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Valkyrie Profile Magic Addendum


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Valkyrie Profile: Wizardry/Sorcery Addendum

These spells are taken from the Valkyrie Profile universe, written by the guidelines outlined in the custom attack system and made to be added to basic Arcana spells.


LEVEL 1 10 MP to cast, *1 damage, 10 Spell Points
  • Fire Lance - Calls forth a pair of firebolts sent to converge upon a foe. 1d2 hits, *1 fire damage.
  • Poison Blow - Materializes a minor contaminant in the enemy, dealing *1 earth damage and inflicting Mild 'Poison' status.
  • Heal - Calls forth a curative flow of energy through 3 allies, healing 5% of a target's total hp and giving 1d3 rounds of Mild 'Regen' status. Requires 2 actions to cast.
LEVEL 2 40 MP to cast, *2 damage, 15 Spell Points
  • Fire Storm - Calls forth an eruption of flame from the ground, engulfing up to 3 enemies grouped together. Deals *1 fire damage.
  • Frigid Damsel - A spirit of ice materializes in the air, striking with an icicle-blade for 1d3 hits and *1 ice damage.
  • Lightning Bolt - A surge of electricity crackles through the air, striking an enemy for 1d2 hits and *2 lightning damage.
  • Dark Savior - A trio of blades materialize around the enemy, bristling with dark energy, simultaneously impaling themselves into their foe. 1d3 hits, *1 dark damage.
LEVEL 3 90 MP to cast, *3 damage, 20 Spell Points
  • Invoke Feather - A descent of white feathers falls from above, infusing up to 4 allies with a life-infusing restoration to conciousness. Brings back to 1/3 HP. Requires 2 actions to cast.
  • Reflect Sorcery - Envelops 2 allies in a coat of reflective energy that repels spells for 1d5 rounds of Acute 'Defense' status.
  • Dampen Magic - Weakens and strains the vocal cords of up to 2 enemies, inflicting Moderate 'Silence' status for 1d5 rounds.
  • Mystic Cross - Several bursts of holy energy are sent towards the enemy, flying in from three different directions. 1d3 hits, *2 Holy damage.
  • Shadow Servant - From the ground erupt spirits of shadow, clawing at the enemy in swift upward movements. 1d3 hits, *2 Dark damage.
  • Icicle Edge - Icicles materialize in midair, sent slicing into the enemy. 1d3 hits, *2 Ice damage.
LEVEL 4 160 MP to cast, *4 damage, 30 Spell Points
  • Might Reinforce - Steels and strengthens up to 2 allies. Chronic 'Offense' status for 1d5 rounds.
  • Guard Reinforce - Forms a barrier around up to 2 allies. Mild 'Defense' status (Protect) for 1d5 rounds.
  • Spell Reinforce - Sharpens the mind, inspiring up to 2 allies. Acute 'Offense' status for 1d5 rounds.
  • Sap Guard - Fully drains up to 2 enemies of their defenses, rendering them very vulnerable. Moderate 'Feeble' status for 1d5 rounds.
  • Sap Power - Saps the strength of up to 2 enemies. Mild 'Fatigue' status for 1d5 rounds.
  • Prismatic Missile - A swirling vortex of light materializes, and a burst of holy energy streams forth, afflicting the foe and infecting the bloodstream. 1d3 hits of *1 holy damage, roll 1d100. On 76+, causes a random Moderate status effect from the following. (Roll 1d5. 1-Poison 2. 2-Darkness(-25% to bonus of anything requiring sight). 3-Speechless(cannot cast magic). 4-Slow(Rolls-40). 5-Disable(Unable to take physical action). All durations are 1d3 rounds.)
LEVEL 5 250 MP to cast, *5 damage, 40 Spell Points
  • Stone Torch - A dark flame erupts from the ground, searing a venomous taint into the flesh that hardens the skin. Causes Moderate 'Petrify' and *2 damage.
  • Sacred Javelin - An assortment of spears hewn of holy energy materialize, sent flying towards the enemy. 1d4 hits, *3 Holy damage.
LEVEL 6 360 MP to cast, *6 damage, 60 Spell Points
  • Normalize - Cleanses a target of bodily ailments. Removes Mild, Moderate, and Acute "Blind," "Confuse," "Disease," "Petrify," "Poison," "Silence," "Sleep," "Slow," "Stop," "Zombie," "Weak," "Heat," "Peril," "Magnetize," "Pain," "Trouble," "Feeble," "Sadness," "Fury," "Soaked," "Clod," "Infested," and "Shock" statuses.
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