"Hot Sheets" 5/13/2018

News briefs, headlines, after-action reports, intelligence documents, and other "hot sheets" from across the different worlds the DW's visited.
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"Hot Sheets" 5/13/2018


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A series of bulletins, postings, transcriptions, reports, and news articles pinned in the Dragon's Lair briefing room.


Leasath smashes Osean defense lines at Paso del Norte, forcing retreat
ELMYRA, OSEA -- Leasathian forces occupied three Osean states in the past two weeks, forcing the Osean military to retreat from its southernmost defensive lines and retreat into the heart of Osean territory. A sustained blitz-style attack through Paso del Norte and into Southern Osea deals a heavy blow to the Osean Army, and forced civilians to flee in droves during the fighting. To compensate for its sudden losses and retreat, the government is activating the National Reserves and rerouting military forces into Central Osea in order to fortify and establish another defensive line. A source within the Defense department indicates the Osean military is "outmatched" on the ground, forcing the military to rely on its air superiority to counter another push.

After-Action Report 18-0025329-A: Sagrade, Osea
[...] The armored units under my command took sustained small arms fire from identified enemy combatants as we moved up the highway. It was then I identified an unknown enemy target (see Supplement) traveling at a high rate of speed across the terrain. I ordered my gunner to load armor-piercing munitions and target the unknown enemy target, ordered my driver to slow, and gave the order to fire. The round struck the unknown enemy target, delivering a visible and confirmed blow, but did not destroy or incapacitate the unknown enemy target. Three other units under my supervision sustained fire on the unknown enemy target, but failed to destroy or incapacitate the unknown enemy target. A salvo of munitions from the unknown enemy target destroyed one of the armored units under my command (see Supplement). The unknown enemy combatant, visibly damaged, did not pursue my units any further as we continued our northern ingress. [...]
The "Supplement" document is attached, describing a bipedal, humanoid armored unit several dozen meters tall in vibrant colors. It runs at a high land speed over the terrain, not seeming hindered by the landscape.

A transcription of a low-frequency radio broadcast from Southern Osea
"They raided the OBC [Osean Broadcasting Corporation] studio on 52rd Street almost immediately when they shut down the town. A few of my buddies work in different departments there. They told me the Leasathians just wanted the broadcasters and the engineers... not the sales or programming staff. Just the people who write and make the stuff happen. Says they led everyone out single-file at gunpoint, like they were the resistance or something. The OBC is a fine, upstanding pillar of our nation. This should be considered as critical a blow to our nation as losing a power station or a military base. Obviously, they're trying to silence us. They don't want you to know what's going on down here. They're not going to. Pirate radio, baby!"

Leasathian 'Aces' strike West Osean coastal forces, weakening defense against Sand Island
STAFFORD CITY, OSEA -- Hasty fortification was underway around Stafford City following a brazen midnight raid against Osean forces along the coastline facing Sand Island. Sources inside the military attributed the attack to a squadron of Leasathian fighter jets -- identified as "Alect Squadron" -- that penetrated Osean defenses and delivered surgical strikes against critical defense systems including ocean batteries, surface-to-air missile sites, power stations, communication installations, and the Stafford City Air Station. The source said there are rumors circulating through the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines in the region suggesting the Leasathian "aces" are the return of the unconfirmed "Ghosts of Razgriz" squadron, an unknown and unverified group of pilots rumored to have been extensively involved in the Circum-Pacific War. A spokesman for the Defense department would not comment on the rumor, the strike, or the military's plans for reconstruction.

Carranzan resistance forces rally under new banner: 'Dimensional Warriors'
VELASQUEZ, ADAMA -- The loosely-organized Carranzan resistance against Leasathian occupation took on a new moniker this week: "Dimensional Warriors," according to a source inside the movement. The name, origins unknown, is said to be responsible for numerous guerilla-style attacks against Leasathian occupation forces, including strikes against both strategic and tactical targets-of-opportunity. The resistance source, who emphasizes he doesn't currently identify with that part of the movement, said contact with the new organized group is difficult, and n one he knows who's interested in joining the fight can reach it. Other sources inside the resistance suggest the group may be a Leasathian counterintelligence operation, laying a trap for potential resistance recruits.

Aurelian forces push back Leasathian advance at Griswell
ST. ELVA, AURELIA -- Aurelian military forces celebrated a victory after routing a Leasathian advance in the northern part of the country. The Leasathian blitz-style advance struck a well-prepared and fortified defensive line northwest of Griswell, a source inside the military said, and could not advance further south despite the brute force behind the attack. The source said the Aurelian military used data and intelligence gathered from Leasath's conquest of Carranza and Brasalium to prepare for an incursion into Aurelian territory, but said the Aurelian defense forces are not prepared to mount a counterstrike and retake the Aurelia-Leasath border yet.

Reports: Leasathian strike teams performing mass-arrest and anti-resistance operations in Brasalium
SAO JOAO, BRASALIUM -- The Leasathian Army stationed inside Brasalium began operations to quell Brasalian resistance groups this week, according to unclassified intelligence reports acquired by the OBC. Resistance fighters started fighting the Leasathian invasion forces as soon as they crossed the border, forming rogue partisan groups and organized militias to fend off Leasathian forces; now, after Brasalium's occupation, the Leasathian army is actively pursuing both leaders and members of these resistance forces, arresting and killing them as classified "enemy combatants." The exiled Brasalian government discourages its people from open resistance against the Leasathians, warning it could be too costly, and suggests Brasalians comply with Leasathian forces until the ISAF liberates the nation.
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