Gil Costs for Magic Spells

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Gil Costs for Magic Spells


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Purchasing Spells

Spells can be purchased from specific, licensed vendors that can be found across the galaxy. Some special, unlicensed vendors may be available, but they are discourged and buyers are warned to buy from them at their own risk.

These costs apply to all magic spells available except for Materia, which have their own costs.

Level 0: 400 gil apiece

Level 1: 800 gil apiece

Level 2: 4000 gil apiece

Level 3: 9450 gil apiece

Level 4: 21150 gil apiece

Level 5: 36750 gil apiece

Level 6: 63750 gil apiece

Currently, only spells of Level 6 and below may be readily purchased. The prices below are estimated market prices for spells that are of that magnitude, which may be higher or lower depending on vendor or availability.

Level 7: 95100 gil apiece

Level 8: 139500 gil apiece

Level 9: 184950 gil apiece
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