Secret Wars: The Wutai Conspiracy

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Secret Wars: The Wutai Conspiracy


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These notes represent in-party public knowledge dredged up from bits of old storylines and new events.

The Regicide
The Dimensional Warriors were dragged into this Conspiracy when they uncovered an Assassin plot to depose and kill Nelson Rathbone, the Eternal King of Arcadia, claiming his reign hundreds of years long goes against the democratic and liberty-based principles he espouses publicly. The DW succeeded in thwarting the plot and succeeded in getting an "inside man" into the Templar organization, Genesis Rhapsodos. He has since lost contact with the organization at-large after the previous confrontation with Giygas, the subsequent dimensional cascades, and the splitting of the multiverse.

The Seals
A legend revolving around the pagoda in dedication to the spirit Leviathan, whom is said to guard the nation of Wutai as its benefactor. Three seals -- the sun, the moon, and the sea -- were what bound Leviathan's spirit to Gaia and anchored it to the pagoda tower.

The Conspiracy
A group of men and women known colloquially as "Templar" intended to collect and use the seals to unbind Leviathan and control it, using its power to instead tame the Gaian seas and restore order and safety to shipping and transit lanes after the Lunar Cry and multiple dimensional incursions.
It is determined the Templar organization spans history, multiple worlds, and multiple dimensions, coming in all shapes, sizes, and names. They seek an orderly approach to civilization, intending to guide society in its growth and evolution using science under "The Father of Understanding."
Early on, Alex Sterling identifies Anatoliy Leonid as a leader in this Conspiracy.

The Opposition
A group of men and women known colloquially as "Assassins" fought to stop the conspiracy to unleash Leviathan, concerned that releasing the ocean spirit would threaten Wutai, not provide the protection the Templars suspect, and provide them with too much power over an elemental spirit.
It is determined the Assassins organization spans history, multiple worlds, and multiple dimensions, coming in all shapes, sizes, and names. They seek to liberate societies and allow them to guide themselves freely, for better or worse, choosing free will and self-determination over guided evolution.
Early on, Ryu identifies Alirah al-Ebrahimi as a member of the Assassins.

The Discovery
The Dimensional Warriors captured Leonid and al-Ebrahimi and interrogated them separately aboard the Destiny's Ascension to learn more about the breadth and scale of the Conspiracy and their separate organizations. Each seems diametrically opposed to one another with the DW caught in the middle.
It is at this point that Alex Sterling fears the Templar organization has infiltrated the Jade Bureau, his intelligence network and government body on the planet Quintus.

The Gathering
The Dimensional Warriors traveled Gaia to find and secure the three Leviathan Seals aboard the Destiny's Ascension. They were safely tucked away in Alkaiser's Library. Tiefling took one seal to separate the lot and stored it in her burrow in the Ascension's park, much to the Assassins' chagrin.

The Loss
During a space battle in the Lylat System, Andrew Oinkonny escapes with one of the Leviathan Seals. Alirah vows vengeance. The DW has bigger problems on its hands.

The Silence
Over the next few years, the Dimensional Warriors are too busy literally saving existence, fighting Giygas, Melbu Frahma, and other matters of consequence.

The Twist
Alirah comes to the DW one random evening and demands the party's help stopping the Templars from releasing Leviathan. The party accepts and rushes to Wutai's central pagoda, where Templar agents and local law enforcement oppose the party's ascent in vain.
Reaching the top, a Templar agent warns the DW that it was too late and his organization has the pagoda's secret, saying the Leviathan Seal stories were a ruse to disguise something else entirely. Upon his execution, he tells the party the Templars have "the key" for whatever they found.

The Testimony
The party discovers a wall of Cetran runes at the top of the pagoda and take down its contents via sketch and photograph. They take these to Eden, where a junior officer translates the runes into a story of historical record.
It depicts an ancient first-hand account of a struggle between two groups, one accused of being heretical, set during the Cetran Civil War in the prehistoric times of Geddon, after the sealing of Astarath and Ivantos (the "Prime Evil") and before the rise of the Yomi.
A man in the runes' vision wields a golden sphere with intricate patterns of light built into it, with the historical account accusing it of manipulating the hearts and minds of anyone its wielder wishes. It appears a group of Geddon-based Assassins attempted to kill "the heretic" but failed, falling under the device's control.
The record suggests the device is pre-Cetran, or at least not of their creation.

The Search
The party has elected to discover more about the strange device and keep it out of Templar hands. It is convinced the Templars are actively seeking out clues and/or the device at the same time.

The Targets
It is uncertain how deep the Wutai conspiracy goes. Targets will be added and removed periodically.
Anatoliy Leonid - confirmed Templar Master based in Nocturne, Arcadia.
Unknown - The party suspects a Cetran is working with the Templars in, at the very least, a translating function.

The Leads
The Cetran testimony states the device is not of Cetran origin and likely predates that civilization. That leaves very few options for who or what created the device.
The Assassin Alirah suggests the existence of one Cetran testimony alludes to others. She recommends searching the oldest places the DW can find for Assassin points of interest, designated by an Arcane Mark in the shape of the Assassins' ubiquitous symbol. She has granted the party a spiritual "key" to identify these Arcane Marks when used in combination with other magic-detecting spells or abilities (Spirit Vision, Detect Magic, etc.).
It is noteworthy that Geddon's civilization split into multiple dimensions after the Cetran Civil War; that means the clues may be just as scattered.
Alirah notes the Assassins and Templars have kept their war out of the history books, at least in direct mention, intentionally. She recommends against traditional research, as it would yield misleading -- at best -- results.
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