Youkai / Animal Spirit

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Youkai / Animal Spirit


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Race Name: Youkai / Animal Spirit

Vital Data
Description: "Youkai" are a term associated with what are known as "animal spirits." These naturally occuring, higher-order creatures are deeply rooted in the natural world, possessing a spiritual attachment to nature and wildlife like no other. Sometimes called "demons" for their powerful spiritual presence, Youkai can come in any size, shape, gender, or disposition -- they are as varied as the worlds they represent.
Homeworld/Habitat: Any (natural)
Typical Height/Weight: Varies
Lifespan: 5,000+. 50-1,000 (Young); 1,250-4,000 (Average); 4,000-5,000 (Old)

Society: Animal spirits are generally very, very much individual creatures; even when different animal spirits occupy the same environment, they will often have very little contact with one another under normal circumstances. They often take over command of a domain simply by being born into and associated with it, and as there is no real "youkai society," they generally will keep to themselves unless involved in others' affairs. Their individualism, however, will often put them at odds with any kind of established order.

Roleplaying: Youkai and animal spirits have only one real constant: dedication to their natural environment and protection of it and nature by proxy. While not always resorting to violence, they almost always have the best interest of the natural world at heart, and will preserve and defend it to their best ability. A youkai can be stubborn, curious, violent, lazy, frivolous, or truly any other characteristic of their animal and environment, but they can almost always be predicted to be "tree-huggers."

Racial Attributes:
  • Improved Spirit I Statistic Improvement Feat
  • Regeneration I Standard Feat
  • Species Communication, Mysterious Appeal, and Hunted Traits.

Youkai Feats

Alternate Form: Demonic
Pre-Requisite: Demon or Youkai
Description: A specialized Alternate Form designed to make the character harder to detect for their true nature. On taking this form, a full round action, their Racial Traits can be 'turned off', each loss granting a +10 to their Will check to avoid detection. Reawakening requires a full round of concentration.
Activating this without loss of power simply makes it impossible to recognize them on sight alone.
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