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Command Materia


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Command Materia

All materia exists as knowledge from the lifestream in a broad sense; specific spells or summon pacts made by someone who once lived. An exceptionally rare type of materia, command materia hold wide bodies of knowledge for those who wear them. Wearing one of these materia temporarily grants the wearer the knowledge of a subject ranging from passing familiarity to mastery. Because of this, there are no easily defined lists of them; every persons body of knowledge is different. Command Materia operate slightly differently from regular materia; they are passive and posses levels similar to normal spells that determine how potent they are. As a general rule:

Level 0: 25 SkP (Up to Skill Level 5)
Level 1: 65 SkP (Up to Skill Level 10)
Level 3: 130 SkP (Up to Skill Level 15)
Level 4: 220 SkP (Up to Skill Level 20)
Level 5: 335 SkP (Up to Skill Level 25)
Level 6: 475 SkP (Up to Skill Level 30)
Level 7: 640 SkP (Up to Skill Level 35)
Level 8: 830 SkP (Up to Skill Level 40)
Level 9: 1045SkP (Up to Skill Level 45)
Level 10:1285SkP (Up to Skill Level 50)

A generic Level 0 Command Materia grants, by default, up to Level 5. If a character is at Level 10, the Materia has no effect.

A Command Materia may, instead of granting 5 skill levels, exchange one skill level with an 'advanced skill'. For example, a Command Materia for swords could look like:

Level 1: Skill+
Level 2: Double Cut
Level 3: Skill+
Level 4: Skill+
Level 5: Triple Cut

No command materia may hold more than 2 advanced skills, and the command materia itself must be of sufficient level to hold the advanced skill (For example, you can't have a Level 50 advanced skill on a Level 5 materia). Command materia can have anywhere from 1-5 levels. A materia will grant an advanced skill regardless of whether the bonus and the characters level meet it's requirement however.


Materia Name: Lv3 Weaponsmithing
Cost: N/A
Available: No
AP To Mastery: 5000
Level 1: Skill+
Level 2: Skill+
Level 3: Gem Weaponsmithing (Advanced Skill)
Level 4: Skill+
Level 5: Skill+
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