Winglie's Edict

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Winglie's Edict


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We came across a written edict, held by the winglie slain on Strangereal as we attempted to bring Dracula's castle to that world. It reads as follows:

"By the edict of the God Emperor"
"The Wingly Circle has been reborn. Our cities once again rise into the air, more glorious than ever. Our researchers in Aglis work tirelessly to improve our position. We have restablished the Death City of Mayfil, the soul prison, and the lifestream of the condemned and unworthy once again flows through it's doors. From Zenebatos, and from the judges of the God Emperor, we have new laws to be enforced."
"The penalty for the death of a winglie by an inferior race is the destruction of the soul of the criminal and any whom they love."
"The penalty for refusing to acknowledge Winglies as the ultimate form of life created by Soa is death by starvation."
"The penalty for refusing an order as given by a Wingly is death by torture befitting the crime, as dictated by the judges."
"Treason by a wingly or cetra is the most grevious of offenses, and a punishment for such a crime will only be delivered by the God Emperor himself."
"At present, Judge Nomos presides over Zenebatos, with 5,090,792,019 cases in review by the system, 79,154,333,541 cases have been resolved by Archons without requiring Judicial oversight."
"Travel to Kadessa is limited, as the Capital is still under construction. We expect it to be ready to inhabit within two Standard Years."
"The penalty of death still applies to any who dare seek travel to Ulara on Endiness. They are to be exterminated with all expedience and as an example to those Winglies who would betray or defy the God Emperor."
"Hail to the God Emperor for all eternity - Chancellor Faust"

Judging by our most recent conversation with Anteia, now that we know what Mayfil is...the situation may be more dire than we thought...perhaps even the Lifestream itself is at stake.

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