Black Arms Enforcer

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Black Arms Enforcer


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Name: Black Arms Enforcer

7 xp (1st run)
Black Arms Security Credentials (35,000 credits) (2nd run)
Black Arms Card: [Illegal Acquisition] Many shops have a pre-release model of 'The Next Big Item'. Upon casting, roll a 1d100. On a 90+, you will be able to acquire a level higher than normally purchasable for 125% of cost. This may only be rolled once per shop, per month and can not be lucked, and only applies to one specific category of item.

Description: The visible arm of the Black Arms as seen under Hans Simon, the Black Arms Enforcer was instituted to protect critical Black Arms installations from attack. Heavily armed and armored, each soldier is more or less a walking tank equipped with illicitly acquired technologies. The black armor they wear is capable of stopping aircraft munitions in its tracks. This leaves mobility to be desired however.

Weapon of Choice: Ithaca Stakeout (20,000 damage, 1d210+100)

MP: 0
Physical Soak: 40,000
Mental Soak: 8,000

Dodge Roll: 1d150+70

Attack Behavior:

1: Ithaca Stakeout (20,000, 1d210+100)
2: Phi-Lambda Variance (PLV) Grenade (See Item)
3: Fault Grenade
4: Call Reinforcements (1d3 Enforcers)
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