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<<> Player Info <>>

IRC Nick: Crystalmancer
Real Name (Optional): Pascal
Time Zone: EST
Sheet Approved by: (leave blank)

<<> Character Description <>>

Name: Kyo
Race: Human (Nekomimi)
Age: 38
Height: 5'11
Weight: 220
Appearance: A tall, lithe man with dusky skin. White hair, with same colored ears peek out the top of his head.
Eye Color: Yellow (Slitted)
Hair Color: White
Notable Features: Whisker tatoo onto his cheeks

<<> Character Personality <>>

Favorite Food: Kabobs
Likes: Women
Dislikes: Overly pompous inquisitors
Favorite Color: Green
Fears: Thunder

<<>Character Background<>>

A shield for hire. In the harsh world of his, a few corporations rule the world with an iron grip and give very little care to those insects they can barely see out the windows of their skycrapers. A world that has seen technology advance, but for the worst... and so, humans and the other species out there, some of them engineered in labs a long time ago to serve certain purposes, try to scrape by.
Kyo is one who has acquired quite some notoriety. Using a stun baton, a pistol and a shield, he makes sure that nobody gets hit. Sharp senses, a strong shield, makes sure no snipers or otherwise would intervene. Though, being born of a less-fortunate species himself as a demihuman, he's learned not to kill needlessly. And so, his use of the stun baton became known. Knock the pursuers out, or when they prove too persistant, beat the shit out of them and leave them there with the worst hangover of their life. So far, his career proved fruitful: Kyo was able to purchase some cybernetic enhancements and decent gear... But his luck was bound to change at some point. A job that will turn for the worst, or a force he cannot fight against?
In his life as a bodyguard, he's also come to had to modify his own body. One of those modifications is aid for recovery, for despite his skills at the shield, he would find himself in a pinch, and having a system that can close the worst of the bleed helps tremendously. A rebreather also comes necessary for many enemies try to gas their way through an immovable object!
<<>Cheat Sheet<>>
Shield Block: 200 (1d410+200)
--Dex: 90
--Sentinel: 10
--Skill: 25
--Improved Shield Block: 15
--Shield: 60

Shield Counter: 163 (1d380+185)
--Dex: 90
--Sentinel: 10
--Skill: 25
--Shield: 60

Improved Shield Slam: 105 (1d220+105)
--Dex: 90
--Sentinel: 10
--Skill: 25
--Shield: -20

Club Hit: 117 (1d240+117)
--Dex: 90
--Fighter: 10
--Skill: 25
--Weapon: 12
--Shield: -20
----Damage: 1300

Flail Hit: 176 (1d360+176)
--Dex: 90
--Skill: 25
--Weapon: 81
--Shield: -20
----Damage: 2400

Athletics(Dex):65 (1d140+65)
--Dex: 45
--Skill: 10
--Fighter: 10
Athletics (Str): 40 (1d90+40)
--Strength: 20
--Skill: 10
--Fighter: 10

Acrobatics: +20
Reaction: +20

Perception: +40 (1d90+40)
--Health: 20
--Skill: 20

First Aid: 1d50+40
--Int/2: +20
--Skill: +20

Physical Soak: 4150
Body: 1000
Armor: 3150

Mental Soak: 1700
Mind: 400
Armor: 1300

Total Experience Points: 1500

Health: 210
Health Roll: 20 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Health)
HP: 8736 / 8736 hp (Health * 40)

Dexterity: 400 + 50
Flat Foot Dodge: 90 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + (reaction skill/2))
Dodge Roll: 90 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + Skill)
Physical Attack Roll: 90 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + skill)
Style Points: 1600 StP (Dexterity * 4)

Strength: 200
Inventory Slots/Comfortable Carry: 40 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Strength)
Base Damage: 100 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 5)
Max Carry Weight: 800 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 40) lbs
Weapon Damage: (Base Damage * Weapon mod.)

Endurance: 100
Defense (Damage Absorb): 500 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance *50)
Survival Roll: 10 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance)

Intelligence: 400
MP: 2000 MP (Intelligence * 5)
Skill Points: 1640 SkP (Int * 4)

Magic Affinity: 25
Spell Points: SpP (Magic Affinity * 4)
Magic Attack Roll: (+1 Bonus for every 10 Magic + Magic Level of Skill used.)
Mage Level: (Skill Level / 5)
Psionic Level: (Skill Level / 5)

Spirit: 25
Base Magic Damage: [( (+1 per 10 Spirit) + (Skill Level) ) * 5) * Mage Level]

Willpower: 100
Mental/Magic Defense Roll: 20 / (+2 Bonus for every 10 Willpower + Skill Level)
Magic Damage Soak: 400 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Willpower * 40)

Luck: 50
Luck Roll: 5(+1 Bonus for every 10 Luck)
Luck Points: 5(+1 for every 10 Luck)
Critical Modifier: 1d4(.5) (+0.1 for every 10 Luck)

(Used)1500 / 1600 (Maximum) Skill Points

0: Untrained | 5: Hobbyist | 10: Novice/Beginner | 15: Dedicated Student | 20: Educated/Trained | 25: Professional | 30: Advanced | 35: Specialist | 40: Expert | 45: Adept/Prodigy | 50: Master

Movement Skills
(Dexterity: +0 / Strength: +0)
Athletics: 10 (65)
--Cross Country Running (10)

Utility Skills
(Health: +0 / Intelligence: +0(intel/2) / Willpower: +0)
Perception: 20 (220-65)
Combat Skills
(Dexerity: +0)
Weapon Shield: 25 (335-130)205
--Shield Block: 10
--Shield Bash: 10
--Shield Counter: 15
--Shield Slam: 15
--Shield Cover: 30
--Improved Shield Block: 60
Weapon Club: 25 (335)
--Knockdown: 15
--Improved Knockdown: 55

Magic Skills
(Magic: +0 / Spirit: +0)
Materia: 10 (65)
--Arcane Intuition:10
--Arcane Defence:10
--Materia Manipulator:15

Artisan / Knowledge Skills
(Intellligence: +0)
Artian: Engineering: 15 (130)

Field Training Skills
(Intelligence: +0(intel/2))
Vehicle Operation: Hoverbike 10 (65)
--Combat Dodging:10
Vehicle Operation: Car 10 (65)
--Combat Dodging:10

First Aid: 20 (220)
--Cyber-Doctor (30)

<<> Abilities <>>

-= Physical (Style Points) =-
Current Style Points: (Used) / 1600 StP

==>Soften the Shell (L4, 480MP)
-Kyo quickly moves in with a series of quick hard smashes to soften up the enemy and set them up into a favorable position.
--Skill: 20
--StP: 50
--Target: 1
--Hits: 2 (1d3)
--Damage: 2 (*1)
--Slow: 2 (-20 to actions)
--Skill Chain
-- vvv
==> Breaking the Shell(LV5, 725 MP)
-With the enemy prepared by the previous successive blows, Kyo overcharges the stunning aparatus of the stun baton and lays it down with such intensity that the armor melts away from the energy.
--Skill: 25
--Stp: 70
--- AP: 7+2
--Target: 1
--Melt: 8 (Chronic) Subliminate: Armor Divided by 1/3, 1d3 rounds

==>Enhanced Guard (L4, 480MP)
-Kyo focuses his inner strengths entirely on defending and preventing the most grievous wounds.
--Skill: 20
--StP: 50
--Endure: 6 (Acute) Once More: The character is able to survive two single- or multi-hit attacks that would normally render him/her unconscious (below 0 HP) with 1 HP.

==>Breath of Life (L4, 480MP)
-Kyo focuses his inner strengths entirely recouperating from his wounds.
--Skill: 20
--StP: 50
--Damage 6: *3

-= Magical/Psionic (Spell Points) =-
Current Spell Points: (Used) / (Max) SpP


<<> Traits and Feats <>>

-= Race Traits =-

Race: Human (Nekomimi)
Trait: Status Effect Resistance
Trait: Extra Training (Weapon: Shield(130), Perception(65))
Trait: Cat Speech

SIF: Improved Defense I
--Associated Statistic: Endurance
--Description: They say sometimes all you really need is stronger skin. Though it may work for everyone as far as words go, sometimes you'd like the sticks and stones to be staved off all the same. Takers of this feat have stronger bodies, able to bear a greater brunt of punishment.
--Effect: Increases Defense Absorb Modifier alters from *40 to *50.
--Example: The character has a 40 Endurance. The Defense Absorb equation is: +1 point per 10 Endurance *40. The equation would normally be 4*40=160. However, with this Feat the equation becomes 4*50=200. The character could then soak 200 points of damage before losing HP.

Feat: Feature: Dark Vision(Feline Eyes)

-= Character Traits =-

-= Feats =-

(* denotes feats taken at character creation.)

*Feat 1 (Free) - Class: Fighter
Description: Fighters are very basic combatants at their cores; they do battle in rain, sleet, snow, wind, or sand, and can be turned to for direct problem solving. Their athletic training and brawn allows them to surpass obstacles in their path -- including other people, through sheer presence or violence.
Effect: +10 to [Clubs], +10 to Athletics, +5 to Acrobatics, Reaction

*Feat 2 (100 XP) - Class: Sentinel
Associated Statistic:
Description: Sentinels are powerful, trained defenders of others. They're excellent escorts, bodyguards, and front-line shock troopers, and generally use their protection as weapons as well. Charging head-first into a Sentinel isn't advised.
Effect: +10 Weapon Proficiency: Shields, +10 Athletics, +5 Perception, Reaction

*Feat 3 (200 XP) - SIF: Enhanced Dodge
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: This character has quicker reflexes and a keener sense of direction, allowing him/her to avoid or deflect blows away from his/her body, whether it's flipping, blocking, or jumping.
Effect: This improves the Flat Foot, regular Dodge, and Block rolls. Instead of a +1 bonus for every 10 points, the character earns +2 per every 10 points.
Example: A character with 80 Dexterity normally has a Dodge Dexterity bonus of +8. With this feat, that becomes +16.

*Feat 4 (300 XP) - Class Feat: Iron Defense
Associated Class: Sentinel
Description: A good sentinel does not require concentration to defend, they are always defending.
Effect: Sentinels with this feat do not require the normal held round to cover an ally. They however may only cover one ally per round.

*Feat 5 (400 XP) - Class: Expert Pilot
Associated Statistic:
Description: A varied pilot is one of the most necessary people to have around in tight situations. Whether it's by land, sea, air, or space, these people can get you where you need to go, fast.
Effect: +10 to 2 Vehicle Operations of choice, +5 Repair, Survival

*Feat 6 (500 XP) - SIF: Enhanced Willpower I
Associated Statistic: Willpower
Description: A taker of this feat bears a great sense of will, able to tighten his/her focus as well as deny a spellcaster's power with natural effort.
Effect: The Mental Defense Roll changes from +1/10 points in Willpower to +2/10 points in Willpower.
Example: The character has a 50 Willpower. The bonus is normally +5. In this case it becomes +10.

*Feat 7 (600 XP) - Class Feat: Jump In and Go
Associated Class: Expert Pilot
Description: Regardless of his or her technical expertise, some pilots just ... get it, and they recognize that most craft of a similar type all have similar operations, even if their interfaces or controls are laid out differently or they're centuries apart. Left is still left, and faster is always better.
Effect: Removes the "learning period" for new vehicles for pilots. When a new or unfamiliar vehicle is found and has locked systems or has restrictions put on it, the pilot is immediately informed of these to as great an extent as possible, and removes any negatives that would usually be incurred on learning to use a vehicle, regardless of size, nature, or type.

*Feat 8 (700 XP) - Super Speed (+50 Temporary Dexterity)

*Feat 9 (800 XP) - SIF: Enhanced Attack Maneuver
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: This character is able to predict the movements of others and respond appropriately. Dodging, blocking, and taking cover are all taken into consideration, whatever it takes to land the hit.
Effect: The character with this Feat gains a bonus of +2 per 10 points of Dexterity to attack physically.
Example: A character with 60 Dexterity typically has an attack Dexterity bonus of +6. With this feat, that becomes +12.

*Feat 10 (900XP) -It's A Mystery
Associated Statistic: Luck
Description: This character is suspiciously resourceful, and after rummaging for a little bit always seems to have precisely the right little item at precisely the right time.
Effect: Some way, some how, the character manages to have the coin, the screwdriver, the chewing gum, whatever little everyday item -- worth 200 credits or less -- that someone needs to pull off a McGuyver or something similar. This can only be used once per diem.

*Feat 11(1000XP) - Extra Attack
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: The character exhibits reaction and movement speeds above and beyond that of others, allowing them to take more than one action in a round.
Effect: A character must have at least 200 Dexterity to qualify for this feat. In normal and group combat, character rolls a second initiative at half their dexterity value. This makes the character twice the target as well.

Feat 12(1200XP) - SIF: Enhanced Item Storage Capacity I
Associated Statistic: Strength
Description: This character is able to pack away the items, weapons, and gear for greater stocking than most people. Where did you pull that from again? N-nevermind.
Effect: The character can increase the +1 per 10 points bonus to this to +2 per 10 points, enabling the character to have more Items Slots.
Example: The character has a 90 Strength. Instead of +9, the character gains +18 to account for Item Slots to be able to carry more items on his/her person at one time.

Feat 13(1400XP) - Class Feat: I Am Cover
Associated Class: Sentinel
Description: A sentinel does not seek cover. They are the cover. Masters of defense, they are always considered to be behind cover while wielding a shield.
Effect: A Sentinel is always considered to be ‘behind’ cover during suppressing fire, and may count as cover for one additional character (granting them a +10 dodge bonus).

Feat 14(1500XP) - Overnight Express
Associated Class: Expert Pilot
Description: A maverick with wheels to burn, currents to chase, or wings to tuck will always take the fast way over the easy way, turning even the laziest pleasure cruise into a potentially fatal race to the finish.
Effect: When activated, the DC to navigate to an area is increased by up to 100%. In return, the time it takes to make the trip is reduced by half that (Meaning, at a maximum of doubling the DC, the trip can be undertaken in half the time). If there was no DC, the pilot picks one from 50 to 100, and the same rules apply.

Feat 15(1600XP) -
Feat 16(1800XP) -
Feat 17(2000XP) -
Feat 18(2200XP) -
Feat 19(2400XP) -
Feat 20(2500XP) -
Feat 21(2600XP) -
Feat 22(2800XP) -
Feat 23(3000XP) -
Feat 24(3200XP) -
Feat 25(3400XP) -
Feat 26(3500XP) -
Feat 27(3600XP) -
Feat 28(3800XP) -
Feat 29(4000XP) -
Feat 30(4200XP) -

<<> Equipment Slots <>>

Note: Dual-Wielded items occupy 1 Equipment Slot (not Inventory Slot).

Weapon: Denzium Club
--Price: 66,570
--Augmentation Slots: 2
--Roll Bonus: +12
--Damage Mod: 13.9
--DC To Make: 2520
--Skill Level To Use: 19
--Stun Mechanism Augmentation (50% chance, ie 51+)

Name: Kunzite Flail
--DC To Make: 6080
--Skill Level To Use: 25
--Price: 216,000
--Augmentation Slots: 2
--Roll Bonus: +81
--Damage Mod: 24
--Materia Slot(X2 Growth): 2X HP+ Basic.

Off Hand: Name: Amber Heavy Shield
--Price: 221400 gil
--Block Modifier: +60
--Dodge/Attack Modifier: -20
--Augmentation Slots: 4
--Crafting DC: 6160
--Skill Level Required: 25
Side Arm:
Armor: Denzium Mail
--Price: 118875 gil
--Physical Soak Bonus: 3150
--Magical Soak Bonus: 1300
--Crafting DC: 3080
Ring 1:
Ring 2:

Cybernetic Augmentations:
Name: Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis
Manufacturer: Sarif Industries
Price: 3600 gil
DC to Make: 3000
Description: An optical membrane implant and data-frame for vision augmentations, this device is a microthin base coating layered onto the inside of the human eye, with a synthetic neural tissue spike connected to the optic nerve; it is capable of projecting digital information directly on to the retina.
Name: Smart Vision
Manufacturer: DataDyne
Price: 8400 gil
DC to Make: 6000
Restrictions: Requires Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis
Description: An optical membrane implant that enables people already equipped with the Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis to visually scan through walls, doors, and cover objects and see what lies beyond. Requires activation to be used; when activated, each "round" uses 10% of a user's max MP.

Name: Sentinel RX Health System
Manufacturer: Sarif Industries
Price: 22,875 gil
DC to Make: N/A (Fabrication Rights Management)
Restrictions: Occupies 2 Augmentation Slots
Description: The Sentinel RX Health System is a combination implant that uses electro-cardio action, adrenal stimuli, and protein therapy to fight infection and injury throughout a limited 'regenerative' capacity. While it is no replacement for proper medical care, it can keep a user alive in the most critical of circumstances. In combat, restores 5% of HP per round up to a maximum of 25%, and outside of combat, restores HP to 25% passively.
Name: Rebreather
Manufacturer: Ariake Technologies
Price: 8400 gil
DC to Make: 4000
Restrictions: Requires Sentinel RX Health System
Description: Concealed in the chest cavity, this augmentation activates in the presence of airborne toxins such as tear gas or aerosol poisons, rendering them ineffective. It cannot reduce damage from airborne radioactive contaminants or particle energy effects, however. The rebreather also comes as small oxygen tube device or a system internalized within an armor.

Credits: 500,000 (+1,000,000 after 3 months)

<<> Inventory <>>


<<> Special Notes <>>
20,000 Zollars
+100000 gil (August)
-20,000 Gil (Materia Slot Purchase)
-30,000 Gil (HP+ Materia *2)

50,000 Gil
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