Fae / Faerie

Information on the different Races playable in DW, as well as special traits that characters or races may have.
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Fae / Faerie


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Race Name: Fae / Faerie

Vital Data
Description: Known across all sects of lore and mythology, the impact of the fae can be felt from one end of the galaxy to the other, though at somewhat random intervals and levels. Some faeries are simple and live amongst nature, while others are very invested in the ongoings of the races around them, and yet others are maniacal and selfish. Fae can come in a number of forms, types, and dispositions, but almost all are steeped in the power of the arcane.
Homeworld/Habitat: Avalon (realm)
Typical Height/Weight: Varies
Lifespan: 5,000+. 50-500 (Young), 1,000-4,000 (Average), 4,000+ (Old)

Society: While individual types or sects of fae may have their own type of hierarchy, there is one absolute constant throughout all fae: Avalon. The realm of Avalon, whether a fae has seen it in his or her natural life, beckons a fae to it subconsciously, and its ruler, Oberon, holds natural rule over all fae. The oldest of fae still remember Queen Mab, Oberon's mother, a great and terrible tyrant of the faeries, as well as Oberon's overthrow of his own mother and Oberon's Edict, which banished all fae -- including himself -- from Avalon to learn of the univers outside of it until such time as he deemed fit, known as "The Gathering." With the Gathering come and gone, Avalon is once again lush and occupied by its people and lorded over by Oberon.

Roleplaying: Faeries are another very diverse, mystical race. With legends of them hailing from all across the galaxy each describing a different fae, it is no surprise that each one holds some truth. Some faeries are malicious and steal other races' children, leaving others in their place known as "Changelings;" some other faeries are benevolent nature sprites, who will aid others in their travels or lives; yet others simply hide their form away and meld into society to live out their lives in peace.

Racial Attributes:
  • Improved Magic I Statistic Improvement Feat;
  • Natural Linguist Standard Feat
  • Respawn, Species Communication, and Surreal Quality Traits
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