Information on the different Races playable in DW, as well as special traits that characters or races may have.
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Race Name: Elves

Vital Data
Description: Elves are an extremely diverse race, and can be broken down into a number of subsects such as "dark," "wood," "blood," "sea," and many others, but at heart the elves share some resemblances. Their most profound similarity to one another is their long, pointed ears and pigmented skin, whether it's pallid, scarlet, violet, or sapphire. They are an extremely spiritual people by nature, and generally wield fearsome magicks of their choosing.
Homeworld/Habitat: Varies
Typical Height/Weight: 5'5" - 7'5", 100-250 lbs
Lifespan: 10,000+. 50-250 (Young), 300-8,000 (Average), 9,000+ (Old)

Society: Elven society is extremely fragmented after so long. Descendants of the Prime Cetrans and varied by breeding and environments, elves -- while sharing a common ancestry -- are generally not knowledgable of other sects' existences. Their societies are extremely independent and will vary depending on what world and environment they develop on; some "high elven" peoples are scholastic and profoundly magickal in nature, while "wood elves" are extremely nature attuned adventurers adn rangers, and "dark elves" prefer combat and darker practices of magic.

Roleplaying: An elf's development is extremely dependent on his/her surroundings and the society in which they develop; some are cunning and roguelike, while others are scholastic and patient, and yet others are warlike, deceptive and brash. They are all long-lived and share a root in the arcane -- whether they develop it or not, however, is their choice.

Racial Attributes:
  • Enhanced Magic Affinity OR Enhanced Attack Maneuver Statistic Improvement Feat
  • Manadrive OR Regeneration Standard Feat
  • Species Communication, Frailty (-15% Max HP), and Permanent Death Traits.
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