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Great Magic


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Great Magic

In the world of Midgard, sometimes hidden within ancient staves of yore or powerful mages lies the potential of taking a spell and making it into something truly powerful. Many older staves, when leaned upon to channel the power necessary to cast these mighty spells, shatter upon their use and crumble into dust. It requires a mage of great talent and skill to master the use of these powerful magicks.

These spells are taken from the Valkyrie Profile universe. To use them, you must:

1) Have the requisite spell.
2) Use that requisite spell and roll in the top 25% of possible results, not counting the bonus. Meaning, if you roll, say, a d160, you must roll at least a 121 or higher. The mechanics of use is similar to a mystic arte; the Great Magic spell is cast after the first spell.


LEVEL 6 720 MP to cast. 60 SpP to learn.
  • Calamity Blast - A cluster of intense flames forms in the air, and from it launches a multitude of intense fireballs toward the chosen targets in a relentless barrage. Strikes 2 targets 1d5 times for *4 fire damage per hit. Requires Fire Lance.
  • Petro Disruption - A large skeletal apparition steps forth, bellowing from its mouth a powerful toxic fume that corrodes the body. Deals 1d3 hits of *2 non-elemental damage to 2 targets. Causes Mild Slow (-20 to dex rolls) and Mild Poison (-250 HP/round) for 1d3 rounds. Requires Poison Blow.
  • Cosmic Spear - A massive spear imbued with darkness descends from above, the impact causing a large burst of powerful dark energy. Deals *6 dark damage to 4 targets. Requires Dark Savior.
  • Gravity Blessing - A dark storm-cloud bearing the shape of an orb converges around an assortment of foes, unleashing the power of a torrential thunderstorm. Deals 1d3 hits of *5 lightning damage to 3 targets. Requires Prismatic Missile.
LEVEL 7 980 MP to cast. 75 SpP to learn.
  • Dragon Bolt - From the sky hovers what appears to be a dragon's skeleton, though where there would normally be a body, there is a mass multitude of thunderbolts. The dragon dives towards its foe, driving into and through, electricity coursing mightily through its frame. 1d3 hits on 3 targets; *6 lightning damage. Requires Lightning Bolt.
  • Ifrit Caress - A surrounding wall of flame entraps a small group of enemies, the fire blazing high and strong as a multitude of flames sprout forth and converge in the center, before blasting out in a large explosion of powerful flames. Deals *7 fire damage to 4 targets. Requires Fire Storm.
  • Absolute Zero - Ice crystals embed into the ground around the enemies and chill the air at an incredible rate, till the air flash-freezes around them and ice shreds into their skin as they, too, begin to freeze up. Deals 1d3 hits of *4 ice damage to 3 enemies. Causes Mild 'Freeze' status for 1d5 rounds (double physical damage). Requires Frigid Damsel.
  • Celestial Star - Halos appear in the sky, converging into fully filled-in circles, each firing a beam of pure holy energy toward the target. Deals 1d8 hits of *3 holy damage to 3 enemies. Requires Mystic Cross.
LEVEL 8 1280 MP to cast. 100 SpP to learn.
  • Meteor Swarm - Comets rain down on the enemy from above, annihilating all in their path. 1d8 hits of *4 dark damage on 3 targets. Requires Shadow Servant.
  • Seraphic Law - Holy energy converges into a beam of pure light, as a multitude of particles surrounding the enemies reflect the beam of pure energy, blazing through all in its path. 1d3 hits of *7 holy damage to 3 targets. Requires Sacred Javelin.
  • Crystal Strike - Four crystals assume positions akin to that of a tetrahedron around one enemy, as the 'volume' covered by their dimensions is suddenly flash-frozen in an icy prison, blasting the foe with chilly might. The ice then shatters, rending the body asunder. 1d2 hits of *8 ice damage to 3 targets. Requires Icicle Egde.
  • Carnage Anthem - A surge of crimson sludge bearing noxious and toxic fumes courses toward the enemy, engulfing them. Deals 1d3 hits of *2 non-elemental damage to 2 targets. Causes Mild 'Confuse' (roll 1d2, 1=enemy target, 2=ally target), Mild 'Berserk'(200% physical damage, can only attack and brace; cannot dodge), and Mild 'Infested'(Lose 1/20 of max HP & MP each round). Requires Stone Torch.
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