Godiva Korr

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Godiva Korr


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<<> Player Info <>>

IRC Nick: Lloth, Sylia`Stingray
Real Name (Optional): Foxx
Time Zone: USA Cen
Sheet Approved by: (leave blank)

<<> Character Description <>>

Name: Godiva Korr
Race: Zeltron (Human)
Age: 20's
Height: 5'11"
Weight: (optional)
Appearance: A super model athletic build.
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Dark Blue
Notable Features: Red skin; dynamic sex appeal.

<<> Character Personality <>>
Flirty, devouted to the cause of good, unredeemable bad guys who push her will get a lightsaber to the face for the effort.

Favorite Food: ice cream
Likes: Friends, family, the Jedi Order
Dislikes: Bullies, people who don't know how to have fun
Favorite Color: Green
Fears: Loosing the ground she made as a Jedi; being tempted by the dark side once again.

<<>Character Background<>>

Ten years after the destruction of the first Deathstar.

Godi started out as a gifted racer, working the race circuits to build her name and gain a sponsor. Her skill brought her to the attention of an attending Jedi Knight of the New Jedi Order, who senses that the Force was strong with her. Convincing Godi of her talent was the least of his problems; it was getting her to understand the genuine commitment and obligation she was getting into.

Always the Zeltron thrillseeker, Godi tossed herself into her lessons with enthusiasm. Not to say she fell into the cliche of the dumb sexy padawan; she showed her teachers what made her a great racer. She was intelligent, articulate, and perceptive. In contrast, she was outspoken, her hedonist attitude distracting, and she still needed to learn to control her feelings better. Paired off with Kyle Katarn, there was a hope that he would tame the young Zeltron into a Jedi.

Traveling with Katarn did open Godi's eyes to the purpose the Jedi served. The galaxy was in desperate need of protectors, healers, and heroes. To accomplish this, Godi needed to find her balance in how she would approach the problems the galaxy would soon throw at her. Unfortunately, she would have to work quickly as the Markos Ragnos incident began and almost swallowed her soul.

A cult of dark side force users attempted to bring about the Sith Lord, Markos Ragnos. Their efforts to recruit or corrupt other force years scored another padawan from the New Jedi Order. Also, a fellow student that joins the same time Godiva did. He had not been as famous or talented in the Force as Godi, but he tried. The lure of a quicker path lured him to the dark side and joining the cult. His betrayal to the order hit Godi particularly hard. Zeltrons are notorious about their passions, and Godi felt her anger smoldering. The campaign against the cult pushed her talents and abilities harder than any other time.

Before the last big push against the cult on Korriban, Godi tracked down her former friend due to the machinations of the cult leader. Having a more robust student of the Force would benefit the cult. Finally faced off against her old friend, Godi defeated him and other members of the cult in a fierce battle. Godi found herself standing over her fallen friend; lightsaber pointed at his chest. The spiritual warfare was no less challenging, standing on the apex of temptation by the dark side of the Force. All the anger and frustrations of the past few months building up to this point. Only the timely intervention of Katarn help Godi find focus, and she pushed away from the dark side and forgave her friend.

Having learned a valuable lesson about letting her feelings get the better of her good judgment, she hurried to Korriban to engage in the final battle with the cult and the Jedi Order. Somehow, through a mix of dumb luck and the Force, she squared off against the cult leader once more, now empowered by an evil force ghost. Finding her focus and destiny in the Force, Godi defeats both by destroying the staff used to raise the evil force spirit. Ragnos returns to his grave, and the leader assumes room temperature.

Once the chaos has settled and cleaned up finished. Godi is promoted to Jedi Knight by Luke Skywalker and bidden to continue her efforts to defend the galaxy.


Total Experience Points: 1600/1612

Health: 100
Health Roll: (+1 Bonus for every 10 Health)
HP: 4000/4000 hp (Health * 40)

Dexterity: 200
Flat Foot Dodge: (+1 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + (reaction skill/2))
Dodge Roll: (+1 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + Skill)
Physical Attack Roll: (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + skill)
Style Points: 800 StP (Dexterity * 4)

Strength: 150
Inventory Slots/Comfortable Carry: +15(+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength)
Base Damage: 75 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 5)
Max Carry Weight: 600 lbs.(+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 40) lbs
Weapon Damage: 2025 (Base Damage * 27 Weapon mod.)

Endurance: 100
Defense (Damage Absorb): 800 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Endurance *40)
Survival Roll: +20 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Endurance)

Intelligence: 500
MP: 2500 MP (Intelligence * 5)
Skill Points: 2000 SkP (Int * 4)

Magic Affinity: 300
Spell Points: 1200 SpP (Magic Affinity * 4)
Magic Attack Roll: +80 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Magic + 20 Magic Level of Skill used.)
Mage Level: 4 (Skill Level / 5)
Psionic Level: (Skill Level / 5)

Spirit: 100
Base Magic Damage: 600 [( (+1 per 10 Spirit) + (Skill Level) ) * 5) * Mage Level]

Willpower: 100
Mental/Magic Defense Roll: +20/+40 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Willpower + Skill Level)
Magic Damage Soak: 400 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Willpower * 40)

Luck: 50
Luck Roll: +5 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Luck)
Luck Points: 5 (+1 for every 10 Luck)
Critical Modifier: 1d4+0.5 (+0.1 for every 10 Luck)

(Used) 2000/2000 (Maximum) Skill Points

0: Untrained | 5: Hobbyist | 10: Novice/Beginner | 15: Dedicated Student | 20: Educated/Trained | 25: Professional | 30: Advanced | 35: Specialist | 40: Expert | 45: Adept/Prodigy | 50: Master

Movement Skills
(Dexterity: +0 / Strength: +0)
Athletics 15
Acrobatics 10
(Feline Grace 10)
Roll 15
(Dodge Roll 15)
Reaction 15
(Block 10sp, Counter Strike 15)

Utility Skills
(Health: +0 / Intelligence: +0(intel/2) / Willpower: +0)
Perception 10
Speech 15
(Seduction 15, Lie Detector 15)
Gather Information 5
Search 5
Concentration 15
(Meditation 15)

Combat Skills
(Dexerity: +0)
Martial Arts 10
(Dual Strike 10sp)
Sword 20 (155; extra training +65)
(Thibault[Basic] 30, Agrippa[Basic] 30, Dual Strike 15, Triple Strike 60)

Magic Skills
(Magic: +0 / Spirit: +0)
Force Sensitivty 20 (90; extra training +135)
(Form III 70skp, Form V 70 skp, Form VI 70 skp)
(Force Senses 10, Force Defense 10, Force Resistance 15, Sensory Enhancement 30)
Telepathy 5 (used for Empathy)

Artisan / Knowledge Skills
(Intellligence: +0)

Field Training Skills
(Intelligence: +0(intel/2))
Vehicle Op: Light Ground 10
(Combat Dodging 10)
Vehicle Op: Light Aircraft 10
(Combat Dodging 10)
Vehicle Op: Light Spacecraft 15
(Combat Dodging 10, Combat Manuvers 30)


<<> Abilities <>>

-= Physical (Style Points) =-
Current Style Points: (Used) 45/800 (Max) StP

Name: Zeltron Pheromone: Slow; MP: 120
Cost: 15 StP
Required Skill Level: Speech 10
Description: Causes the status Slow on invidivual being distracted by Godi's distracting behaviours and scent.
Effect: Slow Level 1; Affects: Biological, Robots; Mild: [Rolls -20]
Target: 1
Accuracy: +3

Name: Zeltron Pheromone: Offense; MP: 120
Cost: 15 StP
Required Skill Level: Speech 10
Description: Her excitment drives others to greater feats
Effect: Offense, Level 1; Mild: Focus [Adds caster's Spirit Bonus to the Targets magic Accuracy)
Target: 1
Accuracy: +3

Name: Zeltron Pheromone: Confuse; MP: 120
Cost: 15 StP
Required Skill Level: Speech 10
Description: Drives afflicted to attack friend or foe
Effect: Confuse, Level 1; Mild: (Addled) Roll 1d2 before action is chosen. 1, must target random enemy/s, 2, must target random ally/s.
Target: 1
Accuracy: +3

-= Magical/Psionic (Spell Points) =-
Current Spell Points: (Used) 0/1200 (Max) SpP

Level 1: Force Healing - This Force technique allows a user to use the Force to replenish one's energy and mend minor wounds on the body on the spot. 20 MP

Level 2: Force Healing II - This Force technique allows a user to use the Force to replenish one's energy and mend light wounds on the body on the spot. 80 MP

Level 1: Force Push L1 - One of the most basic Force Sensitive techniques known, Force Push is simply a burst of Force energy at a target. Deals damage and Knockdown status to one target. 20 MP

Level 1: Tapas - A general Force technique learned by beginners that allows them to manipulate the Force into maintaining homeostasis in uncomfortable temperatures. 20 MP

Level 2: Battlemind - A Jedi technique where one's morale and fighting spirit are augmented through sheer focus and attunement to the Force. Grants a +5 bonus to physical attack/dodging for the next 1d5 rounds. 80 MP

Level 2: Force Barrier - This Force Sensitive technique erects a shield of Force energy around a target, halving all physical damage for 1d5 rounds. 80 MP

Level 2: Force Jump - This Force-Sensitive technique uses the Force to assist a user's body, granting a +10 to Jump checks when used. 80 MP

Level 2: Force Regeneration I - This Force technique allows a Jedi to accelerate the body's natural healing process rapidly. This grants +250 HP/round for 1d5 rounds or 1d5 hours out of combat. 80 MP

Level 2: Force Pull - This Force Sensitive technique, akin to telekinesis, allows a user to interact at distance with the physical world. It should be noted that this is the passive, blanket form of Force telekinesis, and allows for simple movement of inanimate objects.

Level 2: Force Speed I - This general technique allows a user to increase a target's moving and perception speed with the Force, granting them the ability to move at rates quicker than their normal fashion. Imbues 'Haste' effect. 80 MP

Level 2: Saber Boomerang throw - An offensive use of the lightsaber, this Force Sensitive technique allows for long-distance lightsaber combat. The user may throw the lightsaber across great distances to strike at up to x enemies, where x = the user's Force Sensitivity level/5. This attack deals only the user's physical lightsaber damage before returning to the user's hand. 80 MP

Level 2: Force Weapon - a Force Sensitive technique that imbues a weapon with the Force, allowing it to deflect energy weapons in the same manner as a lightsaber. This imbues a +*1 multiplier to the weapon imbued and treats it as a spirit weapon for 1d5 rounds. 80 MP

Level 3: Jedi Mind Trick - The highly regarded Mind Trick is a Jedi technique that influences the surface thoughts only of sentient, weak-minded individuals, coercing them into agreement through suggestion rather than flipping their opinions entirely. This is used to garner information, resolve matters, and form distractions. 180 MP


<<> Traits and Feats <>>

-= Race Traits =-

Race: Human
Junior Hero
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Effect: +100 EXP. Feat subject to enhancement with inflation.

Extra Training
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
+65 SP granted to one backstory-relevant Skills, essentially starting them at Level 10.
+130 to ONE backstory-relevant Skill, essentially starting it at level 15

Common Sense
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: You have demonstrated the rarely seen common sense, and the GM will occasionally give you warnings if a character should be aware of consequences of their actions.

Human Feat: Force Affinity I
Access to the "Force Sensitivity" school of magic.
Life Sense - The character is able to determine the nature, makeup, and disposition of many forms of life within (Affinity Level * 2) Areas. This allows him/her to sense potential dangers, wild creatures/monsters, elementally-aligned creatures, and other varied information depending on the result roll.

SIF: Enhanced Agility
Effect: This improves the Dexterity bonus on noncombat, non-piloting, and nondodge related rolls. Instead of a +1 bonus for every 10 points, the character earns +2 per every 10 points.

-= Character Traits =-

-= Feats =-

(* denotes feats taken at character creation.)

*Feat 1 (Free) - Expert Pilot

*Feat 2 (100 XP) - Knight

*Feat 3 (200 XP) - SIF: Enhanced Dodge
Effect: This improves the Flat Foot, regular Dodge, and Block rolls. Instead of a +1 bonus for every 10 points, the character earns +2 per every 10 points.

*Feat 4 (300 XP) - Force Affinity II
Force Sense - The character is able to directly sense changes in the nature of the Force around him/her. This involves effects on life or matter around him/her, a shift in the balance of elements (holy/dark, light/shadow, force/time, etc.), and other effects that send "ripples" through the Living Force.

Force Empathy - The character is able to better understand and even feel the emotions and formless thoughts of another. This helps with diagnosing problems or grievances, assists in diplomacy or intimidation, and other such character interactions. Each use of Force Empathy in such a way spends level-requisite MP, but passive emotional resonance is common.

*Feat 5 (400 XP) - Knight: Defender
Effect: Knights may interrupt an attack, should their reaction roll beat the enemies attack roll. Doing so grants them a +*1 on their weapon mod for 1d2 rounds.

*Feat 6 (500 XP) - SIF: Enhanced Attack Maneuver
Effect: The character with this Feat gains a bonus of +2 per 10 points of Dexterity to attack physically.

*Feat 7 (600 XP) - Expert Pilot: One in a Million
Effect: Per engagement, the Expert Pilot can substitute his/her actual Vehicle Operation roll with a Luck roll, plus a (Vehicle Operation * 10) bonus to it. This has GM-determined results, and can turn the tide of a massive battle or a life-or-death situation... for better or worse.

*Feat 8 (700 XP) - Leader of the Lesser Mind
Effect: Roll Willpower + Diplomacy, Intimidate, Knowledge: Military Science, or a situationally appropriate persuasion skill vs. the GM specified DC. If successful, roll a 1d5 to see how many people will follow; for every 5 ranks in the persuasion skill used, add a +1 to the 1d5. For example, if the character has 5 ranks in diplomacy, roll a 1d5+1, if 15 ranks it would be a 1d5+3.

*Feat 9 (800 XP) - SIF: Enhanced Endurance I
Effect: The character gains a +2 to every 10 points in Endurance the character has for his/her Survival Roll.

*Feat 10 (900XP) - Deceitful
Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Effect: The character Recieves a +10 to Disguise, Bluff, and Diplomacy checks.

*Feat 11(1000XP) - Investigator
Effect: The character recieves a +10 to gather info and search checks; and a +5 to spot and listen checks.

*Feat 12(1200XP) - SIF: Enhanced Willpower I
Effect: The Mental Defense Roll changes from +1/10 points in Willpower to +2/10 points in Willpower.

*Feat 13(1400XP) - Expert Pilot: Jump In and Go
Effect: Removes the "learning period" for new vehicles for pilots. When a new or unfamiliar vehicle is found and has locked systems or has restrictions put on it, the pilot is immediately informed of these to as great an extent as possible, and removes any negatives that would usually be incurred on learning to use a vehicle, regardless of size, nature, or type.

*Feat 14(1500XP) - Knight: Courageous Hero
Associated Class: Knight
Description: +20 to Speechcraft defense rolls.

Feat 15(1600XP) - SIF: Enhanced Magic Affinty I
Effect: For every 10 points in Magic Affinity, the character gains +2 to roll to cast Magic, using the Magic Attack Roll.
Example: The character has an 80 Magic. The character normally would roll +8. However, the character with this Feat would roll +16 instead.

Feat 16(1800XP) -
Feat 17(2000XP) -
Feat 18(2200XP) -
Feat 19(2400XP) -
Feat 20(2500XP) -
Feat 21(2600XP) -
Feat 22(2800XP) -
Feat 23(3000XP) -
Feat 24(3200XP) -
Feat 25(3400XP) -
Feat 26(3500XP) -
Feat 27(3600XP) -
Feat 28(3800XP) -
Feat 29(4000XP) -
Feat 30(4200XP) -

<<> Equipment Slots <>>

Note: Dual-Wielded items occupy 1 Equipment Slot (not Inventory Slot).

Weapon: Denzium Sword (Lightsaber)
Side Arm:
Armor: Amber Mail
Ring 1: Amber Ring of Earth Resistance
Ring 2:

Zollars 88,000z (+30,000z Monthly)
Gil 151,167g (+100,000 Monthly)
Crowns 632,250c (+300,000 Monthly)

Monthly Paycheck (10 xp, 100k gil, 300k crowns and 30k zollars)

<<> Inventory <>>
Name: Denzium Sword (Light Energy Retrofit; Lightsaber)
DC To Make: 5600
Skill Level To Use: 19
Price: 190,200
Augmentation Slots: 4
Roll Bonus: +25
Damage Mod: 25
Effect: These weapons deal unsoakable damage, and are able to deflect/reflect energy-based weaponry without the “Deflection” advanced skill. Having the “Deflection” skill allows the user to send the energy back at its origin. This weapon can only be blocked/defended against by Tier 2+ materials.

Denzium-Lined Robe
Price: 76080 gil
Physical Soak Bonus: 1300
Magical Soak Bonus: 3150
Dodge Bonus: +20
Crafting DC: 2520

Amber Mail
Price: 397,725
Physical Soak Bonus: 7650
Magical Soak Bonus: 3630
Crafting DC: 6160

STAT 4/4
Exo +10
Str +16
Spr +16
WP +16

1 Internal Shielding IV
2 Cardio Defibrillator
3 Skill +40 Roll
4/5 Variable Pressured Suit
6 Auto-Haste
7 Crystal Gel Polymer
8 Skill +40 Sword

Amber Ring of Earth Resistance
Price: 221,400
Crafting DC: 5600
Max Enchatment Level: 6
Natural Property:
Dexterity stat +40
Earth Damage -30%

Logic Arrest Tool
Manufacturer: Ariake Technologies
Price: 54100 gil
DC to Make: 14,000
Restrictions: Up to Deltaware Assist-Soft, 3-slot Combat-Softs.
Description: A powerful suite of microfabricators and an extended library of firmware, this model of Omni-Tool is a workhorse for engineers, IT specialists, and maintenance technicians. The Logic Arrest Tool has 4 Cyberware slots
Cyberware: 3/4
Betaware Computer Use Assist-Soft(+15)
Deltaware Survival Assist-Soft(+20)
Deltaware Search Assist-Soft (+20)
Deltaware Speak Language Assist-Soft(+20)


<<> Special Notes <>>
Type: Enabler
Effect: Allows a character to use Block and Advanced Block against ranged weapons. Shotguns, Heavy Weapons, and Launchers cannot be Blocked.


<<> Roll Log <>>

-= Basic =-

Init die:
HP: 4000/4000
MP: 2500/2500
Regen: 0
Physical Soak: 8450
Magical Soak: 4036
Luck Roll: 1d1000+5

Health: +10 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Health)

Flat Foot Dodge: 1d60+27 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + 7(Reaction skill / 2))

Dodge: 1d190+89 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + 15 Roll Skill + 40 Armor + 10 Dodge Roll + 4 Thibault)

Sword Block: 1d280+134 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + 20 Sword Proficiency + 5 block advanced skills +25 weapon bonus + 4 Thibault + Armor skill bonus)

Martial Arts Block: 1d90+35 (+2 bonus for every 10 Dexterity +10 Martial Arts Prof. + 5 block advanced skills + weapon bonus)

Martial Arts Physical Attack: 1d60+30 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + 10 Martial Arts)

Sword Physical Attack: 1d230+114 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + 20 Sword Prof. + 24 Weapon + 10 Knight + 40 Armor skill bonus)

Damage: 2025 (75 Base Damage * 25 (lightsaber) Weapon Mod.)

Survival: +10 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance)

Magic/Psionic Attack: +80/+65 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Magic Affinity + 20 Arcane Arts/Psionic Mastery Skill)

Magic/Psionic Defense Roll: +40/+25 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Willpower + Arcane Arts/Psionic Mastery Skill)

Luck : _____d1000+5(1 point to 10 points in Luck)

-= Skills =-
Athletics (non-combat) +35
Acrobatic (non-combat) +30
Speechcraft +25
Speechcraft Defense: +45
Vehicle OP: Light Ground +20; +25(creature)
Vehicle OP: Light Aircraft +10
Vehicle Op: Light Spacecraft +20
Roll for Spells (unmodified): 1d110+50

Profession (Racing): 1d60+25
Profession (Tournament): 1d80+40

-= Abilities =-

Expletives Godi may use:
Choobies: Vulgar term for oneself or one's rear end.
Clear skies: Phrase used to wish someone a good journey.
Connect-disconnect: Slang term used to describe a one-night stand.
Corellian overdrive: Phrase meaning doing whatever one needs to do in order to get to where one needs to get to.
Crink: An expletive, used, for instance, in the phrase "Go crink yourself."
E chu ta!: A Huttese insult.[7][83] Ebenn Q3 Baobab says in his Galactic Phrase Book & Travel Guide that it's not really appropriate to translate.
Feke: An expletive.
Frak or Frack: An expletive.

-= Feats =-

List of Fighting Skills Effecting roll checks.
Thibault (Basic)
Type: Stance
Effect: Raises block and dodge rolls by +1 per 5 Skill Levels; lowers attack rolls by -1 per 5 Skill Levels.
Weakness: Agrippa

Agrippa (Basic)
Type: Stance
Effect: On a Critical Hit, adds 1 strike onto the rolled hit result. Reduces attack, block, and dodge rolls by -1 per 5 Skill Levels.
Weakness: 3-slot or less weapons; Capo Ferro

Form III: Soresu
Prerequisite: Thibault (Basic)
Type: Stance
Effect: When blocking (not dodging) ranged or melee combo attacks (must be 2 or more hit potential) and the user fails the initial block, the user may roll a second block to reduce the number of hits suffered by 1.
Weaknesses: Negated by any lightsaber form.

Form V: Shien/Djem So
Prerequisite: Thibault (Basic)
Type: Stance
Effect: A user's "Thibault" bonus is added to the user's counterattack rolls in addition to the block roll.
Weaknesses: Form III: Soresu, Form IV: Ataru, Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad

Form VI: Niman
Prerequisite: Functions only if no other Lightsaber Form or Sword Stance is in use.
Type: Stance
Effect: Niman is the 'standard' form of lightsaber combat, and what you are assumed to be using if no other Form is currently applied. Taking of this skill however implies a deeper mastery of the standard, unlocking its hidden potential.. That, taking very little focus to maintain compared to other forms, it is an excellent state of mind from which to use Force powers. When striking a single blow with a lightsaber without rolling for combo hits, or after a full combo, the character can immediately cast any Force Use spell that doesn't itself utilize a Lightsaber.
Weakness: None
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