Jameber "Jams" Fauhow

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Jameber "Jams" Fauhow


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<<> Player Info <>>

IRC Nick: Malachai_Blackhart
Real Name (Optional):
Time Zone:
Sheet Approved by: (leave blank)

<<> Character Description <>>

Name: Jameber "Jams" Fauhow
Race: Human
Age: 29
Height: 5'8"
Weight: (optional)
Appearance: Looks like your typical citizen of the Galactic Empire. Of average height with light brown hair, parted on the left, and kept trim. Hazel eyes, that shift in the light, scan the surroundings for signs of danger before focusing on whats before him. Dressed like an engineer, he gives one the feeling that he's about ask if they have any work.
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Light brown
Notable Features: Shrapnel scars across right cheek.

<<> Character Personality <>>

Favorite Food: Whatever the opposite of work-line slop is.
Likes: Cutting it close to the wire with things that go boom, making Imperial equipment go boom, The Rebellion, Having to not eat slop.
Dislikes: Having to eat slop, The Galactic Empire, having his identity as a saboteur known
Favorite Color: Blue
Fears: Imperial imprisonment for being a Rebel, getting "spaced"

<<>Character Background<>>

Jameber "Jams" Fauhow wasn't always a Rebel saboteur, but then there wasn't always a Galactic Empire, not that he personally remembers much from before the dissolution of the Republic, being a child and all, but still he remembered some of it. Jams grew into a rebellious teen and with the budding resistance needing bodies, he would soon find a place in their ranks. He learned how to handle explosives and long range blaster rifles under the guidance of the rebellion, finding a real knack for tossing things. He would take up a career as an engineer, using that to gain access various Imperial projects and sabotage them. Jams would eventually partner with an older rebel named Kex Lumdiambel, a Mon Calamari, and was sent out to sabotage a remote Imperial listening post. During that journey, Kex revealed that he used to be a Jedi Knight, but had forsaken that identity during the aftermath of Order 66. Kex had hoped of one day reuniting with other surviving Jedi to fight back against the Sith Emperor Palpatine, until reality set in and he understood how foolish that was, which was why he joined the Rebellion. Kex could feel Jameber's connection to the force and gave him some training, though hardly enough before tragedy would finally claim Kex. It would happen during their infiltration of the listening post, or what they thought was just a listening post. Once inside, they found the place to be a much larger facility, one with many more guards than anticipated. Already being too far inside to just leave, they bravely pushed onward, hoping their Imperial uniforms would pass muster. And they did, as far getting the pair deep, deep in the hole before being exposed. But that was just far enough for Jams to toss a pair of thermal detonators into the exhaust vents of the facility's power plant. In the resulting chaos the duo would escape, only barely, and at the cost of Kex's life. The dying Jedi gifted Jameber with a lightsaber, one meant for a padawan, and now just a glimmer of hope that another might find the path some day. Jams keeps the relic with him now, even though it doesn't work, knowing it is an extra risk, but he was a Saboteur, so he was already pretty deep in the hole to start with.



Total Experience Points: 1600/1600

Health: 200
Health Roll: +40 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Health)
HP: 8000/8000 hp (Health * 40)

Dexterity: 200
Flat Foot Dodge: +65 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + (reaction skill/2))
Dodge Roll: +80 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + Skill)
Physical Attack Roll: +117/+91 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Dexterity + skill)
Style Points: 800StP (Dexterity * 4)

Strength: 200
Inventory Slots/Comfortable Carry: 40 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Strength)
Base Damage: 100 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 5)
Max Carry Weight: 800 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Strength * 40) lbs
Weapon Damage: 1875 (Base Damage * Weapon mod.)
BR Damage: 13680

Endurance: 150
Defense (Damage Absorb): 600 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Endurance *40)
Survival Roll: +30 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Endurance)

Intelligence: 300
MP: 1500MP (Intelligence * 5)
Skill Points: 1200SkP (Int * 4)

Magic Affinity: 100
Spell Points: 400SpP (Magic Affinity * 4)
Magic Attack Roll: +15 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Magic + Magic Level of Skill used.)
Mage Level: 1 (Skill Level / 5)
Psionic Level: (Skill Level / 5)

Spirit: 200
Base Magic Damage: 125 [( (+1 per 10 Spirit) + (Skill Level) ) * 5) * Mage Level]

Willpower: 150
Mental/Magic Defense Roll: +35/+35 (+2 Bonus for every 10 Willpower + Skill Level)
Magic Damage Soak: 600 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Willpower * 40)

Luck: 100
Luck Roll: +10 (+1 Bonus for every 10 Luck)
Luck Points: 10 (+1 for every 10 Luck)
Critical Modifier: 1d4+1 (+0.1 for every 10 Luck)

(Used) / (Maximum) Skill Points

0: Untrained | 5: Hobbyist | 10: Novice/Beginner | 15: Dedicated Student | 20: Educated/Trained | 25: Professional | 30: Advanced | 35: Specialist | 40: Expert | 45: Adept/Prodigy | 50: Master

Movement Skills
(Dexterity: +0 / Strength: +0)

Athletics 10 (65)<15>
Statistic: Strength / Dexterity
Running Speed: 80ft
Level 1-49: 30 base +5 ft per skill level
-Cross Country Running
Cost: 15 SP
Skill Level Required: 10
Type: Bonus
Effect: Allows running across off road terrain at full speed. Normally rough terrain reduces speed by 1/2.
Acrobatics 10 (65)<10>
Statistic: Strength / Dexterity
Jumping Height:
Level 10 - 19: 4' Clearance
-Feline Grace
Cost: 10 SP
Skill Level Required: 5
Type: Bonus (+10)
Effect: Allows a person to remain balanced while on narrow ledges or awkward positions.
Roll 10 (65)<15>
Statistic: Dexterity
-Dodge Roll
Cost: 15 SP
Skill Level Required: 10
Type: Bonus (+10)
Effect: Allows the character to do a strong roll to get away from danger. This can be performed in tighter spaces than the Dodge Leap ability.
Reaction 10 (65)<15>
Statistic: Dexterity
Cost: 15 SP
Skill Level Required: 10
Type: Action
Effect: Draw a weapon/item and use it on same round of combat

Utility Skills
(Health: +0 / Intelligence: +0(intel/2) / Willpower: +0)

Perception 10 (65)
Statistic: Health
Speechcraft 5 (25)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence / Willpower
Stealth 5 (25)<20>
Statistic: Dexterity
Cost: 10 SP
Prerequisites: Level 5
Type: Action
Effect: Allows a person to sneak up on and steal an item from a person. Roll this to sneak up, and then luck to determine the quality of the item.

-Conceal Self
Cost: 10 SP
Prerequisites: Level 5
Type: Bonus (+10)
Effect: Makes it easier to find a place to hide.
Sleight of Hand 10 (65)<25>
Statistic: Dexterity
-Detect Trap
Cost: 10 SP
Skill Level Required: 5
Type: Bonus (+10)
Effect: Look for hidden mechanisms that may trigger a trap

-Disarm Trap
Cost: 15 SP
Skill Level Required: 10, 'Detect Trap' Advanced Skill
Type: Action
Effect: Disable the intricate mechanical workings of a trap
Gather Information 5 (25)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence
Search 5 (25)
Statistic: Half-Intelligence

Combat Skills
(Dexerity: +0)

Sniper Rifles 20 (155)<75>
-Sweet Shot
Cost: 15 SP
Skill Level Required: 10
Prerequisites: None
Type: Bonus
Effect: Called shots by marksmen deal 2x normal damage and have a +5 to hit. However, this may not be stacked with any other skills or physical abilities.

-Improved Sweet Shot
Cost: 60 SP
Skill Level Required: 20
Prerequisites: Sweet Shot
Type: Bonus
Effect: Called shots by marksmen deal 2.5x their normal damage and have a +10 to hit. However, this cannot be stacked with any other skills or abilities.
Thrown Weapons 20 (90)<40>
-Called Shot
Cost: 10 SP
Skill Level Required: 5
Type: Bonus
Effect: After a bit of practice, precision becomes key. The called shot penalty is reduced to -10

-Spread Toss
Cost: 30 SP
Skill Level Requirement: 15
Type: Action
Effect: Allows for a character to throw a wave of projectiles at a group of up to 3 enemies.

Magic Skills
(Magic: +0 / Spirit: +0)

Force Sensitivity 5 (25)

Artisan / Knowledge Skills
(Intelligence: +0)

Artisan: Engineering 10 (65)

Field Training Skills
(Intelligence: +0(intel/2))

Survival 10 (65)<15>
Statistic: Endurance / Half-Intelligence
-Whip Latch
Cost: 15 SP
Required Skill Level: 10
Type: Action
Effect: Strike a rope against an object and have it secure itself
Vehicle Operation: Heavy Aerospace 10 (65)<10>
Statistic: Dexterity
-Combat Dodging
Cost: 10 SP
Required Skill Level: 5
Type: Bonus
Effect: Grants a +5 to avoiding attacks in a vehicle.

<<> Abilities <>>

-= Physical (Style Points) =-
Current Style Points: (Used) / (Max) StP

-= Magical/Psionic (Spell Points) =-
Current Spell Points: (Used) / (Max) SpP

Force Abilities
  • Access to the "Force Sensitivity" school of magic.
  • Life Sense - The character is able to determine the nature, makeup, and disposition of many forms of life within (Affinity Level * 2) Areas. This allows him/her to sense potential dangers, wild creatures/monsters, elementally-aligned creatures, and other varied information depending on the result roll.

<<> Traits and Feats <>>

-= Race Traits =-

Traits: Dare Devil, Extra Training(Thrown Weapons/Sniper Rifles), Junior Hero(Rebel Saboteur)

-= Character Traits =-

Dare Devil
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Fortune favors the bold, and so does the adrenal gland. Humans that hold on to the reckless immortality of youth are at their best when the chips are down and the odds are against them, known as heroes to some and idiots to others, but daredevils to all.
Effect: When in mortal danger by circumstance, below 50% HP, or actively attempting something that promises injury on a failure, the human with this feat gains a +10 to whatever roll is called for. If more than one of these are true, each additional grants another +5. The third only applies to dodges if an Athletic skill is used instead of Reaction or Block.

Extra Training
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Most humans spend their entire lives in preparation for bigger and better things, whether in formal education or training, or simply self improvement and study of the arts they wish to make their worth in. This manifests in additional SP to a particular skill they spent a lot of time honing.
+65 SP granted to one backstory-relevant Skills, essentially starting them at Level 10.(Sniper Rifles)
+130 to ONE backstory-relevant Skill, essentially starting it at level 15(Thrown Weapons)

Junior Hero
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: With a natural proclivity for adventure, many humans spend their lives in search of it in one form or another, from the world traveler to the humble gamer nerd. The character's prior adventures have prepared them for the one they are thrust into now, granting a greater pool of starting Experience.
Effect: +100 EXP. Feat subject to enhancement with inflation.

-= Feats =-

(* denotes feats taken at character creation.)
Racial Feat - Elemental Affinity - Force I

Racial SIF - Enhanced Willpower I
Associated Statistic: Willpower
Description: A taker of this feat bears a great sense of will, able to tighten his/her focus as well as deny a spellcaster's power with natural effort.
Effect: The Willpower bonus changes from +1 to +2 points per 10 points of Willpower. This applies to the Mental/Magical Defense Roll and Willpower based skills.
Example: The character has a 50 Willpower. The bonus is normally +5. In this case it becomes +10.

*Feat 1 (Free) - Juggler
Associated Statistic:
Description: Juggling is an art -- really. The ability to handle multiple items between the hands with equal utility is something many attempt but few master, and those that do can be unpredictable in a fight -- or in a performance. They are, either way, fun to watch.
Effect: +10 Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Weapons, +5 Athletics, Sleight of Hand, Acrobatics, Reaction

*Feat 2 (100 XP) - Commando
Associated Statistic:
Description: The modern civilizations' Commando units are among some of the most highly trained and versatile soldiers of the new war. They're well-educated and precise, and while trained in each other's work, each generally specialize in one role to support a group rather than stand alone.
Effect: +10 Weapon Proficiency: Sniper Rifles, +5 Roll, Reaction, Artisan: Engineering, Survival

*Feat 3 (200 XP) - Enhanced Attack Maneuver
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: This character is able to predict the movements of others and respond appropriately. Dodging, blocking, and taking cover are all taken into consideration, whatever it takes to land the hit.
Effect: The character with this Feat gains a bonus of +2 per 10 points of Dexterity to attack physically.
Example: A character with 60 Dexterity typically has an attack Dexterity bonus of +6. With this feat, that becomes +12.

*Feat 4 (300 XP) - Splash Damage
Associated Class: Juggler
Description: This character has the ability to enhance the explosive range of his/her explosive weapons, raising the DC to avoid.
Effect: When using explosive one-use items or similar items/devices that require throwing/tossing (not launchers, for instance), the DC to avoid the weapon is raised by (Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Weapons * 2) (+100 at Level 50).

*Feat 5 (400 XP) - Demolition Expert
Associated Class: Commando
Description: This character has an affinity for things that go "boom!" whether it's planted explosives, thrown weapons, or the good old-fashioned rocket launcher.
Effect: When dealing with explosive weaponry, the DC to avoid the effect is raised by 20% (DC 150 becomes DC180, DC300 becomes DC360.)

*Feat 6 (500 XP) - Enhanced Dodge
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: This character has quicker reflexes and a keener sense of direction, allowing him/her to avoid or deflect blows away from his/her body, whether it's flipping, blocking, or jumping.
Effect: This improves the Flat Foot, regular Dodge, and Block rolls. Instead of a +1 bonus for every 10 points, the character earns +2 per every 10 points.
Example: A character with 80 Dexterity normally has a Dodge Dexterity bonus of +8. With this feat, that becomes +16.

*Feat 7 (600 XP) - Divine Relationship
Associated Statistic: Luck
Description: The favor of a divine or aetheric entity comes with its boons along with its obligations.
Effect: A relationship or favorable interaction with a higher power forces a target to re-roll any dice, once per in game day. This does not apply to divine successes or botches.

*Feat 8 (700 XP) - Investigator
Associated Statistic: Intelligence
Description: Your character is a master at gathering information through various means be it for good or for bad, and as such s/he has is good at a few choice things in this sometimes murky field.
Effect: The character receives a +10 to gather info and search checks; and a +5 to spot and listen checks.

*Feat 9 (800 XP) - Enhanced Item Storage Capacity I
Associated Statistic: Strength
Description: This character is able to pack away the items, weapons, and gear for greater stocking than most people. Where did you pull that from again? N-nevermind.
Effect: The character can increase the +1 per 10 points bonus to this to +2 per 10 points, enabling the character to have more Items Slots.
Example: The character has a 90 Strength. Instead of +9, the character gains +18 to account for Item Slots to be able to carry more items on his/her person at one time.

*Feat 10 (900XP) - Extra Attack
Associated Statistic: Dexterity
Description: The character exhibits reaction and movement speeds above and beyond that of others, allowing them to take more than one action in a round.
Effect: A character must have at least 200 Dexterity to qualify for this feat. In normal and group combat, character rolls a second initiative at half their dexterity value. This makes the character twice the target as well.

*Feat 11(1000XP) - Favored Weapon
Pre-Requisite: Generally taken on creation, but this is flexible with good IC reason
Description: Some warriors, humans in particular, develop a certain emotional attachment to their weapon, whether it be a samurai's katana becoming an extension of his body, a mercenary naming his favorite grenade launcher, or a squire taking up the sword of his fallen master. The character starts with an above average weapon, which may have unique abilities or better stats than usual for its tier.
Effect: Soul: Any Augmentation that takes up a single slot, or any augmentation that has no obvious upgrades. This takes up 1 Slot normally, but transfers to further incarnations of the weapon, and may allow augments that don't normally match.
A augment or enchantment with an obvious progression of Upgrades can be pushed to the next level via an artisan/Enchanter passing the usual requirements to apply it. Upon which the effect will still take only 1 Slot.
- Effects with a progression, once upgraded, carry over in their current level of power.
(Kyber crystal[color not yet established], inside an old lightsaber[Requires Jedi/Sith training to unlock usage]

*Feat 12(1200XP) - Enhanced Endurance I
Associated Statistic: Endurance
Description: Takers of this feat have a body that just refuses to give out, even when it's just about comatose and the ticker's slowing.
Effect: The character gains a +2 to every 10 points in Endurance the character has for his/her Survival Roll.
Example: The character has a 60 Endurance. Normally this would grant +6 to the roll, but with this Feat it is raised to +12.

*Feat 13(1400XP) - Heave, Ho!
Associated Class: Juggler
Description: This character's throwing arm is much stronger than most others, giving them the ability to hurl objects -- weapon, person, or otherwise -- much further than most other people, even some with higher strength than they; after all, it's all in the wrist.
Effect: With this feat, a thrower's arm is nearly unlimited in throwing range. When using Throwing Weapons, the character's range limitation is increased to (Weapon Proficiency: Throwing Weapon / 5) (round down) Areas, up to 10 Areas away with Level 50.

*Feat 14(1500XP) - Cooler Heads
Associated Class: Commando
Description: While any soldier will eventually make an uneasy peace with their surroundings, it takes the deep training and iron gut of a commando to function on more delicate matters with a time bomb ticking merrily away nearby. And while any jaded modern knight will spray fire at a percieved threat, a commando will calmly headshot the enemy captain leading the ambush he just walked into.
Effect: "Protects" Class skills from circumstancial penalties or negation. Roll penalties are either halved or negated, and actions normally impossible due to panic, general chaos, or duress can be preformed at the loss of stat bonus. This is mental protection, and may not apply if the circumstance is jostling the character about beyond reason.

Feat 15(1600XP) - Enhanced Health I
Associated Statistic: Health
Description: This character has above-average senses, resistance to disease, and is overall generally more healthy and resistant to toxins.
Effect: The Health Roll bonus changes from +1/10 points in Health to +2/10 points in Health. This does not affect HP calculations!
Example: The character has a 50 Health. The bonus is normally +5. In this case it becomes +10.

Feat 16(1800XP) -
Feat 17(2000XP) -
Feat 18(2200XP) -
Feat 19(2400XP) -
Feat 20(2500XP) -
Feat 21(2600XP) -
Feat 22(2800XP) -
Feat 23(3000XP) -
Feat 24(3200XP) -
Feat 25(3400XP) -
Feat 26(3500XP) -
Feat 27(3600XP) -
Feat 28(3800XP) -
Feat 29(4000XP) -
Feat 30(4200XP) -

<<> Equipment Slots <>>

Note: Dual-Wielded items occupy 1 Equipment Slot (not Inventory Slot).

Lisunov Arms Grendel(Battle Rifle)
Price: 106200 gil
Augmentation Slots: 4
Roll Bonus: +57
Damage: 13680
Skill Required: 20
Side Arm:
Denzium Edge
Price: 66570 gil
Augmentation Slots: 2
Roll Bonus: +31
Damage Mod: 18.75
DC To Make: 2520
Skill Level To Use: 19
Denzium-Lined Robe
Price: 76080 gil
Physical Soak Bonus: 1300
Magical Soak Bonus: 3150
Dodge Bonus: +20
Crafting DC: 2520
Ring 1:
Ring 2:


<<> Inventory <>>
Slot 1:
Old Lightsaber w/Kyber crystal

Slot 2-4:
Semtex Grenade Pack 5/5
Manufacturer: Misriah Armory
Price: 4480 gil
DC to Make: 150
Restrictions: None
Description: A high-powered plastique explosive encased in an elongated tube. 15000 damage. To avoid, DC160(232) (180(256) in cover). (+20% & +40)

Funds: (character starts with 30,000z)
Zollars 30,000z (+50,000z Monthly)
Gil 0g (+100,000 Monthly)
Crowns 0c (+500,000 Monthly)

<<> Special Notes <>>

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