Advanced Character Tracker v1.3.4

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Advanced Character Tracker v1.3.4


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Version 1.3.4


I created this script off of an idea of another member(zr388); it is an improved version of my character tracker script, including more functions and features.

Please ignore the version number in the images, the images are old, but the file is not, and the images will not be updated unless the interface changes.

The interface will also remember its position upon close, so you can place it anywhere, and upon reopen, it will go there.

  • HP tracking: solid numbers and percents can be entered, in lieu of '20%'
  • MP tracking: solid numbers and percents can be entered, option to prevent negative mp loss
  • Limit break/trance tracking: If limit break or trance are enabled for a character, the ending damage will be added to the bar. If the character reaches 0 hp, any limit break bars achieved will be reset, while any trance bars will be reduced by 20%. Upon click of 'spend', with a number in the field to the left of the button, that amount of bars will be 'spent'(a character with 4 bars can spend 2, while keeping the other 2 remaining).
    • If status effects are on the character in question that modify either bar, then LB/Trance mult can be used to increase(or decrease) the multiplier used on the bar point gain(eg, effect Fury at level [Chronic] will multiply point gain by x3). The field accepts either a number from 0 to 3, or a percent.
    • If status effects are on the character in question which build limit every x rounds, the Raise bar(s) field and button may be used to add a flat number(10, 100, etc) or a percent(10%) to the bar(s). The value of this addition, if a percent, is based on the bar's maximum value.
  • Soak tracking: solid numbers and percents can be entered, in lieu of '+20%' or '-20%'
  • Roll tracking:
    • Option to roll roll on double click of roll entry
    • On roll, deduct requisite mp from current available mp
    • Calculate new roll and roll with it if bonus is specified
    • Calculate roll without base bonus(from bonus option)


== Zip Compression ==

  1. Download the file below and go to \AppData\Roaming\mIRC\ / your mirc folder(which can also be found by typing '//echo -a $mircdir' in mirc), and extract the zip file 'Advanced_character_tracker' into it. When asked to merge folder 'scripts', select 'yes'. If asked to replace 'dcx.dll', click no
    1. If your mirc folder is in your appdata folder, you will likely have to un-hide your appdata folder, as it is normally hidden. To do this, go into the folder containing appdata, and open folder options(found under the 'organize' menu in windows 7, find the 'view' tab, and select 'show all hidden folders and drives'. Apply your changes and the folder should now be visible.
    2. Upgrade: If this is an upgrade, and windows asks you replace 'advanced_character_tracker.mrc', click yes. From there, go back to mirc. There should now be a prompt window asking you to reload the script, as it has been changed by another program. Click yes. Do not check the checkbox to 'allow initization'.
  2. Then, open mirc's script editor, click the 'remotes' tab, and go to File>Load. Navigate to scripts\Advanced_character_tracker\Advanced_character_tracker.mrc and load the script. When prompted to 'execute initialization functions(or however it's worded)', click 'yes'.
  3. That's it, the script is ready to use. Just type in '/acharopen' any time you want to open the interface.
As with any script that uses a command to open it, you can of course assign it to a function key, redefining what that function key does. You can do this by...
  1. Opening the scripts editor
  2. Clicking the aliases tab if it is not already open
  3. Adding '/F<number> /acharopen' to your aliases, where '<number>' is a number denoting which function key it is assigned to. Example: /F3 /acharopen

When editing a character, enter in the max amount of the relevant value, without commas, into the relevant fields. HP gets max HP, MP max MP, and so on. Only with all four of these fields filled out, can you save the character and then begin adding rolls. Shield is optional; if no value is given, 0 is entered. Please see armor mods for more information on internal shielding.

When using a character, enter in the amount of damage, healing, or mp loss or gain in the field at the same level as the stat. For HP/MP, this value can either be a solid number or a percent: 1000 or 20%, percents must be suffixed with a percent symbol to indicate they are a percent.

Prot/Shell = Protect/Shell/Wall, divides damage in half after soaking it.
Brace = Brace, divides damage in half after soaking it
Revive = If no value is entered in the field below it, revives the character to 1 HP. Same rules above apply if value is entered in field(take solid number or percent)
Unsoakable = Incoming damage is not modified and directly applied to current HP

HP tracking:
P = physical attacks
M = magical attacks
+ = healing

MP tracking:
- = reduce mp
+ = increase mp

Limit break/trance tracking:
Up arrow = increase bar amount to spend
down arrow = decrease bar amount to spend
Spend = spend listed bar amount

LB/Trance mult = amount to multiply point gain by
Raise bar(s) = raise the bar(s) by the specified amount. If percent, percent symbol must be appended to value.

Soak tracking:
modify to/by = modifies soak by value placed in requisite fields. Refer to explanations below

Internal shielding(if not 0):
+ = regen shield; add amount in field to current shield hp on click

Roll calculation:
From selection = Roll is grabbed from selected roll in either list. If bonus is present, calculates the new roll. If 'roll on double click' is enabled, will roll with new roll
From bonus = Roll is calculated from -just- the bonus

When modifying the current soak of a character in play, either use a solid number(1000), or a percent(-20%, +20%), when using a percent, you must prefix the value with the 'direction' the number is affecting the soak, - for a lesser/negative value, + for a more/positive value.

If "roll on double click" is enabled(by default, it is), double click a roll and the script will roll the roll for you in the currently active channel/window. It will also subtract the relevant mp from your current MP. It will stop doing this(including if you just use the interface to remove MP), if the action would have caused the character to go into negative MP. This option is enabled by default as well.

|Version History|
  • 1.3.4: Fixed unsoakable damage getting caught by shield(unsoakable means unsoakable)
  • 1.3.3: Fixed bug with error spam from empty mp values.
  • 1.3.2: Fixed bar loading bug for trance bar.
  • 1.3.1: Fixed issues with bar display and bar buildup.
  • 1.3.0: Added ability to have multiple bar types, fixed a few bar usage bugs. Added bar modification controls.
  • 1.2.0: Add limit brea/trance support
  • 1.1.4: Bug with unsoakable/brace damage fixed
  • 1.1.3: Fixed bugs in roll calculation as well as forgotten number substitution in control assignment
  • 1.1.2: Added check to make sure character is in negative health before 'reviving' them, fixed 'revive' reviving a character past their max HP
  • 1.1.1: Fixed slight bug with saving, when shield is left blank
  • 1.1.0: Added shield property, made lists sortable
  • 1.0.0: First version
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