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Race Name: Nigellian

Vital Data
Description: Nigellians as a race are generally elf like, having evolved with long pointed ears. Due to their xenophobic culture, they are primarily slender of varying colors of white or peach coloured skin, lighter toned hair and bright eye hues. Genetic traits that would produce deviation are generally isolated during development, but since the breakdown of society have started to produce Nigellians of other skin colors.
Homeworld/Habitat: Nigelle (planet)
Typical Height/Weight: 6'1, 170 lbs
Lifespan: (Young) (Average) (Old) 5 (Young), 300 (Average), 1000+ (Old)

Society: The Nigellans were once the epitome of high-technology in the known galaxy; as descendants of the Prime Alterans -- the crafters of such marvels as the Stargate Network and the Halo System -- the Nigellans were inherently blessed with knowledge and craftsmanship, and used these gifts to their advantage. However, after the crumbling of the Nigellan civilization at the hand of Giygas -- including the complete destruction of their nanotechnology-crafted homes and cities -- and the support from other galactic civilizations, Nigelle has begun exporting people, crafts, and knowledge as thanks for the galaxy's acceptance of them after being shirked for so long. Although it was placed under the care of the Alliance as a colony after collapse, the society has quickly rebounded and regained its independence.

As a race, Nigellians are extremely sheltered due to their xenophobic tendency, which spawned from a plague which nearly wiped out their home world centuries before present time. As a result of this plague, 'Reconditioning Doctrine' was adopted wherein any visitor to Nigellian society would have to be genetically altered to match the native biology, stripped of foreign elements, and introduced. A board of directors ruled whether specific foreign impulses would be permitted or denied into Nigellian culture, seeing this as a kindness rather than cruelty - Nigellians bear no ill will to the reconditioned and their utopian society and longer lifespan is seen as the envy of much of the galaxy. In truth, few Nigellians die of natural causes. Since the break down of society, social revolution has lead to the gradual abandonment of Reconditioning Doctrine.

Roleplaying: Nigellans are EXTREMELY culturally insulated; they know hardly anything about the galaxy outside of their own now-ruined planet. Nigellans are, however, very scholastic and hands-on by nature, and will generally prefer to solve a problem with learning and application rather than force, wit, or charm. They are powerful purveyors of Ether magic, but are generally unfamiliar with other forms of the arcane. Their proclivity towards high-technology makes them somewhat fearful and distrusting of more. Their biological exposure to viruses and bacteria however makes exposure to even the common cold a dangerous prospect.

Racial Attributes:
  • Enhanced Spirit I Statistic Improvement Feat
  • Computer Scanning Standard Feat
  • Social Stigma, Weak Immune System, and Fast Learner (Artisan) Traits.

Nigellan Feats

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