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Name: Hrist & Arngrim


Normal - Valkyrie Helm(Orichalcum-level Accessory?)
Extreme - Saint's Halberd, Bahamut's Tear(Amber-level Polearm/Greatsword?)

Description: /gm You emerge in the halls of an ancient castle. There is great commotion outside, mournful tears and wailing filling the air as you stand in a long hallway about twelve feet wide. From the short distance away, you see a large coffin being brought out by six heavily armored soldiers, three on either side. Sunlight filters in through the multitude of windows, though for the people of these fair lands, it is anything but an omen of hope.


HP: 1000000
MP: 500000
Physical Soak: 4000
Magical Soak: 4000

Initiative: 2d400
Block: 1d250+120
Dodge Roll: 1d220+105
Willpower Defense: 1d300+145

Attack Behavior:

NOTE: All status effects occur on a 501+ on a 1d1000.

1 - Sideswiper - A single sweep of the spear at an opponent's feet. 1d230+110, 10000 physical damage, inflicts Mild Off-Guard.
2 - Entrapment - A quick forward thrust to injure a foe, paired with an inward tug to strike them with the blade once more. 1d250+120, 12000 physical damage per hit, 1d2 hits. If hit by this, you cannot retreat an area for 1 round.
3 - Armor Break - A powerful thrust made to pierce the thickest of hides and armor. 1d240+115, 15000 physical damage, inflicts Chronic Feeble for 1d5 rounds.
4 - Hurricane Bolt - Hrist raises her hand, a ball of lightning materializing over her head as she fires thunderbolts at her foes. 1d250+120, 15000 lightning damage, inflicts Moderate Shock for 1d5 rounds.
5 - Downward Split - Hrist leaps into the air, dive-bombing the entire party and striking the ground, emitting a large shockwave. 1d230+110, 15000 physical damage.
6 - Furious Advance - Hrist blitzes a single combatant with an array of powerful blows. 1d240+115, 12500 physical damage per hit, 1d4 hits.
7 - Bond of Einherjar - For the next 3 rounds, Hrist and Arngrim must hold their actions till the other gets a turn. Hrist and Arngrim gain +25 to their attack rolls and +2500 damage per hit.
8 - Nibelung Valesti - Hrist's most powerful attack. A party member is struck and launched into the air, before struck by a multitude of large, ethereal spears thrown by the winged valkyrie. 1d300+145, 12500 damage per hit, 1d8 hits.


HP: 1250000
MP: 20000
Physical Soak: 5000
Magical Soak: 3000

Initiative: 2d300
Block: 1d200+95(Melee)
Dodge Roll: 1d170+80
Willpower Defense: 1d150+70

Attack Behavior:

1 - Spinning Back-Knuckle(Arngrim fakes a swing of the bastard sword, delivering a strong backhand punch across the jaw with a gauntleted fist. 1d220+105, 15000 physical damage.)
2 - Wild Break(Arngrim takes a single vicious, wide-sweeping swing at a single combatant. 1d200+95, 15000 physical damage. Inflicts Chronic Feeble.)
3 - Total End(A sweeping strike of the bastard sword. 1d210+100, 12500 physical damage. Inflicts Mild Off-Guard.)
4 - Double Wind(A high-low combination of heavy sword blows. 1d210+100, 15000 physical damage per hit, 1d2 hits.)
5 - Lost Life(A downward stab of the bastard sword. 1d220+105, 15000 physical damage. Deals double damage on a knocked-down target. Will automatically target one who is knocked down.)
6 - Hurricane Edge(A dual strike, first kicking at the knees, and then an uppercut swing of the sword. 1d220+105, 1d2 hits, 15000 physical damage apiece. Inflicts Mild Knockback.)
7 - Dead End(A massive, arcing swing of the bastard sword that strikes as many as six party members. 1d210+100, 17500 physical damage.)
8 - Final Blast(Arngrim's most powerful techique targets a single party member, an uppercut slash slicing through the air, a well of energy bursting beneath the feet of one combatant. 1d270+130, 1d5 hits, 15000 physical damage per hit.)

-Hrist is 75% resistant to all status effects.
-Arngrim is 50% resistant to all status effects. Battle Theme
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