Information on the different Races playable in DW, as well as special traits that characters or races may have.
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Race Name: Zealian

Vital Data
Description: Once one of the trio of powerful galactic races thousands of years ago, the Zealians are scholastic people of balance. Generally locked to the great floating islands of Zeal on the planet of Lanzard III (Gaia), the Zealians are amongst one of the most well-learned people in history, with a grand library open to all who seek its secrets. Zealians are fair in nature, with pale skin and long hair, and while most are pacifists in nature, they are incredibly talented and powerful sorcerers.
Homeworld/Habitat: Zeal, Lanzard III
Typical Height/Weight: 4'6" - 7'0"; 80-300 lbs.
Lifespan: 5,000+; 50-500 (Young); 1,000-4,000 (Average); 4,500+ (Old)

Society: Zealian society is ruled by Queen Schala, daughter of Queen Zeal. Schala serves as the role model for almost her entire population -- fair, just, benevolent, and compassionate -- and leads them along a course of neutrality in both politics and societies. They are among some of the most diplomatic people to date, and only harbor weapons of war for absolute, last-minute self-defense. Under Queen Zeal, however, older Zealians will remember a great and terrible civilization, one capable of reshaping the world with the power of a mystical creature known as Lavos, and a mad ruler bent on dominating any she saw.

Roleplaying: A natural Zealian will come from the Islands of Zeal, and is generally one of the most level-headed people one will meet. Balance is absolutely necessary in all things -- emotion, sources of knowledge, diet, karma, and diplomacy -- and will rule over their decisions. A Zealian will understand that there are always at least two sides to a story, and will seek out all of them to better understand a situation, a person, and the context in which it occurs. Zealians are also naturally pacifists, and while they will not shun others for their decisions, they will do everything they can to at least not kill another sentient being.

Racial Attributes:
  • Enhanced Willpower Statistic Improvement Feat
  • Nerdy Standard Feat
  • Improved Senses, Aura, Frailty (-20% Max HP) Traits
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