Elemental Dragons

Information on the different Races playable in DW, as well as special traits that characters or races may have.
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Elemental Dragons


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Race Name: Elemental Dragon

Vital Data:
Description: In their natural habitats and forms, dragons are enormous, magnificent, mystical creatures that once ruled over or beside other races in the universe. However, for whatever, varying reasons across the sands of time, they have been lost completely, revered as simple legend, or turned into feral beasts through evolution or warping by outside influences. Whether revered or feared, dragons still hold some form or fashion in almost every other race's history or culture.
Homeworld/Habitat: Any
Typical Height/Weight: 30-100' long, 20-30' tall, with proportional wingspan; 10-40 tons
Lifespan: 10,000+. 200-2000 (Young), 2500-7500 (Average), 8000+ (Old)

Society: Dragon society, regardless of its location or history, is generally led by its elder dragons, with the most ancient -- and powerful -- at the head. With age comes wisdom, growth, and strength -- all things revered by the great wyrms of the universe -- and thus knowledge and respect. Dragons are very martial, territorial creatures, and will generally take up residence wherever they feel suitable, then protect it with their -- or, more often, others' -- lives.

Roleplaying: A sentient dragon is generally a fierce, selfish creature. It is territorial, protective, strong, wise, gluttonous, and quick to fury, and once it chooses a possession -- whether another person/creature, great riches, a home, or a task -- it will chase it until the end of its days. Any offense to that precious, precious thing will be met with the claw, tooth, and breath.

Racial Attributes:
  • Dragon Form in lieu of a Statistic Improvement Feat. (below)
  • 1 Elemental Affinity at Level 1.
  • Hunted, Species Communication, Unusual Eyes Traits
Dragon Form
Pre-requisite: Racial/GM Assigned
Description: The true form of an elemental dragon is that of a mighty behemoth, the apex predator in the kingdom of magical beasts. While its strength demands that it be written out as a Feat, this form is actually their natural one, while their 'usual' humanoid form is a mere disguise.
Effect: In this native form, HP is doubled and the dragon benefits from the Giant trait outlined below. EXP is shared between this form and the Humanoid form below, with a 20% bonus to each pool if they are equal. NOTHING is innately assumed to carry over between the two. Costs 5% of one's MP to change to and from, but none to maintain either form.

Giant 3
Prerequisite: Restricted to dragons and characters large enough to be classed as vehicles
Description: Provides a +25 to intimidation checks and a 50% physical damage bonus. Light projectile weapons (pistols, crossbows) deal no damage, however they suffer a 50% dodge penalty at range, 75% against melee. Any cover that basically isn't a building or terrain, sufficiently large smoke field, etc provides no bonus. While this character may not wield turrets as weapons, they are sufficiently large that turrets may be mounted to them. You are, however, large enough that your allies may use you as cover.

Dragon Feats

The following may be taken by Dragons through their growth as Standard Feats.

Dragon Flight
Pre-requisite: Dragon
Description: The unique composition of dragonians, their hard and heavy bodies, incredibly strong wings, and innate magic, grant the potential for speed rivalling if not surpassing the marvels of flight found in technology.
Effect: Flight speed is tripled when in humanoid form and quintupled in full dragon form.

Pre-requisite: Dragon
Description: Beyond the mundane breath of primal wyverns and the mystic exhalations of spirit wyrms lies the true pinacle of drakely might, the rightly feared Megabreath of dragonian lore. The hallmark of the most powerful dragons, this dreaded blaze is a potent, highly concentrated cocktail of mundane, spiritual, arcane, and divine essences, pushed to the limits of elemental power. Magics and materials that can hold back this riptide are precious and few.
Effect: Renders the Breath Weapon of the feat holder Unsoakable, rather than the choice of Magical or Physical one normally makes.
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