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Status hotlinker


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The following snippet will turn into a hotlink; meaning when this text is double-clicked in the chat, it will open a new browser window to that status' excerpt on these boards.

Nothing to download this time, just a simple snippet copied into the remotes section of the script editor:

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on ^$*:HOTLINK:/\((status:.*?)\)/Si:*: {

on $*:HOTLINK:/\((status:(.*?))\)/Si:*: {
  url -an $+ $regml(2)

To see all the possible status names, go to the status list page and click the link icon next to each status. The fragment(the text after the ) in the url bar is the text that should be after the part of the 'hotlink'; only these fragments may be used if the script is to work.

To see an example of it in use, in ooc type , then double click that text.
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