Suzanna "Suzy Q" QED - Esthar Diplomatic Envoy Doll

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Suzanna "Suzy Q" QED - Esthar Diplomatic Envoy Doll


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<<> Player Info <>>

IRC Nick: Malachai_Blackhart
Real Name: Mike
Time Zone: Eastern
Sheet Approved by: (leave blank)

<<> Character Description <>>

Name: Suzanna "Suzy Q" QED - Esthar Diplomatic Envoy Doll
Race: Quantum Etheric Doll (Artificial Lifeform)
Age: ??
Height: 5'5" / 165cm
Weight: 117lbs / 53kg
Appearance: Suzy appears to be of average height with a petite upper body atop lower body with full hips and thighs. Her violet colored hair is worn in a curly bob cut, and her lapis blue eyes glow with a purple light within her pupils. Her skin is a light pink, and she wears blue lipstick, eye shadow, and nail polish with pink blush to accent her features. She wears a sleeveless, black button up, high collared blouse lined in blue with white buttons; a mid thigh length pleated black skirt with a blue hem line accent and a blue belt hidden by the lower panels of her blouse; magenta long point gloves with black flared sleeves reach up to her biceps, accented with magenta trim at the top and metallic blue fleurs de lis clasps; dark hose covered by thigh length black stockings with magenta trim and metallic blue fleurs de lis; black high top boots with magenta ankle cuffs trimmed in metallic blue and fleurs de lis; and a small black with blue trim uniform side cap.
Eye Color: Lapis Blue with Purple pupil glow and iris accents
Hair Color: Violet
Notable Features: Light Pink colored skin and outward arcing seems on either side of face.

<<> Character Personality <>>

Favorite Food:
Likes: Esthar, President Laguna Loire, Striking beneficial deals
Dislikes: Impolite/Rude comments, One-side deals, Having no bargaining power
Favorite Color: Blue

<<>Character Background<>>

History: Quantum Etheric Dolls or QEDs are Esthar created cybernetic lifeforms designed for social interaction and manipulation. Each model possess a unique personality and a distinct appearance, but all share key common features. Each one has outward arcing seem lines along the outer edges of their faces, which allow for access to the inner workings of their heads, unique eyes equipped with a sensor array designed to scan individuals and make assessments on how best to interact with or manipulate them based on the QED's current goals, a form alteration system dubbed "Honey Pot" designed to allow them to make physical changes to their appearance within limits, a barcode across the back of the neck, and a model number on the small of the back. Suzanna, model 00, was the first fully functional QED and due to her prim and proper personality, it was decided she would best fill the role of diplomatic envoy and was thus trained and outfitted with technology to help her in that role. Given the ongoing situation with the Dimensional Warriors and their current working relationship with the Shinra Corporation, President Laguna Loire decided that Esthar needed someone to work with the Warriors to keep tabs on what Shinra was up to, for the safety and security of Esthar of course. Suzy Q, as she had been affectionately nicked named by the scientists and staff preparing her for active duty, was just the Doll for the job and thus was given the assignment to join the Warriors and monitor the situation with Shinra, even going so far as to engage in diplomatic relations with the City-State of Midgar, though again, that fell back to Shinra. Would she be successful in her duty? Would the Warriors influence change her allegiances? Only time would tell.



Total Experience Points: 1500

Health: 100
Health Roll: (+1 Bonus for every 10 Health)
HP: 6000 / 6000 hp (Health * 60)

Dexterity: 200
Flat Foot Dodge: 25 (20+(10/2))(+1 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + (reaction skill/2))
Dodge Roll: 30 (20+10)(+1 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + Skill)
Physical Attack Roll: 20 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + skill)
Style Points: 800 StP (Dexterity * 4)

Strength: 150
Inventory Slots/Comfortable Carry: 15(11/4) (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength)
Base Damage: 75 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 5)
Max Carry Weight: 600 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 40) lbs
Weapon Damage: 0 (Base Damage * Weapon mod.)

Endurance: 50
Defense (Damage Absorb): 200 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance *40)
Survival Roll: 5 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance)

Intelligence: 300
MP: 1500 MP (Intelligence * 5)
Skill Points: 1200 SkP (Int * 4)

Magic Affinity: 200
Spell Points: 800 SpP (Magic Affinity * 4)
Magic Attack Roll: 55 (40+15)(+2 Bonus for every 10 Magic + Magic Level of Skill used.)
Mage Level: 3 (Skill Level / 5)

Spirit: 200
Base Crafting Bonus: 40 (+2 per 10 Spirit)
Base Magic Damage: 525 [((20+15)*5)*3][((+1 per 10 Spirit + Skill Level) * 5) * Mage Level]

Willpower: 200
Mental/Magic Defense Roll: 55/55 (40+15)(+2 Bonus for every 10 Willpower + Skill Level)
Magic Damage Soak: 800 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Willpower * 40)

Luck: 100
Luck Roll: 10 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Luck)
Luck Points: 10 (+1 for every 10 Luck)
Critical Modifier: 1d4+1 (+0.1 for every 10 Luck)

Skill Points

0: Untrained | 5: Hobbyist | 10: Novice/Beginner | 15: Dedicated Student | 20: Educated/Trained | 25: Professional | 30: Advanced | 35: Specialist | 40: Expert | 45: Adept/Prodigy | 50: Master

Movement Skills
(Dexterity: +20(+40) / Strength: +15)

Athletics 5 (25)
Statistic: Strength / Dexterity
Used: Both for speed and strength in covering distances, via Running, Climbing, and some similar actions.
Running Speed:
Level 0 = 30 ft per round
Level 1-49: 30 base +5 ft per skill level
Level 50: 300 ft per round

Acrobatics 5 (25)
Statistic: Strength / Dexterity
Used: Some acts of contortion or body manipulation, such as Balancing and Jumping, amongst some other similar actions.
Jumping Height:
Level 0 - 4: 2' Clearance
Level 5 - 9: 3' Clearance
Level 10 - 19: 4' Clearance
Level 20 - 29: 5' Clearance
Level 30 - 39: 6' Clearance
Level 40 - 49: 7' Clearance
Level 50: 10' Clearance

Roll 10 (65)
Statistic: Dexterity
Used: Essential in dodging attacks or parts of the environment; can be considered the "combat roll."

-Dodge Leap
Cost: 10 SP
Skill Level Required: 5
Type: Bonus (+10)
Effect: Allows the character to leap out of the way of danger. Requires an open area or it cannot be declared.

Reaction 5 (25)
Statistic: Dexterity
Used: Knee-jerk actions, such as blocking incoming attacks or defending against surprises or sneak attacks.

Utility Skills
(Health: +10 / Intelligence: +15(intel/2) / Willpower: +40)

Perception 10 (65)
Statistic: Health
Used: To perceive the world around a character through bodily senses, such as smell, sight, hearing, taste, or touch.

Speechcraft 20 (220)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence / Willpower
Used: To speak, negotiate, intimidate, or lie to another character convincingly.

-Seduction (Diplomacy)
Cost: 15 SP
Required Skill Level: 10
Type: Action
Effect: Use physical charm to help convince someone to see things your way.

-Lie Detector (Bluffing)
Cost: 15 SP
Required Skill Level: 10
Type: Bonus (+10)
Effect: The character, being such a good bluffer, can pick out other people's lies easier.

Stealth 10 (65)
Statistic: Dexterity
Used: To hide, move silently, perform sneak attacks, steal from targets, and other similar acts of subterfuge.

-Conceal Self
Cost: 10 SP
Prerequisites: Level 5
Type: Bonus (+10)
Effect: Makes it easier to find a place to hide.

Computer Use 15 (130)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence
Used: Used when performing a myriad of computer-related tasks, ranging from hacking to programming to data surfing.

Gather Information 10 (65)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence
Used: Rolled when talking to an NPC to determine how helpful the info you got was.

Search 10 (65)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence
Used: Allows for the search of a set area for a set, known object, such as a room for a disc, a portion of forest for a specific plant, or a city block area for someone hiding.

Concentration 10 (65)
Statistic: Willpower
Used: To resist an action or series of actions from being interrupted by external factors, such as an extended cast or a focus-heavy activity.

Decrypt Code/Language 10 (65)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence
Used: Decrypting passwords, figuring out languages, etc.

Combat Skills
(Dexerity: +20)

Magic Skills
(Magic: +20 / Spirit: +20)

Ether/Technomancy 15 (130)
Statistic: Magic

-Arcane Defense
Cost: 10 SP
Required Skill Level: 5
Type: Action
Effect: Enables you to defend against magic by adding your skill bonus to your will roll.

Artisan / Knowledge Skills
(Intellligence: +30 / Spirit: +40)

Artisan: Engineering 10 (65)
Statistic: Intelligence / Spirit

Artisan: Writing 10 (65)
Statistic: Intelligence / Spirit

Field Training Skills
(Intelligence: +15(intel/2))

Disguise 10 (65)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence
Used: Fitting in with a group of soldiers, creating matches for people's looks

<<> Abilities <>>

-= Physical (Style Points) =-
Current Style Points: 0 / 800 StP

-= Magical/Psionic (Spell Points) =-
Current Spell Points: 85 / 800 SpP

Ether/Technomancy Spells

Level 0 - 5 MP to cast, *.5 damage, 5 Spell Points
  • OTA Update - OTA update provides a mental connection to the U.m.N. network (or similar system should it be unavailable -- this spell is not blocked by conventional technological constraints) to provide a +10 bonus to a knowledge check, or a +15 bonus to a history check.
  • Banana Peel - Summons ether nanites to construct an organic fruit compound that will impede motion. Opponents suffer a -10 to a single movement check. An interesting side note, this spell may be cast as a free action while being chased, as the spells program is sufficiently simple to memorize.
  • Detect Poison - The user is able to use ethereal senses to find and pinpoint sources of airborne, foodborne, venom-type, or various other toxins within (Mage Level) Areas. Each cast lasts for 1 round/action.
  • Purify Food and Drink - By running nanomachines through food or drink, the character is able to remove toxins, dangerous magics, or other unnatural effects from enough food for (Mage Level) characters with each cast.
  • Spark - Ignites flammable objects. This can only be used on simple "fuels," such as gasoline, oil, and other readily ignitable materials.
  • Mending - Repair superficial damage to an object. Won't fix lingering effects due to damage (i.e. spilling water on a cable and using Mending won't stop the circuit from shorting, just clean up the mess).
Level 1 - 10 MP to cast, *1 damage, 10 Spell Points
  • See Through Time - The character grants a bonus of +20 Health/Mage Level to a character for perception checks ONLY (+200 at Level 10).
  • Call Phone - This spell allows a caster to dial a phone and speak as though speaking into a phone mentally. The caster must either have line of sight with the phone or know it's phone number.
Level 2 - 40 MP, *2.0 damage, 15 Spell Points
  • Dead Zone - Creates a magical faraday cage from which no conventional signal can exit. This actually extends to the Unus Mundus Network as well, making it one of the only readily available ways to block communication via the EPR Paradox.
Level 3 - 90 MP, *3.0 damage, 20 Spell Points
  • Jamming - Produces a confusing field of metal chaff that disorients electronic targetting systems and disrupts remote communications. Inflicts stun on any mechanical target unless they pass a Health roll of half the casters roll to overcome the disruption.

<<> Traits and Feats <>>

-= Race Traits =-

Race: Artificial Life
Traits: Clean Reputation(requested), Destroyable, Slot Change, Status Effect Immunity (Mental/Biological), Unusual Eyes(requested), Weakness to EMP(requested)

Clean Reputation(requested)
Pre-Requisite: Be a Goody Two Shoes
Description: Your character is known to be a kind and honest soul. While this can anger the wrong people, even they will acknowledge that you do not tend to lie, which can give you an upper hand in trading. -10 to Intimidation, but +10 to Diplomacy.

Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character, usually a machine, lacks a true soul and thus cannot be resurrected by standard white magic or potions. Further, if the bearer of this trait hits their max HP in negatives, they must spend a Fate point to survive and will still be out of commission for some time as they're rebuilt. This also goes for severe injuries that a biological being would recover from more quickly.

Slot Change
Pre-Requisite: Synthetic lifeform, or heavy cybernetic augmentation.
Description: While synthetics of the modern day are coded intelligent enough, and build with fine enough manipulation devices, to use standard equipment, some specialized devices must still be hard wired into the metal man for optimal effectiveness. By sacrificing versatility and adding a little bulk, drive ports can be built into any AL in which to install these potent bits of hardware.
Effect: This trait allows an artificial lifeform to PERMANENTLY change Item Slots into Augmentation Slots for the creature's body. This allows Mechanical Augmentations to be built into the body at will, but Augmentations are permanent and should the character's Item Slots become unavailable (loss of Strength), those Augmentations become unavailable. Built in equipment can grant or be affected by Ether and Technomancy buffs, and is the only way to make up for the Negative Traits described above.

Status Effect Immunity (Mental/Biological)
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned or Racial
Description: Your body is completely immune to a specific or set of status effects for biological reasons. A status effect is considered to automatically fail upon you.

Unusual Eyes(requested)
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned or Racial
Description: Your eyes give you away. Something about your eyes is inhuman, they may be cat, demonic, fae, cetran, or other, but your eyes will give away your nature to anyone who looks at you close enough.

Weakness to EMP(requested)
Pre-Requisite: Functional machinery
Description: This character is susceptible to bursts of electromagnetic energy. While most things a character has (an artificial body, postmodern electronics, mechanical augmentations) are shielded in some way against EMP, dedicated EMP weapons and items can still damage or reboot systems, causing a myriad of different status effects temporarily.

-= Character Traits =-

-= Feats =-

(* denotes feats taken at character creation.)

Racial SIF - Enhanced Willpower I
Associated Statistic: Willpower
Description: A taker of this feat bears a great sense of will, able to tighten his/her focus as well as deny a spellcaster's power with natural effort.
Effect: The Willpower bonus changes from +1 to +2 points per 10 points of Willpower. This applies to the Mental/Magical Defense Roll and Willpower based skills.
Example: The character has a 50 Willpower. The bonus is normally +5. In this case it becomes +10.

Racial Feat - Honey Pot Form Alteration V3.7.9 (Feature)
Associated Statistic: None
Description: The Honey Pot Form Alteration system seeks to weaponize desire for use in diplomatic talks, negotiations, and espionage. It allows for the changing of current physical dimensions and features (such as height, body shape, skin and hair color, hair length, gender expression, etc) either over an extended period of time depending on the severity of the changes, but cannot replicate features of a different race or perfectly mimic the identify of another individual. Rapid changes are possible but require a full round per physical feature changed and a substantial MP investment. Provides a situational based Diplomacy or Disguise bonus
Effect: Allows for the gradual (1 hour per feature) or rapid (50% MP cost total and 1 full round per feature) change of physical appearance with no duration upkeep, but unit will return to default appearance once the reason for changes has passed. Provides a GM determined situational bonus to either diplomacy or disguise(but not both)

*Feat 1 (Free) - Diplomat
Associated Statistic:
Description: A mediator or negotiator whose purpose involves peaceful bargaining with second or third parties, the diplomat is generally an educated person with a great penchant for dealbreaking.
Effect: +10 Speechcraft, Artisan: Writing, +5 Gather Information, Decrypt Code/Language

*Feat 2 (100 XP) - Technomancer
Associated Statistic:
Description: The modern wizard, Technomancers are a powerful mix of spiritualists and psionics that have the ability to manipulate modern technology, ranging from the microchip to even the modern elements -- radiation instead of fire, for instance.
Effect: +10 to Technomancy/Ether Magic, +5 to Computer Use, Artisan: Engineering, Gather Information, Roll

*Feat 3 (SIF) (200 XP) - Enhanced Magic Affinity I
Associated Statistic: Magic Affinity
Description: A character with this feat bears a natural intuition of how magic works, able to hone their spellcasting to nigh-surgical precision.
Effect: For every 10 points in Magic Affinity, the character gains +2 to roll to cast Magic, using the Magic Attack Roll.
Example: The character has an 80 Magic. The character normally would roll +8. However, the character with this Feat would roll +16 instead.

*Feat 4 (300 XP) - Net Warrior
Associated Statistic:
Description: As a Net Warrior, you thrive upon information and life at the speed of the internet. Your heart pounds in tune with the millions of calculations your poor computer is forced to endure every day.
Effect: +10 to Combat using 'drone units' rolls, Computer Use, +5 to Gather Information, Artisan: Engineering; and get one free hint at 'Simple' Passwords from hacker intuition.

*Feat 5 (400 XP) - Name Your Price
Associated Class: Diplomat
Description: A shrewd negotiator -- even an "official" one -- knows that oftentimes there are fiscal or material goods and items that can be more powerful bargaining tools than simply a truce or a deal.
Effect: Diplomats can roll Speechcraft to determine if the enemy (mooks generally, though sometimes more potent ranks) has a specific term or price with which they would cooperate or defect.

*Feat 6 (SIF) (500 XP) - Enhanced Spirit I
Associated Statistic: Spirit
Description: Remember that hamster-powered pair of scissors with nail clippers for blades and seemingly pointless streamers? Maybe not, but a taker of this feat bears a vivid imagination made to come up with crazy ideas like this. Of course...not all ideas are crazy, and it helps hone a craftsman's mental image and communicate it to his/her finished product.
Effect: For every 10 points in Spirit, the character gains +2 to roll for Spirit-based skills including Craft. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT MAGIC DAMAGE!
Example: A character has 60 Spirit. Normally the character would gain a bonus of +6, but with this feat, the bonus is +12.

*Feat 7 (600 XP) - Etherhacking
Associated Class: Technomancer
Description: A talented Technomancer is able to make quizzically similar status effects take hold of artificial creatures usually considered immune to them.
Effect: Status effects usually considered inapplicable to machines or synthetic life will now take hold as normal on them when cast by the Technomancer.

*Feat 8 (700 XP) - Multitasking
Associated Class: Net Warrior
Description: A Net Warrior is the master of not one, but multiple attention spans. They often do many things at once, which can be applied to a wide variety of applications.
Effect: A computer hacker may remote control drones while still making regular checks and moving independently.

*Feat 9 (SIF) (800 XP) - Improved Hit Points I
Associated Statistic: Health
Description: This character is hardy and full of vitality. S/he can go longer, harder, faster, and take more harm than other characters.
Effect: Boosts HP. The modifier of *40 is changed to *60.
Example: A character with 70 Health usually has 2800 HP (70 * 40 = 2800), but with this feat their HP becomes 4200 HP (70 * 60 = 4200).

*Feat 10 (900XP) - Deceitful
Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: You little liar...most of the time not a nice thing to say about someone, but it's the the truth about any character who has this feat. The character is good at tricking people in multiple ways.
Effect: The character Recieves a +10 to Disguise, Bluff, and Diplomacy checks.

*Feat 11 (1000XP) - Quantum Etheric Encryption (Feature)
Associated Statistic: None
Description: Data encoding using etheric formula and patterns to create specific quantum states designed to encrypt and safeguard any stored knowledge and information to prevent disclosure via forceful means. Even using a dedicated super computer using QEE technology would take untold eons of time to successfully find the correct quantum states needed to replicated the access and encryption keys. Possession of Etheric Keys is limited to high ranking Esthar government officials.
Effect: Internal data storage cannot be hacked via normal means and requires precise Etheric Keys to access and decrypt.

*Feat 12 (SIF) (1200XP) - Enhanced Agility
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: Meant for acrobats, contortionists, gymnasts, ninjas, and similar, this feat allows a character to perform unusual feats of athletic skill, whether it's running, balancing, or jumping long distances.
Effect: This improves the Dexterity bonus on noncombat, non-piloting, and nondodge related rolls. Instead of a +1 bonus for every 10 points, the character earns +2 per every 10 points.
Example: A character with 80 Dexterity normally has a Dexterity bonus of +8. With this feat, that becomes +16.

*Feat 13 (1400XP) - Diplomatic Immunity
Associated Class: Diplomat
Description: As an envoy of another entity, officially-recognized diplomats are generally considered "immune" to most local laws due to their lofty position within both their home and envoy countries. It's considered a necessity in some, to ensure that a diplomat's duties are properly completed even in trying times. Of course, heinous crimes will result in this status being waived by the home country...
Effect: Requires 1 other Diplomat feat. Due to diplomatic ties, this character is immune to most laws in a country (provided they recognize the diplomatic status). Serious crimes, however, may cause the issuing party to waive immunity or risk their reputation.

*Feat 14 (1500XP) - Investigator
Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: Your character is a master at gathering information through various means be it for good or for bad, and as such s/he has is good at a few choice things in this sometimes murky field.
Effect: The character receives a +10 to gather info and search checks; and a +5 to spot and listen checks.

Feat 15 (1600XP) -
Feat 16 (1800XP) -
Feat 17 (2000XP) -
Feat 18 (2200XP) -
Feat 19 (2400XP) -
Feat 20 (2500XP) -
Feat 21 (2600XP) -
Feat 22 (2800XP) -
Feat 23 (3000XP) -
Feat 24 (3200XP) -
Feat 25 (3400XP) -
Feat 26 (3500XP) -
Feat 27 (3600XP) -
Feat 28 (3800XP) -
Feat 29 (4000XP) -
Feat 30 (4200XP) -

<<> Equipment Slots <>>

Note: Dual-Wielded items occupy 1 Equipment Slot (not Inventory Slot).

Side Arm:
Ring 1:
Ring 2:

<<> Inventory <>>

Body Slot 1: Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis
Manufacturer: Sarif Industries
Price: 3600 gil
DC to Make: 3000
Description: An optical membrane implant and data-frame for vision augmentations, this device is a microthin base coating layered onto the inside of the human eye, with a synthetic neural tissue spike connected to the optic nerve; it is capable of projecting digital information directly on to the retina.

Body Slot 2-3: Computer-Assisted Social Interaction Enhancer (C.A.S.I.E. Aug)
Manufacturer: Sarif Industries
Price: 14,175 gil
DC to Make: N/A (Fabrication Rights Management)
Restrictions: Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis; Occupies 2 Augmentation Slots
Description: A cranial implant that ties directly in to the user's existing Eye-Know Retinal Prosthesis to relay environmental and personal data about targeted individuals, in order to assist social interaction. The C.A.S.I.E. implant uses an Optical Psychophysiological Responses Analyzer (aka 'Optical Polygraph') to gauge a rudimentary psychological profile based on facial expression, body language, and environmental cues. Provides a +10 to Diplomacy and Intimidation rolls, as well as informing the user which would be more effective on a particular target. When engaged, each roll in use uses 10% of user's max MP. Actions be taken without the bonus and thus no MP cost.

Body Slot 4: C.A.S.I.E. Emotional Intelligence Enhancer
Manufacturer: Sarif Industries
Price: 8400 gil
DC to Make: 6000
Restrictions: Requires C.A.S.I.E. implants
Description: The Emotional Intelligence Enhancer combines several systems, including an Optical Polygraph, Personality Analyzer, and Synthetic Pheromones Propagator. Provides an additional +10 to Diplomacy and Intimidation rolls, and allows a 1-use shot of pheromones projected into the air to help persuade a target to lower the target's DC to beat. When engaged, each roll in use uses an additional 10% of user's max MP (for 20%). When pheromones used, raised to 25% total. Actions be taken without the bonus and thus no MP cost.


Slot 1: Erika MCD-1
Manufacturer: Kukai Foundation
Price: 31,725 gil
DC to Make: 9000
Description: A sleek tablet with a baseline firmware and operating system, the MCD-1 is one of the first generations of Cyberdecks. While functional, it's relatively rudimentary as far as these types of devices go. However, their computing power is still leagues beyond typical network computing. Checks made using this device may not exceed a +100 total bonus. When utilizing Encephalon Dive functionality, a user is limited to roll bonuses of +160.

Zollars 0z (+50,000z Monthly)(suspended)
Gil 0g (+100,000 Monthly)(increased to +300,000)
Crowns 0c (+500,000 Monthly)(suspended)

<<> Special Notes <>>

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