A rare form of vengeful ghost with extremely powerful properties of manifestation. It endlessly seeks the head it lost in death.

Description: A ghost taking the form of a headless knight, a bloody stump visible in the armor where the head would normally poke through. While it appears to have mass, this is actually a manifestation of the ghost, and means little to the overall health of the creature. It is essentially dead flesh formed through necromantic powers, which expands from the core of the creature to fill the armor it chooses to inhabit. A Dullahan will carry either an executioner's axe or an oversized claymore, suitable for chopping.
Initiative: 75*Rank
Element: Non-elemental
HP: 5000*Rank
Attack Roll: 1s7+(7*rank), damage +2000
Defense Roll: 1s7+(7*rank)
Special: The Dullahan can only be summoned into a full set of armor, either carried by the Summoner or 'recently liberated'. It gains all bonuses the armor would otherwise provided, with Strength and HP boosts added directly to its pre-rank damage calculation. Dexterity boosts are added after Rank is applied, and Health boosts are applied directly to Soak.
Rank 1: The Dullahan, on a fatal attack against a target, collects its head. It can carry up to [Rank*2] of them, and for each head it has in tow, it gains a +4 to its effective Rank for hit/defense purposes, decided per head. Heads can also be collected from already dead enemies but it's just not the same; It takes two heads collected this way to equal one 'properly' collected one.
Rank 2: The Dullahan can 'burn' a carried head by holding it by the hair like a lantern, at which point it will open its eyes and scream. This has a Rank*15% chance per target of inflicting Moderate [Fear]. Any target who knew the head in life instead rolls a Rank*20% chance of Acute [Fear].
Rank 3: Pumpkin Bomb - The Dullahan transforms a carried head into a nasty surprise, hurling an exploding pumpkins that deals twice its damage to [Rank] targets. If the head had an elemental affinity, it strikes with damage of that element. The head is, naturally, destroyed by this.
Rank 4: The Dullahan can wear a collected head for [Rank] minutes or [Rank] rounds in combat, during which it knows any spells or techniques the owner of the head did, spending the Summmoner's MP to use them and performing them as if they were the original (Ignoring its own stats, Ranks, and armor perks in the process). It also gains any racial abilities the target had, and speaks perfectly in its former voice. A worn head doesn't count towards the dullahan's power, and burns up once its time on the stump is done.
Rank 5: On a Critical hit, the Dullahan deals a vorpal strike, beheading the target immediately if they aren't miniboss class or higher. If they are miniboss class or higher, there is a 25% chance of rolling 2 crit cards and the foe is marked; Even if someone else kills them, the Dullahan can collect their head as if they had removed it themselves.
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