Side Stories & Information

This is a spot for characters to post results of research, in character searches and notes, as well as plot theories.

Note: Exp and rewards may be given for good theories. Extra work pays.
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Side Stories & Information


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Information regarding side missions hosted by other GMs and researched by players will go here.

---Void Key---

A golden relic found in the excavation of the Grineer mining colony. It apparently can utilize portals such as Stargates in order to facilitate travel to and from specific points in the void beyond real space. The one we found grants access to an Orokin Tower.

The Grineer used one to open a portal to our system.

---Orokin Tower---

Towers that lie in the void beyond, lined with deadly traps and defenses. Many a valuable are also within, from treasures to information to targets of importance bearing said information. The one in particular we've found has a person of interest with valuable information.

The tower itself also has many a defender, as well as neural sentries used to corrupt intruders and make them serve to defend the tower. The corrupted defend its halls, whether Grineer, Corpus, or Infested. They are implanted with an unknown device to ensure they are controlled.


The Infested are Grineer and Corpus corpses reanimated in a similar fashion to the Flood. Further information is unavailable.


A faction of arms dealers that seek to use the Tenno as well as profiteer from war.

---The Steel Meridian---

A rebelling faction led by a Grineer rogue commander. They seek to protect the colonies against the wishes of the Grineer forces.

---The Perrin Sequence---

A faction of Corpus merchants who splintered from the violent trade work of the Corpus, pursuing neutral trade on their own accord.
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