Artisan: Blacksmithing

The new merge of Craft and Knowledge skills, the Artisan skill pulls double-duty in various subjects.
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Artisan: Blacksmithing


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Artisan: Blacksmithing

The art of blacksmithing refers to forging melee weapons and armor, ranging from gloves and gauntlets to battleaxes and warhammers. These weapons are made out of materials, such as Iron, Diamond, or Durallium. These materials are classified by "tiers," which are...
  • metal, which is conventional metallics and alloys dug out of and processed from the earth'
    gem, which refers to an alloy of metals with gemstone components. These pieces of equipment are generally not made entirely out of a stone, but instead lined or dusted with it;
    radiant metal, a special type of rare, elemental-level metals that possess extensively magical qualities not found in conventional metals;
    radiant gem, a rare type of gemstone that is already primed with magical energy, making them potent and dangerous to wield and craft;
    prime materials, the rarest type of material, which include some of the most rare and innately powerful and densely magical gemstones and alloys that were thought to go extinct long before the formation of the planets.
These incremental types of material working makes it difficult to transition from one type of material to the other, but moving from one similar material to another is much easier for an experienced smith. Therefore, in order to make different tiers of materials, one must buy advanced skills to unlock smithing of the higher tiers. Everyone with Artisan: Weaponsmithing can craft Metal items, but to start on Gems one must dedicate time to learn Gem Weaponsmithing.

For more information on Smithing, see the Smithing tutorial.

Gem Smithing
Cost: 30 SP
Level Required: 15
Prerequisites: None
Type: Action
Effect: Unlocks smithing of Tier 2 weapons/armor.

Radiant Metal Smithing
Cost: 120 SP
Level Required: 30
Prerequisites: Gem Smithing
Type: Action
Effect: Unlocks smithing of Tier 3 weapons/armor.

Radiant Gem Smithing
Cost: 205 SP
Level Required: 40
Prerequisites: Gem Smithing, Radiant Metal Smithing
Type: Action
Effect: Unlocks smithing of Tier 4 weapons/armor.

Prime Material Smithing
Cost: 350 SP
Level Required: 50
Prerequisites: Gem Smithing, Radiant Metal Smithing, Radiant Gem Smithing
Type: Action
Effect: Unlocks smithing of Tier 5 weapons/armor.
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