Information on the different Races playable in DW, as well as special traits that characters or races may have.
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Unlike feats, traits are not chosen by the player. Traits represent special GM assigned gifts or racial abilities that someone might have. They generally are very flexible, and can be adjusted to suit a specific gm and character. Traits, unlike feats, can be assigned or revoked as needed. Traits may be assigned at character creation if specific criteria are sufficiently met, or may be avoided.

Positive Traits

These are traits that GENERALLY benefit a character in some way, granting a strength, an in-character assistance, or specific knowledge or insight that will aid them along their journey.

Species Communication
Pre-Requisite: Non Human or GM approval
Description: You possess an ability to communicate with your fellow species. This can be telepathic, electric signals, echo communication, growls/chirps, or any other form of communication. This does not require a skill

Clean Reputation
Pre-Requisite: Be a Goody Two Shoes
Description: Your character is known to be a kind and honest soul. While this can anger the wrong people, even they will acknowledge that you do not tend to lie, which can give you an upper hand in trading. -10 to Intimidation, but +10 to Diplomacy.

Pre-Requisite: Clean/Dirty Reputation
Description: Your characters reputation proceeds you. People in distant lands will have heard of your deeds and may react accordingly.

Windfall Cash
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Humans love money, possibly more than any other race in the universe. Even those who are evolved past the primal urge to hoard green paper know that it is the blood of civilization and the tinder of dreams. Through simple good fortune or business savvy, the character blessed with this Feat enjoys a consistantly greater wealth than the average person.
Effect: Increases starting Credits by 10%. When Mission-Based Credits are given out, roll Luck (1d1000+LuckBonus). (Result/15)% bonus to the credit reward (So a perfect 1000 would grant +66%, or two thirds the reward. A 500 would grant +33%, or one third more, ect). This applies only to end-of-mission rewards, not treasure finds, enemy drops, or selling items.

Hidden Assets
Pre-Requisite: None
Description: This character has access to unusually vast resources for a player, and may include corporate holdings, trust accounts, stocks, or other non cash assets. While not directly cash, a character may make transfer some to cash. Transferring too many, however, or violating the rules of the account, may lead to loss of access or criminal charges.

Millionaires Club
Pre-Requisites: Hidden Assets
Description: This characters personal holdings are very vast and exceed one million credits. They may get away with larger withdrawls than a smaller character, but are also recognizable for their wealth, which may attract undesirable attention.

Junior Hero
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: With a natural proclivity for adventure, many humans spend their lives in search of it in one form or another, from the world traveler to the humble gamer nerd. The character's prior adventures have prepared them for the one they are thrust into now, granting a greater pool of starting Experience.
Effect: +100 EXP. Feat subject to enhancement with inflation.

Inspector Gadget Syndrome
Pre-Requisite: Very Lucky
Description: Your character is unusually lucky… or unlucky, depending on how you look at it. Occaisionally, a GM may turn your botch into a success, or apply it to your opponents instead. On the flip side, your botches will be more negative when they do apply to you.

Intelligence Network
Pre-Requisite: Some form of ‘Tie’
Description: You have access to a network of resources which can obtain information in the right circuits. The broader the scope of the network, the broader the information, but the more general it becomes. Use of the network is an IC action and must be roleplayed. This trait has no function if the network can not be reached.

A Favor Owed
Pre-Requisite: GM Assignment
Description: Someone of power owes you a favor. A political figure, a legal figure, a corporate figure owes you a debt of gratitude that you can call at your whim for a favor. Simply remind the person of the favor and they may do their best to help you.

Mysterious Power
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Humans have an astonishing rate of occurance with regards to mutation, exposure to higher powers, and simply unexplainable wellsprings of power when threatened, leading some to refer to the species on a whole as Weirdness Magnets. These mysterious powers are often circumstancial, and even the holder of the power may not fully understand it without a life long search for its root.
Effect: Grants the character a custom Ability Feat, which generally outstrip normal Custom Attacks and scale well. This ability is statted on creation of the character, and cannot be a carbon copy of an existing feat.

Extra Training
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Most humans spend their entire lives in preparation for bigger and better things, whether in formal education or training, or simply self improvement and study of the arts they wish to make their worth in. This manifests in additional SP to a particular skill they spent a lot of time honing.
+65 SP granted to one backstory-relevant Skill essentially starting it at Level 10
+130 to one backstory-relevant Skill, essentially starting it at level 15.

Item of Power
Pre-Requisite: A stealable item
Description: Your character has an item which grants them power or skill. This item can develop or grow, but can also be stolen, removing the ability from the character.

Preferred Enemy
Pre-Requisite: Supporting Background
Description: You gain a +15 to combat rolls when fighting your chosen enemy due to your past familiarity with them. Should the enemy surprise you however, this bonus is negated. This may also accompany a reputation with this type of enemy (Vampire killers having a reputation with vampires for instance)

Clairvoyant (Controlled or Uncontrolled)
Pre-Requisite: GM Assignment
Description: Your character is oddly sensitive to visions and may have visions of other places. These visions however are a double edged sword, and may contain things you do not wish to see…

Precognition (Controlled or Uncontrolled)
Pre-Requisite: Clairvoyance, GM Assignment
Description: Your character sees visions of the future at varying intervals. These may be cryptic visions, or complete sections of events to come. Like Clairvoyance, there is a heavy burden placed on precognitive beings…

Hand of Fate (Controlled or Uncontrolled)
Pre-Requisite: Precognitive, GM Assignment
Description: Your character has further developed and learned to understand their powers. This power may mean one of two things, that you are able to change the course of events, or that you SET the course of events in motion by way of your actions.

Marked Touch
Pre-Requisite: Spiritual Character
Description: Your character leaves spiritual residue on objects he or she touches. This may be used to track objects or belongings, but also allows others to track and recognize you easier.

Elemental Absorption (1-3)
Pre-Requisite: GM assignment, Elemental Affinity
Description: Your elemental skills have grown beyond the average affinity, and you are now capable of absorbing and strengthening yourself in your own element.
1: Limited Absorption
2: Full Absorption
3: Environmental Strength

Omen Sight
Pre-Requisite: Spiritual Character
Description: A limited version of precognitive vision, this allows a character to see signs that may indicate a future event. This may include cryptic visions, recognition of omens, or other similar signs.

The Power of Love
Pre-Requisite: Significant Other
Description: An odd trait, this indicates that the character has a significant attachment to another living being. When the other person is nearby, they gain benefits, and may even live solely due to the other persons presence. Should the other person be in danger, this will grant situational bonuses due to passion. Should this relationship end, this trait will grant penalties until it is removed by a gm.

Elemental Touch
Pre-Requisite: Elemental Affinity
Description: Your characters affinity is out of control, and manifests itself on whatever is touched by the skin. Items may ignite in flames, freeze, reduce to dust, crush from air pressure, or disappear into light or darkness.

Elemental Repulsion
Pre-Requisite: None, but an Elemental Affinity is generally sensible
Description: Your character has repulsion to a given element and can not stand to be in the same room as it. This may be due to a character of ice element being in a room of fire, or it may be a vampire being in a room of light.

Pre-Requisite: See Title
Description: Your character exudes confidence. Gain a +5 to diplomacy and intimidation checks, and a +5 to your characters main skill (chosen by gm).

Improved Sense
Pre-Requisite: Racial or GM assigned
Description: Your senses are more advanced than other races or beings, and give you a +25 to those checks.

Pre-Requisite: Racial / GM Assigned / Player Requested
Description: Your character can use both hands equally well, and suffers no penalty from a hand being broken.

Common Sense
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: You have demonstrated the rarely seen common sense, and the GM will occasionally give you warnings if a character should be aware of consequences of their actions.

Fast Learner
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: your character has a strong ability to learn some things better than they do others. And due to such are able to raise those skills faster than others. Treat each individual skill under the selected genre as always "taught," which allows the character to learn +1 more levels per month to those skills. This does not preclude a character getting a teacher for any individual skills.

1. Athletic Skills
2. Minor Skills
3. Combat Skills
4. Magic Skills
5. Artisan Skills
6. Vehicle Skills

Status Effect Resistance
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Unusually resilient for their unassuming build and fleshy pinkness, humans with the right tenacity can ward off or shrug off adverse effects on their bodies.
Effect: Occurrence rate of [Blind], [Confuse], [Disease], [Poison], [Silence], [Bleeding], and [Shock] up to Acute reduced by 10%, and Duration of any such status reduced by 1.

Status Effect Immunity
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned or Racial
Description: Your body is completely immune to a specific or set of status effects for biological reasons. A status effect is considered to automatically fail upon you.

Unnatural Balance
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Your character has an unnatural balance and suffers no penalties from performing actions in precarious positions. You can work upside down, balancing from one leg with no penalty.

Dare Devil
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: Fortune favors the bold, and so does the adrenal gland. Humans that hold on to the reckless immortality of youth are at their best when the chips are down and the odds are against them, known as heroes to some and idiots to others, but daredevils to all.
Effect: When in mortal danger by circumstance, below 50% HP, or actively attempting something that promises injury on a failure, the human with this feat gains a +10 to whatever roll is called for. If more than one of these are true, each additional grants another +5. The third only applies to dodges if an Athletic skill is used instead of Reaction or Block.

Black Market Ties (1-5)
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: You have a connection to the black market, and are on good terms with them. You have the ability to acquire or make requests, though these are not cheap.
Level 1: Small weapons, illicit items
Level 2: Medium weapons, stolen goods
Level 3: Low grade military weapons, rare cares and items
Level 4: Specific items, high grade military weapons, restricted items
Level 5: Rare weapons and items, top secret weapons, very specific items

Judicial Ties (1-5)
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: You have connections in the legal system. You know the way the game is played and know how to play it well. People will try to please you, though they may expect favors in return.
Level 1: Small infractions may be overturned
Level 2: Mistrials may be declared on some minor criminal offenses
Level 3: Larger misdeeds may be overlooked
Level 4: Grievous and heinous actions may be overlooked, some local laws may be changed
Level 5: National laws and supreme court decisions may be bent in your favor. You likely know a member of the supreme court.

Corporate Ties
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: You have connections in the corporate world. Money talks, and on the right worlds, people will listen to it more than common sense. Your corporate friend may provide resources.
Level 1: You have the support and resources of a local business
Level 2: You have the support of a small local chain of 2-5 businesses.
Level 3: You have the support of a large national chain of 6-50 businesses.
Level 4: You have the support of a very large conglomerate corporation, which runs hundreds of operations across a world
Level 5: You have gained the support of a galaxy 5000 corporation and its resources.

Media Ties
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: You have strong connections in the world of media and know what spins a good story. For this reason, people in the media world tend to know of and listen to you, and may take stories on your suggestion.
Level 1: You have control of a local news paper or community TV station
Level 2: You have control over a local cable TV channel or publication
Level 3: You have control over a national TV channel or publishing company
Level 4: You control an entire media network that spans the globe
Level 5: You control a U.m.N. recognized media conglomerate

Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned or Racial
Description: This character is capable of respawning themselves at 1000 experience + enough experience to cover their knowledge skills. This does not cost a fate point. Knowledge skills remain, but other skills are erased. The character has recollection of these abilities, but is weakened due to the process.

Nature Attuned
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned or Racial
Description: You have a connection with nature. Plants seem to bloom more when you are around, and you have a +10 to animal empathy and +5 to life magic (Druidic, divine)

Feature: Spirit Vision
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The ability to perceive the imperceptible and see the unseen. Supernatural entities tend to possess this second sight by nature, as they naturally exist within the same spectrums.

Past Life
Pre-Requisite: Racial, GM Assigned
Description: The character has more then one lifetime under its belt, due to reincarnation of some sort or an alien life cycle. The character gains additional starting EXP to account for their extended journey through the living world.

Biological Strength
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character's race is really really strong. STRONG. They are this way due to biological factors more than size or training, their bodies may be composed of denser materials or have super-efficient motive systems. This augments traits normally associated with the Strength stat.

Dragon Flight
Pre-Requisite: Racial, GM Assigned
Description: The character is gifted with the unnatural flight speed of a dragon, most likely because they happen to be one. Dragon Flight is technically a Feat, but is special in that it grants five times the speed of the regular flight feat.

Always Awake
Pre-Requisite: Racial, GM Assigned
Description: The character does not require sleep. This does not grant an immunity to the status effect, but implies that they can function properly 24/7 without their brains ceasing to work good.

Favored Terrain
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The species of the character is naturally at home in a certain location, and enjoys a flat bonus to all actions taken in said environment.

Neutral Traits

These miscellaneous traits are those that are not specifically designed to boon or bust a character; they will help sometimes, and hinder others.

Were Transformation
Pre-Requisite: Secondary Form
Description: Your transformation can occur without control, due to specific circumstances (Full moon, specific weather patterns, etc). Your form gains some benefit in this circumstance, however also suffers from some penalty (confusion for instance).

Wild Skill
Pre-Requisite: GM Assignment
Description: A skill has a wide degree of variance. You may be a savant one day, or a moron the next. This can have a wide range of effects which may save or destroy you. The general template works on a 1d5 whenever the skill is used.

1: Catastrophic (Automatic 1, negates Inspector Gadget Syndrome)
2: Bad (Roll is reduced by ½)
3: Normal Performance
4: Good (Roll is doubled)
5: Excellent (Roll is doubled and counted as a divine, adding a second roll to the total)

Pre-Requisite: None
Description: Your character experiences flashbacks of a given event at random times. To your character, it feels as though they are in that place, at that time. Generally these are significant moments… and may be trying to tell you something.

Pre-Requisite: Mechanical Augmentation
Description: This character has undergone the arduous process of self-controlled evolution by accepting mechanical augmentations into their body. The character is able to install specific Mechanical Augmentations into their bodies, which will convert Item Slots into Augmentation Slots. When an Item Slot is converted, it can not be converted back! If a character's Item Slot count drops below the amount that their augmentations occupy (that is, if a character goes from 10 Slots total (6 Item, 4 Aug) to 3 Slots (0 Item, -1 Aug)), a character will begin undergoing rejection syndrome, which cannot even be reversed by Neuropozene.

Surreal Quality
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned, generally something hidden about the character
Description: Your character has a surreal quality about them that draws the attention of other people. They may not be able to put their finger on it, but something stands out about you.

Giant 1
Prerequisite: Big
Description: Your character is above average size and looks like someone who would best not be trifled with. You gain a +15 to your intimidation checks, a +15% damage bonus and a -15% dodge bonus due to your size.

Giant 2
Prerequisite: Bigger
Description: Your character is a massive hulking beast who stalks around the battlefield. Your immense size costs you a 25% dodge penalty, but nets you a massive 25% damage bonus, a +20 to intimidation checks, and the ability to dual wield without penalty, provided the weapon can be dual wielded normally. One person may use you as cover.

Giant 3
Prerequisite: Restricted to dragons and characters large enough to be classed as vehicles
Description: Provides a +25 to intimidation checks and a 50% physical damage bonus. Light projectile weapons (pistols, crossbows) deal no damage, however they suffer a 50% dodge penalty at range, 75% against melee. Any cover that basically isn't a building or terrain, sufficiently large smoke field, etc provides no bonus. While this character may not wield turrets as weapons, they are sufficiently large that turrets may be mounted to them. You are, however, large enough that your allies may use you as cover.

Tiny 1
Prerequisite: Small
Description: Your character is smaller than the average person, and as such is a harder target to hit. You gain a +15% to dodge and a +5 to diplomacy checks (you look harmless), but your muscles deal 15% less the damage of a normal person.

Tiny 2
Prerequisite: Smaller
Description: Your character is miniscule, a much harder target. You gain a +25% to dodge and a +10 to diplomacy checks (you look harmless), but your muscles deal 25% less the damage of a normal person. In addition to this, you have a +25 bonus against 'called shots', as most weapons are zero'd to a target of human size. You fit into tight spaces better than other characters, which may award you unique opportunities.

Tiny 3
Prerequisite: Smallest
Description: Your character is the size of a mouse; even the smallest obstacle is a massive challenge unless someone carries you. Called shots and suppressing fire simply do not work on you, and you have a +50% dodge bonus vs any threat specifically aimed at you. Your strength based damage is negated entirely, and as most weapons your size would deal 1 hp damage; you will be forced to find alternate methods of combat. Any attack that does hit you that would damage a regular person deals double damage and automatic knock down. Also, damage soak? What's that??

Mistaken Identity (Famous or Infamous)
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Your character is confused commonly with someone famous or infamous. This can be both a boon and a burden depending on the circumstances.

Unusual Eyes
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned or Racial
Description: Your eyes give you away. Something about your eyes is inhuman, they may be cat, demonic, fae, cetran, or other, but your eyes will give away your nature to anyone who looks at you close enough.

Socially ______
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: This trait precludes the character almost inexorably to a certain personality trait, such as xenophobia. Unlike the Stigma listed below, this is more or less 'true', and the player of the character will be expected to fall in line with the stereotype.

Caste System
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character's race or culture utilizes a strict and likely universal caste system, and his or her status is determined insurmountably by it. This may mean little in the big universe outside, but if the character ever finds itself among its peers, it will have stiff expectations of its behavior. Even if the character has left the system, that itself is a sort of caste, and they are probably looked down on or even hunted by their fellows.
If the character ranks high in this class, however, it can be a boon...

Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character's race boasts a second form by nature. This is a specific, modified version of the existing transformation traits, with rules specified by the nature of the transformation. Unlike the Weak Natural Form trait, this implies that the baseline sheet is the norm, and of average strength, and the transformation is superior.

Pre-Requisite: A mother and father of different species
Description: The characters race isn't really a race in itself but a combination of two. A halfbreed generally lives with one or the other while it develops, and carries a combination of traits from each half. In addition to the traits of the specific half-type which are listed, the character gains one positive and negative trait from the other species that lent to their creation.

Alternate Form
Pre-Requisite: Racial, GM Assigned
Description: The race is known for a tendency to shapeshift, but in more an aesthetic way than physical. This is a modified version of the existing Alternate Form trait, which doesn't cost MP to maintain, but may not be usable in the same ways. An Alternate Form doesn't change one's stats, for better or for worse.

Mysterious Appeal
Pre-Requisite: Alternate Form, Racial/GM Assigned
Description: The character's grandeur is too much to simply mask over with a change of appearance, as he or she simply emanates mystery and power. Through the outlined methods, it may be possible for NPCs and characters to see through the Alternate Form of the holder of this trait.

Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: Whatever the form or intent of the character, they put off an aura that, while too subtle to notice by most, is a neon sign to those who know how to see it. Beware those with the supernatural senses to put comprehension to the general feeling of not-quite-right you emanate.

Negative Traits

These traits offer restrictions or difficulties to characters; they are designed to balance other traits or features of a character or race, and will generally hinder or harm them in different situations.

Dirty Reputation
Pre-Requisite: Be an asshole
Description: Your character is well known to be devious and double dealing. While this may or may not mean evil, it does mean your word can not be trusted at times, which makes you the bane of law enforcement. Your questionable morality also gives you a +10 to intimidation, while accepting a -10 to diplomacy.

Marked for Death
Pre-Requisite: None
Description: Your character is fated to die. Your grisly end is predetermined, and you see visions of your approaching death. At some point during the campaign, you will die and your character is aware of this fact. As you know some of the circumstances that will surround it, this also may liberate you. Once this trait is assigned, it is permanent and unavoidable. Fate points may not be spent to avoid this end, however it does not necessarily preclude other death.

Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Your character has proven to be absent minded through the course of your adventures. Leveling skills is more difficult for you, and your skills require an additional 10 checks to learn.

Weak Sense
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: One of your senses is weaker than others. This may mean you are color blind, slowly going deaf, or insensitive to touch or smell. Your other senses gain a +5 to compensate for this, however.

Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Your character is horribly disfigured, perhaps scarred, or otherwise notable. You are more recognizable to people and easily remembered, which can be a blessing and a curse.

Addiction (substance)
Pre-Requisite: A severe dependency on something external
Description: This character is chemically or physically dependent on an external subject of some kind, whether it's a drug, a chemical, or something simply necessary for them to live. Without this substance/item, a character will begin undergoing various forms of withdrawal syndrome as determined by a GM.

Weakness (subject)
Pre-Requisite: Racial / GM Assigned
Description: This character suffers when exposed to the subject of its weakness, whether it's elemental, physical, spiritual, natural, et cetera. This can manifest in different ways, but generally the character will suffer adverse and increased effects (such as increased damage, worse status effects, statistical penalties, roll penalties, etc.) when exposed to or affected by the subject of its weakness.

Skeleton in the Closet
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: You have a hidden secret which could come back to haunt you…

Pre-Requisite: Skeleton in the Closet
Description: Your character has a skeleton in the closet in the form of a living or possibly dead being they’ve annoyed. This character will go out of their way to cause problems for you, and would like to make your life a short, living hell.

Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Your character has a crippling fear of something. Generally speaking the phobia is only listed if it is consequential (fear of dying in small places while a candle is burning does not need to be listed, fear of water does).

Permanent Wound
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Your character has suffered a permanent wound which can not be healed. The details of this wound may vary, but it can not be regenerated or treated medically without very advanced technology or magic.

Slow Recovery (25 or 50%)
Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Healing is unnaturally slow to take effect on you. Only 25 or 50% of healing takes place in one round, and if you are rendered unconscious before the remaining healing takes effect, the healing is halted. This is commonly a racial trait of specific races.

Weak Immune System
Pre-Requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: This character's immune system is heavily lacking in strength, due to a biological constraint or an environmental cause. When a character with this trait succumbs to a status effect, it is considered to be 1 Severity level higher than original, and will automatically last its full duration.

Pre-Requisite: GM Assigned
Description: Someone or something is tracking your character, and they want to find you. It may be that you are wanted, angered the wrong person, or they want to give you something, but your pursuers are closing.

Name: Weakness to EMP
Pre-Requisite: Functional machinery
Description: This character is susceptible to bursts of electromagnetic energy. While most things a character has (an artificial body, postmodern electronics, mechanical augmentations) are shielded in some way against EMP, dedicated EMP weapons and items can still damage or reboot systems, causing a myriad of different status effects temporarily.

Cultural Ineptitude: ______
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: Implies a cultural obliviousness to knowledge of a certain vein, creating a starker non-proficiency penalty of -10 to rolls for the inept skill. Getting to level 10 in a skill in the noted field shows sufficient personal interest to remove the penalty to that particular skill.

Slow Learner
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The race has had no reason to pursue certain skills, or is just plain not good at it by nature. Increases the number of checks required to learn those skills.

Social Stigma
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: This occurs in various forms depending on the race it's attached to, but they are more or less universally negative traits the race is known for. Note that a stigma is not the same thing as a cultural inclination, but even if your individual character is different from the norm, it will still be assumed by the little peeblez that they are in some way inferior or evil. In extreme cases this can be the justification for the Hunted trait.

Weak Natural Form
Pre-Requisite: Racial, GM Assigned
Description: This implied that the general form you walk around in, and what is listed on your character sheet, is not the true body of the character. The character is a shapeshifter or parasite of some sort, and in its native state it is sufficiently pitiful to deserve its own separate stats.

Weak Spot
Pre-Requisite: Racial, GM Assigned
Description: The character has a particular weak spot, usually a more physical one than a trait tends to represent, and one that must be triggered by offensive actions against it, whether it be a glass jaw, a susceptibility to disease or poisons, or just a good old fashioned throbbing red spot.

Biological Constraints
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character has an inhuman biology that in some way precludes certain capabilities, generally a normal trait of the species, such as being quadrapedal, cold blooded, amphibious, or what have you.

Shorter Lifespan
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character's species simply doesn't live as long as even a human, and ages more rapidly.

Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character, usually a machine, lacks a true soul and thus cannot be resurrected by standard white magic or potions. Further, if the bearer of this trait hits their max HP in negatives, they must spend a Fate point to survive and will still be out of commission for some time as they're rebuilt. This also goes for severe injuries that a biological being would recover from more quickly.

Permanent Death
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The race cannot be revived from death.

Unable to Heal
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The species is synthetic or simply inorganic, and cannot recover HP from standard white magic or potions. It must rely on Ether recovery or specialty auto-repair mechanisms.

No Magic
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The race is completely incapable of magic, barring Ether if the special criteria is met, due to lacking the spiritual connection that true magic requires.

Slow Growth
Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The character suffers an EXP penalty of some sort due to a condition of their race, such as a dragon's dual form (which spreads EXP out between the two forms)

Pre-Requisite: Racial
Description: The species is particularly frail. Not necessarily unhealthy or sickly, but less capable of taking blows than a human of equal relative sturdiness. This reduces max HP by a certain percentage stated in the trait itself.
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