DW Mission News - 6/21/2018

News briefs, headlines, after-action reports, intelligence documents, and other "hot sheets" from across the different worlds the DW's visited.
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DW Mission News - 6/21/2018


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Mission News - 6/21/2018

Difficulty Tiers
Note: A mission may fluctuate up to one tier depending on whether there is unexpected resistance, but generally speaking these will hold true. A number after the stars indicates an XP cap for the mission. A + or - indicates a mission leans towards the upper or lower end of the spectrum. * Indicates a mission are designed to encompass persons of all skill levels, or are of importance that participation is welcome regardless of level, such as point of no return missions.
D: No difficulty/combat - A primarily social mission or one in which no enemy resistance is anticipated (that will pose any threat)
C: Light Resistance [1500-1900] - Generally speaking, resistance on these missions will involve low level monsters, public security, and low level criminal underlings. Average rolls will be in the vicinity of 1d70-1d120. As a general rule, most entities in this range will stop at KO unless provoked to fight to the death.
B: Medium Resistance [1901-2500] - Typically involve a hostile enemy force or engagement with a well equipped enemy or monsters such as low level metroids or infantry level Space Pirates. Rolls will be in the vicinity of 1d120-1d200. Some vicious opponents may fight to the death.
A: High Resistance [2500-3200] - Involves an engagement against an elite enemy force (Datadyne Shock Forces) or monsters of ferocious power (Skedar). Rolls will be in the vicinity of 1d200-1d250. Most opponents will fight to kill their opponents.
S: Extreme Resistance [3201+] - Missions of the most dangerous caliber, generally involving forces of renown. You will fight for your lives. Rolls will be anywhere from 1d250-1d300 depending on the nature of the opponent. Average encounters here are easily as difficult as bosses of lesser tiers.
SSS: Legendary - You face a force so strong it has never known defeat, or are entering an area fraught with peril. Fate Points will be spent like candy. Coming into one of these areas without a fully equipped, rounded party is suicide. There is no limit on rolls for an SSS encounter.


A God of Order - SSS
Melbu Frahma, once thought dead, has supplanted himself into the body of Giygas. With his newfound ultimate power, Frahma declares the universe "his," and plans to reorganize it into a single empire of his own design. The Cetra will reign on high, subjugated by his power.
To achieve this, Frahma has fractured the fabric of space and time into "webs" of worlds; these analogues are similar but different to varying degrees, including timeline fractures, that form networked "bubbles" of influence. Frahma's minions will try to corrupt each bubble in order to affect an entire world's iteration. To prevent the corruption of single bubbles is to defend a world from falling into Frahma's darkness.
Primary Objectives
  • Defeat Melbu Frahma in the Midnight Castle on "Dark Gaia" analogue.
  • Defeat the 307 members of the Cult of Giygas
    • Defeat Court Magician Faust, the leader of the Cult of Giygas.

Power Overwhelming
Scattered throughout the remnants of the multiverse are ancient Nedians -- nigh-extinct survivors from a precursor civilization originating in an earlier, pre-Recursion version of the prime universe -- who still actively resist the Machine Gods who seek to consume the multiverse.
Kane, the Prophet, acknowledges the Nedians were the first to start Eternal Recurrence -- originally thought to be Wilhelm's brainchild -- and that the current iteration of the universe is the one the Nedians hoped would defeat the Machine Gods. To that end, Kane indicates any ancient Nedian the party locates will provide its knowledge to contribute to the fight with Melbu Frahma and the Machine Gods.
Primary Objectives
  • Identify and locate any remaining ancient Nedians. None other than Kane, the Prophet, have been positively identified.

The Ten Wise Men
Spread among the new multiverse are ten weaponized Nedians. These "Wise Men" were created in order to fight the Machine Gods, and contain ancient knowledge, power, tools, and techniques that can stand up to galactic-level weapons such as Giygas. The power and age of these "units" have eroded their sanity, making them unstable, unpredictable, and dangerous.
In its own way, each Wise Man is actively attempting to destabilize and damage the universe in order to speed Melbu Frahma's corruption and destruction. Locating and destroying each Wise Man will provide a large step along the path to defeating Melbu Frahma.
Primary Objectives
  • Identify, locate, and destroy the Ten Wise Men.
    • Indalecio - "Dale Cinio," the former President of the Federation. His status is unknown. S
    • The other nine Wise Men are suspected to have been members of Cinio's presidential council. They have not been positively identified.

The Nine Daemons
Melbu Frahma's power is derived from nine legendary daemons -- prehistoric entities bearing a fraction of its power that hold sway of different aspects and domains of his strength -- scattered throughout the multiverse. These nine daemons have been named, but there is relatively little knowledge or understanding of them.
Primary Objectives
  • Defeat Jenova, the Scourge of the Skies - Completed
  • Defeat Hexxus - S
  • Defeat Demaar - S
  • Defeat Sauron - S
  • Defeat Demise - S
  • Defeat Darm - S
  • Defeat Amon - S
  • Defeat Zophar - S
  • Defeat Dracula, The King of the Undead - S

Embrace Entropy
Led by Carltron and the legendary Smithy, the race of the "Machine Gods" developed alongside ancient Nedians. Acknowledging the decay of their universe and its eventual cold death, the sentient machines set about a plan to provide eternal life by harvesting other universes for power. The Nedians were first to fall to the Machine Gods' warriors called Giygas.
The Machine Gods are driven by self-preservation and will ultimately attempt to consume as many iterations of the universe as they can.
Primary Objectives
  • Defeat Smithy, the Soul Forger. - S
  • Defeat Carltron. - S

The Dark Prognosticus
A strange and unpredictable enemy called "Count Bleck" appears to quarrel with Melbu Frahma and the Machine Gods's claims to the universe. He is the leader of the "Champions of Darkness," a group that seeks to destroy the Hearts of worlds.
Should that occur, it's suggested the creation force Soa may choose to blink out existence as we know it. Stopping the Champions of Darkness is of utmost importance.
Primary Objectives
  • Defeat Count Bleck. S
  • Protect the Hearts of the worlds traveled to, using Keyblades or similar magic or technology.

Dimensional Analogue Tasks

A dimensional analogue of Earth (Sol III). Open the link for more information.
Primary Objectives:
  • Determine how to prevent Strangereal from being subjugated by Melbu Frahma, the Machine Gods, or Count Bleck.
  • Investigate the "Rift Events" across Strangereal.
    • Leyline #1: Hyperion Station Wreckage, Ballast Chamber 3 - Positive ID. Target: Columbia, Earth Prime
    • Leyline #2: Sand Island, North Ceres Ocean - Partial ID. Target: Dark Gaia
      Atmosphere: Normal
      Communications: None Detected
      Threat Level: Extreme
    • Leyline #3: Dinsmark, Belka - Positive ID - Manoria Cathedral, Rygar Prime, 600 A.D.
    • Leyline #4: Cruik Fortress Memorial - Partial ID, Unknown World
      Atmosphere: Normal
      Communications: Unus Mundus Network Frequencies Detected
      Threat Level: Low
    • Leyline #5: Gracmeria War Museum, Gracemeria - Partial ID, Unknown World
      Atmosphere: Normal
      Communications: None detected
      Threat Level: Low-Moderate
    • Leyline #6: Produce Freezer, Dragons Lair, Positive ID. Target: Yavin 4
    • Leyline #7: Perfanesia Island, Usea - Positive ID: Unclassified Earth Analogue
    • Leyline #8: Unnamed Island, Forester Bay, Osea - Positive ID: Tottaus
    • Leyline #9: Ulysses 2017M01 Impact Site, Southern Leasath - Positive ID: Gaia Prime
      Atmosphere: Normal
      Communications: Complex Modern/Ultra-Modern
      Threat Level: High-Very High
    • Leyline #10: Megalith Facility Ruins, Twinkle Islands, Erusea - Partial ID, Unknown World
      Atmosphere: Normal
      Communications: Isolated RF Detected, Minimal
      Threat Level: Moderate
    • Leyline #11: Oured, Osea - Partial ID, Unknown World

Columbian Earth
A dimensional analogue of Sol III (Earth). "Columbia" itself is a flying city powered by powerful, futuristic technology, flying above the surface. Its leader was investigating dimensional rifts via both magic and technology via Elizabeth, a woman with inexplicable powers over dimensional rifts.
The rest of the world hasn't been explored yet, but rumor suggests this is actually the Earth the DW has encountered before but with vast changes due to leyline and dimensional instability. Reports have arisen of the nations of the world fighting unknown waves of great monsters and armies that have laid waste to at least the United States's eastern seaboard.
With Columbia's corruption resolved, Elizabeth, Rosalind, and Robert Lutece have joined the party as support, but there is remaining trouble brewing in Columbia.
  • The "Vox Populi" is actively revolting against the Columbian government, led by a dimensional analogue of Elizabeth Comstock. She vows to kill Zachary Comstock and take over as leader of the flying city.
  • On the surface below Columbia, modern civilization is under attack by powerful orcs. Some sort of electromagnetic interference has rendered a vast majority of digital technology useless, allowing the orcs to run roughshod over post-modern soldiers.
  • A large, lush landmass has appeared in the center of the Atlantic Ocean, apparently dimensionally fused with this iteration of Earth. No information about it is available.

Guardia: 600 AD
A dimensional analogue of Rygar. A mishmash of countries and empires, Guardia is currently under attack by the Gestahlian Empire.
The Kingdom of Guardia was founded after the fall of Zeal circa 10,000 BC, steeped in magic and martial service. The Gestahlian Empire is a powerful technological force, using "Magitek" and powerful magicite stones to power its war machine.
Primary Objectives:
  • Discover the source of corruption in Guardia, 600 AD. COMPLETE
  • Proceed through the city-sized Dracula Castle on the Isle of the Damned in the El Nido Triangle to rid this world of his influence.
  • Determine a way to stop the Gestahl Empire from conquering the kingdom of Guardia.

World Z
A dimensional analogue of Sol III (Earth), set during the Atomic Era/World War II. Science and technology has taken a strange turn, and the world has been overcome by hordes of undead creatures from some unknown source. Allies will be few and far between here.
Primary Objectives:
  • Recon and report from beyond the Perfanesia rift. Gather intelligence about the circumstances surrounding the deaths of Osean agents exploring the area.

The Galactic Empire
An entire sector of space has been isolated into a dimensional bubble. It is uncertain if there are other analogues of this region of space.
The Galactic Empire has completed its Death Star, and its subjugation of its space has begun. The Rebel Alliance has successfully mustered, and is actively resisting the command strucutre of the Empire. Emperor Palpatine has ordered the Alliance destroyed at any cost, and the Grand Moffs scattered throughout Imperial space intend to do just that.
Standing in the Empire's way is a hyperadvanced race of cybernetic organisms called "the Borg." It operates as a hive-mind and intends to assimilate as much organic matter, knowledge, and technology it can to better itself as a collective.
  • Assist the Rebel Alliance in upstaging the Galactic Empire.
    • Ambush at Ergo: Assist the Rebellion in destroying a fueling facility and rendering several Imperial Star Destroyers inoperable.

Leylines and the reorganization of the multiverse by Melbu Frahma have brought the world of Sectarius IV in line with the rest of the dimensional bubbles, exposing it to the multiverse at large where it had previously been sequestered away in the Super Band of space. After the Dimensional Warriors exorcised the Occuria from the land and used powerful Wishes to reshape it, there are still troubles aplenty in this diverse world.
  • The Global Defense Initiative from Columbian Earth has found a leyline entrance into Ivalice, and is adamant about getting its hands on some form of nethicite. The GDI claims the stones will be used in the defense of the planet against interdimensional incursions, but the DW as a whole is very wary of this due to nethicite's inherent power as a weapon -- not to mention skepticism of the United States of America.
    • The party has kicked the GDI out of Jahara, but GDI forces may yet linger elsewhere in the world.
    • The GDI has expressed a willingness to negotiate for the nethicite, but repeatedly insists it will not leave Ivalice alone without it.
  • The leaders of Dalmasca, Archades, and Bhujerba have joined with the Gran Kiltias -- a religious figure -- to ask the Dimensional Warriors to aid in the selection of a new King of Nabradia, a country devastated by war years ago that is now -- thanks to the DW -- able to rebuild and recover. With the Royal Family killed in the nethicite explosion that ravaged the land, it is up to the DW to hunt down and choose a leader for the Nabradian people.
    • See the Gran Kiltias at Holy Mount Bur-Omisace to learn more. COMPLETE
    • Find the Serpent.
    • Find the Steed.
    • Find the Shark.
    • Find the Dove.
    • Find the Wyrm.
    • Bring one of the five potentials to the Gran Kiltias, Queen Dalmasca, Emperor Solidor, and Marquise Ondore for his/her coronation.

Side Quests

Rally the Troops
During the dimensional cascade that created the web of fractured worlds, the Dimensional Warriors were separated. They have been scattered across different worlds and timelines, forcing them each to fight to survive and reunite.
Primary Objectives
  • Locate missing Dimensional Warriors.

Entertaining the Dead
The god of death, Hades, has rebuilt his Coliseum in the Underworld, and has asked the Dimensional Warriors to partake in fierce tournaments and one-on-one "grudge matches" with souls they have departed or witnessed. At stake: freedom* for those souls. The Dimensional Warriors will be handsomely rewarded for providing this service to the dearly -- or direly -- departed.
To reach the Underworld, there is a leyline-like stairwell in the Truce Canyon.
Primary Objectives:
  • Participate in Hades's tournaments.
* subject to non-binding agreements with Hades.


Pre-Dimensional Cascade (Pre-7.0) Missions
Communication Breakdown (It's Always the Same) [Craig]
With the eradication of the Unus Mundus Network and the rise of Indalecio (formerly Dale Cinio of the Galactic Federation), the Dimensional Warriors -- and the rest of the G-FED galaxy -- are without an economy, a currency, a means of long-range travel or communication. While emergency radio is available locally on many industrialized worlds and aboard the Destiny's Ascension, as well as cable or telephony transmission available to very few locations, there are very few options for reliable communication. In order to facilitate that, the DW must scrounge together the systems required to create an advanced, Einstein-Rosen Paradox-less form of transmission.
Notably, the disruption of the UMN hasn't affected the Galactic Empire's ability to do business, communicate, or travel, as its technology is hyperspace-based. The Imperial Holonet has recently been declared for Imperial citizenry use only, and can only be accessed while in Imperial space.
Primary Objectives
  • Develop a means of short-range communication.
    • Acquire subspace transceivers, the basis for Starfleet-style communication.
    • Acquire access to a hyperspace beacon, the basis for Imperial communication. Functions outside of the Imperial Holonet.
  • Develop a means of medium-range communication.
  • Develop a means of long-range communication.
Zenith - Venom [Craig]
The home of the last Zenith point that the DW has yet to acquire, Venom is located in the Lylat System and is being held under powerful blockade and garrison by Giygas's forces.
Primary Objectives:
  • Punch through Giygas's defenses and reach the Zenith point before Giygas is able to corrupt it.
Regicide - The Ing (Suspended) [Craig]
The Ing Empire has been on a swath of destruction under the leadership of its Emperor for years. The mysterious Ing Mephistopheles has agreed to become heir apparent under a Dimensional Warriors-led coup d'etat, but the path to the throne is wrought with all manner of Ing and their servants.
Primary Objectives:
  • Aziel and Mephistopheles have bartered a deal with the Ing Emperor during Carltron/Giygas's attacks on Gaia. Deposing the Emperor while such an agreement is in effect will harm our reputation.
  • Travel to Aether.
  • Battle to the central Leviathan chamber and confront the Ing Emperor.
  • Install Mephistopheles as de facto leader of the Ing swarm.
Operation: Maelstrom - Merkava (Suspended) [Craig]
A Giygas-ran Starman production facility, based in an ancient space station. Giygas's presence here is obscenely dense, and Merkava is the crux at which the universe is gradually warping inwards (nicknamed the bowtie effect) at due to the encroaching energy. Merkava is a great unknown on the inside.
In order to attack Venom and capture the last Zenith point, Merkava's Starman production must be taken out.
Primary Objectives:
  • The Star Cluster Federation and G-FED have struck a decisive blow against Giygas and Merkava. trapped Merkava inside of a supermassive black hole, rendering it inert... and unreachable. Has Giygas truly been defeated...?
  • Acquire Neutron-S warheads from the Haydonites. - Complete
  • Coordinate with local allies and assets near confirmed Starman production facilities to prepare for the simultaneous assault.
    • Arcadia - Hikaru City junkyard - Complete
    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik - Mobius - Complete
    • GDI/Daemon Xanatos - Earth - Complete
    • Nigelle
    • Venom
  • Commence Operation: Maelstrom. Launch coordinated interstellar attacks on Starman production facilities and capture to-Merkava portals. The DW is to push through one portal at a location to be determined.
  • Liberate or destroy Merkava station.
Checkmate - Defeat Carltron [Craig]
The great and terrible artificial intelligence known as "Carltron" is one of the most basic, yet most advanced, digital entities in the known universe. Originally designed in a 1950s computer system in the United States, Carltron was developed as a learning program to play chess. This eventually turned destructive on logical assumptions, and Carltron was eventually able to place an iteration of control into every digital device produced from then-onwards at the hardware level, making it undetectable and nearly impossible to thwart.
Carltron is known to be a Hand of Giygas, and will stop at nothing to ensure that the universe is prepared for its arrival. It has been insinuated that Carltron has manipulated other Hands of Giygas through various means, subtle or otherwise.
Primary Objectives:
  • Develop a way to thwart or minimize Carltron's control on digital devices. <- Completed
  • Distribute Jericho's firewall and Iden's firmware to as much of the galaxy as possible.
  • Locate and destroy Carltron's network nodes in order to reduce his influence across the galaxy.
  • Confront and destroy Carltron once and for all.
The Spawn of Destruction - Lavos [Craig]
The destructive, life-consuming force known as Lavos has been confirmed to reside on other planets than just Lanzard III. In order to prevent the Day of Lavos from culminating across the galaxy, find and destroy the Lavos spawn planted eons ago before they are able to wreak havoc and fuel the power of Giygas.
Primary Objectives
  • Two hundred Lavos spawn have been located on the planet Skaarj, the homeworld of the Skedar. Destroy them before they can be used against the universe.
  • One Lavos spawn has been confirmed on Rygar. Find and destroy it.
  • One Lavos spawn's presence has been masked among the Federation core systems, speculated heavily to be on Fifth Jerusalem. Find and destroy it before it's too late.
  • A Lavos Spawn has been confirmed on Earth. Find it and destroy it. <- Completed
  • Destroy the Lavos spawn buried in Lanzard III. <- Completed

Side Missions

Home, Sweet Home - Upgrade the Colony Ship [Craig]
The DW's home and colony ship, the DA is a powerful Ancient Cetran floating city that can rival many other modern battleships. However, in the battles to come, many experts in various fields have come together to advise the DW on different upgrades that can be made to it.
Primary Objectives - Completed
  • Reflex Furnace - A powerful energy core that operates off of "protoculture," which must be salvaged from the wreckage of the SDF-1 Macross near the remnants of Zebes. - Completed
  • Dynamic Elemental Shielding - A type of energy shielding that has the capability to defend against magical/spiritual energy. - Completed
  • Dimensional Bulkheads - These built-in energy bulkheads prevent the ship from being interacted with on a dimensional level, including Interlopers and extradimensional activity, such as Giygas's influence. - Completed
  • Neural Circuitry - A new set of built-in computer wizardry that will reduce the processing time for the DA's artificial intelligence when it comes to controlling the various ship systems. - Completed
  • Tachyon Deflector - An additional layering of tachyon emissions that have the ability to ward off powerful temporal energies. - Completed
Secondary Objectives
  • A Acquire Alteran-Cetran technology from Atlantis Stargate outpost (Carson Beckett).
  • C Place anti-Carltron firewall on Robotic Megafact drone army (Jericho).
  • C Acquire high-tech air/space fighters, Arwings, from the Lylat system (Max Sterling).
  • D Upgrade Robotic Megafact Artificial Intelligence core (Nelson Rathbone).
  • A Attempt to salvage Exodus Station Interloper (Daedalus)
  • SSS Investigate Nedian R&D facility for potential upgrades (Aziel).
  • B See if anything is salvagable from the Kiara Building on Rygar (Daedalus) - Completed
  • Create small combat support drones (Jericho). <- Completed
  • Provide technology/assets to the new Earth Defense Force (Daemon Xanatos). - Completed
  • Acquire Starfleet medical supplies (Emergency Medical Hologram). - Completed
  • Investigate derelict ship wreckage in Nigellian space for clues to Dr. Lancaster's past (Julia Lancaster). <- Completed
  • Return to the Zealian crash site to attempt finding Melchior's original forge (Melchior). <- Completed
  • Establish trade relations with Esthar (Morgan Lampwick). - Completed
  • Test Hazardous Environment Suit Mk. 2s (Edward Grant). - Completed
(Ain't No Love) Heart of the City [Tony]
The once-technologically advanced country of Tiera on Lanzard III has fallen into chaos. A formerly-technocratic and oligarchic society is now in shambles as public distrust, in the financial and commercial institutions that ran things, has boiled over. Now, the upper classes have fled while those that remain have taken to an anarchic, gang-oriented society bent on taking back what's theirs from those that stole from them for so long.
Primary Objectives
  • Recon the capital city of Tiera. - Complete
    • The city of Tiera is divided into 5 distinct areas; north, south (Tieran Armed Forces HQ), east (Eastmont), west, and the center (Murciélago's Casino).
    • The party has made allies with a gang leader calling himself "Murciélago." who runs a small oasis of "peace" in the heart of the city. Murciélago complies and aids the DW, but is suspected of having his own agenda.
    • The eastern district of the city, colloquially known as "Eastmont," is under the control of "The Superintendent," a nebulous figure that has established a very focused order in the city. The police force is suspected of being brainwashed or otherwise influenced, there's a strict curfew in place, and the populace sacrifice liberty for security.
    • The southern district of the city is focused on industrial and commercial docking areas, where the Tieran Armed Forces are located. The TAF is an amalgamation of police, paramilitary, military, and mercenary units that have assembled under the flag of Tiera's former, collapsed government.
    • The western district of the city is known to be controlled by the West Side Mages. It seems to be an unassuming, idyllic place at first glance. Little dedicated recon has been done.
    • The northern district of the city is under control of "The Novas," a street racing/biker gang that has come into possession of many high-powered vehicles. Entrance into the Novas' territory is dependent on a representative's ability to pilot vehicles.
  • The Tieran Armed Forces reports that the city's former civil services virtual intelligence network, called "ctOS" -- Central Tieran Operations Suite -- is in danger of being reactivated in the wrong hands. The TAF wants the party to stop a mysterious entity from reactivating ctOS, for fear that it will lead to an established order of lawlessness.
    • In order to use ctOS, 3 network hubs must be repaired and reconnected to the city's damaged infrastructure network, and the final hub location must be reconnected and reactivated.
    • Eastmont network hub - Located in the basement of a nondescript building, littered with security.
    • ???
    • ???
The Dr. Ruffleberg Mystery [Craig]
Doctor Ruffleberg, a famous scientist from Podunk University in the United States, was a former mentor and colleague to a displaced Jason Evermore in the 1950s. However, a freak accident at his mansion resulted in Ruffleberg's abrupt disappearance from history and memory. Ruffleberg is known to be the creator of the malicious artificial intelligence known as "Carltron," but his whereabouts are a mystery. If he is still alive, finding him would provide valuable insight on this terrible foe.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate Ruffleberg's disappearance in Podunk, USA.
To Consume the Stars [Tony/Cody]
After intercepting a strange distress signal on a world in deep space, the DW encountered a group of strange alien creatures, carapace-covered killers, that had slaughtered another strange alien race onboard a space station. After witnessing the brutal dessication of the latter, foreign creatures and escaping the reach of the former, the DW is left with truly no idea of what it is they witnessed.
Primary Objectives
  • Keep a watch out for the strange, brutal aliens that haunt deep space.
Everything is Permitted [Tony]
King Nelson Rathbone, called "The Immortal," of Arcadia on Gaia has struggled with attempts on his life recently. Due to his close bonds with the DW, several members became embroiled in an investigation that led them to dismantling a grassroots revolution that called for Rathbone to be deposed. However, in the course of this investigation, the DW discovered that there were larger things at play in Arcadia.
In addition to the revolution, corrupt or deceptive government officials have been slain in precise, secretive ways, by men and women in white cloaks; these same white cloaks were involved in fanning the flames of discontent in the city. The exact nature of the white cloaks or their techniques are a mystery ... not to mention the oppositely black-cloaked man present at the revolution headquarters, who -- when encountered face-to-face -- gave off a terrible, deathly aura unlike that of the white cloaks. Light research has revealed the white cloaks to permeate history across the galaxy, though in decentralized and uncoordinated ways.
Who's trying to kill Nelson Rathbone? And why?
Primary Objectives
  • Dismantle the revolution brewing in Arcadia. - Complete
  • D Investigate the nature of the strange assassins in white and black.
    • A strange, shadowy, yet extremely-well organized group seems to be in direct opposition to the Assassins. They've volunteered information to the DW, and have been altogether rather friendly with them.
    • B Gather the 3 Leviathan Seals to unlock the Temple of Wutai. The group opposed to the Assassins is also looking to unlock the Temple, hoping to release Leviathan and use his power to protect the world from these new monsters. The Assassins seem keen on stopping both the DW and the others.
      • The Sea Seal - Located in Nocturne, in the personal vault of a wealthy patrician. - Completed
      • The Lunar Seal - Aldo's scries have revealed this seal to be somewhere in Tiera. - Completed
      • The Land Seal - Somewhere in the Kakkara Desert. - Completed
    • With all three seals accounted for, the DW have secured an uneasy, fragile alliance with the Assassins. Alex Sterling has informed the "Control" of Quintus's Jade Bureau -- suspected to be a Templar member -- of the seals being in their possession.
    • The Assassins have informed the DW that any use of the Seals at Leviathan's Pagoda in Wutai will break their agreement; they are only for safekeeping.
  • The "Assassins" and the group they fight against are confirmed to be galaxy-wide. Either one's influence is unknown and difficult to estimate, but the leader of Quintus's Jade Bureau of Investigation has been confirmed as a member of the group opposing the Assassins. That group has gone by many public names over the ages, ranging from "All-Seers" to "Templars," "Red Barons," "The Majestics," "The Order of the Five Dragons," and simply "The Fraternal Order."
  • Anatoliy Leonid, a known higher-up in the mysterious organization, claims the Assassins are deadly tools of chaos and not to be trusted. The Assassins claim Leonid's organization is deadly and wish to enslave the minds of men, and not to be trusted. The DW are caught between which one to believe.
  • The Assassins and Templars have been confirmed to be feuding philosophies and ideologies since Geddon times, filtered throughout history. They have been battling for the hearts and minds of entire civilizations, thinking they were fighting individually when truly they have been fighting the longest hidden war known to the annals of history.
  • A splinter cell of the Assassin order, known as the Morag Tong, have been recorded as being servants of a dark and evil being called Sithis by its followers. The Morag Tong are dangerous contractual killers that rely on ancient rituals to perform their slayings, known as the Black Sacrament. It's unconfirmed that the ritual has been performed recently, or that there are any targets.
  • C Nelson Rathbone must survive.
  • C Genesis Rhapsodos must survive.
The Soich for Mo' Money [Tony/Craig]
The Dimensional Warriors are a well-funded group thanks to their investments in the Lumina Club and other slightly-profitable enterprises across the galaxy, as well as benefactors such as the Kukai Foundation. However, the individual members are often strapped for cash, especially with the recent inflation of the galactic economy following the destruction of Black Arms' infamous network of wheelers and dealers. We're always on the lookout for new avenues of income.
Primary Objectives
  • D Develop Jericho's enterprise, Ares Macrotechnology, in Arcadia, Lanzard III.
  • C Take up contracts from local and galactic governments.
  • D Develop allied business entities in order for them to provide better support and resources.
    • Morgan Lampwick - Develop trade relations with the following:
      • Esthar - Complete
        Trade Federation
        Lylat Alliance
    • D The Joys - Acquire licenses from commerce regulators to expand the Joys' stock.
    • Melchior the Smith - Acquire more resources for Melchior and the other smiths to work with.
Very Elusive - Cerberus [Craig]
During the most recent attack on Gaia by Carltron/Giygas, the DW were contacted by an enigmatic figure calling himself "The Illusive Man," an apparently-Earthborn man in charge of an organization called Cerberus. With emphasis on freeing the humans of the Alliance from the Master's mind control, the Illusive Man brokered a deal with the DW; in exchange for knowledge on how to disrupt the Master's signal, Cerberus would pull parts from the Master's Temporal Cascader. It was later discovered that the parts in question was a TARDIS, formerly of Stan's and the Master's control.
Purely for the research benefit of mankind, of course.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate Cerberus and the Illusive Man.
The Festival Of Fear - Monster Hunter Guild [Cody]
A guild member of the Monster Hunter Guild has visited the Dimensional Warriors, extending a 'formal' invitation to the group to participate in some monster hunting, as well as the occasion of the Festival of Fear.
Primary Objectives
  • Arrive in the hall of the guild, and undertake monster hunts. - Completed
  • D-SSS Participate in the Festival of Fear, known for feasting, fellowshipping, and fighting.
  • B A dark force has spread across the world of the Hunters, Corrupting the Beasts of it. Assist the Guild in finding the source of this corruption, and stop it.
The Reins of History - Ivalice [Tony/Packie]
A world so far-off from the Federation, it is considered in the Super Band of space. A wasteland hewn into a livable, thriving world by the hands of the Occuria, a group of thirteen Zealians who went on a journey and used the Mist to forge a thriving world. After war between Dalmasca and Arcadia had been bought to a halt, the Occuria chose Song-Zu Midas as their champion to set the world's course, with The Hangman as an accomplice/enforcer.
Now, the Occuria have challenged the party -- and the very world -- to defeat them at their own games. The fate of Ivalice hangs in the balance as the party has bound themselves to the Occuria via an unbreakable Treaty, or covenant, in which the respective Champions -- Song-Zu Midas of the Occuria and Roxanne Aislinn for the people of Ivalice -- will decide just who will hold the reins of history for the next age.
Primary Objectives - Complete
  • Recon the world of Ivalice. - Complete
  • At the behest of Queen Dalmasca and Emperor Solidor, consult the dreamsage in Mt. Bur-Omisace. - Complete
  • Acquire the Sword of Kings from the Dalmascan treasury. - Complete
  • Acquire the Staff of Kiltia from the Shrine of Vercingetorix. - Complete
  • Acquire Belias, the Gigas, from the Tomb of Raithwall. - Complete
  • Lift the siege upon Rabanastre. - Complete
  • Discover the plots of the Occuria and the truth of Ivalice. - Complete
  • Return to Archades and meet Rori for the Final Battle: defeat Midas and The Hangman. - Complete
  • Find a way home. - Complete
  • Roxanne must survive. - Complete
Secondary Objectives
  • A Acquire Chaos, Walker of the Wheel, from the Necrohol of Nabudis. - Completed
  • S Acquire Zodiark, the Keeper of Precepts, from the Henne Mines.
  • S A powerful, fire-breathing beast rests deep in the bowels of the Sochen Cave Palace. Find and defeat it.
  • S The Shadowseer, a fallen foe that descended upon Ivalice in a rift between dimensions, has hinted at a second interdimensional traveler traversing the Ivalicean landscape. Find and face him.
  • SSS A mighty, legendary beast lies in the arena of the Ridorana Cataract in the sky, whose might soars high above that of all the espers' combined strength. Find and defeat it...if you can.
  • Acquire Famfrit, the Darkening Cloud. Location unknown. - Completed
  • Acquire Exodus, the Judge-Sal, from the Mosphoran highwaste. - Completed
  • Acquire Zalera, the Death Seraph, in the Barheim Passage. - Completed
  • Acquire Hashmal, the Bringer of Order, from the Pharos at Ridorana. - Completed
  • Acquire Adrammelech, the Wroth, from the Zertinan Caverns. - Complete
  • Acquire Cuchulainn, the Impure, from the Garamsythe Waterways. - Complete
  • Acquire Shemhazai, the Whisperer, from the Holy City of Giruvegan. - Complete
  • Acquire Ultima, the High Seraph, from the Holy City of Giruvegan. - Complete
  • Acquire Zeromus, the Condemner, from the Stilshrine of Miriam. - Complete
  • Acquire Mateus, the Corrupt, from the Stilshrine of Miriam. - Complete

Howling at the Moon [CJ]
Following contact from a doctor of draconology and his bodyguard, what seemed like a routine physical and case study of the dragonoids aboard the ship has come to reveal a mysterious destiny. From Gaia to the Moon above, track the revelations of what once was and what will be, carried in song amid the Lunar Cry.
Primary Objectives
  • Provide the draconologist with samples to study Complete
  • Locate the ruins on the moon that may be the source of all dragonkind. Complete
  • Protect the draconologist from the Lunar Cry and the guardian it has awakened Complete
  • Reawaken the fallen guardian with the Shout Daedalus has discovered.
  • Daedalus and Ryu must survive.
Secondary Objectives
  • Ryu - Keep the draconologist up to date on the developing power of the Brood Genes within.

Completed Missions

A Presidential Visit - FAILED
President Dale Cinio of the Galactic Federation has publicly pardoned the Dimensional Warriors for all their crimes against the Federation, ranging from treason to trespassing. Following that announcement, the President notified the DW he'd like to act on the news by meeting the DW onboard the Destiny's Ascension, to celebrate the announcement.
Ashton Anchors has informed the DW that Cinio is actually a man named Indalecio, a Nedian sorcerer who apparently was directly involved in the destruction and split of the planet Nede and the Nedians. Anchors is convinced that Cinio's plans are nothing short of cataclysmically nefarious, and his visit can be only negative for the DW.
Primary Objectives:
  • Members of the DW have agreed that acting on Cinio during the visit is the only way to have a chance at a good outcome from the visit. These options have been proposed:
    • Infiltrate the UMN HQ on Fifth Jerusalem to datamine information that could compromise Cinio's public trust and incriminate him in nefarious activity; and/or
    • Negotiate with Carltron to have that enemy turn over information against Cinio; and/or
    • Negotiate with Alfred Bester, the imprisoned former leader of G-FED Psi-Ops, for information on Cinio;
    • Indalecio has revealed himself to the galaxy and shut down the Unus Mundus Network as a stab to the heart of the galaxy.
Power of the Throne - Investigate the Federation [Craig] - FAILED
The Galactic Federation, the interstellar government of the galaxy's Core Worlds, is under suspicion for a great number of reasons. The Federation most notably controls the entirety of the Unus Mundus Network, based on the server world of Telos, and the fortress world of Fifth Jeruselam houses its entire governing powers. Its president has been in power for nearly half a century and doesn't seem to have aged a day thanks to Federation technology. Its powerful Psi-Ops paramilitary anti-terrorism organization is one of the most clandestine agencies in the galaxy, and the Federation navy is the envy of even the Alliance under Harold Saxon.
Junior has had problems reaching any Federation representatives as of late, as if they do not exist. Investigating this with the Federation government resulted in an extremely powerful attack rendering Frederick (a Wilhelm clone) comatose.
Primary Objectives:
  • Revive Frederick. - Completed
  • Make contact with Federation officials to learn more about the strange representation situation in the government.
  • Frederick provided a ring with the layout of Fifth Jerusalem. Investigate the fortress world for clues.
  • Aziel has located a subnetwork beneath the construct of the Unus Mundus Network, a heavily-fortified secret web of databases and hardware that supplements normal UMN activities in secret. Alfred Bester of Psi-Ops has warned that investigating the Federation using this network or the UMN is dangerous and may result in another attack on an intruder.
  • Ashton Anchors has revealed that President Dale Cinio is actually an ancient Nedian sorcerer named Indalecio. According to Anchors, Indalecio is responsible for the complete destruction of planets, and is involved with the Crests of Destruction and Creation, powerful Nedian artifacts that contain unparalleled power. It's uncertain what Indalecio's goals or motivations are.
  • Indalecio has revealed himself to the galaxy and shut down the Unus Mundus Network as a stab to the heart of the galaxy.
Protect the One World [Craig] - FAILED
The ziggurat construct of the headquarters building for Vector Industries lays in smouldering ruin in the Second Miltian capital displaced on Lanzard III. Destroyed long ago in the ardent battles against the crazed Yomi, Wilhelm, the Vector building is known to be a hive of advanced technology, powerful relics, and unsolved mysteries of the past, present, and future.
Upon initial ingress in an attempt to cure Vrentric and Aziel of Jenova corruption, the party discovered old notes of Wilhelm's that gave way to a revelation in an old, incomplete holomessage. "Protect the One World," though it is thus far unknown what "the one world" is... or was.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the Vector HQ building in Second Miltia, Lanzard III.
  • Discover the nature of Wilhelm's cryptic message, left in the wake of his battle against Giygas.
  • "The One World" ended up being Telos, the UMN server core world. Wilhelm desired the DW to protect the Unus Mundus Network, but failed to do so.
Sora, the U.M.N. Troll [Craig] - FAILED
A strange young boy with apparent interaction with Giygas has become relevant in recent times. He is described to be little more than a "overglorified troll" according to Tron Bonne, who remembers him from the Simulation years ago.
Primary Objectives
  • Search for clues across the U.M.N. for Sora's influence or presence.
The War for the Holy Grail [Craig] - Complete
David Xanatos has discovered the truth behind the "Holy Grail," a powerful energy device part of a system that has the ability to make wishes a reality, and is using his vast resources and networks to facilitate the next great Grail War between summoned spirits and their masters in order to claim it for himself. He has made a pact with Saber to serve as his summoned spirit for the War, but without any true feel for his motivations or end goals, suspicion abounds.
Primary Objectives:
  • Find information about the new Grail War.
  • Saber must survive.
  • The Grail War culminated in a bloody and very destructive battle throughout Tokyo, Japan, Earth. The result was the granting of a Grail Wish to Saber, who used it to reverse Giygas's destruction across the universe and across time. As a result, entire species and civilizations have been restored to their original glory with full knowledge of what had transpired before them.
Time Compression - DW's 10th Anniversary [Craig] Complete!
It's time to take a glorious trip to the past, to reminisce of old accomplishments and precious moments...but at the same time, a handful of time anomalies have created a fixed point in time assuring the destruction of the Dimensional Warriors. A trip through time to resolve the anomalies will be absolutely necessary to save themselves, and the universe.
Primary Objectives:
  • Resolve the 16 temporal anomalies spread throughout the DW's history. - Complete
  • Find and resolve the originating anomaly, which becomes available after resolving the other 16. - Complete
  • Survive Lex Luthor's betrayal. - Complete
  • Survive Carltron's attack on Gaia. - Complete
  • The Time Witch, Ultimecia, has been discovered to be the source of the anomalies. Find and defeat her. - Complete
  • With the help of another "time witch," Elizabeth Comstock, the DW was able to eliminate the threat of Ultimecia before she was able to coalesce her plan. Excellent work.
The Magnum Opus - Completed [CJ]
Junior, of the Kukai foundation, is being blackmailed by a spiteful figure with a penchant for head games, known only as 'Jung'. Following his trail through a psychological hell, Junior finally broke down and confessed to everyone the truth of his nature, an artificial being cloned as a living weapon. Undaunted, the Warriors have vowed to stay the course and see his trial through to the end...
Primary Objectives
  • Placate 'Uncle Jung' with funds while everyone investigates.... or don't. - Completed
  • Investigate the shadows of the past on the backwater planet the funds routed to. - Completed
  • Use the information on the thumb drive to follow the breadcrumbs being left for you... Or try to make a dive for the source. - Completed
  • Find out who Jung really is and what he's up to with all this blackmail money. - Completed
  • Purge the demons of the past once and for all. - Completed
The Day of Giygas - Black Omen [Craig]
The Zealian pinnacle of their queen's might and Lavos' great influence and strength. Connected with Lavos' power, great beasts from many times line its halls, and from its throne, Queen Zeal watches over time itself.
Primary Objectives
  • Find & acquire higher-end equipment and treasure. - Complete
  • Find & destroy the Mammon Machine, releasing Queen Mab's spirit. - Complete
  • Dethrone & destroy Queen Zeal. - Complete
  • Destroy Lavos. - Complete
  • Thwart the Day of Giygas and his encroaching fleet of Reapers. - Complete
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? (Complete) [Craig]
A future iteration of the galaxy-class thief has disappeared with a temporal displacement unit from the future, allowing her to travel from one temporal period to another at whim. She must be found and the unit recovered.
Primary Objectives
  • Track down the current iteration of Carmen Sandiego and look for clues as to the others' activities.- Complete
  • We've found "Future Carmen" and stolen a temporal device from her. She says she's engaged in a "Time War," and is manipulating events in the past to assist her in the present or future. Find out who she's fighting and why. - Complete
  • Continue investigating temporal anomalies. - Complete
Rise of the Empire [Craig]
The Galactic Republic has been violently reorganized into the first Galactic Empire. Supreme Chancellor-turned-Emperor Palpatine has declared the Jedi Order enemies of the state, to be killed on-sight for crimes against the Empire. In doing so, the Empire has declared open war on the Star Cluster Federation.
It's been revealed that "Doctor X" has been playing both sides of the brewing conflict for some time.
Primary Objectives:
  • S Investigate Biological Space Laboratory-9 by the "request" of "Doctor X." Complete!
    • Alfred Bester has been discovered to be using Aziel and the DW for terrible plans. The "Blood Angel" project -- a hybrid monstrosity of Flood, Xenomorphs, and Metroid -- was intended to make Federation psionics heroes rather than pariahs. The Blood Angels have been destroyed and Bester outed as a traitor to the Federation.
    • Samus Aran has joined the party.
    • BSL-9 has been destroyed, obliterating all X-Parasites except for "Doctor X," who has pledged revenge.
  • S Survive the Empire's "Order 66."Complete!
    • Infiltrate the Jedi Temple on Coruscant to save Il'vren, Aiko and Jameson's child. Complete!
Lavos - Earth [Craig] Complete!
The Lavos unit on Earth has been connected to Datadyne Headquarters in Hong Kong, a tiny fraction of its needle used for energy weapon experiments. The headquarters is known as Lucrene Tower.
  • A sighting of a Lavos fragment has been confirmed to be used in Datadyne HQ in Hong Kong. Thwart their operations and find more information on Lavos, bringing Cassandra De Vries along to gain access well beneath Lucrene Tower. Complete
[*] Yang Engineering is said to have archived the floor plans for Datadyne HQ in Hong Kong. Find the floor plans to help plot out the assault. Complete[/list]

The Demon City - Liberate Tokyo [Aaron]Complete!
An unusual string of abductions, attacks, and phenomena have occurred in the Empire of the Rising Sun on Earth. The Japanese Imperial Army has exhausted itself against monstrous creatures, and the United States and Global Defense Initiative are putting pressure on the Japanese government to allow them to intervene. The Japanese have agreed to allow US and GDI-appointed inspectors to consult the situation before it escalates further, but have put most of its capital city, Tokyo, under severe quarantine.
Primary Objectives:
  • Investigate the strange occurrences in Japan on behalf of GDI.Complete
  • Prevent further destruction to the city and its inhabitants.Complete


The Underworld
During a trial of blade given to him by Nelson Rathbone to recover relics of Arcadia's past from a mine shaft connected to an old Kiara Industries facility in the Valence Mountains, Daedalus came across an entrance into a subterranean labyrinth known as 'The Underworld.' Remnants of pre-Arcadian and pre-Cetra-Fae War artifacts and civilization are present in this area, and Daedalus has reported the find to members of the DW for further exploration.
Primary Objectives:
  • Explore The Underworld.
  • Determine the origins of the ancient civilization that remains beneath Arcadia.
  • Daedalus must be involved in every traversal to the Underworld.
A Matter of Life and Death [CJ]
An imbalance of creation and destruction was felt by many sensitive to such things, leading to a 'Green Hole' where the Lifestream had folded in on itself, creating a microcosm where the cycle of life and death ticks along in an area localized to the size of a tiny solar system. While intriguing, the fold itself is not the source of the duress felt by the darkest and lightest of the crew, and further investigation is required.
Primary Objectives
  • Triangulate the source of the imbalance by following the intuitions of those who have them. - Complete
  • Investigate the small planet within the microcosm, a world of vibrant greens and blues as well as shifting tides of bitter black and brown, orbiting a sun of pure life force.
Splashdown [Craig]
During the most recent attack on Gaia by Giygas and Carltron, one of Giygas's enormous six-"legged" dreadnoughts was disabled by an overwhelming force of G-FED ships. The massive battleship has crashed into the ocean south of Eden, but is known to still be relatively in one piece.
Primary Objectives
  • Locate the sunken battleship. - Complete
  • Investigate and salvage whatever can be pulled from the vessel. - Complete
  • The battleship appears to be a single, living organism of species and type unknown. It refers ominously to universal cycles -- perhaps referring to Wilhelm's previously enforced "Eternal Recurrence" theory -- that it is a part of. The party has the option of contacting "Testament" at any time, and use its superlative technology to eradicate a target with impunity; however, in exchange, "Testament" asks the party to open a gate to Dark Space, allowing others like it to return to the galaxy.
Deep Space Object: "Widow" [Craig/Tony]
A strange construct has been reported in the Widow cluster, floating in deep space. Signal intelligence suggests it's occupied and artificial, but little else is known about it.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the Widow cluster for and make contact with the DSO.
A New World [Craig]
The Destiny's Ascension has discovered a planet not located on Federation charts, located in deep space. The world is populated with space-faring civilization, but it has yet to make first contact with the outside galaxy. The colony ship was contacted by a remote probe containing information about the world's culture, but it has yet to travel to the uncharted planet.
Primary Objectives
  • Make first contact with the spacefaring civilization on the new world.
Alpha's Comet [CJ]
Receiving a tip from a quasianonymous source, the ninja Itachi has passed the information along, minimal as it is. A 'very interesting' object hurtling through space on the fringe of the Lylat System...
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the mystery object
To Wander the Stars - Lost Ancient Cetran Colonists [Craig]
Millenia ago, a sect of separatist Prime Cetrans fled Geddon in a small flotilla of six ships. These ships parted ways eventually, all drifting to different parts of the known galaxy to find and colonize new lands to help preserve their species and escape their eventual destruction. Led by a man named Alkaiser, the flotilla survived for an undetermined amount of time before the passage of time and circumstance rendered them silent.
Now, these ships and their occupants are lost to history. The Destiny's Ascension was the flagship of the flotilla, and along with equipment stored inside Eden, the other ships have been identified... and located.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the five lost ships scattered across the galaxy.
    • The Solar Crescent, Fifth Jerusalem
      The Explorer, Fifth Jerusalem
      The Orion, Deep Space
      The Osiris, the Alantic Ocean, Earth
      The Avatar of Fate, Alpha System, Terminus Sector
Darm Tower [Craig]
The Tower of the Demon Lord, Darm, is known and feared across the world of Gaia in storied tales of oppression and tyranny under the terrible entity that dwells within. Gone for millenia from the surface, the tower is a no-man's-land of lore and treasure... but there are some who fear that the growing strife in the world brings this terrible creature closer and closer to returning with a vengeance.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate Darm's Tower in the Land of Fiery Darkness, Rey'fyrol.
Ymir [Craig]
Primary Objectives
  • Objectives
Ruins of Zeal [Craig]
The fallen isles of Zeal, in the wake of a Black Arms attack. The once glorious kingdom of Zeal is now a collapsed, disheveled wreck, its treasures and knowledge awaiting those willing to brave its monster-infested depths...
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the crashed ruins of Zeal, in the snowy lands of Esthar located in the Lost Continent, Lanzard III.
Flanviel [Craig]
The ancient and time-weathered capital of the Wingly civilization, Flanviel is located in the southern continents of Lanzard III. Known as the home of Melbu Frahma and his oppressive regime, Flanviel barely survived the Dragon Campaigns of yore, only to be worn down by the passage of millenia. Clues to the past and great and terrible power may lay within.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the city of Flanviel, Lanzard III.
Lucrene, the Lost City [Craig]
Difficulty: SSS
The ruins of a displaced civilization have been located by the Northern Crater on Lanzard III. With a massive tower construct set in the midst of it, the "Lost City" is home to great, powerful, and terrible creatures. Before the Tower can ever be reached, the City itself must first be crossed... and it will not be easy. Housed inside, however, are advanced and strange technologies, and perhaps even the secret of this foregone civilization.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the Lost City, located by the Northern Crater on Lanzard III.
  • Investigate Lucrene Tower.
The North Crater [Craig]
The Northern Crater on Lanzard III is known to be a hive of Flood, horrifying monsters, and the crash-landed home of the Daemon's Gate superstructure and Lawrence Carroll III's collection ship. Nestled deep inside are advanced, dimensionally-displaced technology and secrets, as well as treasure gathered in both ships' travels. On top of everything else, Jenova is housed deep within, and uses a Sephiroth clone to defend herself and her minions.
Primary Objectives
  • Investigate the Northern Crater.
  • Investigate Daemon's Gate.
  • Destroy Jenova, the Daughter of Giygas. - Complete!
Mission Subject/Name
Primary Objectives
  • Objectives
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Re: DW Mission News - 2/22/2014


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The Known Abyssal Horrors
(A simple search will reveal these legends)
Note: Abyssal Horrors are optional quests in the vein of Esper missions. They will often result in summon awards, high level gear or treasure. That said, they are exceptionally dangerous. Many are equally dangerous regardless of character level.

Risilah, The Cremator of Souls
Location: Volcos
"Legends say the molten planet has been known to stare out at travelers moving past. More frightening are the tales of Captains who went insane and drove their ships to ruin from demonic influence. A Quintian Commander who survived one such incident reports the Captain continued to utter the words 'Risilah, we seek you' while resisting the efforts of 20 crew to keep him from the helm."

Zsosin, The Tormentor
Location: Scaraba
"The desert is often said to drive those who step within it insane, but the locals speak of a demon that leaves terror and fear in its wake. It's home is believed to be a pyramid built to worship a dark god by an ancient civilization known as Zsosin the Tormentor."

Sohael, The Unnatural
Location: Puerto Del Toran
"Deep in the jungle, it is rumored that dark day becomes bright night, heat becomes cold, and the laws of physics cease to be. The locals say this is due to the presence of a dark blight whom has marked the land as it's domain. This phenomenon has been given the name Sohael."

Alsoniat, The Ice Witch
Location: North Crater, South Face
"The wreckage of many famed craft has been found in one specific region of the North Crater with their fuel tanks full and frozen solid, an unnatural phenomenon. Attempts to thaw the wreckage have proven futile. Broken footage from one of the craft shows what appears to be a blue skinned woman on the ground moments before the catastrophic failure of the vehicle. She has been given the name Alsoniat."
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Line in the sand-S

The Eastern coast of the US has fallen, the armies of the GDI the US and Ackermans Mercs have proven they are hopeless against the tide of enemies if left to their own devices. I suspect the island in the Atlantic is the doing of the third foe in the triad left in the Wake of Giygas one Count Bleck. Whomever it is I do believe it is the source of this invasion and we need to get to that island. However I also suspect it will be guarded if Aziels attempt to get near the fortress for Frahma is any indication. So to give Ackerman and his people time to take ground back and to give our team a chance to get to the island and set foot upon it and find out more I wish to have a team fight on the front. It will be brutal as we will have to set up a line and hold it. But if we can succeed it will be a line in the sand drawn against our foes. A place from which they may recoil and be forced on the defense for once.As such our objectives would be as followed.

1. Establish a defensive position somewhere the enemy is currently holding and set up shop. Here we will need to hold for extended period until others can take action this means we will become a focus point for the enemies armies. We will need to likely be in rotations for those that are not machines and able to go without sleep. For this a few sub objectives would help greatly.

A. Establishment of some sort of quick defensive barricade system to give us cover and stronger defensive positioning.
B. Intel on all likely foes we will face so we can be better prepared.
C. We will need supplies both medical and restorative to keep us logistically set. And we need a way to have them in larger qualities than we do now.
D. Heavy Machine guns or similarly powerful mounted weapons to help us handle the incoming enemies before we are forced to go into our individual weapon and possibly close combat. Also any other heavy weapons able to do damage to well protected enemies or large numbers of infantry would be advised.

2. We need access for some of the event to a way to broadcast our efforts live this will establish our efforts and give hope to those who observe. This is vital for two reasons. One if it is Count Bleck he is going to try to cause enough suffering to unlock the earths heart to destroy it. We can try though it is unproven to seal it up away from him with that hope. Second it will begin the process of making each world a fortress unto itself. A place where more people will fight and make it harder on our enemies. The more they have to fight stiffening resistance the harder it will be for them to establish easy beachheads with secured fronts.

3. Finally we need to comprise a team who can get to the island and find out what’s going on there and if needed put an end to it. This team will have to be one prepared to go in with possibly little support and should be loaded up with whatever equipment or items may be useful for any possible situation. I recommend Alex or others with lots of intensive operations experience to lead this group.

4. Last once this fight begins we cannot back down if we do we will not take ground back and we may endanger the other teams. This will be a bitter fight with our enemies till their either done losing soldiers or we fall. As the mission is called. This is where we draw a line in the sand, this far no further.

5. Changed objective, with the unexpected fall of ackermen the GDI now will likely be not a hinderance meaning we can focus on battling our enemies.

Change in intel: enemies forces have taken over more of the US than expected.
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