In Regards to Lyria/Penemue Village

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In Regards to Lyria/Penemue Village


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Recently, the DW were called in by the local authorities to help them deal with a magical crazy person-- They succeeded in exorcising a spirit that had been posessing the woman thanks to the efforts Mephis, Axel and Rainbow Dash, only to find out there was a greater threat in the homeland of the woman who had been taken by the spirit.

The gist of the situation as given by Lyria, the last sage of Penemue...

The situation on her world is such, over a year ago, there was a great sundering, like cracks began to form in reality itself. After that, creatures and spirits alike started to be influenced by the destructive energies that were coming from the damage in the dimensional boundary, their existences becoming twisted. This was particularly rough on spirits and other incorporeal beings, whose natures were twisted towards destruction. The most rapacious of these became known as the Ravana, wraithlike beings that consumed the lives of other creatures in order to continue to absorb destructive energies without wiping themselves from existence.

Hazards on Lyria's homeworld include the Ravana, but also lesser spirits that have not yet reached the destructive potential of a Ravana, more commonly referred to simply as Wraiths. Most notable is that, as most of these spirits were once spirits of a natural order before becoming twisted, their unholy nature is unstable, as experienced by the DW as after inflicting enough holy damage on a wraith, it exploded into holy energies as its original nature combined with the excess energy caused it to overload. Otherwise natural creatures (And monsters) native to the area have been mutated into mockeries of their former selves.The less intelligent animals/monsters are, the more easily they are influenced by spirits, not unlike their mundane counterparts. (Though they can be encountered independently. Destruction tainted creatures are drawn towards those of a strong existence, as they make for the best feeding, and can eat the energies of other beings, draining them. In Lyria's case, having willingly drawn a wraith into herself to steal its energies-- it succeeded, but subsequently as it consumed her from within her ability to cast magic has been permanently negated.

Penemue is currently cut off from the surrounding areas, its become too dangerous for people to travel between towns so the status of other areas. The village is small enough there is no actual Ravana preying on the people, but there are regular attacks from creatures outside the village, and a particularly malevolent entity, Rashk. The village produces its own food, and has a population, if a dwindling one. The path Lyria created into Penemue basically opens into the basement of the home she shared with her master, prior to her master's destruction.

Survivors describe Rashk as a tall being that looks like a humanoid silhouette that exudes a green mist. Proximity breeds paranoia and fear, enough to mentally scar those that survive it.Rashk uses Penemue as basically like a ranch. Periodically sending beings under its sway to come 'harvest' from the populace, none of which are currently capable of mounting any real defense, with those who try generally the first to be taken, returned drained, if at all. Lyria describes Rashk's stronghold as being some distance from the town itself, a tall structure resembling a termite mound made of grains of a dark glassy substance. There is no credible map of the interior.

Currently the DW has a stone from Lyria's things that when held will give a gentle tug 'towards home', which in this case will lead them to the fracture she used to get to Strangereal.
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