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News briefs, headlines, after-action reports, intelligence documents, and other "hot sheets" from across the different worlds the DW's visited.
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Alternate history Earth/WWII Earth


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DW was contacted by a diplomat originating from Perfanesia, an island nation south of Usea, in Strangereal, in order to assist with a rift that had apppeared on their island.

Once DW arrived via aircraft, they were escourted by the government to a park, where the rift had appeared. The government had thrown several cameras into the rift to record what was on the other side, and after it was discovered that a town existed on the other side(which was also devoid of life), they sent in a team to secure the 'beach head', so that there wasn't a direct line into their nation that they didn't have control over.

The team they sent in didn't check in at the predesignated times, and after sending more cameras through, and still no reply, DW was contacted in order to rescue the team, and return them home.

Upon making their way through the rift, the rift didn't immediately vanish. The team found themselves in what appeared to be a desolate German town, devoid of life/citizens. They were soon assaulted by a sniper team, which they of course defeated. Making their way through the town, they came upon a police station, which showed signs of battle, and discovered clues that lead them to the asylum within the town.

The asylum was a fortified compound, which was being used as a facility to experiment on citizens and captured POWs alike. Fighting their way through the facility, DW eventually found and secured the missing squad of six soldiers, as well as an allied spy, before exfiltrating from the facility in a half track and scout vehicles stolen from the motor pool in the back.

Apart from securing the soldiers and spy, members of DW also found shipping manifests suggesting another outpost somewhere in Nepal, as well as a yet unidentifiable insignia of a fist gripping an atom, with the SS logo underneath, acting as the wrist. In the atom are the numbers 935.

After a brief chase, they made their way back towards the rift in order to return the soldiers. During this time, the spy hinted that he had a contact at the airfield that would be able to take DW to Nepal. However, the rift was no longer there when DW arrived, and thus the decision was made to take the spy up on his offer, and head to the airfield. Hawkeye took this moment to blow up what remained of the facility they stole the vehicles from.

Instead of sneaking into the airfield, DW assaulted it, destroying the checkpoint leading in from the northern end of the strip. They then secured a Junkers Ju 390 prototype from one of the hangars at the airfield, and as they took off towards Nepal, they blew up the air traffic control tower on the strip as well.

Once in the air, about 7 hours passed as Gavin and Xarah flew the prototype to Nepal; however, once reaching the mountains, they encountered a freak storm system. Having no other choice but to fly through the storm, they did so. Soon, the craft was filled with what appeared to be arcs of energy/lightning, and after a blinding flash of light... They exited the storm system, over ocean with islands in the distance, and the coast far behind them.

Finding a runway on one of the islands, and two engines missing from the plane, Gavin piloted the plane in for a landing, managing to get it there in one piece.

DW had thus landed at an island base, complete with three other hangars, a couple containing smaller planes while one contained an H8K, which has since been repaired to working condition. Exiting the plane after landing, DW fought off a horde of zombies, before discovering a rift leading back to the one they originally entered; the rift in Perfanesia, in a park.

The rescued soldiers were thus returned to the government, however, the rift remained open, allowing travel between the island base and Perfanesia.
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